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Found 74 results

  1. From a conversation in CA HELP today; It is apparently possible to create Dishwater while failing to create a black belted vest.
  2. Looking to auction a Black Tome of Magic. Starting bid: 20 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: 50 s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Usage Spell granted: Summon Skeletons (Summons a group of skeletons) Spell granted: Summon Wraith (Summons a Wraith) Resistance: Disease 15% (Decreases disease damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Water 10% (Increases water damage taken by 10%) Item Use Requirements You need to be standing in a 3x3 flat area in order to use this. You need to be in the vicinity of a holy altar. You need to be in the darkness of caves, sheltered from sight. Can be used at any altar in 3x3 flat area, within a cave.
  3. Props and thanks to Alytharah and Borstaskor for finding it and deciding to share it with everyone! :)We were tasked with the organization, it is already secured and penned.It's free for everyone to attend, as we insisted on, at least the butchering products will be be given to Alytharah, since she found it!The location will be disclosed about 10 hours before the slaying takes place.It's on Cadence, kinda inland, not in local but not too far from a point that you will be able to reach with a knarr!Since it happened before, and i think it's not a bad practice, be sure to redirect any donations or hide that you don't need to keep back to Alytharah, and NOT to me or Davihh. Please, once we will open the gates DO NOT enter with carts and wagons. Thank you Location: the deed is called Beginning, M20/21, it is east of Tranoas Red: where the deed Beginning is located. Blue: where you can park with a knarr coming from south (Corbitas and caravellas will not pass through the canals). Green: where you can park if coming with a big boat. See you later guys
  4. Selling black cloth set (see below) 1s
  5. Hi everyone The pearl necklace needs a black pearl. One of my friends found heaps of white pearls (and if someone knows how much work that is, you will know it takes hours just to get a white pearl) but no black pearl. Not a one! Were they created? Were they overlooked? Are they like a rainbow unicorn? Please look into this and let us know whether they were even put into the code and if it is worth trying for them, or is there some other way that black ones appear? Thanks
  6. Close

    Close pls
  7. This is a black drake hide jacket dyed red. As you can see, the bits you can't dye, are black; Now this, is what mine looks like; black drake hide jacket, leather. In this pic i have dyed what i can black, but the trimming is sickly green... it should be the same black as the first image. I used a metal brush on it when painting armour became possible, it had a colour rune on it before. The metal brush removed the rune colour.. i fear it may have removed the trimming colour as well. I cannot return it to the previous colour because you can't dye that part of it.
  8. I would like to sell this set for 5s. PM me or msg me in-game if you're interested.
  9. Looking to buy a black dragon scale armour set. QL, enchants, rarity and runes optional. I am serious about buying. Verified PayPal. PM me in-game or on the forums. I'm giving up trying to find this...
  10. Wts fully rare scale set Black. High castes web Looking for 300s or best offer . also willing to trade for the right items. Thanks.
  11. As the title says I am looking to sell one of my Scale sets, my Black set Looking for: 3.5g (Considering Offers) Thanks in Advance! -=Jakeii=-
  12. [S O L D] I'm selling 0.14 kg of black drike hide. Price: 5.60s PM me.
  13. SOLD

    can be closed
  14. You will bid on: Bid increment : Minimum increment of 1s on the bone Minimum of 50c on the skull. Sniper protection : 1 hour Timer : Nota : As usual, auction income will be shared within the deliverance hunting group. *(So for the haters, Odynn only get a share of that money.)
  15. I'm selling 0.34 kg of black drike hide. Price: 13s PM me. - S O L D -
  16. Starting Bid: 10s Minimum Increments: 1s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Reserve: None Buyout: PM Offers *Winner will be PMed after auction ends to tell me who to mail it to* *Auction may be extended if bids are withdrawn*
  17. Got me a set, thanks again! Please close it.
  18. I'm asking 30s for it (SOLD in game)
  19. I got mostly what I needed, I just need one black drake sleeve....
  20. Hi! Want to buy Black Drake Set Offers here PM or in game Ghostface
  21. Black scale set - 270e or 3g Reserved pending sale Rare tools - 30e or 35s (each) SOLD Rare bone 20e
  22. WTB black drake set without cap Write me offer (ql, enchant) and prices here or ingame (Pepejot).
  23. Hello! If you don't know me yet, you should. I sell horses. Not just any horses -- the super special new colours. Sure I can sell the old colours too if you prefer (only in the 5 speed variety), but the new colours are my speciality. I try to provide the widest selection on Xanadu. Here is what they look like: The jet black colour is also a 6th speed trait, and is the hardest colour to achieve, harder still in the 5 speed variety. Yes, I have tested the jet horse against a bay with the same gear on each, and yes, I have been impressed. He zips. Here is a link to my spreadsheet / Stock List, which I update often. Older colours are 50c each. Prices on the newest rare colours are highly dependant on stock availability, but I try to provide the best prices to my customers. These prices are listed on my spreadsheet. Where am I? I live at m7, on the mid-west coast of Xanadu. Depending on your location, I may deliver. Delivery fees apply, and are generally dependent on how far I have to travel. If I don't deliver, and you still would really like a horse (or a foal!), I can do long distance sales, where I mail you an item for payment of the horse, and then leave the horse branded and outside where you can reach him and grab him whenever you arrive. I then unbrand when the horse is home safely. Send me a tell, maybe we can work something out. These babies are gorgeous to look at all day! I hope you see a name you like! Fizziepop
  24. I just want what i paid for it.. 13 silvers will do it.. please let me know if interested.. thanks.
  25. There's steel great helm instead of cap. 90 euro, Paypal