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  1. You can't see the original anymore cos it's so old (so compare to pink face) Pun now, i got quarantine fat
  2. I don't understand why people are complaining the new pvp island is called Rumble, you can literally start every fight with the "LETS GET READY TO RUUUMBLEEEEEE" and it will never grow old... never
  3. Wait, does this mean my trade chat will be more than the same 2 guys posting "WTS 50s 40eu" every 25 minutes in the dead hours of the morning?
  4. is now, is my borthday
  6. i caved to your demands now say yes
  7. I don't know why i'm making a post for this, probably because i lowkey miss some of you... Next week, on the 20th i will be turning 27 and as such will be having a long ass stream to celebrate and some of that time will be spent on wurm So if you miss my face and bad jokes, stop on by https://www.twitch.tv/punishlife
  8. Who dis boi, who him is?

  9. THE CULPRIT IS FOUND, to avoid a name and shame thread i will hold back the info, rest assured i will begin shaving them soon
  10. I mostly wan't to figure out how they keep making it past my walls, even before my terraforming i was sealed off and god no, i've got enough "happy halloween" and "welcome back" statues...
  11. WHOEVER KEEPS COMING TO MY DEED AND LEAVING RANDOM STATUES WITH MESSAGES. QUIT IT. I will find you and i will shave you. This is a year old joke . Stop the littering, i don't need an orphanage filled with child labour force
  12. I'm back, for a month at least

    1. Steveleeb
    2. punishlife


      Say goodbye to your rare rolls, RNGesus shall bless me once more