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  1. Jenshae I have your horse

    Thank you, this was kind. We built a ship, drove it to the shore with those horses, we filled it up with stuff and then sailed it over to a friend's deed on another server. A starting point if we ever came back. Instead we have done a stint in Wurm Unlimited.
  2. RNG + combat next priorities, please.

    I hit the second life bit years ago and burnt out on it. Had played too many MMOs already to blindly keep playing Wurm. Now I pop in time to time but my stays are shorter and shorter (including more months but less played time). Core still rubs me the wrong way.
  3. RNG + combat next priorities, please.

    Made a meal, no fat, protein and such. Made another meal with the same components but fried and get stuff. Made a stew with many components to raise the difficulty ... bad nutrition ... less than a two component meal. Most of my group have stopped logging into Wurm, only three of us log on time to time now. Two of us to tend the crops and animals. One doing their own solo thing. Their gripes? Grind, combat and random qualities / results.
  4. RNG + combat next priorities, please.

    Could it be that we have a niche of the gaming demographic who like to complain about the RNG in this game?
  5. To people of Exodus

    Good that you asked Zig.
  6. Now we're cooking!

    Veg seems to have wild variations. Berries seem best so far.
  7. Now we're cooking!

    My group of friends are trying Wurm at the moment. They can't seem to cook and I can't really advise them. Surely, pottery + camp fires + foraged stuff + easy to kill meat or fish should be very low difficulty? We can't find a recipe under 20 diff yet and that has to use a frying pan, which is an iron hurdle. Found one now: [15:36:52] <Jenshae> Sausepan + blue berry + lingonberry + potato + oven = 8 difficulty. The book needs a reverse search. Like I had an egg ... but then I couldn't find a recipe by searching for egg.
  8. RNG + combat next priorities, please.

    For example: We could have weapon setups in slots and we could toggle between Tool Belt and Combat menu with the Tab key. Need a large weapon? Hit the number and pull your large axe out. Sword and shield? Another number. Two weapons? Another. Could toggle stances closer to the movement buttons. Could activate a Rift shoulder pad for a -50% ranged damage for 15 seconds with a cool down of 4 minutes. Q could target next nearest enemy.
  9. RNG + combat next priorities, please.

    If you want to be even more random then grab some static.
  10. RNG + combat next priorities, please.

    Waste of Web (WoW) and Anarchy Online have similar F1-F8 and 1-9 key combination, etc and making for more engaging combat, similar to how EVE works the ship modules.
  11. RNG + combat next priorities, please.

    EVE has probably the best PVP combat system I have played in an MMO and it is not a twitch game. RNG can be weighted on skill, so if you have 90 skill then you have more chance of making 70-90 QL items than 1-90 QL
  12. RNG + combat next priorities, please.

    Have all the people who get annoyed by the fundamental flaws quit already? There is not much dissent or agreement. Seems only apathy or complacency remain?
  13. Now we're cooking!

    We need tenderised meat when we punch animals to death!
  14. RNG + combat next priorities, please.

    More from the discussion.
  15. RNG + combat next priorities, please.

    There is some argument for the combat on PVP servers being more about strategy, land control and such rather than hand to hand combat tactics.