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  1. Sell actual land in Wurm / Heraldry

    And what when player who purchased the land stops playing? His deed stays forever? That's bad Even if you own the land you still need to pay tax to king. I actually thought that it is that scenario going on now not simple renting. When you deed you pay per tile that's buying land, and upkeep is your monthly tax, never mind that the tax is ridiculously higher than price of buying land
  2. [20:13:09] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  3. Priest overhaul testing

  4. Priest overhaul testing

    Why? This is really dissapointing i must say and it's true slap in the face to my joy of finaly playing Lib on Freedom Can this be reconsidered?
  5. Correct the wording of the wine creation line

    So what would be the benefit of it? Once you use fruit scrap and see it's a vinegar and not wine you can't revert it and use other scrap or can you? I don't really see how is this needed...
  6. Oh also not sure but seems that there were some mentions of clams posiblly pearls... Will come out before Christmass together with Priest update so it will be heck of patch notes to read
  7. Unfortunatly yes, fish is still not much usefull from what i saw
  8. Didn't quite understood that part but i think playing mini game will be optional, we would still be able to grind afk but can catch fish faster if if click on it and be more efficient i hope... But once again i might have understood wrong was hard to catch up on everything on such long stream
  9. Well, i try my best, others can post if i missed something... Fishing rods became ehm complicated, you can improve them with various additions for which they have slots, there are 3-4 types of fishing lines, you can add reel to rod, bait, float to fishing line(to much to type and its really complicated but i hope you get the idea), beside rod you can fish with fishing net in shallow water and spear. Fishing is mini game where you fish shows up and you have to click on it to catch it, looks cool. Water is amazing, breath taking samool is really a genius. There are baits, grubs you can get from shriveled trees, flies from using grooming brush on catlle(need to smear cattle with honey not sure). there is box for baits, also net for storingfish while fishing that you plant in shallow water or attach to boat to keep your catch alive and fress untill you're done with fishing, i think i saw fishing rods rack in crafting recepies. chickens give feathers when butchered that can be used as floaters on line... water now has catorgories ocean, pond, underground so different fish there, also there is difference to salty and non salty water now, salt can be boiled for salt but both still drinkable, not sure what else
  10. [19:36:48] <Kilo> want to buy small anvil w77 small anvill sold
  11. Rewarding for tutorial would be nice. Only problem is that first two weeks of my playing I had no idea what the heck is sb and how to turn it on. When I found out people talking about it in global chat randomly after some questoning I was like, what, how did I not now that before, after that I didn't know how to refill it once I spent it and struggled to actually make a bed... I hope the tutorial will bring new player attention to benefit of sb in some more intuitive manner
  12. [20:06:44] <Kilo> Steel BoTD 90-93 1 plz) one 93 botd sold common people get cheap pickaxes for your mining projects
  13. ReWeathered Landscape

    That actually looks great and makes sense in some longer periods if changes are slight over time untill evens at some more natural slope. How often ths happen and how long does it take to bring land to ideal not spiky state? If it's a procces that last some time then i find it quite immersive and it actually make sense to realistic natural behaviour of land
  14. Useless rare solution

    While I agree that Sindusk doesn't cover items that has no chance to transfer rarity as they aren't components of any item or can't be used for imping I wouldn't not say that rare lemon is a waste and that it's worth more as a regular lemon in fsb rather than sac for 100 nutrition full bar. Sap on the other hand is total ######, you don't get the rest of the sap, you can't sac it I belive, cooking it to syrup removes rarity which is blah you still got 1kg of sap instead of 4kg you could but you can use it if you bother to cook seperatly. I would love to see rare liquids be refilled with regular ones and still holding rarity so we have rare water for tempering (it's quenching and it's better done in oil but Rolf didn't know his blacksmithing back in the days so whatever), washing which would hold enchants longer, enchanted rare syrup that will make slightly better sandwiches, rare lye that could hold imbue longer for better leather making etc. Despite Sindusk opinion I still like option for refining rare essence just needs to be unlocked behind skill, other resources, high numbers so it's harder to get than rare bone.