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  1. 110 animals need 1650 tiles, so roughly 40x40 deed. Add some extra for visitors, wanders, and newborns.
  2. It's very difficult to do with on deed permissions and item locks. It's far easier to do off deed or with gate permissions. On deed, the person needs load and pickup permissions. Those permissions pretty much give a person permission to take almost anything not in a building or planted.
  3. Sounds we be good, adding an option so error messages have to be clicked away would be nice too. Sometimes tracking down why a sound was played is difficult.
  4. Everquest had a skill that worked like that, it was so hated was one of the first QoL changes made. Most people that actually used it, or just skilled it, did it with macros or keybind merges (every time you moved it tried the skill) or both. We don’t need another skill grind added just to have something to do when sailing that nobody would use anyway. A crude compass isn’t really that hard to make except getting olive season. The difficulty with compasses is getting high quality ones that take 4 high skills.
  5. Reloading Niarja on Safari on my ipad, I get the cookies warning every time. Is there a way to get Niarja to auto-refresh? I have to manually reload each time I switch to that tab, both on safari/IOS and Firefox/Windows. I keep the tab open and switching just reloads old data.
  6. Any pottery item except Large amphora - 5c per 10ql - 10c minimum +cod. Large amphora 50c for 20ql bricks/bulk only with supplied clay. Current max quality: 60
  7. Looking for Zion

    I'm looking for the owners of Zion. The deed is blocking development and dredging of the canal. If the owner could resize to allow the canal to be finished, it would be appreciated.
  8. approximately 350 tiles, not currently being used, northern melody, a bed is available. Also accepting villagers if a farmer is interested. Rent is 10% of yield, grow what you please. I can harvest 60ql if your skill is lower and request it. Contact Sarya
  9. Some areas have little to no dirt. The vast majority of Melody that i've done digging on has 20-30 dirt deep except hill sides. It does present issues finding enough dirt to fill areas or flatten areas. I've had to do far more surface mining than in the past. On Indy, there is so much dirt, it's easy to dig out an area and get a flat spot. Finding rock on the other hand on Indy can be a challenge.
  10. Pickup only E19 Melody. Limited time only Contact Sarya in game. Most horses gone. 2 speed hellies gone. Just some untraited and 1 speeds left, mostly male but might be a few females hidden in the pens
  11. Ive always believed that the location is chosen before defenses are calculated. If attacked in head you get plate protection, hit anywhere else and it’s cloth. Adding some better armor doesn’t raise the defense of others. Armor has no effect on attacks.