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  1. Increase oven burning time

    +1 it's ridiculously low compared to a forge...
  2. Procesing rare items

    I like idea since I would like items with my signature and my choice of mats and highest possible enchants to be rare instead of something random that I imp and rare bones are often to expensive and rare for that in most cases as the end result is less worth then you pay for them, expecially for supreme bone and getting blank rare do desired cast even with good priest is not safe...But from op it seems to easy. Maybe change numbers and difererentiate rare tools from mats in number of rare essence you can get, or add chance to getting rare essence from them too so it's not overpowered. Also add dependence on some skill, soul depth maybe? Or could be new spell for priests? If you want rare/supreme exactly as you want it now, you can either cast bunch of tools untill you get couple with enchants to your liking, apply rune and imp them with deed bonus to max in hope for roll or buy rare bone if that fails. Or the other way around, spam/imp bunch of tools untill you get rare/supreme,imp to max, enchant in hope you want break it and mostly get power for couple of numbers lower than you wanted or apply metalic liquid which is also extremely rare and be safer but still no 100% garantie you would get power you want (100 for example). Sorry for the long post, I imagine mostly just me have so serious OCD about my items in game,my signature on tool is very important to me, but having option to refine unwanted rare/supreme items in order to increase rarity or item you want would be nice with some proper balance ofc so it's time consuming atleast and not overpowered but less dependent on chance.
  3. Patch Notes 14/AUG/18

    This might be interesting, making it a bit more rare to find than salt veins and perhaps spawning it deeper into mines, like add restriction it will not spawn x tiles from surface, so it can only be found by resoulute miners like the dwarves found mythril digging deep into Moria
  4. Priest / Religion overhaul

    Because he doesn't have 100 faith, or doesn't have batteries... 100 faith/battery would be more worth on long run but nothing wrong for having option for couple casts with out need to prem alt untill you get 100 faith...
  5. Wooden fragments

    Tbh i very dislike items made out of metal that are not practical for it, when I see rare lead pickaxe for example my ocd goes nuts cuz it could've been steel rare pickaxe, but that's just me probably... Actualy I quite hate the randomness and total lack of outcome control, I can get great scavenger rune and shitty enchant I don't want on shitty metal type for example, it's even more crazy randomness than enchanting. I very dislike all wood items from arch being birch too, at least we can't recreate wooden tools if we don't have oak, so +1 from me for having different wood types expecially the ones that are hard or impossible to get regular way
  6. Priest / Religion overhaul

    Using gems as battery favour seems like quite interesting idea, +1 for that
  7. Would be nice if he dropped on forums to say hi from time to time
  8. Yeah if people learned to articulate their thoughts in to sentences we could all understand in order to express themselves that would be great
  9. Storing tall banners

    I think 100, not sure
  10. Epic - Transfer Equality

    You are terribly wrong there, year or two is quite enough to comfortably catch up on freedom, I know people who started over after selling skilled toons and felt very comfortable about it without any complaints or feeling that catching up is hard. You won't have 90 in all skills ofc but if you know what are you doing it's quite easy to become competitive whatever that means in wurm. When I started I was playing unpremmed for 4 months and was maybe the most interesting period of gameplay being capped at 20 skill but didn't felt left out nor it bothered me. And after premming the thing that kept me to Wurm and why appreciated it so much more over other games is because everything is so slow and hard and I had the feeling of true acomplishment. The point is that you need to decide to specialize on start, it's a very easy way to be competitive in short period of time even on freedom (talking about competitive from pve side, PvP is another story sadly) On a side note I agree with Odyn that both ways transfer should have been implemented from the start with penalty when transferring skills grinded on epic to freedom ofc.
  11. Mine large shards

    Tbh combining was always strange and counter to realism in wurm, you can't combine wood and need large enough felled tree to make mast for example but can magically glue stones to make fountain, not to mention that fountain should be made out of bricks instead of one shard in the first place :). I agree it should be opposite you break large shards to get smaller ones, only thing that makes sense to combine is maybe clay and dirt/sand, metal lumps would needed to be resmelted to make larger lump not convinced that heating them would allow gluing them together either at least not without a power hammer
  12. Mine large shards

    I see where are you going with this, and I get it, but I think I could be too much realism and would pointlesly add another action that is really not needed...
  13. Oh Poop

    If those damn things didn't pack tiles so much would be usefull I knew for this feature from start but didn't bother much, I guess right way would be to keep animals penned near farm and the release them once plants are halfgrown so they don't become obliterated. Would have to play a little with this and compare results, might be interesting
  14. Meditation Path Change Proposition

    +1. Could even throw some silvers needed for switch, and ofc at least 24h colddown, but definitely much needed. Currently is pretty pointless unless you dedicate to just pure PvP, pure crafting, which is very boring. It reminds me of WoW when you could have bought dual spec for large amount of gold and thus switch between roles often, wurm needs something like that
  15. Huge -1, it's bad enough that some skills still give very random results like butchering for example. It's ridiculous how much 100ql products I get with 50 skill. You need to grind skill to get good results, simple as that, basic premise. It's not very hard for newbie to pick a gathering skill, grind to 70 for start and become competitive in bulk market as well. Grind some mining, some stone cutting and with some time bum, you're competitive brick maker on one of most demanding markets in wurm, there is bigger need for low ql logs rather than for high ql ones, player might need just one crate of 90+ql logs but could need thousands of 10ish ql logs, for grinding hfc ql of veggies is not important, and with some land and small everyday dedication you can easy become 90 skill farmer. Hell I was running around collecting sprouts everyday unpremmed for my first couple of silvers for deed. It would be pointless to be jack of all trades the moment you start the game and quite the insult for people who dedicated 10 years to this game... There is already plenty of ways for new players to make starting money in the game. It's much easier than when I was starting for sure