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  1. comic relief

    Why spend 10 years making an account when you can buy one for 10 hours wage. An awesome feature in this game
  2. comic relief

    Man i sure do love it when i get succesful rare rolls when i don't need it. Sewing crops, healing, creating support beams and bow strings. Jolly gee its just swell
  3. Either i'm getting deja vu or someone is spying on me... i swear i was thinking this the other day... +1
  4. +1 Also this whole idea is more for big projects, like when people are making castles/forts etc, when using bridges in between, to save time (and also helps share ideas for those without a creative design flair like me )
  5. Baby steps mate, you can't plan additional floors till the first is complete
  6. This idea came from spitballing with a couple of others in the Discord. Essentially using the deed planning mechanics, you manually plan a building on a piece of paper, say "3 tiles north, 3 tiles east, 3 tiles west, 3 tiles south" (can also include a way to show how many tiles you can plan in relation to skill "you can plan 60 tiles") then you finish the schematic, use it on a mallet or trowel, then plan the building, you being in the center like a deed token. Then you can go around adding internal walls where you want, cutting down time spent adding each tile (and finding out you cant make the building) Confirm build and tada
  7. Apparently i was the only one talking, probably the milisecond when everyone joined and i almost lost control of my bowels
  8. I'm on my way to the rift site, the tunnel next to gate of heaven is blocked off (and i dont have my pick so cant clear it) and been following Cerber's signs so think it collapsed recently
  9. Sat at my pc like
  10. Yeah it died for me too, making my way there
  11. Did i just witness a couple of comments going poof? i swear this page was longer before i refreshed my browser
  12. Please remove Traders Inc from R11, i disbanded it a year ago Rip awesome deed ;-;
  13. I can +1 this, after going from one rift to another, i saw a vyn colossus and 4 pillars on ocean floor. Sadly my launcher crashed when i hit screenshot and it was gone on my relog
  14. New link as current one doesn't work https://discord.gg/kwJ85uu