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  1. [Fixed] Lead lunchboxes?

    I've made ten lead lunchboxes instead of tin ones. Is this intended -- perhaps as part of the "any metal" feature? Or is it a bug? The only way I can figure it happened is that I activated the lead sheet when combining it with the tin sheet at the start. Since I had to add more tin sheets after, it isn't following the "last-main-material-type-added" paradigm. Edit: I've now tested with both the tin sheet and the lead sheet activated at creation; the result in both cases is an unfinished lead lunchbox. I also tried to use an iron sheet to combine with either a tin sheet or a lead sheet (to test whether this was a function of "any metal"); neither combination yields the menu option to create a lunchbox.
  2. Much improved for me, Samool (having had the same problem)! Thank you! I wish I could have tested more, but the server lag made it impossible to do much. Still, much appreciated for tackling a tough problem!
  3. Archeology bush wood types

    If they haven't brought back the textures they already have for existing wood types, I don't think it's at all likely that they'll put in new wood textures first.
  4. WTS 4 Gold

    Bought 2g. Very smooth transaction.
  5. sold can close

    Easy sale. Thank you!
  6. sold can close

    Easy sale. Thank you!
  7. WTS 85s for 80e(sold)

    Smooth transaction. Thank you!
  8. Sold

    Thanks, Alagrexa. Enjoyed doing business with you.
  9. Purchased and received drake suit and 80s. Thanks much!
  10. 225 silver coins for sell

    Smooth transaction. Very nice. Thank you.
  11. WTS Silver coins

    Bought all. Smooth transaction.
  12. When confessor is female, a third party will see the following:
  13. Valrei mission

    I have to agree that some conditional coding really needs to be placed around the mission's random generator. Traitor missions should give the same hint that the avatar missions and "chop" missions give, i.e., "last seen north of DeedX." Traitor missions should not select uniques. Ceremony missions should ensure that the site of the ceremony hasn't been deeded over. Slay missions (and the rare sacrifice-creatures-via-knife missions) should look at the population of creatures on the server, both in terms of a "floor" minimum number of creatures and a percentage of the overall population of (wild) creatures on the server. Creatures with a lower percentage population should have a smaller target number; higher percentages, higher target. I think it would be interesting to see completion percentages for the various mission types. It might point to which types are most in need of this kind of tweaking.
  14. Trade chat, corpse loot setting

    I appreciate that we needed a (better) way to preserve one's preference for kingdom and global (and now trade) chats, but IMO, this wasn't it. As Lordterrabyte suggested, please bring back the slash commands for toggling the channels. Ideally, have them update the Profile preference as well as current status of the channel.