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  1. Also, what happened whilst i was gone?
  2. That's just to poke people away if they linger for too long
  3. SantaPun has arrived
  4. Starting my shift early [21:29:51] You enter Blackmoor.
  5. I still mark myself as a maybe, but i expect a penthouse suite reserved and would like a cache of Granny Cookies waiting for me
  6. " Wires can now be put into bulk bins. " THANK YOU
  7. Just founded Anvil Gate X33, Y8
  8. ^^^^^^ all of this
  9. Also, buying something without having the money is just bad idea. Can only blame yourself for the issues that caused.
  10. Follow up lulz for censoring transaction ID but not Joey's info. das rude
  11. i got the same when trying to drag a bsb from my wagon into my boat (not sure if bug or not)
  12. My alt could use a home, its last place disbanded during a break and he's been roaming newspring endlessly, Joking aside, i play on him almost as much as my main, i just like to have a home for my babies (seeing as i live on chaos for the time being) If you don't mind taking my spud in, pm me in game or on discord (same name as here)
  13. Ok... so someone added a bug report i just made about cloth rags to this post...
  14. [14:58:39] You start to work with the cloth shirt on the water. [14:58:39] You realize this was a meaningless effort. The black belted vest is useless. [14:58:39] You create a rags. As far as i'm aware, these were removed some time ago I made a cloth vest, used water to make a black belted vest, the water hit 100dmg and i made 26kg of rags, talking on discord and in game, a couple of others have made them too but retro asked me to make a bug report [16:12:51] Cloth rags.