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  1. Brick & Mortar Services

    Once again reliable, fast and easy service. Cheers lad.
  2. WTB The following (Via Paypal for gold, can do paypal OR in game for items) 1~ gold, more or less, depends on your offer Drake Set (Looking for prices and feelers on this one, will jump on it if it's a nice deal) Rare Oven Rare Stone Chisel (Enchanted, high QL) Rare Sailboat Rare Huge Axe, LT, N, High QL Rare Trowel Enchanted/High QL Rare Bear Helm QL doesn't matter, just want one Bulk Sandstone Bricks
  3. Brick & Mortar Services

    Thanks, ordered 2k bricks, fast delivery and no hiccups!
  4. WTB 120 Silver, 112 Euro.

    Found a seller. Thanks Rock
  5. WTB 120 Silver, 112 Euro.

    Title. Payment through paypal.
  6. The quest for my first artifact.

    Thanks for the kind words Ayes, a familiar name! And you're welcome to join us, EricThe. Our deed is a little off the common roads, but easy to navigate once you're familiar. Let me know if you end up deciding to join us.
  7. The quest for my first artifact.

    Hey, who is the one who owns a brown bear helm? Welcome aboard!!
  8. The quest for my first artifact.

    Thank-you for your kind words, but I don't see this as a roleplay initiative as such. I am on a journey to find an artifact in the lands of Xanadu. You say Wurm doesn't have anything to search for.. but have you searched for these things? They may very well be out there, and I believe they are, hence the journey. Thank-you again, though.
  9. The quest for my first artifact.

    This is my character. As you can see I am not lying about my powerful armor and helmet. My axe is also pictured, although too large to see on screen.
  10. The quest for my first artifact.

    Greetings. After returning to the game recently, and establishing a home west of Esteron, I have decided to step up my game. Previously, my goal was a bear hunt, as some of you may remember. It was eventually a success and I now don a crown (Brown Bear Helm) as my reward. After learning a few more things about the game, I was intrigued by the grand weapons and trinkets of old. Although a mighty friend, my Large Axe is beginning to dull, and will soon retire upon a weapon rack above my bed in my Manor once complete. However, a replacement must be found. Why settle for less than the best? I have decided I shall be the first person to unveil an Artifact on the Xanadu server. A mighty blade, fierce mace or perhaps even a successor to my Huge Axe. Who knows what I will uncover? If you wish to join my party, please report to my deed (Hawkwood Thicket) West of Esteron, Approx. 23, G. on the map. We will craft a wagon, and sailboat for our venture, and shovels will be supplied. You are welcome to bring your own supplies, and we may even stop off at shops and those who wish to aid along to quest to purchase finer items to help us along the way. It is suggested you bring some basic food supplies, Meats, Vegetables, Cotton etc. so we can cook rations for our journey, and craft bandages. A strong set of armor is also advised. Whilst I don a Brown Bear Helm, I am ironclad in a set of Steel plate Armor. A sharp blade is a must. Such mighty artifacts are bound to be found among powerful foes such as bears and wolves. Although we do have stocks of these items, you may wish to bring along extras and spares, in case we run dry a long the way, as it may be a long journey. Upon our return, any riches discovered a long the way will be split evenly among the party, and I shall wield the mighty artifact. Those who marched, rode and sailed alongside will be granted bountiful land nearby my deed. The first person to spot it will be offered the opportunity to wield my huge axe, and don my brown bear helm on the journey back. (must be returned upon completion of journey) Please message me in game (Tylenthus) or reply to this post if you wish to join, or assist in any matter. Kind and encouraging words are also appreciated. Thank-You, Tylenthus.
  11. I am going on a bear hunt!

    This is an old thread I hope I don't get into trouble for bumping.. I did get around to it, and I have managed to hunt a few bears down now. I don a Bear helmet now adays.. now I'm hunting a cow mask (Troll king crown) as I have found out about another animal hat I can wear. Are there any others?
  12. WTB Crown of the Troll King

    Not exactly sure what this is worth, but I am very keen to buy one, so if you have one please shoot me a PM, reply or hit me up in game (I am on Xanadu if that helps?) Thanks,
  13. I am going on a bear hunt!

    Sadly it hasn't taken place. I've been very busy out of game lately and haven't had the time to undergo the hunt!
  14. I am going on a bear hunt!

    Thanks! I found a mail box and received the salt.. last step is to find a bear, and take it on! Thanks again!
  15. I am going on a bear hunt!

    Hey awesome! I'm going to go on an adventure to find a mailbox (I think I can find one at the starting towns, right?) so I can get that salt!! Thanks so much! I will have ot make an awesome rug with it when I finally fight a bear. I will let you know when I do that!