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  1. Xanadu Community Map

    Yep, cleared all browsing history and cookies, twice. Then hit reload over and over again, nothing but blue screen. Not even anything when I moused all over the place.
  2. Xanadu Community Map

    Nope, no go. Cleared my cookies, deleted the old bookmark, and spent 10 minutes refreshing the page. Guess I'm just unlucky. lol
  3. Xanadu Community Map

    Think the map is broken, not showing up at all in IE, Edge, or Chrome. Just a blank blue screen.
  4. Server go down suddenly?

    Thanks ya'll for the quick reply.
  5. Server go down suddenly?

    Just a quick, 5 seconds till shutdown. then gone...wth.
  6. Fog spiders used to spawn on deed and even in houses at first. And they don't disappear but teleport behind you or abit further away if they start taking a lot of damage in fights.
  7. Rain Occlusion floor as roof

    Thinking it will since it's technically a floor. But figure we'll see a change to roofs to include a flat version in options before long. No new graphics, just a new label for floor.
  8. wts everything

    yeah, know I'm wondering if they are just PC'ing the stuff at our expense. Withdrawling my offers too.
  9. wts everything

    has anybody gotten anything or heard a word from the seller? Would think after 4 days they would have sent the stuff or posted they are sending it.
  10. i will play MORE

    I do remember when I first started playing there was restarts every Monday or Tuesday due to the lag being so bad you couldn't move without freezing up for 10 seconds or more. As time has gone by the restarts have been stretched out for weeks with no major problems for about 14 to 16 days. That's quite a big difference in a couple years of tweaking even with new things added that creates more lag.
  11. "Decoration" NPC's to liven up deeds

    Well I live on a deed with numerous villagers, and yes at times some move on and it's empty for awhile but we always are willing to take in more. Right now we have aliitle over 20 living there so no matter the time someone is usually around and we have several close by villages too that we interact with on a daily basis. But I understand how the player base is spread out. Have you thought of offering space for new players to liven up your deed with actual conversations?
  12. "Decoration" NPC's to liven up deeds

    Ok, this suggestion is basically wanting NPC's like in any other MMO out there, or single player game for that matter. I prefer to have actual players around that I can talk to and can teach or learn from. not a robot that mumbles random stuff.
  13. i will play MORE

    Yeah rendering objects are a major reason for a lot of problems, unless your running a over 32g memory with 8g vid card and 8 core processor it becomes very noticeable. If you go away from a area with limited buildings and objects it improves greatly. Even things underground are counted in the render count as your comp doesn't see the actual ground but the objects around it and try's to render it all at once. And catseyes could have done with out the big light particle centers that stay lit all the time. Just needed them to light up if you pick a route or if it's not connected or completed yet.
  14. wts everything

    Deleted my offer due to no replys or anything being sent for 5 days.
  15. wts everything

    There is a deed in that list, you might try posting that separate if your selling it. if not might wanna cross it out. Also would separate the non tradeables into a backpack to lessen the list some. Nice listing of goodies there though.