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  1. After playing here for a few days I find this server is typically down for long periods of time. Not much fun with that.
  2. So do we get sun lamps with the underground planters? My experience with caves is that is no light there.
  3. I've been playing on this for a few days now. It would be nice to add a handful of mods. Like checking your bank balance from the character window. With this huge map free deeds with paying upkeep would be good. Maybe limit the deed size to something like 151x151 tiles. Faster cart and boat speed. A portal in each corner of the map. Some other things would help draw people too.
  4. Hopefully some day this can be implemented as an optional but permanent part of WU instead of a mod. It adds so much to the game.
  5. So that little red circle is pve and all the rest is pvp? Should probably be the other way around so if you want to destroy someone you don't have so far to go. Seriously.
  6. [RELEASED] Live Map

    Works on my private server just fine.
  7. 8k servers are very huge. You really need to make a map available.
  8. Yet another server ready to go but...it isn't even on the server list.
  9. Kind of hard to check out a server that isn't even on the server list.
  10. Forever Lands is closing down. I thought this was amusing. Lesson here is that no server is forever so never expect all of your time spent on a server to be there forever. Just have fun and expect it to all go away at some point.
  11. What do you mean start at the same time? Since when does everyone start at the same time on ANY server??
  12. Nothing from Talor for three months. Is he still supporting this?
  13. Norhaven Adventure

    Where can we see a map? Will bounties be enabled so money can be earned to pay for upkeep?
  14. Yeah, strange thing that. Simplistic makes a billion dollars. Attempt at realism makes you remove several zeros.