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  1. I think so, hapened to me couple weeks ago, sailed with rare knar and unpremmed alt by acident xD I premmed character to get back via web shop... can always go with premmed character to pick up but logistic is pain in the arse
  2. want to sell supreme rake blade on Jackal. PM me with offers either here or ingame on Kochinac or Vlada and if I like the offer you can be owner of supreme rake with your sig on Jackal
  3. This is the main thing that got me to stick to Wurm. Also persistent world that lasts over a decade, things someone made ten years ago might still be there (wheater it's wagon, ship, pickaxe, armour, sword), thats something. You mentioned it partialy with booze but it's not just booze, Wurm have very in depth cooking system (useless or not, nvm) that allows us to discover cooking recepies by our self (very large number of different ones) Player made kingdoms with custom design for wagons, banners etc. that lasts ingame even after kingdom is long gone.
  4. Still confused if i will be able to make portal on Deli as soon as Indy rift shuts or i would have to wait Deli rift to shut. @Retrograde perhaps you could give us clarification on this last detail?
  5. Considering that informations are yet to be revealed i will stay neutral on hype/hate thing But have several questions: Since skills are reseting every 6 months, which is ok, we might need server like that for not so niche players, what's the initiative for players to leave their normal lifes in lands of Wurm beside adventure? What can they bring back from these lands as don't think memories and stories are enough to continue going there beyond first time out of curiosity? Since this seems like a server for people who are not that much into hardcore aspect of Wurm and this is potential for players that would maybe not play normaly why isn't this advertised, maybe we could attract players interested in this mode, and why as Sindusk said players who register doesnt have opportunity to join Jackal right away without going to normal servers, doing rift etc, which is offputting for such players.. And how inhabitable this world would be? Will players be able to place deeds, build houses, breed animals, harvest food? Will it be pvp enabled? We are still lacking in all these answers to form general opinion. Looks interesting for now, but it also looks it can go terribly wrong and that it is another bunch of dev time vasted for short spike in population if even there is going to happen one...
  6. add RTX

    We should trick Microsoft into buying Wurm somehow? ?
  7. what the man said^ huge +1, never made sense to me that it is that way
  8. Creator signature?
  9. Now who is in denial here? I don't assume anything. Now i don't know what magical X solution you're imagining but i would say it takes more than that to attract people to this game but it's combination of factors rather and everything has its pros and cos... Everything about is very hypotetical, expecialy your premisse you're so convinced that if game get rid of old player new one will stick longer. But hey, we can always have new wurmagedon and try with that, some dev might accidentaly delete database and all backups I honestly don't care Don't really have any anti-newb bias or any other bias, you got that wrong. Total bulshit. Your imagining utopian model i'm afraid but that's not how world and people works Can't expect from someone to behave like you would just to fullfill your insane standard of what mmo should be... And again i really don't hate new people, would like to have them more around. But mate you're rallying against vets all over the place Ok scratch that, nvm. This way of accusing doesn't lead anywhere anyway. excelent advice, you should listen to it This too Didn't read your other debates it doesn't bother me, they are too long, contradictory and boring. Glanced some points that i maybe agree about, but really don't have time to read all. Which is why i don't get why are you so glued on idea of me lacking logic because it's all very hypotetical and it's not that much matter of logic anymore i'm afraid, it's totaly pointless. It is not me that necroe responded to my post which i already forgot what was about it accusing me that i lack of logic, which is very insulting because i'm very logical, well read and smart person Anyway happy wurming mate, try to enjoy more ingame untill it lasts instead of mumbling on forums. It's very pointless and tiring and i don't have time for it. Peace out
  10. Jesus you're not really that strong with logic as you think. If you commit x people who would OTHERWISE stay would leave. The rest of people would leave wheater you commit x or not. So you have y amount of people that will go for for sure no matter what you do. And you have z amount of people that would go if you commit x but would otherwise stay. Also yy amount of people that would come and stay if you commit x is highly debatable expecialy if you loose z amount of people that are currently most of the remaining playerbase because game will be even more ghost town than now(and we are close to that) which would detour yy amount of people staying but to go with that you can as well wipe everything and start with fresh servers and heavy marketing like it's the new game. Tbh i have no ide what your X is and why are we debating this, this is becoming very boring. There is no reinventing wheel here. Population density is terrible and that creates poor market as resources are practicly unlimited, also the cycle you are talking about would happen naturally if charcters would not be reused when players stop playing. And last, if developers of this game caters anyone its the new players so don't give me that antiveteran bulshit. People who invested 10 years in this game, grinded when actually it was hard to grind, have every right to dominate market as they please of they want (again time and demand is true constraint here).
  11. Answered every single one. Sorry but your solutions more cure symptoms rather than causes. Rather patch then realy fix cause of problem...
  12. Wow, funny how people calling for epic fails in logic commit such horible crimes against it About you trying to be sarcastic with dwindling playerbase: So you think it's ok to destroy remaining playerbase too since it's dwindling? Cuz you're basing everything on a very bold premise that destroying curent veteran core of players will bread new life in wurm and somehow magicly summon bunch of new players who just waited for that? Uhm, i don't think that's main issue with people and them not playing Wurm ? Second thing about alts you twisted ane shifted out of any context just that you look smart on forums... My point is that is pointless to indroduce proposed limitations in order to promote trading because people will bypass it with alts (or more alts) instead of you know actually trading. It would just create unnecessary hastle. It's totaly irrelevant if everyone already have alt or don't. And one more thing you're terribly wrong is that is not that veteran players are problem but veteran accounts ot players who no longer play (a lot of veteran players who still play doesn't even bother with market or try to get rich from the game, there are always exceptions ofc). But you know who buys those accounts? New players, that's right. Now removing character trading is seperate debate with alot of good cons and pros, but in the end yeah it does hurt market a lot for new players and unfortunately would be very difficult to ban it... My thoughts are that maybe removing multiboxing would more natural solution as time is only true and natural constraint. Imagine if you had to choose will you chip bricks or grind blacksmithing to 90 instead of doing both at the same time But people would whine about that too probably, and would create new pool of difficulties most likely.
  13. I actually really like this idea. @RetrogradeI'm so sick and tired of devs attitude to force multiplayer aspect in everything(meaning alternatives are needed for people who wants to do things solo at their own leisure, without paying for bunch of 2s alts and machine powerful enough to run them all no mather how more tedious it would be over doing it as a team) and i swear to god one day i will quit this game after all these years just because of it. Just for your info, the current system is terible expecialy for Lib template priests, and brings no joy or sence of accomplishment but endless pain, stress and feeling of being left out for every single Lib priest there.
  14. I really hope dev team will ditch Rite goal and replace it or give alternative for it, i've been telling from the start that it is very bad idea but they are stubborn as hell regarding it as usual...
  15. The whole "decoration" non decay thingy is extremly lazy and sloppy solution... One and only condition if i am not mistaken is that item doesn't form pile and that is on ground (well technically 2 conditions). It should be implemented much smarter to encourage people to use racks not punish them for it for example or not to fool people that item os safe placed on surface. So yeah real "genious" at play...