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Found 10 results

  1. My proposal is simple, Fantastic items are pretty much non-existent. Since these items are so rare, allow finished items to have a one time rename to an independent item. Examples of finished items: Weapons Spindles Armor Tools Statues Wagons/Boats Horse Gear Examples not allowed for rename: Raw Materials, Rock shards etc Weapon heads Tool Parts Ribbons, Nails An example would be: Fantastic Longsword, iron -> Rename -> Goreswing The sword is now Goreswing, on examine it will mention it is a longsword, this item is unique. They are practically artifacts at the point of Fantastic Rarity. Naturally the not allowed for rename would cover more, as would re-nameables.
  2. So I came across this thread(Model for the Scepter of Ascension) by Emoo, and thought why not draw what I think it should look like! Wasn't too sure if I should have done this thread in the suggestions section. Either way, here it is.. Let me know what you think, its just my impression of what I think it looks like. - A large bulky sceptre, made from shiny white steel with black steel thorns attached to the head. It has a malevolent aura. Ql: 90.0, Dam: 0.0. - It is enchanted with Fo's demise, and has an aggressive aura towards Fo. Sneak peak on next project ...Yeah its Libila- what a surprise!
  3. Greetings. After returning to the game recently, and establishing a home west of Esteron, I have decided to step up my game. Previously, my goal was a bear hunt, as some of you may remember. It was eventually a success and I now don a crown (Brown Bear Helm) as my reward. After learning a few more things about the game, I was intrigued by the grand weapons and trinkets of old. Although a mighty friend, my Large Axe is beginning to dull, and will soon retire upon a weapon rack above my bed in my Manor once complete. However, a replacement must be found. Why settle for less than the best? I have decided I shall be the first person to unveil an Artifact on the Xanadu server. A mighty blade, fierce mace or perhaps even a successor to my Huge Axe. Who knows what I will uncover? If you wish to join my party, please report to my deed (Hawkwood Thicket) West of Esteron, Approx. 23, G. on the map. We will craft a wagon, and sailboat for our venture, and shovels will be supplied. You are welcome to bring your own supplies, and we may even stop off at shops and those who wish to aid along to quest to purchase finer items to help us along the way. It is suggested you bring some basic food supplies, Meats, Vegetables, Cotton etc. so we can cook rations for our journey, and craft bandages. A strong set of armor is also advised. Whilst I don a Brown Bear Helm, I am ironclad in a set of Steel plate Armor. A sharp blade is a must. Such mighty artifacts are bound to be found among powerful foes such as bears and wolves. Although we do have stocks of these items, you may wish to bring along extras and spares, in case we run dry a long the way, as it may be a long journey. Upon our return, any riches discovered a long the way will be split evenly among the party, and I shall wield the mighty artifact. Those who marched, rode and sailed alongside will be granted bountiful land nearby my deed. The first person to spot it will be offered the opportunity to wield my huge axe, and don my brown bear helm on the journey back. (must be returned upon completion of journey) Please message me in game (Tylenthus) or reply to this post if you wish to join, or assist in any matter. Kind and encouraging words are also appreciated. Thank-You, Tylenthus.
  4. A comment in another thread got me to wondering if having some artifacts double as tools would be too much or fine. It certainly would provide yet another incentive to obtaining them, or at least getting the ones that are not in much demand pvp-wise. For example the Finger of Fo acting as a needle. On the otherhand, maybe too much of a good tool...
  5. Pretty much what title says. Ive got a server running a custom map, with freedom kingdom. Epic setting is on and i see the game refer to its cluster as "epic" now and then, but the locate artifact spell gives the "The artifact was cloaked from sight by the gods" message. I would really love to add the artifacts somehow. Any way to mod it? (I know i can simply spawn them in, but this is not a creative map. Its with other players playing fair adventure. Simply spawning em in random and giving em to people would be somewhat retarded. Ive thought of some workarounds if its not possible, like having people make a specific number of mats, items etc and "sacrifice it" to my gm for a random artifact. The sacrifice being extereme and worthy of an artifact) Pretty much i want everything wurm has to offer available on my server.
  6. A good friend asked me to have this unique relic in Wurm appraised for him. It is not for sale by me, but I can relay offers to its owner. Hidden by the Gods to reward explorers discovering the land of Celebration, this unique item can not be crafted by normal means and only one exists in the lands of Wurm. The Sickle of Awakening is an Adamantine sickle; turned rare by the bones of a dragon and enchanted by the high priests and priestesses of Vynora and Fo. Only the ultimate creators have the power to forge sickles out of moon metals, making this item truly an artifact. A kind of small hand-held scythe with a crescent-moon formed blade. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. It is enchanted with Human's demise, and has an aggressive aura towards humanoids. Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [94] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [96] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [99] Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [97] It has the signature of its current owner, as the Gods of Wurm decided history should know him as the creator of it. He wishes to remain anonymous so I have not included it.
  7. As written above, it is a thing, very, very SHINY thing. It indeed IS a Shiny Totem, in all of its glory, soaked in mystery. It may even be one of the shiniest totems I have ever seen. And I've seen few. Upon this artifact I have stumbled across, yet I am not worthy of keeping it. Therefore it must be passed onto another. I am not sure, if it can be mailed. If not, the winner should expect it to be delivered swiftly anywhere on Xanadu, no questions asked. And let me assure you: The Totem is not stolen. Although it would certainly be worth it. QL 83,02 DMG 44,47 Weight 0,10 kg Starting price is 6s Increments are 50c high Buyout is considered at 14s Location: Southwestern Xanadu Will you be the new master of the Shiny totem?
  8. Everyone I know has 1 skill in it, and it doesn't change? clarification on what it does would be great
  9. I think the Model needs to be added as a priority. Currently the Scepter has no model so the person holding it can insta kill you with his fist.... >_< this is required as a Priority over other models being added as those models dont interfere with PVP and dont have a chance to get you to dying in one hit. does not have to be a great Model just something so we know.
  10. Artifacts

    im a little confused on artifacts. what artifacts are there what do they do how do they work etc?