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  1. But, but hell horses will stop burning in water and stop warming your ass while you ride them. Anyway I hope animal crates will go out soon for that
  2. +1 on highways and ql affecting speed of carts and wagons. But +5 just because you're on highway seems a bit much though..
  3. Would look good +1 from me aswell
  4. +1 would look nice
  5. +1 as an option to improve performance on weaker machines too
  6. bump
  7. Did it ever occur to you that some players doesnt want to be overly social, or doesnt want to live on a deed with 20 players( me personaly would rather stopped playing than have to live like that)
  8. Sent you b89 steel pickaxe and c85 medrug Thanks
  9. [22:39:14] <Grumpled> b87 rat pelt and b75 iron lump to this account please? sold ingame
  10. c78 hammer sold
  11. b75 pelt sold
  12. 15c per supreme bowstring, supreme doorlock and supreme coin, if you agree cod to Kochinac pls
  13. c77 grooming brush sold
  14. +1 it's serves no purpose, more annoyance than usefull...