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  1. Silly things you have done in wurm

    I once afk and died to a troll whilst sat on a chair on the roof of a building because i didn't know buildings are 2d. Was so salty a troll was hitting me through 2 floors
  2. Valrei International. 060

    Ah thanks, must've misread that bit shuddup
  3. Valrei International. 060

    I've got a feeling the way it'll work is like a larder, you open the table and place an item in each slot, table size determines amount of slots also do those images with things on the tables look photoshopped or am i just going blind
  4. Valrei International. 060

    VEN.... catchy... if players are approved into the program, will the be a forum title/in game one to show others that? not because i totally wanna ride around and make people think i'm a Venerable Punishlife
  5. Wanted! Deathcrawler minions

    Upping the bounty... something like 1-2k bulk for free (bricks mortar etc) or like, a crate of support beams... something useful... or i can toss in some silver. The reason, some deathcrawlers spawned last night, i spent at least 4 hours searching last night and nothing... there's only so much one person can do
  6. Wanted! Deathcrawler minions

    After a detailed search of the area, we have been unable to locate the above mentioned crawla's. if anyone else has seen them recently, please do share the info
  7. Wanted! Deathcrawler minions

    It's worth adding, i've seen Spawn of Uttacha's, Drakespirits, nogumps and even a forest giant in my two week of looking, still no crawla
  8. So i've been asking around if anyone has seen any living Deathcrawlers recently and there's been no luck. A few of us have banded together and have searched all of Epic (ele and 3 home servers) even using reveal creatures etc to no avail. Heck we even offered to reward people for finding us one, nada. So i'm branching out even further and asking people, if you have seen one and when was the last time you did (as a few people think they're bugged) Please do refrain from trolling this thread or making it off topic.
  9. Xanadu map generation secrets EXPOSED

    As an expert on English muffins i must correct you, that is in fact, a scone that has been scanned and Newspring is clearly the dollop of jam that always falls off I submit image A as evidence
  10. In-game mails

    -1 Seems like a way to take an existing system and make it more complicated for no beneficial reasons. Certain aspects of your suggestion would be good for aesthetics ( like new birds and taming them as pets, after all we do have bird cages but no choice of what bird) but the proposed method seems like it will cause more issues than we would benefit... how would you message across servers? what happens to the message if the bird dies mid flight? would the birds be visibly moving across the map like wagoners or invisible like mailing imps? Overall it sounds like it'd be fun for roleplaying but the practicality of it is, it isn't needed
  11. Valrei International. 059

    Just curious, the streamer program, is there a time frame for us to know if/when we've been accepted (for those that have applied) like will we get a forum message or in game or do we have to wait until the Valrei international? (just in case you guys need to review one of my streams when im live because i lock my vods currently)
  12. Message to Enki

    The same has happened to me (i only just noticed) enki replaced some floorboards and arrows and they've magically returned to my knarr after visiting a different server, except at different times... the arrows returned and i thought it was a bulk order i forgot so they went in a bsb and then today the floorboards if you want to remove them @Enkipls message me as the arrows are mixed in with my other things and dont want the wrong ones going poof
  13. Forest giant slaying

    Yeah i'm D18, just west of the canal, a tiny deed behind the mountain but im on the highway so you can find a route to me (Anvil Gate)
  14. Forest giant slaying

    As a resident of north cele, i'll be able to offer limited horses to those in need of a ride also will attend
  15. I had another go of it today, had achievement window all game and [12:16:59] You have received 100 karma for 'Ride 4000 tiles in one session'. so thanks for that Thing is, according to statistics, i only moved 15.42km... so not 100% sure but hey, it worked