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  1. Wrong. Britannia was 16x16. That's four 8x8 maps. Took a very long time to sail from the far islands to mainland.
  2. No free deeds. Good idea. Give people something to do.
  3. Is ok. Got it sorted. Thanks for all the help.
  4. Would have to be one of those files is sqlite folder.
  5. Yeah, you don't understand what I said.
  6. That's exactly what they did and problem solved.
  7. So, me and a friend are setting up a private server hosted by Ping Perfect. We are getting a six second lag every 90 seconds. Any ideas what may be causing it? Likely PP will tell me it's on my end but I don't know since I know nothing about networking, etc.
  8. I guess this is the real question. Is there any point in starting a new server? See enough empty ones as it is.
  9. I didn't say it was wall to wall trees YET. I said it will be unless you keep the tree spread turned down. This is from experience. But hey, if you like dense forest after a couple of months fine by me. And simply looking at the mountains tells me you didn't bother with erosion. And while I was there others complained about how bumpy the terrain was so it's not just me. These are only opinions. No one is the same. Also, if you are offended then you need a little thicker skin. Not everyone is going to like what you do. I'm not the only one in this thread that has talked about what they see as bad points.
  10. Far too bumpy. Okay not far too bumpy. Some people like it that way. Probably should have done some erosion passes. A good map is hard to make and takes lots of time, not just running the random generator and calling it good. Sometimes you even have walk around on a partially completed map to see if you got it right then go back into the editor and 'fix' things. Another thing. It's rare anyone settles those huge inland spots. They typically stick to shores. So all of that space is wasted. Rivers connecting all of those lakes might have been a good thing. Ok for a first attempt. I would look at some existing servers to see what they have done and talk to the server owners for some tips. The mix of trees is ok but I'd turn down the tree spawn to something very low like 1 in 10000. If you don't the whole place will be wall to wall dense forest. Should probably let people butcher what they kill in noobtown. Bounty on bury or burn to keep down the corpses. The messages in the events tab can cause lag when they appear.
  11. [Alpha] Custom NPC

    It would seem to me that the lack of WU updating would be a golden moment to make all MODS stable instead of having to fix them constantly. Not only that but make more custom mods for WU only that might be time consuming but now possible since they too will not have to be constantly updated. Instead of cup half empty this is more a cup half full moment imo. I don't know anything about modding so this is just speculation on my part.
  12. Is this list still up to date?
  13. Creation QoL Improvements. I'm really having trouble wrapping my head around this. I suddenly get stupid and start making 1ql stuff? But to get around that I make an alt who can make better stuff than my more experienced character and imp it. Wut? Oh, and forget that my more experienced character sometimes fails to make something completely while my new alt never fails making a thing. Can't you come up with something that does not encourage a thousand alts?
  14. They don't want money sucked away from their Steam WO so they abandon WU and hope it dies? Don't really understand the reasoning myself.
  15. Don't expect this to get fixed. Ever.