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  1. this actually is biggest problem with rifts. I don't mind doing whatever no mather how long it takes as long as i don't have to time myself with wurm but can do it whenever i want or feel like it.
  2. I would probably use it on some moonmetal weapon, glimmer huge axe or something... not sure how good idea would it be to use it on some addy tool like pickaxe or butcher knife, or even steel
  3. nope, only on finished items that we can hold in invetory
  4. yess please!!!! could be lingoberries maybe to spice it up since they are harder to harvest...
  5. Well the central theme of it was freaking straw bed which most people beside new players who i doubt reads forums won't be making, i mean seriously. That ###### is every 2 weeks, right? and you give as straw bed, i mean the feature is needed alright but it is a side note, having it the only thing to be presented is disappointing to say the least... Really makes me wondering how many people exactly are working on development for full time? Looks like zero
  6. What is the most concerning thing is that content that is recently added screams for overhaul. I mean seriously, when still haven't done overhauls for alchemy, animals husbandry but on top of that we have added systems that had chance to be implemented right and weren't. Cooking was nice idea but its light years far from balanced implementation, fishing is still worthless, runes are a mess with only few that are good, rifts are boring as hell, archeology is hell of randomness in my opinion it's lacking so much small qol changes that have been requested for so long. Second problem are overhauls that in fact are not overhauls, they are measly patches and upgrades not changing anything fundamental and thats maybe find but for the love of Fo dont advertise it as overhaul it brings unecesary hype and only disapointment afterwards. I mean look at the priest and fight rework, in essence they might be better than the old ones but thats all they are not some fundemental changes you said they would be and to be honest result doesnt really justify amounts of work put in to it. It looks like a minor update that could have been patched in a week or two..
  7. Well to be honest it's the only selling point of Wurm for me, I certainly don't play Wurm for it's mechanics, interfaces, smooth interactive and fun fight. Ok second big plus is depth of content although imbalance there where 90% of it is useless beside funzies and decoration is big minus there. Take the latest gem Valheim for example, if that game is set in Wurm like environment with permanent official servers and had some deeper crafting and proffesion system it would be good by forever Wurm from me. Heck I even enjoy sandbox building in Valheim more than in Wurm.. A shutdown is another thing, game is dead I don't play it anymore end of story, but life death cycles and starting all over from start in any game similar to this sucks, having it permanent is much better experience for me.
  8. Well i wish i saw this before wasting time to find traitor dolphin this morning. But yeah killed traitor, no mission complete message and I don't think i've got sleep bonus...
  9. You can easily solve #1 by making all containers from same wood(everything should be cedar anyway ). Then it will sort it by renamed names
  10. i can offer you 1s per Green Dragon blood, if agreed cod both to Kochinac pls
  11. not 100% sure it was long ago, but i think i mended mine couple of years ago.
  12. I just had to I hope someone else likes Metallica
  13. can mail to Vlada or Kochinac. thank you. its very interesting surprise, I did not see this coming
  14. Lol Vlada is my priest, still playing
  15. Serbians use both Latin and Cyrillic so: Срећна Нова година! Srećna Nova godina!