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  1. i failed to read that, my bad , anyway would go above 10s for it, or it coul just reset without faith gain
  2. That ship has sailed long time ago with ability to have alts. this whole game is in a way pay to win if you look it like that. Mechanics shouldn't encourage force people to do anything. They should travell, hang out with other people because they like it, not because they should achieve 100 faith. Pls, give alternatives to people who lack time or social desire, there are bunch of us who are like that playing this game.
  3. Actualy i would argue that it should be slightly cheaper than 10s but not more expensive, alts army has benefit of having semi decent faith gain when holding sermon every 3 hours that is not negliable expecialy a higher faith beside reseting, proposed item would just reset. And +1 for suggestion, gaining faith is one of the dumbest possible things in this game and using throw away 2s alts should be discouraged by any means possible.
  4. Haven't checked yet how much books large shelf can hold...
  5. Not sure but i think books have unreasonable large volume, maybe lowering their volume could do the trick. Really dont know exact number.
  6. So i was trying to fill low book shelf just to find out to my great sadness that maximum amount of books(items) that can be placed is 11 It looks really empty and not very useful for storing books. Would be nice if amount of books that can be placed can be increased as clearly there is plenty more room Also would be nice if we could flip almanacs and journals verticly so they can be stored this way too
  7. No, i'm not sarcastic. Everyone can do everything is what givee this game beauty and uniques. Main reason i play it still. Only thing that should be restriction is time to grind everything. And no, no points for picking to make class again. Religion/magic should be divided in categories you should grind(stone spells for collapse and mole sense for example, fire spells, healing spells, nature spells etc. Around 5-10 categories which would act as seperate skill you need to grind. maybe gradually unlock spells as you grind. Ditch rng so you actually have to have 90 skill to imp you spell to 90-95 and wurm is what it should be. No need for special priest classes, alts or anything.
  8. No it shouldn't. It's a ###### sandbox where you can be anything you wanna be on one character if you put your time in it, not some random mmo with classes, we should have priests as special class to begin with.
  9. Could you just rewamp the religion for real this time, remove priest restrictions, remove all gods and give everyone every spell divided into subcategories we would have to grind each in order to cast and be done with it already?
  10. I mostly set up myself some goals, grind that skill to x, make distillery and stock huge amounts of alcohol to age, make all my tools from steel/or best material for it, make all tools with my signature, rare, from steel, next will be supreme i guess Stock up x amount of specific fruits, crops, materials I rarely burnout, when i don't feel like grinding or choping bricks i just run around and explore or build untill i get bored of that and then grinding is relaxing actually. Oh and also very often while doing repetitive work i watch youtube or some tv show. My mentality is a little bit different than most peole, i guess i have hamster genome that makes me to have stuff stocked which Wurm fulfill great, and also want to be self sufficient as much as i can In short i have ton of plans i want to do by myself in wurm without buying anything and very little time to fullfil them all.
  11. Yup happened a lot of times. Either confirm window on it cuz of long timer or like op suggested...
  12. Awesome gift and very ellegant solution to all traveller's problem Thank you very much for this gift. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate
  13. I think it works like that in order to have different items that you might have stashed from past missions for new ones. It would be a real bummer to have to match exact item name for exact mission. Perhaps they can implement it so that exact named item goes towards it's active mission and all the rest towards first one like now...