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  1. Server is under new management by former GM Lizalia. Events have been happening pretty much every weekend or when we have a lot of uniques spawned on map. Lot's of room for new players, so if your looking for a new place to call home or just to try out uber fast skilling, this is the place.
  2. Just to point out that Second Life and Entropia are basically bitcoin operations and money laundering places, and they show what happens when you favor RMT over making a great game.

    Golden Valley (Haven) toon. Back in the old days you could actually leave the tutorial area there and go into the wild and skill up there.
  4. Well, was a popular server till everybody hit 90-100 in all skills in 3 weeks and now it's just a few players logging every now and then.
  5. Just now seeing this, and I'm sadden by the lost of a great guy that was nice as hell and would go out of his way to do things for people in and out of the NEXA family. It's always sad to see post of this nature about people that not just played a game, but interacted in a way that it impacted so many people from different walks of life. rest in peace Jake and may your larder always be full and your wine barrels brimming.
  6. Gotta agree, played on a lot of servers(that includes WO for several years) and this one really shows some potentials with 24/7 GM or ArchGM help around. If there is a problem with anything, they are quick to let us know if it can be taken care of now or will be delayed for a few hours. Other players are friendly and will offer a hand with anything you need. Events are fun and interesting, first one I did was a server wide hunt for domestics animal kills in 3 hr time frame. Had 1st thru 5th place rewards and a steryl lump for each kill for everybody. Got something I have not seen before yet, NPC Crafters there that can imp a item up for cost but limit to a certain QL to keep player made things more valuable. Overall it's been a fun server to play on and it's growing a fast rate!
  7. Switched my Shares

    Wonder how long it will take for the new owners to realize they have a game with less than 500 players spread out on 6 servers and 3 of them servers could support pretty much all of them. So...cost of maintaining 6 servers versus cost of 3....
  8. There are ways to make WO more fun, like the treasure maps on most WU servers that spawn unique creatures once found and then there is server events that happen once or twice a month with teleports from a token or gateway.
  9. Oh good lord, I feel so old now.....
  10. yeah I use edge. will try chrome then till they get the new edge chromium out. thanks.
  11. You do realize that most of them changes came from WU modders right? If I remember correctly mot long after WU was released we started getting a lot of new QOL updates to old jobs and things.
  12. After reading though all this posts and even going back and re-reading some post to compare to another post, it seems that there is some misconceptions about what is being considered to be done. WO will remain is it is, chugging along with it's handful of dedicated old school GV players and other more dedicated under 7 yrs players. With no plans to change or remove any servers. While StWO will be a testing the waters thing for the new bosses to see what kind of market there might be with more widened advertising and some moderate changes to this version. One thing that would greatly enhance the StWO game would be live map and that's plus for helping attract new players since almost, if not all, MMO's now days have in game actual location maps. Another would be portals to other parts of the island to make it easier for new players to move to fresher grounds instead of having to skill up fighting right off the bat to 20 to survive a trip to find a home. These could be one way portals to each corner of the island with just one trader there and a spawn, that's it. You could teleport with what you can carry. This also would remove the need to have a bunch of starter towns that no one really even uses but for the trader and spawn point. And as several have pointed out, knowledge of game and how it works will make many vets that go there kings overnight. So could see limiting number of alts allowed being a way to level the playing field. Even with multi-computers running separate accts it would be a minimal thing cause only a handful could do this efficiently or would waste the time and money setting it all up. Now back to the ogWO, if this test of stWO is deemed successful by the new bosses, they may elect to shutdown some if not all the ogWO servers in favor of expanding on the stWO servers since it's options to make money is better than the old style. Grant you I can see a cash shop and perks being the only way to do that. Like traders selling affinity orbs, golden mirrors, etc.
  13. Yep, cleared all browsing history and cookies, twice. Then hit reload over and over again, nothing but blue screen. Not even anything when I moused all over the place.