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  1. Wogic and Fruit

    yeah always was annoyed by that. +1
  2. Chaos, Complete 180°

    Nah no need for removing, Chaos could become chalenge pve server that people ask for so much. It's a good map afterall, no need to go to waste. Have nothing against moving pvp entirely on epic...
  3. Woad Planters

    My thoughts on a subject of botanizing vs gardening, it shouldn't exist as a skill, foraging for herbs should be tied to gardening skill and then botanizing skill slot could be used for something more cool like glass making. Oh and +1 for OP of putting them in planters. Devs, do it already, this surely is the most popular suggestion so far.
  4. Best marketing Wurm could get if you ask me.
  5. Clean option vanishing

    It's a same thing with forestry, you start harvesting fruits and if you stop you can't do it again no matter if you get fruit or not. Most likely design is to reset flag(harvestable,cleanable) upon start of action not on end which I guess make sense otherwise could be abused with continuously starting and canceling actions to create infinite source... So I doubt it's a bug.
  6. If you ever made one or save on exit was checked in settings though...
  7. I think when we introduce rack for other racks that's where we need to draw the line lol But disassemble option would be awesome, we need more efficient ways to destroy god damn things
  8. Tell that to 100 saddles and 100 tall banners I'm trying to store... Seriously we need some way to store tall banners better than corbita on ship transporter. When I started playing the game I couldn't get my head around the fact that rafts are used for storing things in carts and not for sailing on water and hauling stuff. Still can't forget the disappointment when I made first raft to cross to small island nearby and my buffeled face when someone was explaining that it's for storing lol
  9. Suggestions I'm hopeful for in the future

    Don't forget white wagons that can be dyed too
  10. Give Hell Scorps Coal

    I belive all hell creatures used give coal a while ago but they changed for hell horses and hell scorpions because they give hide and cochineal I guess. Anyway +1, I think it's ridiculous that hell scorpions give same loot as normal scorpions there should be more reward for killing it.
  11. Coal Pile QL Boost

    Or you know, simply allow imping coal piles with shovel and dirt(or logs). Considering your modified suggestion i always felt like oak should be the one that gives boost in ql so how about oak giving +25% boost and cedar taking role of oak and actually ticking more often instead of just burning longer for nothing.. walnut staying the same at 15% Anyway +1 on anything that would allow production of high ql coal from coal-making viable.
  12. Having charges of Black Tome and Tome of Inceration i want to trade them for your charges of Red Tome and Green Cherry PM me if you're interested . Here or same name ingame
  13. Soul Stone

    Like I said before I can't seriously belive someone would use it, invest in it and find it usefull with such restrictions. Heck, grind character 5 times faster for certain skills. Use 5s you would spend on ressurection stone to prem that character for 15 days if something needs to be done without crippling your main. Simmilar effect for same price just 5 times faster and more convinient... So what's the point of wasting time in implementing this?