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Found 20 results

  1. Wishing for a nice champion unicorn? Make your dream come true! This lovely male champion unicorn is 3 speed and 2 miscellaneous. Don't miss this opportunity! Starting bid: 3 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 1 hour
  2. One Young champion Heartgold, male unicorn available. Will be available on a coastal deed on deli to the winner of the auction. Starting bid: 3s Increments: 0.5s 1 hour snipe protection
  3. Looking to buy some champ dogs to replace the ones that passed away... Pm me on forums or in game as Sugarfoxx w/ price and what you have. greatly appreciated woof woof, looking forward to buying a doggo... or 5
  4. Note: (This is actual Wurm Game-play and what happened when i champed my priest Grumpyman for Vynora(Freedom Isles) but a fun story version at least. Enjoy.) (Thank you to Necro and Jacob for taking me over at 4am lol) LONG AGO in a distant land called Chaos a small-town farmer decided to take on the new world, with this new adventure came a dream for Real Death. Grumpyman became devout in his faith to Vynora gaining 50 Faith brownie points in her name. Finally his day of fame and glory came to fruition...... [03:56:10] Grumpyman is now a Champion of Vynora! A blue glow surrounded him. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The simple townsfolk were too small brained to understand what power he had accomplished, they didn't even believe it. [04:00:38] <Oblivionnreaver> are you the champion of the freedom isles Most did not Believe. Grumpyman had to use his powers to fight off enemies who did not believe in the mighty Vynora! [04:16:15] You cut Baldururix extremely hard in the chest and harm it. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Many friends were made on this journey.] [Together building bonds of love and trust for his god Vynora.....] [ or so he thought.....] ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The day of Reckoning came. TRUSTED FRIENDS .... ALLIES ... LOVERS... [04:51:13] Grumpyman slain by Necroedarkslayer, Beastwolf, Jacobacon [04:51:58] Grumpyman slain by Necroedarkslayer, Beastwolf, Jacobacon [04:52:26] Grumpyman slain by Necroedarkslayer, Beastwolf, Jacobacon [04:52:26] Grumpyman is no longer a Champion of Vynora! He had seen heaven for a split second...... [Floating in a void of Vynora's Seas.] ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *Flashbacks struck * "are you the champion of the freedom isles" /T Oblivionnreaver [05:00:30] <Grumpyman> no They say Grumpyman lives on as a simple farmer, still maintaining his priestly piety to Vynora. A life of Shame. [I'm Still looking for him .. where is my hero] __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Will we ever see such a hero in our lifetime. Will he return to protect Freedom Isles....We may never know.
  5. Hello Everyone, We're organising an event on the 02/02/2019 at 15:00 UTC: Server: Xanadu J11 Deed: Rockwall In the Rockwall Arena, champion animals are prepared to fight each other to the death! Bring your Champion pet. The last one standing will get the Prize! Entry fee: 10c Prize: half of amount collected from the total of entry fee NO CHAMPION TROLL ALLOWED!!! Pm Lunadew for details, or me. See you soon to have fun!
  6. I'm looking to buy literally any champion that may be for sale out there. Fo and Nahjo priests available for dominating and charming. Please PM me with what you have, will come pick them up from any coastal location
  7. As the programming currently stands, you can only breed another champion from a female champion; there is no chance of males by themselves passing on the trait. As someone who breeds champions, sometimes I only have a male and no females, which is very frustrating when trying to breed more. I think that males should have at least a small chance to pass on the trait, even if it's much smaller than the chance of a female passing it on.
  8. I love champion animals and have a collection of them. However, I believe the current system could use some tweaking. Here are my ideas: 1. More champions! First prize would be for all animals to spawn from lairs and therefore as champions. If that would be a problem, I'd love to have a few champion animals added. Personally I'd vote for champion tortoises. 2. Make rideable champions bigger. Their size is a large part of what makes champions so awesome, and riding on a taller animal with a better vantage point would be great. 3. Make all champions leadable. I'm thinking here particularly of champion spiders and lava spiders. 4. Allow swimming champions to be led across server borders. 5. Let male champions have a small chance of passing on the champion trait if bred with a normal female (currently only female champions have a chance). It would be great if this feature could also be applied to Christmas animals, so that males could pass on their names (dove, bird, etc.) when bred with normal females. 6. Size-appropriate drops from champions. Let champions drop more meat, glands, etc. because of their larger size. I'd particularly love it if champion tortoises dropped large tortoise shells that would make shields equivalent to large metal shields - though it would need to be modified so that tortoise shields can be improved to be a truly useful function. 7. If we're going with making more animals champions, let champion horses and hell horses have a percentage chance of passing on their names at a high animal husbandry. 8. Let some of the other champions be rideable. For example, wolves are clearly too small to ride in their normal state, but champion wolves are bigger than horses and definitely look like they can be ridden. The same for rats, cave bugs, etc.
  9. I've been trying to find someone on Exodus with female champion dogs who is willing to breed one for me, but no luck so far. I was wondering if anyone has any on other servers? I'm trying to decide if my time will be better spent combing every deed on Exodus or bugging the gms to change the programming so animals can cross servers. If anyone has, let me know!
  10. I'm looking to buy a female champion dog on Exodus. Price can be negotiated if you have one, in Euros or silvers. Let me know!
  11. So around 2 weeks ago I found a champion Mature Black Bear. Taming skill was low and I lure him into a 10tiles mine and door it after he was in. Went back to my business and started grinding taming when I could. 1 week and a half later I go back to the mine and the bear is gone! I checked no colapses and no corpse. Rock mine door 52ql in place. So the bear kind of evaporated from the mine leaving no traces. Just decided to let go and forget. Yesterday the bear was near the entrance of my deed and targeted me, not sure if it was the same one, but it was a aged champ black bear. I went to get some nice ql meat and tamed the bear, draged him on deed, inside a locked pen, feed him, cared for him, set him to stay online and logged off. Today the bear is dead inside the pen, and I get this message soon after logging: [03:25:18] Your pet is nowhere to be found. It may have died of old age. I got a templar on deed, but hes set to ignore, got other agressive animals there. Pen was locked to every1 and permissions are correct, not even my alliance can target them. So what did happen to my tamed Aged Champion Black Bear?
  12. The Natural Advantage Stables Announcements: The Natural Advantage is BUYING champion animals. Contact me if you have one to sell or know the location of a spawner. Prices reduced for all mounts. The mount spreadsheet is now available. Lifetransfer casts now available! Pre-cast starter weapons in stock, or custom casts available. See pricing guide. Products and services offered: 4-5 speed horses, hell horses, and unicorns Leatherworking up to 90 QL Fo enchants and mailbox casts Lifetransfer casts Coming Soonâ„¢: 4 and 5 speed bison Please see the pricing guide Google spreadsheet to see prices and available stock: PRICING GUIDE AND STOCK Location and Contact Us If you have questions or want to place an order, feel free to post in this thread, or pm me on the forum or ingame as LaRue or CrazyEben. The Natural Advantage Stables is located at Adalon, Xanadu J14. Deliveries of 2 silver worth of horses and travel fee for mailbox casts is free within this range: Deliveries of hell horses, unicorns, or pets may be subject to a fee, depending on accessibility.
  13. It would be nice for end game content if wurm adds another monster stage after Champion and below the Uniques toughness. Too add some solo challenge for us players with 90+ Fighting skill, 90+ Weapon skill and top end armour Disclaimer: It doesnt have to be named Legendary, it can be named Paragon or whatever Rolf feel is appropriate.
  14. Have a possible bug in breeding animals on Deliverance. I have two male champion dogs that were bred more than 8 hours earlier, have made sure they were full, but they still are unable to breed. Female counterparts are also full. Was told there was a similar bug on Xanadu, and it may have migrated to other servers. Can this be looked into pls?
  15. Just wondering how being a champion works with some of the meditation paths: Champions gets 60% damage reduction. Can they follow path of insanity and stack shield of gone? Also, do Fo priest heals increase with healing hands under the path of love? Thanks
  16. As with the current topic labeled chaos only, I wanted to come up with a balanced idea that could be added to all the servers. Main change; 0 champion points DOES NOT remove champion status. Simple solution I feel to prevent an "easy casting alt" would be remove the point limitation to be champion. All kingdoms are allowed 3 champions only, with the possible removal of the white light kingdom specific champions, players are given status but can be removed by the kingdom leader. A champion starts with 15 points and must maintain a minimum of 5 points to keep the damage reduction and has severely reduced casting abilities when under this. Players can remove their champion status by going to 0 champion points and revoking champion status at the alter of 3 or bone alter and has the current dechamp mechanics applied. A champion can be removed by the kingdom leader when the player is offline. Please discus.
  17. Hello fellow Wurmians, when seeing the new hell hounds and horses today I asked myself where those creatures actually come from. That gave me the idea of a new lair type and terrain. So here's the idea: - New Lair type; named f.e. "Hell Rift", "Gate to Hell", etc. - New terrain surrounding the lairs; "burned ground" or something - the new tiles can be foraged/botanized for ash, coal, etc. - the terrain could expand over time up to a maximum size of maybe 20 to 30 tiles from the lair with a speed of 1 tiles per day (20-30 tiles from lair -> 20-30 days to maximum size) - structures adjacent to the "burned ground" are damaged - (optional) the expansion of the terrain can be stopped by either dirt tiles, the area of influence of one of the "good" gods or by placing blessed statuettes/flags (5-tile radius) - once the Lair gets destroyed over time or by force there's a chance to aggravate a devil / hell fiend / some-other-champ-like-creature - the burned terrain will turn back to grass / steppe / whatever terrain is surrounding it, once the lair is destroyed.
  18. It was on the eastern part of northern tundra near Iceland and took it back to Fort Buda Leave me a message or PM me ingame if you want it back.
  19. Hi there! A small suggestion in a short post, cause my english isn't good enough to write elaborations: Freedomers can get Karma from Source Salt (10 karma per one, so we need to eat 100x source salt to get the ability to summon our corpses), source spring and source fountain (10 karma for 0.1 kg of liquid source). Epic player can get 1000 karma for completing missions. It's little unfair IMO, that epic players can enjoy new feature easier. I don't know single freedomer who ever had 1000 karma points (not saying they doesn't exist). My idea is very simple. You should get Karma after killing a champion mob. It can be automatic (you kill a champion scorpion and you get for example 100 karma instantly) or "the source" could be one of the butchering item (it would spice up PvE even more, cause some people could hunt champions not only for FS gain, but for profit aswell - free market would determine the price). I don't care about epic, so it may works only for Freedom if it "destroys pvp completely" or whatever...