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  1. Got it, guess I need to work on my butchering a bit more then
  2. Hello! So as it is, each beam got around 8 to 10 rifts mobs max guarding them. Each heart we burn after slaying all the mobs gives 5 damage to the jackal beam. That makes a total of from 40 to 60 damage max per beam. Not counting that, with low butcher skill, u dont always get hearts from the corpses. How are we supposed to get rid of it? Bash it out till its gone? Increase the damage made to beams by each heart we burn please.
  3. +1 no use for them, also if we can ride it, why cant we gear it
  4. -1 I also agree that they should stay as Jackal unique creatures.
  5. Certificate Issues

    Im having those certificate issues on my stable launcher since yesterdays update... Can only log on the low memory or the old client. Stable is a no go. Im running on Windows 10 btw
  6. Mine I have to say were the Lego sets as well. Pitty they cost a bucket full of money now or I would prob still build them from time to time
  7. Hello, so I got a store house with a bridge thats really buggy cause all the mobs that end up wondering on that bridge, end up inside the house itself... The house is finished, complete with a roof and all and locked doors, the mobs still wander inside. Then every time I enter the house, they attack me tru the diferent floors of the buildings. Its a 4 story house, and the 4th one is the roof. Got a bridge from the ground floor to the sec floor and another bridge from the ground floor to the third floor. The only acess to the 4th floor, the roof is only by ladders and I still get mobs up there...
  8. Mine are all secured to the ground on deed outside houses, server is Pristine and deed is Darkness Falls...
  9. Can confirm... marble brazier pillars also... [16:11:00] A decorative lamp head on a wooden post. The lamp (lit) has been firmly secured to the ground by Tuga. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.ro..lla'. Colors: R=15, G=236, B=205. Ql: 50.9657, Dam: 18.64. [16:08:38] A pillar with a golden brazier on the top. The marble brazier pillar (lit) has been firmly secured to the ground by Tuga. Ql: 57.87, Dam: 17.2801.
  10. Priests Alignment

    Thanks for the quick ninja fix Can close
  11. Hello, so just noticed that priests dont get alignment anymore when preaching. The followers gain it, but the priests dont, which makes it almost impossible to have a mix sermon group with WL and BL priests. Also doesnt make much sense that the followers gain alignment ticks, but the priest holding the sermon itself only gain faith or preaching skills. Wiki is saying that they should gain 5 points for holding a sermon, yet they gain none. Is this supposed to happen? Or just a bug?
  12. Poofing meat!

    Hello, so I got I fe champ mobs on deed that r my pets. I always feed them so they dont starve and die, by dropping meat where they stand. One thing I noticed since about 2 or 3 weeks ago is that the meat was disappearing very fast. So I noticed that if I drop the meat on the ground, after 2 or 3 days it just evaporates... Its not taking decay damage, it doesnt get to rotten or moldy or what ever, it just vanishes be4 taking any decay tick. Way to reproduce: drop meat on the ground on deed, check it daily and about 2 to 3 days later its gone. No decay on it on those 2 or 3 days. Fix please, got champs bashing hungry cause now i need to feed em every 2 to 3 days... Btw Im using 46.2ql horse meat...
  13. Also Libila being mainly a pvp priest, why is she the only God of all 10 in Wurm not having the Disintegrate spell?