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  1. can mail to Vlada or Kochinac. thank you. its very interesting surprise, I did not see this coming
  2. Serbians use both Latin and Cyrillic so: Срећна Нова година! Srećna Nova godina!
  3. Actually quite curious what this exactly means, as it might not be usefull as you guys think maybe. For example im mining 90ql vein with 90 skill with imbue, my goal is to have bigger amount of 90ql ores with imbued pickaxe, wheater i should have the rest at 30 or 40 or 50 ql doesnt concern me, in fact its counter productive to have medium ql vaste instead of low ql as low ql vaste can be utilized for grinding(excpecialy for metalurgy)... The fact that average ql of pule is now 80 instead of 70 also doesnt concern me as i want the maximum number of highest posible ql and the rest is waste
  4. No they did not. You just read what you wanted to read. What they said is they don't intend merge in near future, and can't say if merge will happen.. To be honest it's pretty obvious merge will happen from the start, just a matter of time, even if that time is in years. And they for sure won't shoot them in a foot as many times before and shut that door forever if they start to seperate clusters feature wise. And i would rather have this retarded change than close that doors forever(change per se isn't that bad with a little tweakings, problem is the way it's shoved down, and how it takes very little things in consideration, inconsistency and most of all why they allowed gathering rune to be so overpowered in the first time. I don't know whose work runes where but it wasn't something that was put down with some deep thinking).
  5. But to be honest, whats stopping you to go look for uniques or making group that will go do the same and be competition to those people who are doing that? I don't wanna say that current system is good or bad. I also don't like public dragon slayings too, as its always you go for the trouble of sailing and traveling there, try to be on time and then its usually delayed because bunch of people don't try to be on time, and for all that hastle of getting there you get something ridiculous as 0.01kg of scale (ok, blood too). Never in the right mind I would host dragon slaying for whole server of lazy people who just want to show up for everything plated after all the effort of pening it and time spent finding it. Now the thing thats stopping me is lack of time, and deciding that i would prefer to spend that time on grinding and building my deed instead of chasing uniques because the first thing has guarantied reward and second one does not, as you can spend entire day searching for it and see it pened by someone else leaving you with empty hands, second i don't like coordinating with other people and like to depend on myself...
  6. Yeah but pretty much everyone in Wurm wants to see option to dispell specific enchant, but instead we get this ###### as big update after years and years of being like that from the start...
  7. Here you go. This is Oak, not sure does other wood have different textures. Shape is much more humble compared to gift, which is great Toymaking. I managed to make it with 20 skill
  8. Medieval dynasty. Discovered it couple of months ago, still in alpha but immersion is incredible. I was blown away by farming and hunting excpecially. Unfortunately its single player and its lacking the depth of Wurm, but its interesting concept.
  9. did you try size rune on backpack maybe? or was there rune to decreases size of item that you can appy on gift dont remember But yeah agree, having it fit in backpack would be quite helpfull for carying it to events
  10. Damn, i must say this years gift is amazing i hope something simmilar will follow in future updates P.S. I dont even know how to play it lol, it isnt popular game in my country but perfect oportunity to learn it
  11. Yes please. Current system is barely usable and pain in the ass for actual need of protecting your stuff ql from accidents during sorting
  12. total bs, should be 1 skill for using shields too
  13. As far as i know, with 30 skill there are traits you cant see, but that doesn't mean animal doesn't have them, for example It looks feeble and unhealthy cant be seen untill you have 39 skill, last one is It has a certain spark in its eyes at 41 skill (not counting two more irrelevant that are on wurmpedia), so that migh mess up your tests if you are doing with skill under 41. Unfortunatly i dont know answer to your question, haven't been into breeding beside my basic needs, perhaps some developers or more expirienced breeders can shed some light to the subject.
  14. already did that, question was in case i missed some