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  1. Anyone have tips on how to do this? I tried a few settings on cat, 10 and 20 winds, increased angle. I was able to hit a brick, but the chicken on the same tile was not hit. I tried both on and off deed. Chicken was not branded.
  2. Gems

    Buying gems Under 10ql 1c/ql Under 20ql 20i/ql Over 10ql 10i/ql Got enough from first buy Do not mail, Cod costs are as high as the gems themselves. I can summon or meet on Indy, and for the right package I will travel to other servers.
  3. Or at least make it so missions don't duplicate. 1 or each kind.
  4. hope they fix it before i go to bed, i'd like to get characters to bed.
  5. Not 1 Valrei mission has succeeded since the change on Indy. Either people are unsure about the changes, apathetic, or don't want to dig, they aren't bothering. These missions almost always succeeded before, now they barely get to 50%. Between the prayer changes and the mission changes, Indy may never get another Rite.
  6. Another patch and branding iron back to warm.
  7. Yesterday and today downloaded a new client and today had a pmk patch too. Where are the patch notes? Even if not much changes, it's nice to be transparent.
  8. Could the Traders page list of items be converted to a price list? Those of us without a trader can't easily check this. Also, the golden mirror was added to the list, but a golden mirror page wasn't created (or not linked correctly).
  9. I can't seem to find where I saw this. Please ignore.
  10. Wondering if this is restart related. I snuffed and relit hota and it seems to be doing ok.
  11. Hota used to (after a long time) get metal to glowing. I stored my branding iron in it. Lately the branding iron is only warm. The food seems to stay hot/searing.
  12. Under the breeding section of AH, it lists Breeding female animals with conditions such as Champion will provide a chance that the offspring will also have that characteristic. This chance is dramatically increased when breeding two animals with the same condition together. (Two Champions for example.) Only the mother can pass on conditions. The conditions of the father do not transfer not increase the chance of transfer if both have condition.