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  1. Suprised tkis kasn't be suggested already
  2. So because a few of you have actually given knowledge on certain goals, i wanted to ask, for clarity, the "defeat another player using x" can that be done in a spar/duel or does it need to be on pvp (and if so do they need to be different kingdom, above 20 stats to pop on tab etc) cos the explanations of the goals, as we have all seen are iffy at best.. I had Lord of War (smith shortsword, shield, small maul etc) without a stated amount or material type, 100 didn't do it, in fact i had to make around 600 of each before it popped and thats not including the amount i made out of the wrong materials/sizes before i was given a tip off a friend
  3. Nope bulk as in, make x in large amounts, plus the fact i have the tolerance to make hundreds of thousands of tools, armour, weapons, decorations etc for days/weeks/months on end
  4. Thing is, i'm meant to be Mage not Magician, they're apprently different... classes?
  5. Going off what i was told, i did red tome, cherry, walnut (in that order) and the fantastic thing isn't an issue, i make bulk so it will happen sooner rather than later
  6. I totally love the whole "use tomes for sorcery goals... to get a tome" logic... like i'll never finish mine purely because nobody can seem to tell the right combo for mage and when i tried the one in the guide everyone shares, i went thaumatage on epic. So now i'll have to spend a fortune buying tomes on freedom (as epic option is now locked out) so close, yet so far
  7. As the title says, like many others, i was left looking like santa and i've just discovered that apparently it was fixed, yet i still look like Gandalf in his younger years, my original plan was to use a mirror but thats a no go now
  8. I totally didn't get there like 6 hours early and end up falling asleep 30 mins before it started >.>
  9. He came and fixed mine as well, had been waiting since october, so glad it got sorted
  10. sweet, gonna grab three mates and we can dress up like Castle Crashers
  11. what.... are you ok? need some fresh air or lay off the sauce or something?
  12. [22:15:07] Body has increased to rank 1 affinity
  13. Wait wait wait wait.... are we slowly turning into a online version of Witcher? 1 silver sword for mobs and an iron/steel one for players
  14. Won't bother me, my armour is red
  15. Cool.... now if only i could find the darned things