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  1. One of this years someone or a group will have to get together from each server and write a history book on Wurm. Going all the way back to Golden( when it was a actual playable area), WIld, and the other Home servers. Have heard some stories and seen some screenshots from them days and think it would be a interesting read for sure.
  2. So it's just not me? Good thought I was having comp glitches. lol
  3. And as mentioned, there is a rebirth going on to the old servers. Notice the pops are gaining more players logged in and a lot of the old abandoned places are being reclaimed and redone.
  4. You got ghost......Or are underwater and not aware of it yet.....
  5. Andddd lets open that can of wurms....The killing of the %100 nutrition no matter what you ate, call it a bug whatever, that came after cooking update makes it hard now for some to find something that gives a good ccfp AND %100 nut.
  6. Well we can name some rare/sup/fantastic items before finishing them if that counts.
  7. Until the large storage unit was added I kept mine in rafts (like OP said) but in a large cart. Easier to imp that way too.
  8. Kinda off topic but is it maple or walnut that gives extra ash? And burning them in caves is as Jake said more friendly to your neighbors.
  9. Amish Estate at Summerholt is hugh, 30s upkeep a month. Think last time I checked the token it was 120x121 or around that.
  10. About the same place as one recently. Should'nt be hard to find then.
  11. seen one on Exo once, and one down by Summerholt on Xan, but after that no more.
  12. Ohh unlit, well yeah they bumped the decay numbers up for some unfinished stuff, like walls and I think. So maybe piles was in that nerf? \
  13. Damn, forums is actiung up. Double posting.
  14. .