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  1. Hello, can u pls change the boat tunnel name in J19 Xanadu (currently named Ankh Tunnel in the map) to T&T Tunnel? Ankh used to be a village next to it, but they never helped building it
  2. Broken again...
  3. Hello, so not long ago the number of banners u can plant in the same tile was increased to 4 ... https://www.wurmonline.com/2017/02/24/5718/ Yet the game doesnt allow us to plant more then one in each tile... Fix pls. [17:09:16] You cannot plant that item here, since there is not enough space in front of you. [17:10:25] You cannot drop that item here, since there is not enough space in front of you.
  4. +1 My rare 99ql mask also took about .01 damage xD
  5. bump?
  6. Happy Bday
  7. -1 I actually enjoy using them in public events or alliance gatherings. Usually funny to turn into something else and run around
  8. Maybe u need to learn how to read lol Honestly is a TK, just me and my alts would be enough But hey guess what, I got friends.
  9. Lol no1 needed u any way bud. cya
  10. Hello every1. After looking for a bit of time, we managed to spot that green funky looking cow head in the woods of Cele. We decided to make it public for bloods, Stone cutting potions if Im not wrong. Fight will be at D 15. Just North of the small lake there. Deed is called Zaptojas. Due to start in Have fun yall
  11. Bump, happening everywhere still. Even if the toon is not moving. Hard to fix and hard to endure when it keeps causing a players death in different situations, where many times we have to pay from our own pocket to restore what ever stuff we lost when we died for a glicth. Oh and then for example if its a horse after we relog, we need to disembarq it, lead it again and embarq again, since after we relog if we try to move, it just turns not leaving the same place. Try to do that in combat tough....
  12. I reproduced this on my deed. Even asked a GM to remove it since it was in the center of a reinforced tunnel. What happen was I fully colapsed a tunnel to surface mine above it. Then like a couple hours later I reopen it as it was but at a lower level. 2 of the rock tiles I colapsed turned into sandstone My theory is lol when Wurm launched the sandstone veins, it didnt checked for open holes inside the mines, open mine tunnels. So if u colapse a hole that was a open rock floor ,and that tile got a sandstone vein when they were launched, instead of it becoming a rock tile, it will become a sandstone vein. Can always be wrong tough lol
  13. :s Maybe then cause one of the tiles that creates a border with the tile that Im trying to mine on deed, its off deed?
  14. So I was fixing a old tunnel inside my deed where I am the mayor and found a reinforced wall that I had to mine out. Just for the fun of it, I selected my mallet and clicked on the new option to build a wood clad cave wall just to see how it looked. It changed a third of the reinforced cave wall, becoming a Unfinished Wood Clad Reinforced Cave Wall. Then I only had a option to finish building it. Nothing else. So I did, hoping I could remove it after. Now its a Wood Clad Reinforced Cave Wall. If I try to mine it, it gives me the info "[15:10:43] The rock is too hard to mine." I was later told by Staff that it should be removable with a crowbar. So I crafted one and tryed to remove the reinforce just to find I had no option to do so with the crowbar activated. Seems Im not able to remove them even on deed being the mayor?