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  1. Thanks for the quick response in game and here and I'll pass that FB one on to a new player that can use it. Also can you send me the botd 71 carving knife and 71 botd file please?
  2. Hmm I received a sword with FB on it, not LT.
  3. Figured it out.
  4. Mail long sword with 68 LT to Talohan please.
  5. Map is not loading for me.... Just a blank page.
  6. Think there was a small cart suggesting about hitching sheep to them and then leading them pulling the cart but +1 for both. Atlest a small crate since rafts fit in them why not a small crate?
  7. +1 and could be like Ayes says but have no opening option for floor if roof is detected above.
  8. There's your nickname..
  9. Server is down now. Maybe a hour or two?
  10. update

    Figure NEXA will cover Summerholt area and abit beyond.
  11. Can't get the newest download from GitHub. Just keeps running and not starting. Do you need to make an acct?
  12. Try iron torches too for a dark look. They have that dark ages look about them and dyed blue or purple would give a erie kinda glow.
  13. yeah, just did one and it has to be inside deed area in order for it to be shown on the waystone.