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  1. aww i got it done and now it says i can not mail that far. Which server are you on? About so time we connect all servers , at least mailing wise.
  2. Hi, it is possible if you let me know what you mean by small hammer. There is a hammer which you use for smithing normally, and a small maul which is looking like a hammer but can only be used for fighting. So... maybe small maul with those casts?
  3. edit: sorry, my mailbox says I can not mail that far.... are you from northern freedom isles or chaos? maybe have a freedom isles account i could send things to?
  4. well then... look at this and tell me who won... I mean to not favor anyone but the meaning of sniper protection is, that the last bid resets the protection timer. If anyone follows a different meaning, show me where you take your definition from. If i am ever to bid and the terms are not understood by every party, it somehow spoils the fun. There also had been a lenghty discussion about the term on this thread which i just dug up:
  5. isnt a sniper protection always restarting at last bid? else it wouldn't protect much? and PS. i do see time stamps.
  6. [02:27:16] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Dirk in less than ten minutes. thanks for business again and happy wurming!