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  1. Fix Maker Names

    Huge -1 I like having my own signature on tools I find from archeology. My signature is so important to me that I even try to have all my rare and up tools with my signature.
  2. Priest overhaul testing

    True, but even overhauling can sometimes and needs to be set up in stages. I din't bother to look at Wurm's code as i prefer playing and don't know exact situation, i'm sure that some from developers can explain it better. I'm just teorizing from my expirience on working in overhauls in large systems. I assume the Lib code is more entangled into other stuff than the priest things that are being overhauled and can cause greater potential instability.. but curent overhaul can make good start for dealing with Libila when finished, just my assumptions. Trust me i would be happy to be Lib on freedom
  3. Priest overhaul testing

    From what i've understood reading some old answers on this topic it's because old chaos specific code and conversions from template kingdoms which would make mess on freedom(freedom is not fammiliar with concepts of BL and WL kingdoms), also a lot of cleaning in that code is probably needed before becomes applicable to freedom. Also some devs and people doesn't like mycelium on freedom, have no idea why tbh, expecially now with new Fo spell. I agree with you that it would be best to allow Libila on freedom too and resolve some dubious mechanics that are consecuences of that restrictions and i hope it will happen one day In the mean time untill that is done this seem like a reasonable easy enough solution.
  4. Priest overhaul testing

    I agree with suggestion that demigods should use statue of template gods and followers be able to make template gods colossus so we can have Lib colossus on freedom finally Also could you fix sacrificing interupting casting it makes impossible to utilize grinding with queued actions. Also could you replace desecrate button with sacrifice button on that small selected item panel pretty please, would make life so much easier.(Haven't actually checked if it's done on test but live this is situation for quite some time, so sorry if already fixed)
  5. Bugged rare metal lump, iron / electrum

    Ehm, isn't the bug section of forum more place for this rather than auction? Anyway I have no idea why someone would buy this but you are lacking starting bid and increament, also snipper protection and buy out is nice to have on auction...
  6. Priest overhaul testing

    From what I have seen it's nerfed a bit. Its not that good for casting weapons anymore. Can still used as utilities priest I think genesis and strongwall and courier are still his spells not sure. But you have option for free swap tbh I don't know why would someone use demigod priest now original god's seems more better choice now which I gues Is not that bad. They seems to have some auxiliary uses to main gods if you don't have 100 faith yet for batteries that can do some extra spells mostly imo. Will still have to login to test server again to check
  7. Allow carrying empty crates

    +1 but if implemented i think you could drag from invetory to storage rack atleast...
  8. Damn those look really cool, definitely huge +1
  9. New Server Hunting Only

    You know, this and simmilar suggestions are not just about regular hunting. It's about hunting harder and more chalenching mobs than already exist without devs fearing they will devouring new players....
  10. What has made you hate Wurm?

    FYI I have under 35 years and i'm playing for less than 4 year if my memory recall me corectly. Haven't injected anything in this game beside my time. And my objecting this purely on techical aspects. I don't have much expirience in game development but i do in programming in general, not sure what's your background but it annoys me when someone assume, Java is crap for games because of efficincy(i don't thing it's worse than C++ in such large scale), game engines are by default beter, etc. Everything has pros and cons. Having your own engine means having more freedoom to do things you want, more independency which for niche game as Wurm is crucial imo. Graphics don't have to do anything with Java, there are actually some really great games in that aspects written in Java. Also Java is also good for cross platform solutions. Don't get why are graphics so ofputting people from Wurm, on full settings they look great to me.I would rather invest in more interactive comabt system rather to graphics for example if we are undertaking huge changes such that. Beside great UI change is in the progress and we yet have to see what will bring, that is if some of you negative pesimists stay around. If i would develop my own serious game i would definetly go with my engine and would shoot myself in head if i had to work in Unity or some engine... If devoloping some shallow quick fun, that relies mostly on storytelling, yeah engines are good choice.
  11. What has made you hate Wurm?

    And why do you think Wurms problem is in engine? What do you suppose Wurm using Unreal Engine will bring and what would be benefit from it? To me it's waste of time and resources
  12. [Bug] Maple sap to syrup cooking issue

    Hah I was wondering why is this happening and is it possible that's so crazy flukes happen, this make sense. +1 to fixing ownership issue, it can be quite annoying
  13. Some random high enchanted stuff.

    c101 chisel to Kochinac pls
  14. Premium suggestions

    Number one is very interesting one, and I think I might like it a lot. I avoid paying with 2 players a lot except in some rare occasions because I have quite limited play time cuz of work, and always seems like a waste paying for second premium if I don't use it half of the time. Also sometimes it seems like quite a waste to prem main for 2 months and when I want a week or two break maybe. Not to mention that I don't pay year of premium because I want a break to play with other characters while main is not prem. Looks interesting on paper how it would be in practice not so sure, would it be better or worse than now can't say untill I try it. For other two, I can't say it look particular interesting or tempting to me...