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  1. 1s for rare baking stone? If you agree cod to Kochinac pls
  2. Don't need any other games so no thanks
  3. Please this. I've never used anchors because i always forget to take it from invetory...
  4. -1 because i don't want to build new deed from scratch when I haven't even finished current one, -1 because i don't want to look for abother cozy spot near water like i have now, -1 because i don't want to hastle with moving , -1 because i cannot bring with me rare guard tower, rare altars, rare 101 courier mailbox and other stuff significant to me I can't pick up, i don't want to design and build buildings again even if i had mats. Is that clear to you? P.S. With Steam on horizon god knows what can happen, game as we now it might dye very soon, or may dye in all of its forms, why even bother with your idea when it will bring nothing?
  5. Would rather turn my items to steel but whatever yeah, would be nice to have
  6. I think ausimus posted in valrei international thread that they will gaze from tile they are on if no food is in trough. Also i totaly agree with your comment about naming. Tie off seems so out of place here...
  7. Not quite sure how steam would look at that but might me interesting loophole if possible. But even with your example that accounts will get stuck from steam to freedom and can't be returned to steam anymore. I don't see anything bad with that. Ofc remains a mystery what will Steam say about it if they are asked
  8. Knowing all circumstances i would say that's the best solution now. Give some very decent time for servers to be split, we can only make realistic debates after we see how things go with both versions. If both versions have enough people i'm against merging them but in that case people should be allowed to cross to desired version for one time only so folks who want to play on Steam can move their skills and name and vice-versa for people from Steam who maybe want to play with RMT...
  9. Like i said before removing RMT completly is a big no no for me. I would rather have servers seperated forever in that case so people can choose wheter they want to play with or without it(allow one way transfers at some point ofc for those trapped on wrong side). And i urge everyone who doesn't want them to be removed to raise there voices about it otherwise my voice will be shut by few vocal people who either don't care or want to remove it passionatly.
  10. I remember there was bug with low ql maple syrup because of ownership. When you poured sap directly from barell in cart for example to the cauldron in oven without going through your inventory, can take your skill into ql calculation... Did you maybe do something like that? Not sure if that was fixed...
  11. Thanks for making this clear and i hope you will manage to ensure we have RMT atleast outside of Steam. It's not just a hard pill to swallow it's a pill i probably won't swallow. Don't get me wrong i have very well payed programmer job for my country standards and don't use Wurm to earn money, but it's nice to have opportunity to turn your ingame excess in RL money (i bought my new gaming pc this year like that). And knowing that i can turn my long time investment in wurm into rl cash is what keep me going the most on the long run. Steam market would not be good solution for me as I don't need to buy other games, only thing that i have been and that i want to play last 5 years was Wurm... At this point like many others from maybe others reasons I don't really care anymore wheater i will continue to play or not. I shall see how things go with Steam and it will depend on that. P.S. Looking forward to that hitching posts, been wanting them for long
  12. Would never ever play WU on someones server over WO but everyone has his own opinion...
  13. I have simmilar issue but with different floors of building, i park it at upper floor, disembark it and few minutes after its on ground floor visually although its actually still on top floor( i have to come down to select it and then climb up again to embark it using selected item ui), after embarking it it shows on top floor again. Also i noticed that reloging fix it and after relog it shows properly where you left it... Seems like same bug.