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  1. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart and a special thanks to those who were able to donate it put us much closer to our goal
  2. Last Tuesday my husband as you all know him as Mstrgrim Passed away in a tragic car accident. He was sitting at a stop light waiting for traffic to go and a drunk driver hit his truck head on and killed him while the drunk driver left the crash in handcuff without a scratch Mstrgrim Survived my his wife josie his daughter delia age 2 and his son age 10 months he was buried with military honors if you see his chars online it sadly will not be him as for I sold them to help pay for final expenses many requested a gofundme unfortuneatly we never used a bank we only used paypal for debit and online purchases for any of you that feel like you want to donate for final expenses you can pm me for donation link moderator asked me to take down the link I had here thanks He was loved by many and he will be missed greatly I appriate all the love and support you folks you given me in this time of mourning I may come in time to time to reminisce old memories thank you all for caring so much have a great day
  3. thank you very much I will make a town square memorial post tommarrow I got to run and put my babies to bed
  4. All deeds items boats whats in the boats whats on the chars all sting with the chars he has a knarr and a sail boat
  5. some of his friends helping me with this
  6. Firstly I want to start by saying I have bad news My husband you all know as mstrgrim or Mrgrimreaper passed away about a week ago I am now selling his account to help pay some funeral expenses asking 60euro comes with deed knarr sailboat few rare and enchanted weapon asking 30 euro nahjo priest 85 faith
  7. only torch and iron lamp left
  8. lamps are 1.5s any type sold arrows 10c ea sold rangepole 50c sold huge axe 15s chisel 6s bsb10c ea small anvil 8s compass 6s rare large anvil 10s 94 woa 86 coc potions 1.5s each junk potions acid frost 50c each file 6s large maul 2s sold satchel full of gems 12s medi rug 85coc 3s raremedi rug 4s rare crate 1s sold grooming brush 94 coc 3s Rare oven 3s sold Rare forge 5s sold rare fireplace 3 sold rare tapestry of motif 2s sold anything i missed on there pm Mstrgrim or send a message in fornums
  9. rumors has it they want to bring in valari mobs to freedom which is all fine and dand but you cant have a mob like a troll hitting so fast that new players dont even have a chance to run away most noobs can only take 3 or 4 hits for a troll before it kills them with a troll swinging 1-2 intervals they have 6 secs of life
  10. I have been out hunting improving my fight skill when i noticed troll are attacking super fast like 1-2 second intervals i can handles this with my main but new players and my alts cant handle being beat on this much was this and intentional change or did the code get broke with the new update