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  1. Still looking. Bumping to get past all the closed posts.
  2. Where's Golden Valley @Retrograde? I mean, if you can dump Chaos et al. ...
  3. Hyperbole and ad hominem attacks may make for good rhetoric but are a poor choice for persuasion or discourse.
  4. To a large part, I agree. And I suspect Muse agrees, too - again, for the most part. However, every deity has Bless, so it's not unprecedented to have spell overlap. If support beams (or other craftable item) could collapse a mine entrance or drop shaft, I'd be more swayed to this logic. Edit: ... and Ekcin beat me to the punch.
  5. Yes, game-wise, it's a pain - including the wogic of which items are made by which anvil. But the argument, to me, seems similar to "a jackhammer should do everything a hammer can do." I'm not a blacksmith. Maybe it really does happen that an anvil is an anvil. But in a similar sense that fine carpentry isn't carpentry and jewelry smithing isn't blacksmithing, I don't think it's a huge burden to manage two anvil types: one for "detail" work and one for "heavy" jobs.
  6. I think there's a valid argument to be made that they over-did it. At least they recognized it was a problem and did something. (Insert traumatic flashbacks to a certain early MMO and its dogmatic adherence to an amorphous "Vision"™. Shudder!) What you've proposed is an overhaul of the combat system and a not-insignificant effort to analyze the resulting balance change and adjust. Wurm combat does leave a lot to be desired. With an overhaul, the (generous) starting gear might become unnecessary. With an anemic staff size and similar budget, my belief - which is only mine and could be 100% wrong - is that Code Club went for a trivial change to move the starting experience from bad to good (or, at least tolerable). Also, it's worth bearing in mind that - despite the player population vote overwhelmingly preferring PvE over PvP - the Vision™ of this game has been PvP. If rewriting and rebalancing a combat system for PvE is daunting, doing it for PvP is a no-win scenario in its entirety. I'm not meaning to disparage your idea or rain on your parade. I mostly just wanted to clarify why starter gear is a little "OP" these days. At the same time, I have a lot of sympathy for the choices Code Club made.
  7. In retrospect, relying on armour over fleeing was my biggest failure, and it inhibited me from experiencing more of Wurm early on. Picking a server felt like a monumental decision that lacked any sort of guidance. Once on the server, finding resources - mostly clay - without trespassing (or fear that I was inadvertently trespassing) was arduous. Probably the single most frustrating experience was dropping my tent on a paved area near water - and encountering the infamous tent bug. (Thankfully, this has been fixed!) The second most frustrating experience was a bug death. I mined an iron ore tile, backed up - and died. I had no idea what happened or what I had done wrong. Years later, I read that a bug in the movement code while underground was the cause. The early, post-death experience was confusing. It was not at all clear to me that the respawn location was a drop-down. I just saw where I was going to respawn and assumed it was a mechanic of the game. Once I joined a village, far to the north of the starter area, I assumed the game would automatically change my respawn point. Nope! My wife - bless her heart! - ended up almost literally on the opposite corner of Xanadu before I could get out the words to warn her. Special kudos to the light breeze blowing that day, giving me lots of time to savor the journey across two sides of Xanadu and back. Honorable mention to having my small cart stolen in the first couple of days. This was before they came with locks or even could be locked. I didn't lose much, but man, that's why it was all the more disheartening. Stuff like a small anvil, a few nails, foraged junk of terrible QL but some cotton, a few logs. Literally, a "petty" crime. And here I am, five years later. The bugs are patched, the lessons are learned, the molehills no longer seem like mountains. I'm glad that I stayed.
  8. "Back in the day" you started with 10 QL gear. You were dead before you landed a single hit on a pheasant. It wasn't fun - so much so that they bumped up the starting QL of the sword, shield and armor.
  9. If anyone has one that they're tired of, I'd like to give it a try. I tried it. I liked it. The last one I saw went for 10s. I can go higher, but I'm not looking to make a major investment. Paying via PayPal. Update: I bought one for €15. I could find use for a couple more. Since the door is closing 1 March 2020, I'm repeating my offer.
  10. NiceDreams is right here. By "newer players" I didn't mean "new players", but I see how the wording was ambiguous. I was trying to describe those players who are active and experienced, but do not have the (equipment and skill) advantages that ten-year veterans have. Jackal would be a terrible experience for a fresh player! Jackal timers are shorter and gains are higher - at all levels. (I'll stipulate to reports of a few skills for which this doesn't seem to be true - if you'll agree that, for the majority, it is.) So why should skill with a server-boost "nearly 1:1 translate" to skill on a sever without? I'm glad we agree here! I've only ever heard Retro or anyone else say that skill transfer would NOT be impressive. And it's been said more than once - before transfer was ever enabled. Based on player reaction, one could argue that it should have been said louder, more frequently and in more obvious places.
  11. Silver

    Second transaction - both went perfectly. Thanks!
  12. I understand the frustration. You've invested hours of real life - and real money - only to be asked to throw it away. I also understand newer players feeling like they're so far behind the ten year veterans that it's hopeless. I see Jackal's "start at zero" as a solution to the latter. What I think I hear from those who like Jackal but dislike "start at zero" is that the content on Freedom is no longer challenging for their character. I see Jackal as intended to challenge the player. It asks: have you, the player, gained enough skill to survive without the advantages you were given when first starting Wurm, advantages that compensated for your lack of skill and knowledge of the mechanics of Wurm. Based on the number of posts expressing frustration with "start at zero", there's a clear demand for more challenging, engaging content on Freedom. I'd love to see the developers (and Wurm Unlimited modders) work towards that. But, in my opinion, Jackal is not that. In short, I hope Jackal keeps the "start at zero" format. I hope something else adds the challenge that veteran players want for their characters.
  13. +1 and +1 I'd even concede as much as starting with it off, making it a tutorial step to enable it and then just giving text that it can be toggled off without requiring it to advance the tutorial. It sounded really cool when I read about it, and I bet it was fun and easy to code, just tying the camera point to the skeleton/wire frame animation. The player experience (for me), however, was just frustrating. And while Steam-only is better than not-at-all, this really ought to be the norm for any and all clients.