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  1. Rift for 26 Aug

    So it's ok for you to be safe and heal there, but not others? You won't mind if I drag 10 dogs over you while you're trying to patch up and get you killed? It's only a safe place if people don't train it.
  2. Rift for 26 Aug

    Not a good idea to run to camp when trying to escape. Run a different direction, lose the mobs, then go to camp so you can avoid killing the people already there resting, healing, or afk.
  3. Has there been a change in spawn requirements for animals with characteristics (sly, greenish, champ)? Lately I've seen champ, sly, and greenish near my deed. I have a fierce bear nest, but it wasn't from that. I haven't found any other nests nearby. The sly bear and greenish spider were underground, so very unlikely for both to have wandered here. The champ wolf did wander, but no idea how far.
  4. Unannounced nerf to smelting pots

    Been a month and no "update". Has this been changed? I didn't notice it when I read patch notes.
  5. Auction House

    1 major problem with wagoners is the vast distances of highways that need to be built. South Indy is virtual untouched with highways, some on purpose, mostly because of a lack of ambitious players. I imagine the issues I've run into on Indy are magnified significantly on Xanadu. I loved the auction houses in WoW. The worry I have here is the issue that caused the Diablo 3 auction house to close. Equipment creep. All but the best gear gets over looked, and price gouging eventually makes even listing anything but the absolute best futile. It also makes access to the best a little easier, and Devs had to decide on compensating for better gear with harder content, or remove the auction house. There aren't enough buyers and mass producing goods is too easy. It would easily be possible for 1-2 industrious people to completely saturate an already sinking marketplace. At least with merchants there is the cost to buy them and the 50 item limit. Though someone placing just a few is enough to change everyone elses options. A once a month event would be great, give people a reason to gather, much like the impalong. It would make trading no-trade items like sleep powder easier, too.
  6. Auction House

    Indexing a physical location and physical merchants, rather than a virtual auction house with delivery. I'm not suggesting remote purchasing, I know that won't go over well, just to know before spending an hour traveling if what I want is available.
  7. Sandstone, Marble, Slate forges, ovens, altars, coffins, tables... Could even be creative, heat faster, burn longer, hold more or other perks. Also a use for those pesky rare sandstone shards and bricks
  8. I would like to use brick and iron fences and gates, but the current implementations are too tall and imposing for my needs. I can barely see through an iron fence or over a brick fence (not the tall ones). The low stone wall is the right height, but doesn't match buildings nor have a matching gate. Also needed rope gates, the wooden gates are just ugly interruptions of a rope fence.
  9. Auction House

    I don't think Wurm would benefit from an auction house type system. I do think that indexing the markets that do exist would be greatly helpful. I'll use Indy as an example since I know it, we have the Freedom Market. To shop there, you have to travel, then go from merchant to merchant to see if what you want is there. If I could search first, then travel there, then know where the merchant was, it would make the market useful again. As it is now, people just ask in trade and mostly ignore merchants.
  10. This is needed. Also, a way to kill a plant in a planter. At the end of life, there's always 1 or 2 pots per rack that live days longer than the rest, they can't be harvested anymore but can't be replanted either.
  11. Erupt no longer removes reinforcements. I'd still like to see this change.
  12. What about if it's your perimeter? The change to disintegrate is so limited as to not be any better than before. Even giving all priests the option is still a crap shoot trying to remove them. Maybe change it so each cast does 10% or 5% damage, rather than purely random. Reinforcement decay is greatly needed though in abandoned areas. All buildings, signs, even fences can be long gone and reinforcements are forever. So much emphasis is put on deeds slowing/removing decay, yet a reinforcement never on a deed never decays.
  13. unearned achievement

    Anaconda are aggressive kingdom animals. Wild boars are non-aggressive kingdom animals. Both spawn on pve servers.
  14. It looks like devs have punished normal players because of the imbue/moon metal exploiters. Smelting pots now not only lose 10% weight they also lose 10-20% quality. This was tested on items from 20 to 50ql, using 90ql smelting pots and a 90ql rare smelting pot.
  15. Wurm Assistant - Enrich Your Wurm Experience

    Tag would work too, just something that keeps condition out of the name column. A Champion Cloudhappy(unicorns get names now) just looks funny. For calf/cow/bull, my idea was that when granger finds a new one, check for a calf with identical traits, parents, and name if present. Or even just checking when a new named one is added.