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  1. 2s
  2. My bad, you are are right about that, failed to see that they cant take affinity from freedom if they are hots, sorry
  3. Better question is did you read it? As you are suggesting people to convert to hots to do pvp if they wanna do it outside pmk, but You are saying that cant be used to farm affinities?
  4. Rifts and uniques does not require much teamwork and as such is very comforttable for me, and they rarely present any risk, you just show up along other people and do your thing mostly and beside you always have the option to buy hide and rift mats if you don't participate. You can run into 1v1 but most likely you will be slauthered in x v 1 if you seek encounter solo. You maybe cant craft and enchant everything but you can always buy and it is not that hard to provide yourself entirely if you put your mind in just for that. This essentaly is not so much related to this topic anyway and would require different alternative for which i think i have suggestion i still need to work on. Grouping gives you strength and thats ok, nothing will ever change that, but considering only that style in premmise and basing everything in suggestion on that like it was done here is wrong. And please don't twist my words like you always do, i don't refuse all social interactions but don't thing that social interactions should be rewarded with anything else that its easier to do it together rather than its only way to do it together. Multiplayer doesnt always mean not playing solo or that you should play in group for anything i see that you are one of those people who don't get that... I like the sense of being in a wide wurm community and having people around but not having to be forced to interact much with them all the time, thats way i play mmo and cant play single player anymore. And for the last part what is the most important, exactly there is nothing stopping anyone to convert to hots and farm freedom alt so this suggestion does nothing essentialy and removes legit posibilities no mather how unlikely they are.
  5. I promised myself i will restrain myself from this discussion but i also have one more objection that i didnt mention before. The thing with you is that you take some things for granted and think that everyone else should play and think like you. You stated that point of Chaos is to gather people in groups or that only case you should be particapating in pvp is by being part of pmk. But why? I know it might be hard for you to grasp but some people don't want to play in group, in the matter of fact now that i think about it it's the think the drove me away from Chaos most. The fact that i have to live in village with other people, that i have to go in groups out in the wildernes, that i have to coordinate with others. I know from my case and from talks with other people that wurm is among thousands of other mmos safe haven for introvert people that want to socialize much but still wanna play mmo and don't feel left out because of it because there are ways to aquire content that is normaly aquired from group playing for example i can either be part of group to have fancy wagon or i can sit two days, make bricks or something and buy that fancy wagon which i is great. Sorry for the long intro the point is that is wrong to be forced to be social to get reward and rewarding socialness with anything else than enjoymemt of spending time with people. For a solo player there is no way to put himself in risk and earn loot and affinity in honest 1 on 1 combat with someone of his skill, thats the first problem. Second one, imagine following scenario, i admit this does not happen often as i know but its legit. Lets say a bunch of freedomers want to spend fun weekend roaming the chaos without joining pmk, and they run into some pmk member and kill him, by your suggestion they don't get reward despite theyve put themself at risk and participated true pvp because they are fredomers, why? Even if it doesnt happen often why deprive that posibility? So in conclusion i don't mind making affinity farming even harder although i stated in another thread it already is not easy, or even finding a way to completly removing it which i think would be hard to properly do without moving all pvp from chaos to epic only and disconect it from freedom which is a shame because of hota statues and wagona and banners that people from freedom buy which is another topic, but i think your solution to do that is bad, as well as the solution mentioned in thread about affinities only working on chaos.
  6. How overpowered farming alts you think it is? You make it sound like it's you pay 2s and instant you have some nice weaponsmithing or body affinity. You know what reality is, you prem alt, found out that it has puppetiring affinity you kill him and during that premium, depending on how long prem time you bought you maybe or maybe not get another one which is thatching, and that's the average case. Just some few lucky bastard gets his MOI and gets nice affinity to farm. So yeah someone who did that really ###### the system and you with his 2 thatching and one pupetiring and one yoyo affinity. What annoys me is how you're making this sound like enormous problem while in fact it isn't there are more serious problems to adress because finding right solution for this it's not easy. This isn't even abusment just unlucky side affect of chaos being connected to freedom (and i think merrits of that connection overwights unintended small perks like this), as there are already mechanisms in place to prevent abusement very much like, not knowing affinity untill premmed, requirement to prem up and have 21fs(which i agree is low could be higher) random time untill you get new affinity, random generated new affinity, hec even don't allow appearing of affinity during first 2s premium so new situation can't be abused. Really it's not that easy and worth as it sounds And again with attitude why should some freedomer come to chaos and get something from it, stop comming for freedom uniques, stop selling your wagons to freedomers, stop enjying safety of freedom deeds if you feel like that (nobody minds you doing that and you shouldn't mind if some freedomer killed his alt for some random affinity couple of times a year). I realy don't mean to offend somebody in these disccusions, and i'm sorry that i sound one sided sometimes but so do other people sound, you have some points but you are overexagurating problem and failing to see some double standards that i mentioned. My opinion is that system should not be changed that much your isn't, we both stated our opinons, developers will decide what will do with game, we'll both have to respect that and there is no point getting into fight over it and insulting. That's all from me for this topic.
  7. And yet you still contunue to behave by that stereotype and again calling you who go around and kill people on chaos more special then the ones who stay in front of forge and imp? Some of you are so blind sided That i even wonder why i participate in these discussions. I always state reasons for my downvote and they always are in place, calling them trolling is immature as guess what i don't think your reasons are valid from my perspective. Saying that there is no effort in imping and crafting and valueing effort put into pvp more, are you hearing yourself? Sorry but i don't find pvping that special as you do, i even find crafting more exciting and don't watch netflix or anything else while i do it, but that doesnt mean i'm second class citizen in this game compared to you. And talking about risk affinities are not the only reward from pvp, it is maybe the least of gains you get from being part of pvp so you are very sell compasated for risk even without them
  8. Exactly, a lot of pvpers feels and often in their statments you can read beetween lines that the game should reward them for pvping and left those who don't pvp out. Forcing people into pvp by setting pvp rewards is wrong and will never actualy increase number of player who want to pvp, everyone should have way to get something by their own way of playing wheather it should be hours long grinding sessions or raids in pvp. It reminds me how some of those players always attack suggestions to bring Lib colosus on freedom, no, no, thats just for us cause we are special because we pvp, if it stays just for pvp more people will come and pvp, yeah right aint gonna happen most people just don't wanna pvp no matter the rewards and will just feel bad as they are left out i hope that some of pvper can comprehend that... Sorry guys but only unique reward for pvping should be the joy of doing something you like imo.
  9. +1 if you totaly remove gaining affinity from killing somebody in pvp. Affinity towards some skill should be result of doing that skill more often than other skills thus resulting in you being more efficient in progressing through that skill. They should not be rewards for pvp and should have nothing to do with pvp.
  10. From my point of view if staff thinks affinities are for pvp should have implemented better and after so many years players using that it certanly is for debate. I lived on Chaos for more that half year and was part of it, i occasionaly go there for couple days, recently i roamed through enemy teritory in search for artifacts but very rare as i prefer freedoom and i love freedom of choice that i'm not tied up to either server or playstyle forever, where does that put me in your black and white perception of world? Maybe it does not sit me when Chaos players benefits from Freedoom, like safe place for their loot, etc but i don't care and i hate that attitude. I think the system should stay the same as it does little harm compared to everything else, perhaps remove affinities from first 2s premium time as that seems to be the thing that triggered this topic lately but mostly -1ed because i dislike that attitude of grunge among freedom - chaos who is exploiting who and who should have what as reward for their choice of playstyle and which side should have unique things for them. And this whole debate is ridiculous. Expecially as it represents personal annoyance of group of player(s) instead of constructive suggestion on improving experience for players or balancing game so no one is on the loose side
  11. -1 and please have decency not to put me among people interested in abusing system because i'm not one of them. First of all answer me this, paying someone 10s for weaponsmithing affinity is abusing system by obtaining advantage you should not have in your opinion but buying account with 90 weaponsmithing for 100+ silvers instead of grinding your own skill is not, is that logical. I'm not arguing what's right what's wrong, and i'm not taking opinion wheater thoose things should be forbiden or not i'm just trying to point out that line in which something is abusment or not is purely subjective and you are very bias as pvper because you feel that you have right to something just because you choose one playstyle over the other and devs should reward you for that over other people? Skilling account to 70 fs and then killing it over and over' again to grind your fs is ok, but buying premium for you alt to take his affinity is not? And how should you prove that someone was killing his alt or just killed inocent freedom wonderer ig someones friend logs alt? If my freedom friend asks me to get him rid of his bad affinity and i take him to chaos and kill him am i abusing system that much that is worth of a ban or hate from you pvpers? And how do you plan to draw line among hundred other cases and situations what is wrong and what is right and who gives you that right?
  12. PM sent