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  1. I think that people willing to imp to 90+ or even 100ql deserve some special good ql look, 60ql is low (sure for some regular good look, but exceptional look should be reserved for really higher level than for 60ql...
  2. They say there is 1/100 chance that on last improve action that consumes material that rarity will transfer. Me personaly never have managed to do it, and seriously doubt if thats even true since there is on MOI upon that last imp... On other hands I spammed alot of rares by creation. In my opinion it's not worth it trying with imping with rare mats, but if you're not that desperate for 10-20c which is the price on SFI if i'm not mistaken, try your luck and prove me wrong xD I also think that saving them for bulk selling is bad idea, if you don't want it, just sell it right away
  3. +1 But how would it work if i want to have multiple stops on every floor on same vertical? Would i have to build it on every wall or just on top one and have openings on every floor bellow?
  4. Any info on how Empyrian iron compares to other metals/aloys/moonmetals? Can it be used to make aloys? Empyrian steel, maybe?
  5. Didn't get the time to test holy sites (i plan to), but by reading comments i agree. Very mature and responsible decision.
  6. Also for shafts and nails if i'm not mistaken, can be pretty annoying
  7. I found cocoa the best for it if you have good set up. Roasting cocoa beans, and then pressing it with coc fruit press, filling poterry bowls with cocoa paste, you get two chances for tick instead one for one product(roasting it and then cooking paste for liquor). at higher levels you can even go for xocolatl with just adding water and ground spice to product of previous steps which is insane 91 diff and doesn't require emptying cocoa liquor but i don't really think it's that worth because of pain of measuring water to right amount.... otherwise teal leaves with clasic pan setup
  8. Ok so, finally managed to get time to log in on test server and give it a glimpse. First of all, wow, it's amazing, such a unique and immersive feature. well done, indeed. Even though i highly doubt i will be using it any time soon(one day maybe). My only complain so far is that it could be maybe a bit more clear in journal steps on how to use it, journal was a great help but still had my head scratching for a moment on what to have activated and what to use on what. Also, i didn't play with it long, but is unclear to me how to se progress of surveying, in like, when taking additional surveys how it improves the report and final result, maybe add some text indicator on examing survey report in percentages or something like that
  9. what would be the point of imping forges to burn longer? IU fear it would devalue value of forge ql would be the same weather you have regular or supreme forge, 20ql or 90ql...
  10. I would say it's random, if i recall corectly there was something about particular fragments tending to be iron from patch notes but i cant remember which one exactly, or rather particular combined power of frags.... Eitherway i'm not happy with results, lot of my combining ends up not to be iron... which would be fine if we had metal transmutation as i suggested... Oh and the fact that legacy frags are labeled with iron doesnt mean anything, you can get non iron item by combining all legacy iron frags
  11. Well full loot is something that you can control the risk, you can either go in drake and risk less to die but more to loose, or go in plate risk more of dying but cost of dying isn't that expensive anymore, and ofc there is the resurections stone that gives another layer of protection on gear... Skills and affinities are very expensive to lose on other hand you have no say in managing risk... People from pvp can say whatever they want but no way i'm gonna risk 0.25 loss in FS that i need months on pve to recover(crafting new plate is nothing compared to that) over one excursion to chaos, and no restoring it by killing someone on pvp isn't really realistic way of doing that for someone who doesn't play regulary on Chaos
  12. People leaving their orders on the merchant if desired item is not in the offer would be quite interesting
  13. Huge +1. Loosing fight skill is the main reason i dont engage in it. But if it would be without skill loss i would live to roam around in spare gear and have some fun