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  1. Wait, does this mean my trade chat will be more than the same 2 guys posting "WTS 50s 40eu" every 25 minutes in the dead hours of the morning?
  2. is now, is my borthday
  4. i caved to your demands now say yes
  5. I don't know why i'm making a post for this, probably because i lowkey miss some of you... Next week, on the 20th i will be turning 27 and as such will be having a long ass stream to celebrate and some of that time will be spent on wurm So if you miss my face and bad jokes, stop on by https://www.twitch.tv/punishlife
  6. Who dis boi, who him is?

  7. THE CULPRIT IS FOUND, to avoid a name and shame thread i will hold back the info, rest assured i will begin shaving them soon
  8. I mostly wan't to figure out how they keep making it past my walls, even before my terraforming i was sealed off and god no, i've got enough "happy halloween" and "welcome back" statues...
  9. WHOEVER KEEPS COMING TO MY DEED AND LEAVING RANDOM STATUES WITH MESSAGES. QUIT IT. I will find you and i will shave you. This is a year old joke . Stop the littering, i don't need an orphanage filled with child labour force
  10. I'm back, for a month at least

    1. Steveleeb
    2. punishlife


      Say goodbye to your rare rolls, RNGesus shall bless me once more

  11. Took me 5 years to Win, once the rework to goals came through i managed to finish the 3 goals i needed in like a month. We've all had plenty of time to finish them and we've been given plenty of notice of the upcoming changes
  12. Yeah it wasn't an easy decision and its something i spent a couple of months on. Something some people won't know is that streaming does take a bit of a toll on people, it can leave you feeling tired and drained and adding that on top of other issues it can become overwhelming at times. If i continued at full strength it'd be pretty apparent just how bad it would be, i wouldn't sound enthusiastic, or it'd be too quiet and that's just no fun for anyone