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  1. This idea died. I had a couple villagers but not anything in the way of help and was more than I could take on myself at the time. I'd still love to be involved in a community deed, but I probably won't be mayor again.
  2. You can purchase a deed, to customize as you please. The servers themselves are shared among all players. You can customize areas without a deed, but risk having another player deed on or near your location. This isn't possible if you put a deed first.
  3. I live in the shadow of a mountain. I only get sun first thing in the morning, and late afternoon. Can we get an deed option to leave deed lights on all day? It is noticeably darker when the lights turn off in the morning.
  4. Can this be retroactively updated since journal beginning or do we have to cast again?
  5. Numbers on unstarted or single unit tasks are showing 100%, when not started or shouldn't have a number at all. (wine and restore fragment for me).
  6. OP updated, only caster receives credit.
  7. Is this process expected to take weeks or months? From the sounds of it a test server should be fairly soon.
  8. Yesterday Indy had 300+ people and worked better than it has in weeks. Today, It's the worst it's been since moving back to the old hardware. Please investigate.
  9. WTS compasses

    bump - 3 left, prices lowered!
  10. 40c/k - pickup Q19 Indy - Silvermink Ranch Bring your own containers Up to 100k available. Knarr full - 43 crates with crate drop - 12,900 dirt - 11s delivered to any external coast (knarr included for 18s)
  11. Closed

    Auctioning a Supreme Pinewood Freedom Wagon Starting Bid: 50s/50e Minimum Increment: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: 75s/75e Sniper Extension: 1hr from last bid.