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  1. +1 and +1 I'd even concede as much as starting with it off, making it a tutorial step to enable it and then just giving text that it can be toggled off without requiring it to advance the tutorial. It sounded really cool when I read about it, and I bet it was fun and easy to code, just tying the camera point to the skeleton/wire frame animation. The player experience (for me), however, was just frustrating. And while Steam-only is better than not-at-all, this really ought to be the norm for any and all clients.
  2. @JoreI'm hoping that you saw this thread, but linking here in case you didn't.
  3. @Retrograde are you sure? I've set up my village Twitter, subscribed to it, and pretty sure I've let my upkeep fall below one month at some point afterwards. I remember expecting to get the tweet, and being disappointed. I wouldn't swear to it in court, and I'm chuffed (to borrow a phrase) that email is in testing. I'm just asking, when's the last time someone tested that code? Edit: I should add that I do not have all chat going to Twitter, and I do get alliance joins/disbands, so some data is going to Twitter.
  4. +1 If you can see the business sense of emailing before a character's premium runs out, and you already follow the practice, surely it makes equal sense for deeds.
  5. Schadenfreude, anyone?
  6. Yeah, sorry, no. To the "yoot" that find this acceptable behavior, online or otherwise, enjoy the world you're creating for yourselves. I'll be over here, defending my lawn, shaking my head and maxing out my /ignore list.
  7. I realize I'm wasting my breath, metaphorically speaking ... but ... What will you be "looking forward to" back on Freedom? "Brainlessly travelling around" areas that you know all-too-well with better gear to defeat foes that you've defeated hundreds of times before? If you find that somehow more "respectful" of your playing time, by all means. Are you new to Wurm?? (That's rhetorical, by the way.) Wurm is the grindiest, slowest, hours-long time sink of a game I have played in thirty-plus years. Everything -- everything -- in Wurm requires "several hours to achieve one little thing." I find it unreasonable to criticize the Jackal content for the same game philosophy as the rest of it. If molasses-slow gameplay isn't your idea of fun -- and I very much understand why someone might find that it isn't -- then Wurm isn't going to be a rewarding experience. Just one more:
  8. Except - I know at least one person who DID ask for this (or something much like it). And I promise you: the person who asked is no one of influence. They rarely post on the forum, only play occasionally and don't spend extraordinary amounts of money that would in ANY way justify "catering" to them as an individual. And yet, here's the thing they asked for (or a version of it, anyway) - which tells me that they weren't the only person asking. You might argue that something else might appeal to more people. You can certainly hold the opinion that Jackal doesn't appeal to you. You can wish the team had spent resources elsewhere. But to say that "no one" asked for Jackal is hyperbole that only serves to undermine credibility. I'm enjoying Jackal. I hope those that do enjoy it continue to play on it and suggest ways to improve it. I hope those that don't enjoy Jackal find something they DO enjoy doing and do it - preferably something other than just complaining.
  9. How about expecting adults to voice their opinions like adults? Hoping for adults to ...? Oh well. More proof that you can graduate college and still be dumb, I guess.
  10. There's this whine that's just getting louder and louder. It makes it hard to play. I've turned off kingdom chat (again). That seems to help a lot, but then it gets louder again when I have the forums open. Keenan, you're not sharing hardware between Jackal and the forums, are you? Kudos to the devs for an interesting, non-PvP challenge. I'm looking forward to possible tweaks here and there as you see how things pan out. I'm also looking forward to when "constructive criticism" comes with a much larger emphasis on the former instead of the latter.
  11. Hilarity abounded! No one should miss the brilliant slam poetry at 0:10:27. And I wonder if Emoo has yet figured out how to light his dreamed-of forge without flint and steel. Will Archaed ever return with the trove of tools?? Why hasn't there been an Episode 2 yet?!?
  12. I've made ten lead lunchboxes instead of tin ones. Is this intended -- perhaps as part of the "any metal" feature? Or is it a bug? The only way I can figure it happened is that I activated the lead sheet when combining it with the tin sheet at the start. Since I had to add more tin sheets after, it isn't following the "last-main-material-type-added" paradigm. Edit: I've now tested with both the tin sheet and the lead sheet activated at creation; the result in both cases is an unfinished lead lunchbox. I also tried to use an iron sheet to combine with either a tin sheet or a lead sheet (to test whether this was a function of "any metal"); neither combination yields the menu option to create a lunchbox.
  13. Much improved for me, Samool (having had the same problem)! Thank you! I wish I could have tested more, but the server lag made it impossible to do much. Still, much appreciated for tackling a tough problem!
  14. If they haven't brought back the textures they already have for existing wood types, I don't think it's at all likely that they'll put in new wood textures first.