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  1. I prefer Libila for enchanting over Vyn as i prefer BoTD over COC/WOA combo...Couldn't say which god is the best for priesting cuz i have all 4 priests for various needs. For followers definetly Vyn is the best.
  2. well without specifics i really have mixed feelings. looks interesting but i fear it can go wrong in so many ways. I will remain sceptical. Rewards sound nice, like others said Vyn is owerpowered, Lib is meh unfortunatly. Definetly interested in that Fo fruit, but without details, on specific mechanics of obtaining it, can't say much. would like it to turn into alt lagfest like for bloods, or to force us to dwelwe there away from our deed to obtain some meta
  3. My thoughts exactly. Niarja is such a woderfull tool, was essential part of my wurm life since I discoverd it. I'm sure it would be valuable official addition to Wurm in some form. @Keenannot sure if team gave some thougts on it? Might be integrated into longly planned bigger system with account managment and stuff like that..
  4. also the thought that crossed my mind... will it be helpfull in finding treasure from maps? will it be ingame replacment for third party community maps?
  5. Congrats to new roles and promotions! What's that table on the picture? New piece of furniture? Looks cool
  6. Or you know, just enable fo priests to select which trait to remove... And while we are at selecting things, allow to select which enchantment to dispell already ffs
  7. while I generally agree that archaeology is very powerful, I disagree with some points, or my mindset isn't like that and that will never change. I don't like random generators i don't have control over, i like to slowly work on ultimate min-max end goal and that's why I play Wurm . As for rare generation i kinda doubt that, easier rare generator is to get the thing that you want and spam creation on it. not all rare fragments you get turn to something useful or good. Moonmetals, yet to be seen , but it seems more like unique fluke than something you can rely on as a feature, witch is fine. Tokens, meh, nice to have, but still pain to store, and duplicates are still useless junk. I usually run just a few known deeds, so you can imagine how much duplicates i have. maybe even several collections of all metal types. I think i got around 5 moon metal deed tokens spending two days doing archaelogy, if their weight were reduced to lets say 0.1kg, would that 0.5kg moon metals i farmed and could use to imp my moon metal weapon or tool realy ruin the game for others? but whatever. The biggest shame from all this story are Scavanger runes, those are so cool, but chance to get them on something usefull, or the tool you're gonna use is so low, i would kill to have chance to transfer those to my supreme meta tools no matter how small it is. And this is my main point of disagreement, these are another tier items, and it sucks its not customizable bit stuck on some shitty non iron tool, they serve no purpose like that. I'm not gonna stop using my supreme pickaxe cuz i got regular pickaxe with scavanger rune, and why should i be depleted of such feature with all my skill? Also, i still dislike lack of propper decay free storage option for storing and sorting frags
  8. hmm, this still is the original problem, if we get rare fragment that is whole tool or armor, it's again pray to all four that it is iron/steel
  9. Btw forgot to tell, enchants are much more pleasant now. It's not as common, but when I got those it was pretty decent power, even got few items with 100 power of coc, woa and aosp. Runes seems ok, but still, idk, does anyone really use tools assembled on arch over made tools cuz of that runes, they are still mess for me as the usability is concerned, and most of them will go to trash or be smelted or sacced for the missions.
  10. Well subjective feeling is that I was getting much more iron before, nothing changed in the process. Although this things are quite impossible to test with certainty. Fragments from example was from top tier deeds mostly with 40-50 years of inhabitance, some abandoned 10-20 years ago some 30-40. Using 95 supreme chissel and 80ish ql regular brush(might need to bump this one). 90-80 % of the fragments were from the caches though, not obtained through investigation. Haven't tried with normal fragments yet. Out of aprox 600 cache fragments I've got one moonmetal plate piece, and astoningly sad small amount of alloys(maybe dozen)... Also I noticed there is a bug with small shield frgament, it doesn't have type. It doesn't say if it's metal or alloy or moonmetal if it's even possible to get those, large shield fragments shows type correctly. I honestly think that better solution for iron problem would be to introduce alchemy update with metal transmutation as I described in my thread about archaeology, instead of bumping iron rate, which doesn't really solve the problem.
  11. Are you sure this is working? 99.49 restoration here, and i seem to get even more non iron than before Assembled 42 weapons/tools/shields, most from cache i discovered after update(reports were made before update though), and patched missing parts with some fragments i cleaned before update. I've got 16 iron items out of 42
  12. Care to articulate your suggestion a bit better maybe?
  13. I have 9 sets of statuete of swordman ready to complete(9x 12/13 and 9x1/13), pm me on forums if you're interested. I also have 12 sets of axeman...
  14. cool, another one I will skip glad some folks will enjoy it though