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  1. 30 day average on Steam Charts is 364 as of today. Steady decline as many predicted. Maybe the second new server was a bit premature. Also as some predicted. Maybe release a Wurm Unlimited 2.0 and sell it as a new game.
  2. If it were me I'd release a new version of Wurm Unlimited with the same things as Wurm Online Steam version and make a bunch more money. Likely wouldn't do much if any harm to the online game. Lost opportunity.
  3. Wurm Map Generator FX

    Yes it's better than nothing Thanks.
  4. Releasing something as beta infers it as being incomplete and buggy dissuading people from using it. As such I don't know of more than one or two WU servers bothering to use it. Why would anyone? It's beta. Unfinished. Incomplete. More likely to have bugs than the release version. I expect it will be in perpetual beta.
  5. It's not the fault of the map. Riviera uses it and they have no problems. It's something you did.
  6. I'm hoping the last update (not the beta) is not finished because they are going beyond what they initially published. Not expecting anything different but hoping.
  7. Wurm Map Generator FX

    Using the Region Tool. When ever I change a number in a field and go to another field the old number pops back in. Can't change any of the fields. Also, how does one stop a region from displaying so no regions are displayed.
  8. Wurm Map Generator FX

    With an 8k map checking the zoom box does nothing other than adding scroll bars. The map still displays the same size as it did before checking the zoom box.
  9. I understand they are going to throw away the people who trusted them when they released WU. However, Retrograde PROMISED one last patch. So far it is only a BETA. When do we get the final product? If we are not going to get the final product then man up and stop leaving the WU community hanging.
  10. For people who are afraid of a server going away, Ereb Altor has been around over four years and isn't going anyplace. Come join us.
  11. And exactly when are you going to take care of what was promised the people who have WU also? If you are going to simply throw us away at least have the courtesy and courage to say so.
  12. Ros has been cast

    /begin sarcasm I must have missed the announcement that it was to be cast. /end sarcasm
  13. The cluster is old. Old stuff dies. Old stuff gets clogged up with garbage and starts suffering from all that junk clogging it's arteries and it dies. It's the natural progression of things.
  14. Kings Coffers

    I tested this too. No coins.
  15. Kings Coffers

    [08:52:35] <System> This is the Kingdom Chat for your current server. [08:52:35] <System> You can disable receiving these messages, by a setting in your profile. [08:57:44] <Wtfarthing> so after over two months there are still no coins in the kings coffers???? [08:58:41] <Wtfarthing> Bugfix: King’s coffers on Northern Freedom Isles should again function properly (and give out rare coins during foraging and other actions) [08:59:30] <Wtfarthing> so where's the coins? [08:59:38] <Impetuous> ie they will now start to accumulate? you didnt expect them to put in what should be there surely, thats too logical [09:00:05] <Wtfarthing> i thought they might do the right thing by their customers [09:00:17] <Wtfarthing> i know, stupid of me