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  1. Nailed it. ... and (though they are few) the paid developer and administrative resources. If they're not paying customers, it's to the business's actual benefit that they take their "business" elsewhere -- because there's no business! I'm not sure why you're not sure. The reasons have been explained by staff and were pretty clear to me even before-hand. You can't continue to pay money out (to developers or servers) when money doesn't continue to come in (from a steady stream of one-time buyers or from monthly subscribers). He never said "filthy". Not only are you implying that he did by putting quotation marks around it, you're attempting to turn his well-reasoned argument into an ad hominem attack -- which it wasn't.
  2. Closed

    Rare shield to Kohle please
  3. "Other games"? What is this witchcraft? I don't have enough hours in the day for Wurm -- much less "other games" (whatever that is)!
  4. Enchanted necklace, bracelet, ring with Glacial. All show "null" as the enchant description, followed by the power. Remains "null" when holding ALT for details. "Examine" shows correct text.
  5. Add this link https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/91140-premium-payment-problems/ I had an issue with premium not showing up (or being slow to show up - the jury's still out). I went to put in a /support ticket - that pointed me to this (old, but somewhat relevant) link: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/1029-failed-payments/ I decided to jump on CA Help and ask if there were known issues. (Keenan had posted about Golden Valley crashing a few days prior.) Bakhita pointed me to the link at the top. That was more helpful. Seems like it would be wise to add that to the hints displayed when a user selects "Payment Issue" as their problem in the Wurm Support Ticketing System.
  6. I know that you already know this, Brash - but in case anyone is interested: https://harmony.wurmonline.com/mrtg/villages.html Growth has definitely slowed, but not stopped or started to shrink. That supports the anecdotal idea that many folks are just relocating.
  7. Feedback, so far (FWIW): Overall, it's much improved. It looks more polished and modern. Even at 90% UI Scale, while comparable to the old UI, it's still "fat", making less information visible without obscuring more of the screen than in the old UI. Some windows (e.g., Crafting) don't collapse to the title bar when double-clicked. I will sorely miss that. I'm not seeing a visual cue for when I can bash or focus. Maybe I need to RTFM, but those cues in the old UI were more obvious. The ginormous "F" and "R" are quite jarring compared to the rest of the UI cues. Worse, since I already mapped those keys to other actions, they're useless cues. Can the UI hide those overlays if the keys are already mapped? I suspect the goal was to "freshen" and "modernize" the UI. In that regard, I'd say you've hit the mark. Nothing above makes the game "unplayable." They're "quality-of-life" setbacks. They're the difference between "forcing" myself to use the new UI, and wanting to choose it. Again, a HUGE thank you to @Samool! I hate doing UI design; it feels like an endless rabbit hole. Bless you for tackling it!
  8. It looks like they've added a header to skill dumps - and it's causing "Unparseable skill name" errors.
  9. It now reads: If you have lost your steel and flint, light a campfire with a wood scrap & a kindling. Place a wood scrap inside the lit campfire. When the scrap is hot, remove it from the campfire, and right-click on your forge, oven, or other fire container to light it. Hope this helps.
  10. ... or craft it? This is where the campfire -> hot-scrap trick can come into play. Assuming that you can, at a minimum, rummage up flint and iron from rock tiles and chop enough trees to build a coal pile, you can light the coal pile with the hot scrap, get charcoal, and make steel. Yes, getting another (established) player to craft one for you is far easier. Like most things in Wurm, the do-it-yourself road is much longer. It's just misleading to say that other players are the "only" way.
  11. The 3x decay rate on Golden Valley means that I have to log in regularly. I see this as a good thing. You might want to consider what will be your policy on bashing fences and structures. I'm thinking in particular of players who will, for example, fence off prime real estate. I also enjoy the challenge of GV's skill cap, although if I were doing what you are, I might allow Body Strength to 23 and Mind Logic to 20.1 just so that you could use a cart and load/unload things. The skill cap makes you get a little more creative. Personally, I'm spread thin in Wurm as-is. I might be curious enough to poke my nose into such a server if you get it going, though.
  12. I wants! I searched Discord but couldn't find anything even close.