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  1. +1 MOI during breeding would fit nicely I think(maybe even rare check for twins, supreme for triplets, not gonna mention fantastic check ). Although not all twins have to be identical (only the ones made made from one divided egg cell, other possibility is to have 2 egg cell germanited) but for the sake of simplicity sure, make them be identical. But yeah, would be cool addition
  2. unfortunately best way to store them are Merchants or Magic chests... or can use storage alt... make alt, log him to get rare mats and log out...
  3. creating tunnels and explaning minig errors might be usefull. I remember i was very confused that i cant mine out tile, just to find out that i need to mine down or up just because rock layer isnt appropriate. Or that i cant mine because there is air pocker i need to go around...
  4. but seriously would you care to explain why you need this?
  5. To all the people thinking in this way. People don't play this game to do the chores of saving everything you accomplished over the years every day... We don't like to loose what we got, nor we like to do any extra stuff to maintain that what we got. If i have to regrind my skills everytime i log in or to spend even hour every day repairing everything on my deed, ###### it, its not worth it, wont play it.
  6. They have plans about adding new crafting tiers to journal simmilar to priest ones i think, there was nothing said about reworking existing tiers as far as i know. In fact many people asked for removal or change of global spell goal and rift goal from the begining and they stubornly refused it. It think its too late now to change it since a lot of people have done it.
  7. +1 i like it very much P.S. maybe would go even bolder and try to ditch priest restrictions totaly just to see how Wurm functions in such enviroment
  8. -1 Really just unnecessary overcomplicated min maxing which I don't belive it has place in sandbox game. I'm strongly against any serious bonuses-restriction packets and classlike choosings (it's bad that we already have some, but to even further deepen them would be terrible thing which would suck out fun of this game). The thing about Wurm that is unique is that you can be anything you wanna be if you put enough time in it and i would like it to stick to that philosophy more. Some of you don't agree and for some reason unknown to me want to complicate our lives with stupid restrictions. I seriously don't see a reason that in order to be most successful butcher i have to hinder myself some other thing like imping wooden things...
  9. Nobody is forcing you to write them either... You posted enough suggestions to draw conclusions how other think about your ideas. Don't get what you think you'll achieving by suggesting even further with your nonsence ideas...
  10. for the love of god will you just stop suggesting. you spam forums with your posts and every one of them is utterly ridiculous.
  11. honestly i don't care at all, just saying what i think was intention by wurms briliant game designers not the first time they had no clue what people wanted and how will use it when they made something...
  12. i think and most of new players are looking this the wrong way... marks wasn't suposed to be something that you buy silver and premium for. It comes along with buying silver and premium as additional perks, i don't belive it was meant to just pour euros on first day and buy extra sleep hour, extra creature, magic chest etc but more like you play for years and after that you have option to be rewarded for playing that long with gift of your choosing... Weater they should allow to be able to buy items for euros directly on shop and steam for those more unpatient and willing to pour euros is another topic.. i don't really care that much if they do, might do good for their pockets...
  13. Than whats the point of it? Why not just lead 4 animals and not be attacked.. most of your ideas are creative although some of them are extreme, but they all almost always lack one thing and that is balance with current mechanics and iniciative to use. They just introduce more difficulty for the sake of having them giving no real advantage... Alrhough having camels would be interesting i don't see deserts large enough to justify using them for speed bonus. And what do you intend to bypass with caravans, why bother using them, risking to be attacked when using large cart would be simpler for same or bigger amount of things to transport, no high skill requirements...