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Found 8 results

  1. Greetings. After returning to the game recently, and establishing a home west of Esteron, I have decided to step up my game. Previously, my goal was a bear hunt, as some of you may remember. It was eventually a success and I now don a crown (Brown Bear Helm) as my reward. After learning a few more things about the game, I was intrigued by the grand weapons and trinkets of old. Although a mighty friend, my Large Axe is beginning to dull, and will soon retire upon a weapon rack above my bed in my Manor once complete. However, a replacement must be found. Why settle for less than the best? I have decided I shall be the first person to unveil an Artifact on the Xanadu server. A mighty blade, fierce mace or perhaps even a successor to my Huge Axe. Who knows what I will uncover? If you wish to join my party, please report to my deed (Hawkwood Thicket) West of Esteron, Approx. 23, G. on the map. We will craft a wagon, and sailboat for our venture, and shovels will be supplied. You are welcome to bring your own supplies, and we may even stop off at shops and those who wish to aid along to quest to purchase finer items to help us along the way. It is suggested you bring some basic food supplies, Meats, Vegetables, Cotton etc. so we can cook rations for our journey, and craft bandages. A strong set of armor is also advised. Whilst I don a Brown Bear Helm, I am ironclad in a set of Steel plate Armor. A sharp blade is a must. Such mighty artifacts are bound to be found among powerful foes such as bears and wolves. Although we do have stocks of these items, you may wish to bring along extras and spares, in case we run dry a long the way, as it may be a long journey. Upon our return, any riches discovered a long the way will be split evenly among the party, and I shall wield the mighty artifact. Those who marched, rode and sailed alongside will be granted bountiful land nearby my deed. The first person to spot it will be offered the opportunity to wield my huge axe, and don my brown bear helm on the journey back. (must be returned upon completion of journey) Please message me in game (Tylenthus) or reply to this post if you wish to join, or assist in any matter. Kind and encouraging words are also appreciated. Thank-You, Tylenthus.
  2. Greetings! My name is Tylenthus, and I have played this game for a short period of time. During my journeys I have come across some amazing sights, whimsical animals and some elaborate housing. During my short stay on the Freedom server, my girlfriend and I have set up a small home, purchased a Deed and have begun collecting some resources, etc. One of the items I have found was a Bear Hat.. Sort of like a bears head I wear like a beanie on my head. I love it. I want more. I would like a black bear helmet, but I have no idea on how to go about getting one.. but that's besides the point. In the next few hours I plan on a big bear hunt, so I can have a bear rug in my home.. I already have a "cave bug" as a trophy in my home, which I overpowered with m y massive battleaxe. It stood no chance with its ferocious pincher, thanks to my shining plate armour (Can I change the color of this? I would like another colour to my armor). I slowly lugged it back to our home, and it now resides on the floor, as a trophy of my power and strength. Whilst asking some questions in the CA HELP chat (Big shout out to Fireriders for all the help) I have discovered there are actually two kinds of bears in this game, despite the fact I've only ever sighted a brown bear!. I would not only like to see a black bear, but I would like to conquer one. Return home with its hide as my trophy. Unfortunately, due to my lack of knowledge in this game I fear I cannot do it alone. I have been informed that I might need a fight statistic of 25 to overwhelm this foe. I have also learned that we can retreat to water if it is indeed a black bear that we find, as they cannot swim (Where as their friend, the brown bear can indeed swim). I have only got a fight statistic of 1.23. Despite my mighty axe, I do not believe I can do this alone. I am asking for anyone who has the spare time, muscle and know-how to come to my house located on the map provided, to help me slaughter this mighty foe. I have a well at my home, so I can provide refreshments, however I'd suggest you bring a water skin as this will be a big expedition I am sure. Here is a map of the general area I am in. My home is called "Shady Hollow" if that helps any. This is a picture of the map someone showed me so I could point out my general area. The battle-plan here, is that we go into the forest near me. I have seen a brown bear there before, although it was a while ago.. If you have any better plans let me know! I am sure we can put our minds together and form a battle-plan that'll guarantee us a bear!! Once we have hunted the bear down, the body will be bought back to my home, and placed on the floor for all to marvel at. You are welcome to come inside and view it, alongside my cave bug! Please add me to your friends list (if you can do that? my game name is Tylenthus) and send me a message letting me know you're coming, what you can bring and what strengths you have against a bear! You can also comment here, so people can see the army we have ready to combat this fierce predator.
  3. I am starting a movement. We as Wurm players have rights. Right that were not "given" to us by the Devs. I should be able to walk into my back yard after a long day at the forge, tame my bear Boskov with a catfish, throw some steel chain mail on him, mount my trusty stead, and head off on the hunt... with a fully capable very well armored hardened bear at my side. "Who really needs a bear with chain mail..?" Better question... who doesn't? So lets here it Wurmians... who's with me. Arm Our Bears! Arm Our Bears! Chain Mail Bear! Chain Mail Bear!
  4. I fully support the right to arm and armor bears and other stuff​​​ in Wurm.
  5. So around 2 weeks ago I found a champion Mature Black Bear. Taming skill was low and I lure him into a 10tiles mine and door it after he was in. Went back to my business and started grinding taming when I could. 1 week and a half later I go back to the mine and the bear is gone! I checked no colapses and no corpse. Rock mine door 52ql in place. So the bear kind of evaporated from the mine leaving no traces. Just decided to let go and forget. Yesterday the bear was near the entrance of my deed and targeted me, not sure if it was the same one, but it was a aged champ black bear. I went to get some nice ql meat and tamed the bear, draged him on deed, inside a locked pen, feed him, cared for him, set him to stay online and logged off. Today the bear is dead inside the pen, and I get this message soon after logging: [03:25:18] Your pet is nowhere to be found. It may have died of old age. I got a templar on deed, but hes set to ignore, got other agressive animals there. Pen was locked to every1 and permissions are correct, not even my alliance can target them. So what did happen to my tamed Aged Champion Black Bear?
  6. Edit: To clarify, there is some variety in the potential of this armour and that is why the poll is so varied. Either we can have a halfway armour between plate and chain or we can have a 80% of dragon armour substitute. /Edit Between chain and plate armour: Materials: Bear skin Shark skin Lion pelt Wolf skin Crocodile hide 2-5 kg of steel per piece 5-8 kg of iron per piece copper bronze tin Skills: First part of the process uses leather working. - 70 skill Second part uses chain armour smithing - 70 skill Third plate armour smithing - 50 skill (Why? So that it probably uses three smiths and makes leather working more relevant.) Basic process: Make a basic armour set using the animal parts, the padding under the armour with LW. Attach the chain pieces for the joints and to hold the plates on. Attach plates to the pieces. Results: Breast plate weight 3.80 kg (chains is 2.20 and plate is 5.72) Speed on cobble stone 12.79 km/h (chain is 13.90 km/h and plate 10.89) 62.5% damage reduction at QL 100 (chain 55% - plate 70%) Low glance rate - cutting Medium to high glance rate - piercing Medium glance - mauling Sorry, these are the closest I came to finding what I meant to show you:
  7. It was a cold, breezy evening on the southern coast of the lands of elevation. The sea tossed and turned and waves violently lashed against the mycelium covered shores surrounding the Black Light. The chimneys of the nearby city, Black Summit spewed billowing plumes of smoke into the already darkened skies and the lingering presence of Libila hung over the land, sustaining a harsh, inhospitable taint. What had once been dense, black forests covering the steep descent to the coastline was now a barren plain, only the stumps of dead pine trees and the occasional shrub remained. The reason for this lifeless scenario was quite apparent - three small specks could be identified, the only signs of life continuing to exist on this still desolace. Upon closer inspection, it could be determined that the 'specks' were in fact three lumberjacks, hailing from the nearby Black Summit. The lumberjacks were strong, exceptionally handsome men, discernible even at a distance, and they went by the names of Oinkpoink, Touchmee and Moonpoppy. Visitors or passersby were not common or expected in this man-made wasteland. It was considered by the lumberjacks to be a solitary place, where they may hone their skills in the trade of woodcutting, while strengthening their bodies - these were hard times, and sturdy fighters were needed to bolster the ranks of Libila's armies. However, as Touchmee readied his finely forged hatchet to take a powerful swing at a nearby shrub, a loud voice echoed across the plain. "Hey, Touchmee" Touchmee paused, stopping his swing and steadying himself. He had been caught off guard by the strange traveler and irritably turned, hatchet in hand, to face the man, who's figure seemed to block the dying rays of sunlight, creating a shadowy silhouette further up the hill. The light made it impossible to identify the man through sight, however Touchmee recognised the voice to be that of the young traveler, Dbendy. After a brief pause, Dbendy asked "Seen any Bears?" Touchmee thought for a short moment. The recent deforestation of the coast had driven the bears east and westward, most had likely fled towards the tundra and would be far from here by now, even still - the chance of sighting one of the fierce creatures so near the city was small... their pelts were prized amongst the hunters of Black Summit. It was questionable however, whether the traveler was skilled, or well equipped enough to tackle such a beast. The young man seemed equipped with rusting, poor quality chainmail, likely forged by one of the lesser smiths of the city. However, Touchmee decided he would not question the young aspiring hunter as not to offend him, merely responding with "Nah" Dbendy said nothing for a moment and simply sat on his horse, pondering his options. However after a brief pause he cheerfully shouted back "Ok, Thanks' The young traveler then rode off into the sunset, probably in search of the bears he desired so greatly. The lumberjacks discussed the situation amongst themselves... would the hunter have any luck in his quest, or would he ride for days, until his horse was weary, encountering nothing but rats and wolves? The men did not know, but silently wished Dbendy luck in his travels, saying a short prayer to Libila, asking that the lands of the dead not take Dbendy should he encounter danger in his travels, as he - the youthful bear hunter - had a great search ahead of him.
  8. I'm looking to buy 2x bears to pull my large cart. I'm looking for fast ones preferably. PM Shyunea on Celebration with a price and will talk.