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  1. WTS Pie kits for goal

  2. WTS Pie kits for goal

    Pretty sure this is a WTS to peeps in freedom, for a product on Epic, since they can complete the goal there also...
  3. Up to 36Kg, at 1s per Kg 1Kg Source Liquid=1k Karma Selling all or by portions, pm me here or in game to Tuga pls.
  4. Reduce 24-hour timers...

    If u r refering to enchant grass or lava/erupt and so, its already less then 24h... I can usually reuse it about 21or 22h after the last use...
  5. Patch Notes 05/JUL/18

    Very nice work overall, love the skellies fix. Bugfix: Action on items will now consider height distance when determining if object is too far away. This will mean you can no longer access storage on higher floors and may require renovation of storage solutions Think that includes more then 50% of the players xD need to redo my workshop now
  6. People go invisible

    Still this post is refering to 2 bugs, not just one. And the You are 2 busy to do that bug, as been around in pvp for years. Team, pls stop ignoring it and try to fix it. Its really frustrating when u already try to set everything up for pvp to go well and the game gets u wacked by some bug. If I remember correctly that one only stops if u brake combat with all of ur enemys and move away, wich sometimes its not that easy to do if ur on foot for example. Every time the invisible bug happen with me was after we enter or exited a mine at the some point....
  7. Pristine Community Map

    Thanks for taking over Jonny, looks great. Pls add "Darkness Pass" to the map that connects the shore in O/P 8 to the pond in P 9. Its only 1 tile wide and with a couple more corners, but its pretty much like this and its open to the public and sailable with all ships Was made by mainly Kratk, but me and Ninjarubberduck helped out aswell.
  8. Forum Pw issue

    Had this problem with my account multiple times... Usually every time after I try to acess the forums from a dif comp or after I clear my browser history. Pass still saved on the browser and the forums say its wrong. Then on top of that, my Hotmail account doesnt receive the requests to change the pass. Usually always have to annoy a friendly Wurm Staff to solve it...
  9. We just slayed one recently on the islands just North West of Glass Hollow. Might be worth looking there...