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  1. I will be there. I can do quite a few imps BS, JS, C, FC, SB, M, CT, LW. I will bring Serilith, he isn't currently premium, but can add premium if needed for pottery. Kenolein can do LT. Kylan can do Web Armor, Stone Strike, Fire protect and Blaze.
  2. The crafting widget has had some changes. Mostly they changed where it said "a" it now says "some".
  3. When doing mass cooking, make sure the right person gets credit by taking the bowls out of the oven and returning them. If wurm gets confused on owner, nobody gets skill.
  4. Auction for newborn 5 speed hell horse, color shadow, named "Bear" Starting bid: 5s Increment: 1s
  5. A lot of "problems" Wurm has for new players, are the very core gaming systems that old time players stick around for. The speed, the fairly simple combat, the grind make it so anything you accomplish has meaning, rather than killing 10 bunnies to get a green sword. Lag is the only ongoing issue that plagues me, and hopefully the new host will help there. Wurm isn't for everyone, but making it for everyone would alienate everyone that has played for years. I think Wurm culture is all about community. Players helping players. Villages, alliances, Impalongs, Rifts. Bringing people together. I don't think new servers will change that, I don't think it's been reset, I think it will sprout a new community.
  6. 3 Impalongs in 5 months might be pushing things, especially right after the new server opens.
  7. A lot of people think "steam will kill WO". Steam is WO, how can it kill itself?
  8. Fire Pillar, ice pillar, fireheart...
  9. There is 1 major fallacy to this and many similar comments. The new server are WO servers. Population may shift from older servers to new ones, economies may fluctuate, but the new server is just as much a WO server as the freedom cluster. Any income to CC from new cluster is the same as income on older clusters. Why do so many people view this as a WO vs Steam argument? Or an end to WO argument? Have you ever tried a priest nuke in solo combat? They may be expensive and have long timers, but they are quite effective.
  10. Lose the merchant building, that doesn't let people place merchants.
  11. It would be nice to have an option or houses and pavement and floors that match bridges. I know some bridges can be paved, but that make them worse not better IMO. Bridge textures and pavement are nicer than most house and pavement, and I'd like to be able to use them next to bridges to match.
  12. bump, still waiting.
  13. I've heard this is caused by one of the compatibility settings not set to core.