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  1. I have up to 1k, a bit more maybe, price is 1s per 100. Let me know how much you need if that works for you
  2. yes, and while you're at it, add glassmaking skill for glass that will be used for display cases
  3. If you have just 2 months of upkeep yes. Really don't know who in right mind if is invested in this game would have just 2 months in upkeep. Beside suggestion isn't that it should be unlockable right away but after you havent logged in for significant time, which should be 3 months when rapid decay starts so with 3+ month protection is more then fine, plus keep things in building even with rapid decay would take week, probably more for high ql walls so no problem there. New players won't be affected if they are logging fairly regular, their account would be deleted if not premmed and logged in for 3 months anyway. I don't want pvp mechanics, i just want to use lockpicking on freedom under right circumstances. For most of the cases it would only apply for people who really stopped playing. For others, be responsible and take care of your things it isn't reason to stop this just because someone is lazy and irresponsible.
  4. +1 It's quite annoying that we can't use our lockpicking skill to claim things that are gonna decay anyway. Looting abbandoned deeds is so much fun and so frustrating at same times because of the mechanics. If someone plans to return to Wurm or take a break they should check if deed has enough upkeep before going, otherwise everything should be for grabs once its disbanded and player hasn't logged in for sufficient time...
  5. +1 well thought and elaborated suggestion
  6. some people desire island deeds for solutude, etc. But I think they would prefer natural island over flat bulk of earth near shore. I might be wrong but don't think this one is worth investing, anyone can find some random location with relativly shallow water and do what you have done... Finding small enough island that is not taken with regular stone line above water, thats another story.
  7. Imho deed is worthless, but then again there are all kind of people of different tastes and playstyles.. and its north so.. Reasons i would not thought of putting deed here(even more not buying deed) would be: It's to small with using just 121 tiles from possible 500 for the same price, it's waste of upkeep money(maximum deed size for 1s upkeep is 20x25). There is no rock layer on it so no mines, no veins no possibility for underground structures In fact there are no resources at all, would have to go to the shore with a boat for literally everything which will quickly become pain in the ass. And lastly again, too small, don't think there is enough space for animal pens, farm and structures I don't know how are things in North part of the freedom isles, but making deed so you could sell it is rarely worth the money and time invested in it, i doubt there can be any profit from doing so
  8. I also don't like chasing resistances and weaknesses and substracting it, it should atleast be one icon with effective result instead of 2 icons showing resistance/weakness which is perhaps toggable to hide... +1 to grouping them and ahowing times on them
  9. I think sfi and nfi should be connected in future. Having split communities and seperate worlds is dumb.
  10. Wurm in RL

    yeah, the guy is awesome, i missed his videos very much since he stopped, but fortunatly he had released 2 videos in last month, this one being most recent... Looks like he is preparing for some big build, so might be more videos soon
  11. Wurm in RL

    gotta love the guy if you are Wurm fan. Also why no brick molds in Wurm xD
  12. Does that mean i can put my beautiful skinned shield on a table without worry of it receiving damage untill you guys give us a way to hang it on a wall?
  13. Yeah, this. No need for bridges... Althoug I imagine determining path for caravel would be nightmare without having equavalent for catseyes on the water...