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  1. Never Night

    00:48:38 Wurm time. The rising sun is beginning to reflect off the North and West side of buildings.
  2. Never Night

    So part of the problem might be that the setting sun is still reflecting off objects at midnight and the rising sun is reflecting off objects a 2 a.m. So it's always either dusk or dawn and never night.
  3. Never Night

    Midnight in game and the sun is still reflecting off the sides of buildings. Must be above the Arctic Circle.
  4. I am on a tile. A pile of logs is on the same tile. A small crate is on the same tile. I want to move logs from the small crate to the pile of logs but I'm informed I'm not allowed to do that. Why? It all belongs to me. Everything is in the same tile. I can move logs from the small crate to my inventory and then to the pile of logs. Why on Wurm can I not simply move the logs from the small crate to the pile of logs? There is ample room in the pile for logs. It is very frustrating to hit a wall of inconsistency like this. btw, you can move items from a small crate to a bsb without a hitch. And from a bsb to s small crate. From a pile to a bsb. From a pile to a small crate. but not from a crate or bsb to a pile. The pile has a cap of 100 items while the crates and bsb are much higher. I don't see the logic for what seems to be an arbitrary limitation that just produces more work for a player for no reason what so ever. Previously put in the wrong sub forum. Sorry about that.
  5. Never Night

    Yes fog in spring and fall would be nice to see again. Miss that too.
  6. Never Night

    I remember back in the day it was so dark you couldn't see anything at night without a lantern and monitors didn't matter then either. It was the same for everyone so the only way to make it lighter was to change gamma. I don't want to see it that dark and since there are three moons pitch black wouldn't really fit. But it shouldn't look like a cloudy day either. If it's like that then why even have lamps except in caves. Something between the pitch black it used to be and the cloudy day it is now would be good. I'm sure a lot of the people from a few years ago remember some of the cool deeds all lit up with great looking lamps.
  7. Never Night

    Ah, it's the old, 'my stuff is better than yours so you're wrong and I'm right' gambit. So what you're saying is back in the past when the nights were truly dark it was because we had better equipment years ago but now we have crappy stuff and the nights are not as dark as they were back then. Forgot to mention. In Wurm Unlimited the nights are much darker. So you're telling me that my equipment magically works better with Wurm Unlimited than it does with Wurm Online?
  8. Never Night

    None of those screen shots are night. It's a cloudy day.
  9. So all that from a fanboi and we are supposed to take it seriously? Just kidding. Yeah I don't really expect anything. It's like you said. But it would be nice if they kept their end of the bargain.
  10. Never Night

    That should be the name of the game. It's never night. It's always either twilight or day. Saw some people talking about that on Freedom chat and they are right. There's stars as though it's night, sure. But I can see those during the time the sun is up too. It really needs to be darker at night. I'd say name the game Twilight but that's taken.
  11. Isn't it about time to finish the final WU update? You have your new WO working ok so it's time to deliver what was promised don't ya think? Nine months is more than enough time to have it done.
  12. Saw this on global chat. 1 month premium 7.99 euro + 5 silver 6.49 euro = 14.48 euro. 1 month premium + 5 silver bundle = 15.49 euro. Is that a typo or are people really being charge more for the bundle than buying the stuff separately? Is there a hidden bonus in the bundle? Is this wrong or correct?
  13. Actually that's the beta version. You know as well as I do that I am talking about the finished version. It can remain beta until the end of time and still not have the released version. Don't know why you would attempt to deflect the question like that. Why do you think it is you can look at the WU server list and see only two public servers using the beta version out of the entire list?
  14. What is it people keep saying? Hmm...oh yeah. Deed it or lose it. But seriously, that road is just plain laziness times ten.
  15. I only get it in caves.