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  1. I'm friends with practically everyone, its hard to have enemies when you spend most of your time in game chatting or making stuff for people, i'm like the shop owner from Frozen Yoohooo big summer blowout Joking aside, i will enjoy the laugh. Life's pretty bleak if you can't find the fun in anything
  2. *talking about it like its a tv show* like how did niki not notice she was the one assuming... the plot for this show sucks. They need better writers *scoffs popcorn* add popcorn to the game
  3. Watching Fire blow Niki out of the water was fun. Best thread i've read all month
  4. I'm 50/50 on this. I never have nor never will buy an account but if for some unforseen circumstance i had to sell, it's reassuring to do it legit... At least the way its done now its easy to track the account owners and it follows some semblance of order and rules. Granted it can make certain aspects lop sided i.e a pvp kingdoms owning top tier accounts, it also helps people, crafters wanting to do pvp or priest things without the grind, it enables people for the better more than any negative reason atm... Well thats just my 2 bricks on the matter
  5. Yup, Humble implement the age old rule of "No backsies"
  6. You can only get one if its the whole bundle, so you cant activate keys etc. Even then its pretty rare to get one, unless its an accidental purchase
  7. I'm coming to epic to dominate the arrow market there too!
  8. Wurm staff, listen to Thorgot. Pls fix, i made wine not knowing it was bugged for a personal goal and now i cant finish it
  9. They still haven't added the option to right click a boat in water and select drink
  10. Warning to all, don't bother digging around my old xana deed, you'll just find broken tools and splintered arrow shafts (and the 1000 demon statue army i made when bored)
  11. Hey, had it pc'd at 10-12s (because its one of those old, hard to find 0.4kg instead of the 1.20kg ones we get now)
  12. Will these trips include chaos? Seeing as most players here flip out when a random name pops local, you might want to keep god mode on haha