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  1. Congratulations Damn that took a while ~btw what is tooladvice.jar ?
  2. It exists but not for sale, atleast at the moment, sorry
  3. Actually now that I think of it, we have some items that are specifically made of some colour by crafting recepies, and while it's a good way of utilizing rare and supreme mats like lumps and woads to get rare clothing logically they don't make sense any more since they can be dyed and should be replaced with white models of that items and removed if they already exist as white model...
  4. The main purpose would be to have option to make black wool items without making high ql black dye which us incredibly hard to make... And to reward breeders with that option as animal husbandry is severely lacking in some exciting content. But yeah, like you said considering hastle with double recepies it's probably not worth it sadly.
  5. Yeah, it happens to me too. Was very curious to check how new hi I going... @Nicroliswhen you run choose client shortcut Test Preview Client and Test Client are listed. If preview that clearly has new hi because of loading screen wasn't meant for us to use it should be removed from list and just regular test client left. But a shame that we can't get a glimpse of new ui on preview test client
  6. Damn, this looks so great Can't wait to try all this It's really a shame more people doesnt play Wurm, i hope that will change soon with Steam!!!
  7. Also, pls close this thread. I will refrain from future sales of this pads until i consolidate what i have left. This thread was never meant to be alive at this time, and it was brought to my attention by person who read wts thread months old for some reason
  8. unfortunatly i only have left stylish, lead left
  9. Ok terribly sorry, i though this thread died during lack of interest and failed to see your posts.. I know its late but if you guys still want them i can send them, thought i might confirm since so much time has past
  10. How exactly are you planning to build piramids, carve them out of stone with surface mining? It can possibly ruin landscape for others and bring unrepairable damage to the world...
  11. I very much like idea about learnable crafting recepies that can be acquired on different ways. But I think motivation for them should be fun and challenge and not kick starting economy...
  12. From Wurmpedia: The higher the quality of the reports in the almanac, the more accurate it will be. not sure how big is the difference, never used reports that are that low ql
  13. That might be the price for 90+ql reports, which requires skills... Never seen someone buying/selling lower ql reports to be honest. I guess it can be usefull for doing journal goal, not sure how much 20ql reports are realible compared to 90ql But like I said I've mostly seen couple of players selling them for 2s