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  1. Well i think you're very wrong. The most annoying things about trade of big items like vehicles or bulk is that, you have to chase person to be online at same time and deliver if you want to minimize the risk of not being payed and that on top of that you have to base it on trust instead of game mechanics that guarantee you sussesfull transfership and payment. With writs of ownership one can easily park their wagons/ boats on deed, slap merchant put writs on sale and not worry any further. Buyers life will be easier too, instead of chasing owner on trade chat, he just come to place known to sell vehicles, and in a instance he acquire him self wanted thing without hustle at own leaisure. For contact sales via trade window it adds another layer of security. I really hope this will be implemented but seeing stuff members living in a bubble that some things works perfectly as it is but in fact no one is using them or have reluctance to use them give me scepticism...
  2. Why are everyone suddenly acting like they never grinded channeling with sacing for favour in their life. Isn't it how majority of people have done it for quite a long time? I have much bigger issues with grinding chanelling than it requiring saccing(and from someone who grinded from saccing only i can tell you it requires a lot, luckily was able to do most if it while chopped food was not crap and while wemp was option fro nahjo and lib and later on rosemary and lovage). my bigger issue is that sweetspot dificulty is pain to adjust without any visual indicator of effective difficulty, that getting drunk doesnt increase dificulty to my knowledge and again it doesnt have visual indicator to how much, most importan that coc doesnt work on statues, that rarity and ql of statues doesnt do anything. Channeling and religion have many dumb flaws that so called overhaul didnt correct at all but requiring to sac for favour isn't one of it. I like how its tied to other skills(implementation sucks to be honest but idea is good), it gives so much complexity and would be shallow without it imo. I always wondered why cheese isn't sac choice for some god(Fo most obvious) cuz milking and cheese making is so neglected. Ropemaking is good where it is as universal solution to all of them, although randomness in ql ropes with high skill is too harsh. Locks are okish i guess, you can even grind it as priest unlike others, butchering is another totaly different pair of boots, havent tried it yet as effective source of avour, cloth making has to much complexity and rng untill final product compared to others, and Vyn sucks most for double gain although firemaking and torches seems more prommising than toy making and yoyos
  3. Jackal skins can be sold but as a service if i'm not mistaken, i never dealt with them to be sure. Only crappy thing is that its random and you have to find person having object that he/she wants transformed for according skin at the given moment
  4. -1 I grinded masonry on some alts just to be more successful in making mortar. Giving mats 100% success devalues peoples effort put into grinding skills
  5. It's very achievable, just takes time and patience I mostly play wurm with goal to be selfsustanaible although i put more effort into it than playing 1h a day i certanly don't play Wurm all day, i have very recponsible job and other real life chores. Will be hard in the beggining but as time passes it will be easier. My recomendtation is to concentrate on crafting skills you most need, blacksmithing for example along with mining, if you grind even 1h daily relativly soon you will be able to make and imp your own tools, also i would recomend to earn some money early on and invest in LT weapon and some coc skillers(old servers are much better choice for this). And don't be discouraged by posts who say you need to join village, not everyone is the same, i would probaly quit Wurm after a month if i had to live in someone's deed... Even minimal deed and hour or 2 of daily playing is enough to have blast at Wurm as long as you can compromise that it will take you 4 or 5 years to have very decent account P.S. Welcome to wurm and enjoy your staying
  6. Actually not having instance but using inside of boat to have room you can enter through hatch would be quite cool. Although i'm afraid current ships may be too small for it to fit some furniture while you're at it, and would have to implement hell of collision on boat objects.. But immersion feeling would be priceless
  7. a whaat? is this some pvp stuff or something recent?
  8. I always thought that smaller versions of weapons should be more viable for dual wielding. so maybe some special offhand bonus for them or removing/reducing penalty for them. For example having longsword + shortsword shoudl be something in the midle beetween having two handed sword and having longsword + shield regarding ofensive and defensive capabilities. that would give those weapons more iniciative to use...
  9. No longer possible, they removed old personal goal system where you received title winner and replaced it with journal system But yeah seriously I think there is more "competition" on new servers currently than on old ones... If by competing they refer to market I can't think of any other competitive aspect (well hunting uniques but skills doesn't matter there) on pve, even though I have some extraordinary skills(been playing for 6 years) I'm too burn out and tired to compete with any newb, just wanna play game at my own pace and achieve goals I made to myself. Even though you have a lot of good skills you don't have time to be serious compatitor in all of them in market + what you earn by imping is not worth wasting your time when you can do other fun stuff. And with RMT removed what's even the point, even less initiative to participate market. So please spare me newb paranoia that all old accounts are threat to them. Would actually recommend all new players who wanna enjoy game on more peacfull and relaxed way to come to old servers instead of new ones.
  10. heh according to fb they are releasing new smaller server Melody soon
  11. we shall see how it will be after couple of weeks though...
  12. would be nice just to have nimble option on meal that you can use to get one bite no mather if you're full or not and that would fill timer to max capacity... forcing as to use esc is not fun at all expecially with lag
  13. Cap for characteristics is kinda increased to 30, once you go premium and grind them to 30+ when you go unprem, they stay capped to 30.. can't grind them to 30 without premium though... I think you have too much prejudeces over your bad expirience and I suggest that you let them go, try the game and if you don't like it just quit again. Game has progressed a lot over the years(mostly because developers payed by subscription provide new content constantly if i may notice) both visualy and in other ways, but it's still a niche game that isn't for everyone. there are still a lot of skills that are not reasonable or usefull much to grind. Fatigue system is old thing and unless you're lunatic playing 12 hours a day you want be bothered with it.
  14. when will server be back online, they are down for quite a while now nvm back online now [15:59:08] No other players are online on Deliverance (17 totally in Wurm). \o/