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  1. THE CULPRIT IS FOUND, to avoid a name and shame thread i will hold back the info, rest assured i will begin shaving them soon
  2. I mostly wan't to figure out how they keep making it past my walls, even before my terraforming i was sealed off and god no, i've got enough "happy halloween" and "welcome back" statues...
  3. WHOEVER KEEPS COMING TO MY DEED AND LEAVING RANDOM STATUES WITH MESSAGES. QUIT IT. I will find you and i will shave you. This is a year old joke . Stop the littering, i don't need an orphanage filled with child labour force
  4. I'm back, for a month at least

    1. Steveleeb
    2. punishlife


      Say goodbye to your rare rolls, RNGesus shall bless me once more

  5. Took me 5 years to Win, once the rework to goals came through i managed to finish the 3 goals i needed in like a month. We've all had plenty of time to finish them and we've been given plenty of notice of the upcoming changes
  6. Yeah it wasn't an easy decision and its something i spent a couple of months on. Something some people won't know is that streaming does take a bit of a toll on people, it can leave you feeling tired and drained and adding that on top of other issues it can become overwhelming at times. If i continued at full strength it'd be pretty apparent just how bad it would be, i wouldn't sound enthusiastic, or it'd be too quiet and that's just no fun for anyone
  7. Hello everyone, so last night i made the decision to step down from being a member of the wonderful Wurm streaming team known as Valrei Entertainment Network. The reason for this is a very personal issue which most of you probably didn't know about. I suffer from an incurable liver disease (Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease) that has been gradually affecting my ability to play wurm and stream and given a recent rough patch, i decided i wouldn't be able to mantain the high standard of quality the other members have put forward, nor the amount of time required to give new comers and regulars a proper look into the game and upcoming changes. So i'm taking this opportunity to thank everyone here who has stopped by my streams, chatted, followed, subscribed and taken part in giveaways and events, it's been a fun year working with the dev's and fellow VEN members to push wurm out there onto Twitch and get it some well deserved attention. So make sure you keep showing Wurm streamers some love so it can continue to grow You may still see me stream or playing wurm but it'll never be as long or as mental as i used to do because i'm secretly a 90 year old in a 26 year olds body (i'm still aching from doing like 4 12 hour streams in a row making bulk from like 6 month ago). So once again, thanks to the dev's for making this a thing and supporting us streamers and thanks to the community for watching and chatting, it's been a fun chapter in my life, i'll see you all around (at a rift, hunt or impalong seeing as i rarely leave deed these days) Peace p.s check out the ven and go give them a follow aight p.p.s my link if you ever wanna watch the vods
  8. Sometimes i've had people talk in local as they sail past that i've accidentally ignored (tabbed out or different chat open at the time) but i've never ignored a forum message. I do get ya though, the amount of times i've talked to people and just get blanked has me questioning how many ignore lists i'm on (local, gl chat, freedom, even trade)
  9. logs are not, location is outside my deed, Anvil Gate D19 (like 10 tiles east along the road)
  10. Yeah Shydow, i was just saying how that is the closest method of it being cause due to its location, standing on the tile, you'd on;y have access to two tree's, and i do doubt the person picked up 300 logs to place in a road when they left almost every other off road tile with log piles
  11. Well i doubt someone placed them all there as it was in the middle of a road with nearby tree's being a sloped walk away (as well as all nearby tiles that had tree's having piles of logs on them) if anything it looked like someone had a few bsb's or crates in a wagon that decayed and it got dumped out but that wouldn't cause it either (as they only got chopped down in like a week)
  12. I didn't create this so unsure as to how it was done but a single pile of 464 logs outside (no damage despite other piles in the area being damaged from someones clearcutting project)