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  1. Major issue with rude people

    Sometimes i've had people talk in local as they sail past that i've accidentally ignored (tabbed out or different chat open at the time) but i've never ignored a forum message. I do get ya though, the amount of times i've talked to people and just get blanked has me questioning how many ignore lists i'm on (local, gl chat, freedom, even trade)
  2. Piles for days

    logs are not, location is outside my deed, Anvil Gate D19 (like 10 tiles east along the road)
  3. Piles for days

    Yeah Shydow, i was just saying how that is the closest method of it being cause due to its location, standing on the tile, you'd on;y have access to two tree's, and i do doubt the person picked up 300 logs to place in a road when they left almost every other off road tile with log piles
  4. Piles for days

    Well i doubt someone placed them all there as it was in the middle of a road with nearby tree's being a sloped walk away (as well as all nearby tiles that had tree's having piles of logs on them) if anything it looked like someone had a few bsb's or crates in a wagon that decayed and it got dumped out but that wouldn't cause it either (as they only got chopped down in like a week)
  5. Piles for days

    I didn't create this so unsure as to how it was done but a single pile of 464 logs outside (no damage despite other piles in the area being damaged from someones clearcutting project)
  6. Valrei International. 065

    THE POOR NUGGETS, i witnessed that murder, you will pay
  7. Share your titles

    [18:44:48] Your title is now Infantry Stabber. ( current fave) [18:42:02] Your title is now Master Fletcher Arrowmaker. (bragging rights)
  8. Patch Notes 26/JUL/18

    Now i am truly pvp ready [18:44:48] Your title is now Infantry Stabber.
  9. Mail Expiration Bug

    No, it was already damaged, like the title says, the bug is the timer, the mail should have expired and deleted 3-4 days prior but has been stuck on 0 seconds instead of going poof
  10. Mail Expiration Bug

  11. Mail Expiration Bug

    Basically i mailed myself a log i have casted to prevent decay for the time being, the mail timer ran out a day or so ago yet i still got a notification that i had mail, so i checked it and
  12. Valrei International. 063

    One of us! One of us! One of us! One of us! One of us! One of us! One of us! One of us! One of us!
  13. Troll king slaying

    There's a canal from D15-I15 for those that wanna sail close
  14. Pun's Stream aka Punland Funland

    Here's a highlight from my first stream as a member of the new Valrei Entertainment Network https://www.twitch.tv/videos/274597607?collection=ydvXK7IvORXYrQ