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  1. 10c for rare wooden beam?, if agreed cod to kochinac pls
  2. this is the sad part, but yeah, totally agree with this. It has been dissaster for quite some time, total silence, overhauls that are not actually overhauls but huge mess and dissapointment. Fighting overhaul didn't uphold the announced hype and justified invested time, AH, well let's put it this way, i still use old 5s horses and i'm happy i managed to cared as much of them as i could. it's really a prime example of bad overhaul design, lack of documentation about it, lack of thinking what it might actually bring to the game, useless traits to fill space, randomness, it's terrible.
  3. yup, results can be weird to say the least. Also horse colors are much more unpredictable, i breed horses of same color and in 80% of cases i get some other color...
  4. Today i checked my donkeys for offspring and found this guy without name. Not sure if that should be possible and if it's itended. https://imgur.com/zz0J0AL https://imgur.com/0S7gxVF
  5. Really not sure that we should add more boats into game where basicly only two types out of six are used 99% of the time (okay maybe 3 if you count rowboat for nonpremium players)
  6. Curently my AH is 79, been slowly pushing it from 50 since update... Other then miscarigies update is badly though frustration yeah, i still want few draft skills on my horses for riding more than acustomed to water. System where traits are locked in categories is double sharped blade. I been trying to get bisons, horses, hell horses, sheeps and donkey(have no idea why i guess) and must say i'm having quite mediocre success in getting what i find optimal in animal. i wish there would a way to direct towards desired traits more easily. for example, if i have horse with 3 speed traits and horse with desirable draft traits i would expect offspring to have 3 speed traits and 2 draft trais(or any random combination of those two cattegories) if i have enough points to support slots, but instead i get useless speed trait and random misc trait, if i wanted misc trait i would breed it with horse that has misc trait ffs. So my biggest problem is popping random traits to fill space instead of traits i'm aiming for
  7. Been breeding old 5s horses like crazy on my deed since the update haven't had even one miscarriage. Ofc I keep an eye on my deed ratio all the time
  8. Been kicked out 15 mins ago and cant login again, can't even open client to login(probably failing some check with servers). Can't hit http://www.wurmonline.com/status-new/ either. P.S. Managed to login shortly again after 10 mins but got kicked out again soon after and still can't login
  9. Someone doesn't know difference between fork and trident. Jokes aside awesome skin, but it's quite offputting how it looks when held and how short it looks on this picture P.S. Atleast gives as mounting items on walls so we can use it as decoration on wall
  10. Yeah I suggested in thread with announcment that they change genesis so you can choose which trait to remove, and also to implement that on dispelling since they are at it. But still doesn't help you to push for hybrid horses. For example, I would probably never want speed trait for shallow water over some draft trait.
  11. Yeah, this is kinda ironic, i though that i would have to cull my old 5s horses to make room to care for new ones, but now the old 5s horses are very hard to get and they are quite fine for usage(haven't compared to new 5s yet though) and i think i will continue to care for them... this is actualy very good idea, like for example if you feed mother while pregnant with oats or some other grain it will have tendency to pass or generate draft traits, or something like that
  12. yeah, +1. was hoping they will atleast greatly reduce food decay if not prevent it on deed atleast
  13. huh, totaly missed that. i mean i would love to be able to just put crate on ground and let animals eat from it and not worry about decay, but what would be point of new feeding items... I think what they wanted to say is that 2 new containers for feeding animals(pet bowl and other one that is part of hitching post forgot name) can't be locked. It's weirdly put that's true
  14. uhm, i don't remember from patch notes that animals should be able to eat from crates, could you paste that line from patchnotes here pls