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  1. Notice also that unless you change clay to dirt, you can't build a bridge over it. tried building one over a large clay deposit and keep getting the something is blocking the bridge message. Everything is fine till the anything under the bridge check. Tried several different things and even flattened the clay down in all the high spots. Increased the height of the bridge ends even.
  2. Not gonna give any more updates with the new items in it, but by god, they will give one removing any items.
  3. yeah, registration site is bottlenecked right now, finally started loading then just keeps running.
  4. well, guess I should have registered earlier and held off on confirming, reg site is down.
  5. Server is under new management by former GM Lizalia. Events have been happening pretty much every weekend or when we have a lot of uniques spawned on map. Lot's of room for new players, so if your looking for a new place to call home or just to try out uber fast skilling, this is the place.
  6. Just to point out that Second Life and Entropia are basically bitcoin operations and money laundering places, and they show what happens when you favor RMT over making a great game.

    Golden Valley (Haven) toon. Back in the old days you could actually leave the tutorial area there and go into the wild and skill up there.
  8. Well, was a popular server till everybody hit 90-100 in all skills in 3 weeks and now it's just a few players logging every now and then.
  9. Just now seeing this, and I'm sadden by the lost of a great guy that was nice as hell and would go out of his way to do things for people in and out of the NEXA family. It's always sad to see post of this nature about people that not just played a game, but interacted in a way that it impacted so many people from different walks of life. rest in peace Jake and may your larder always be full and your wine barrels brimming. 🍻 🌹
  10. Gotta agree, played on a lot of servers(that includes WO for several years) and this one really shows some potentials with 24/7 GM or ArchGM help around. If there is a problem with anything, they are quick to let us know if it can be taken care of now or will be delayed for a few hours. Other players are friendly and will offer a hand with anything you need. Events are fun and interesting, first one I did was a server wide hunt for domestics animal kills in 3 hr time frame. Had 1st thru 5th place rewards and a steryl lump for each kill for everybody. Got something I have not seen before yet, NPC Crafters there that can imp a item up for cost but limit to a certain QL to keep player made things more valuable. Overall it's been a fun server to play on and it's growing a fast rate!
  11. Switched my Shares

    Wonder how long it will take for the new owners to realize they have a game with less than 500 players spread out on 6 servers and 3 of them servers could support pretty much all of them. So...cost of maintaining 6 servers versus cost of 3....
  12. There are ways to make WO more fun, like the treasure maps on most WU servers that spawn unique creatures once found and then there is server events that happen once or twice a month with teleports from a token or gateway.