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  1. I got them, thanks, but for the love of god, next time smelt ores before coding them, it charges 3c more because of weight with new system, it's not that much but it's annoying... Just a tip, my fault as well for failling to notice it was ores not lumps
  2. +1, would add more value to rares
  3. cod all rare irons and dirts to kochinac pls
  4. +1
  5. Had simmilar problem this morning, had to uncheck everything, then i verified and checked back and it worked...
  6. Nice, what's the location?
  7. Omg, thank you so much <3 I cant wait to clean mess on my deed and get more organized
  8. +1 there are more fruit juices waiting to be put to good use
  9. i sell at 1s=1e rate,message me on Kochinac ingame or here
  10. +1, it's nice idea
  11. +1 because it would neat to sell meals on merchant, expecially for new players who could buy nice meal without much trouble in markets near starting towns
  12. -1