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  1. Server is down now. Maybe a hour or two?
  2. update

    Figure NEXA will cover Summerholt area and abit beyond.
  3. Can't get the newest download from GitHub. Just keeps running and not starting. Do you need to make an acct?
  4. Try iron torches too for a dark look. They have that dark ages look about them and dyed blue or purple would give a erie kinda glow.
  5. yeah, just did one and it has to be inside deed area in order for it to be shown on the waystone.
  6. If you have not been invited, I'll be in game later this evening. Around 6 or 7 pm central U.S. time or I think Mello or Ani will be on in abit.
  7. Yeah sounds like it.
  8. saddlebags would be interesting for rifts, hunting, etc. You could then just take two horses and one be a packhorse for carrying your supplies and loot. Taxidermy skill for sure, make use of them furs and horns. Say you take a bull hide and two horns plus the display stand and get a bull head or take a bear fur, tooth, and stand and get a bear head. Hell hounds and such would need something added to drops though.
  9. What is needed is for someone to mod it in WU and make it work, then it will be known just how hard it would be to add to game and what kinds of problems it might cause.
  10. +1 for this, hate having to correct steerage on roads and it always seems to over correct.
  11. +++++1 Hate trying to click on someone and select an emote while their moving.
  12. We have a pretty tight community around Summerholt and our Alliance works together a lot of times on projects and helping each other out. Been that way for over a year now. And yes, we see people come and go but also we see some come back after a short break or RL issues. But on the other hand, they are working on a new tutorial that involves taking to a "guide" that gives you missions to do to learn the basics and it gives you pretty easy to understand instructions, (except it has a couple things mixed up right now) It's on test next to the token for trying out. Just right now it's hung up on the kindling mission. And on the server reset or removal, yeah that might solve some of the problems but as stated in several posts, to many to try and link here, Rolf has a standing policy as long as ONE player is still using a server he will not remove it or reset it.
  13. they did a fix abit ago, so might be working now.
  14. Won't the Rift start destroy the fences? Being that it's right in the hot zone.
  15. Finally after all the begging and bribery's, we're getting animal transports for ships! We can now make them long delivery trips in style or actually can make rift without having to either ride for hours leading horses or find them once we get there by boat.
  16. Someones hamming it up.
  17. Problem with this is that some people place like 80+ QL lamps along highways and on every tile for long runs which then causes fps drops and lag problems for some players. Decaying helps there as you can repair the ones every few tiles and remove the ones in between.
  18. That works to an extent for sure but you can't know what hot button event or topic could set someone off on a rant and in order to bring it under control you need to be able to gain some control of the chat to keep it from dragging other people into it. So being able to mute the fighting parties then offer a moderation via pm to them to work it out. So by muting them you stopped them from getting others upset and can now help them resolve the problem.
  19. Gotta keep this on first page....big +1.
  20. +1 to this and making ovens and forges with shorter fumes or chimneys. My OCD goes nuts when I can't place my oven or forge where I want it cause of the stack coming thru the floor and can't hide them without having a bookshelf sitting in a odd ball location and the wagon hump drives me batty too.
  21. This guy came and joined then I think moved on back in March. Alin Necro'ed a posted.
  22. Yeah seems strange since they can buy the containers and you can sell them empty, why not with stuff in them too?
  23. +1 on this actually being tested as a option and I agree with Killroth %100, Alliance Leads need to be able to appoint and distribute the responsibility's if needed. As of now in our Alliance we are using a written memo in FB page and Discord to show any rules or Alliance changes. Especially with Rift's being used more now as an Alliance Event for some.