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  1. Aye a lot of container windows opened in this fashion are missing basic interface options.
  2. Last Post Wins

    Depends on which part of the US one is talking about. In some regions for example the h in herb is silent, and in others they actually pronounce it, the weirdos. Several other examples exist. Far as tv goes, the majority of newcasters traditionally were picked from people with Midwestern accents.
  3. Eh don't see anything wrong with any one particular god being favored over others in certain areas, especially player gods. Sme just happens to be more bloodthirsty than others atm.
  4. Would certainly be handy for saving screen real estate, and I hope it is in the UI overhaul.
  5. Eh already have the test servers for players to contribute to testing, assuming players log in. Even if one wanted to provide incentive for largescale live testing, Challenge would be more easily adapted to this role. Say measuring the impact on pvp from completely removing local to removing local's list of players until they say or do something to make themselves "seen". Though imho one can test for days and years, and still not be able to find every single bug. Especially in the codebases for mmo's.
  6. Last Post Wins

    Talking about gifs now?
  7. Books

    Adventures of the Saucy Argonian Maid?
  8. About one of the few things with any kind of "evil" aesthetic would be blacklighter towers, which can be purchased from Chaos. Assuming there's still sellers anyways. At least I believe the unfinished tower still retains the original kingdom even when finished by some other kd. Gravestones is another thought. They will even rename base on what corpse was buried. EDIT: Spiked barriers and thorn bushes are another thought. Sadly no impaled heads or skulls on stakes.
  9. I heard bartenders use to tell rumors about the green dragon.
  10. graveyards and areas with ALOT of player deaths recently. BL get to spawn more of them?