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  1. Thats nonsense, turkish coffe can be made anywhere where wather can boil and in any container in real life. And this comes from a country where turkish coffe is drank a lot. Some traditional are made by putting copper ibriks in hot sand yeah, but they are mostly tourist attractions, for every day practical use cooked mostly on stove tops(which we don't have in wurm), interestingly same argument can be used for half hfc items in wurm, you can't fry an egg or fries in oven can't you? I don't see anything balanced in forcing people to make the only coffein drink they wanna make outside in campfire instead in their setup kitchens on higher levels of buildings, it's just annoyance nothing more.
  2. yeah, i would like translation on this too pls
  3. Perhaps better solution would be that padlocks be impable. You can scale to desired ql without mass spamming and grinding skill would be easier. Only minus would be that you can't fluke high ql with low skill which i think it's torelable with what we could gain from such change...
  4. yeah i don't have problem with amount of coffie needed, if we could just sip it after water bar is full that would do the job. Nor do i have problem with using fatigue. This update was wonderfull for me and made me enjoy game more as i could compress my grinding and go and do some other stuff like ridding around exploring and hunting that i would not otherwise do, also for the first time in ages i manage to spend sb not feeling its going to waste
  5. Yeah i agree, 1g sips are ridiculous, nothing against making more coffe, but option to lower water bar somehow(option to take a leak, puke or smthg) or behaivour simmilar to alcohol that can sip after bar is full is almost crucial with this nerf
  6. Have you tried rare + stills, each level of rarity shifts affinity by 1, can cover some of your missing affinities but again not all, not sure if it works if you have fix affinity checked though. Really like your spreadsheet, was wanting to make one for myself for long time but was too lazy. And yeah I agree, getting affinities from beverages sucks unless you go with unfermented moonshine, which is not very immersive, but wouldn't like to have that fixed without offering mechanic with simmilar diversity and power tbh cuz moonshine works great
  7. If I'm not wrong the focus of rework was that imbues give more higher ql ores rather to increase maximum output ql. For example you should have more 99 ql ores with 99 skill per 100 pile sample than you would have with pick without imbue, well at least average value of mined pile should be bigger thus having more higher ql ores mined
  8. But seriously, why are downtimes taking so long, and why no official announcement that it's gonna take a while already did that and came for hour of two of imaginary life time i seriously lack
  9. Also, was it intentional that coffe ibrik be unimpable cuz that doesnt make much sense...
  10. Omg, thank you for the icon indicating drunk time and power of drunkness when you drink booze, not sure its even on the patch list. Wanted that indicator for so long. really true refreshment to see patch notes and update like this good job
  11. Halloween 2021

    was it from spooky or regular fragment?, but first time that i see it too, will clean later bunch of fragments i collected today and see if i had some luck
  12. Would coffe and tea be usefull, beverages improved a bit concerning affinities, etc? or it's just for cosmetic and roleplaying purposes?
  13. Shouldn't rare roll on farming ensure better yield from that field or so they say? So technically it's not totally useless only it's very hard to notice and reward is miniscule...
  14. I tend to agree with that statetment that Epic and freedom should be 2 diferent playgrounds for 2 sorts of people who wouldn't have need to go to the other side. But there is apparently reason why freedom is usual playground for most and epic is not. there is a reason why jackal/challenge works and epic don't. Pushing epic to still be someones usual just becase of exclusive content will again probably result in failure while rebranding it to something else might have success... I think "that mentality" comes mostly from exclusive content on other side. Problem with phraze adding initiative is that i don't think you can add it outside of "that mentality" otherwise one will always be dominant playground and the other will be redundant. For freedom is known what sort of audience it suits, maybe define audience to which epic suits and freedom doesn't(people who want pvp with reset periods, faster grind and jump into endgame, people who wouldnt play wurm on freedom anyway) and market the hell out of it to them, without need for any initiative because thats designed to their need and freedom isn't, but also without people on freedom feeling left out. Because if you do something like for example(dumbest example i could think of now) add moonmetal veins on epic and not on freedom for initiative you will end up with bunch of people from freedom whining and asking to be able to get them back to freedom. My point is, whatever you do, doing something exclusive in terms of content for Epic in order to give initiative is wrong aproach as it will give one side reason to feel left out.