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  1. Smelting pot is a tool, can be used cold once fired.
  2. I do agree priests need some fixes. Your comparison pve to pvp is unfair. You choose the solo life with 1 friend on pve vs a village/alliance of 10+ people. While random people in kingdom may not work together, there are many villages that have cooperative players working for the good of the village. You also discount the fact that in PvP, you can't sell to other players to pay your deed expansions or upkeep, so those fees come from the shop. Even if it's not your village, someone has to pay those fees.
  3. Public Sermon Group

    Not currently. I might start it up next week if a villager has more time.
  4. Don't fix this until lamps indoors remain on 24/7. Otherwise it gets rather dim indoors. It is rather noticeable if you live in the shadow of a mountain.
  5. The picture on the wiki bridge page shows Arched Wood Bridges. The skill requirements section doesn't have a listing. Can the skill requirements section be updated to separate flat and arched wood bridges like stone, even if they are the same.
  6. I have bred many males and females with special colors and gotten the special color foals repeatedly. If only a female has the color, you have less than 50% chance of getting that color. It is very common for a 50/50 coin flip to drop 1 way or another 5+ times in a row, even 10 in a row isn't rare.
  7. Non-premium players have a tool quality cap of 20ql. This isn't documented anywhere very well. It would be nice if this was added to the premium page.
  8. One of the most common questions asked in CA help is the skill requirement for these items. While they aren't exact, some examples would be a nice addition. One example, Could probably find more. Also, a comment that premium is required would be nice too.
  9. On Things Current

    This was fixed a couple years ago.
  10. I had a very nice highway on Indy, straight both ways around a corner with a nice view of the water. A group from Chaos planted a massive deed, put in a convoluted by pass of the highway, and dug the entire area to rock leaving a terrible sight removing the easily passable highway.
  11. On Things Current

    How about the changes go to test first? Then you can ignore us again.
  12. Now with housing. 6x6 plots for villagers. More real pictures coming soon.