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  1. My old supreme iron lantern, my first drum roll in wurm [14:48:11] A small iron box with wicker and a cannister for oil. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is hot. Colors: R=245, G=245, B=245. It could be improved with a lump. [14:48:11] A single steel rune of Vynora has been attached to it, so it will reduce damage taken (10%) Using both a 16ql and a rare 92ql steel and flint, theres no option to snuff or light it.
  2. Cant light my lantern :s missing a option to snuff or light it with the steel and flint selected
  3. Okay, sorry but this was not a wagoner bug. I got to the crate rack, dragged the crates from the rack to the wagon inventory. From the wagon inventory to a knarrs inventory and set sail. When I got to my destination, 90 dirt were missing from one of the crates. Went back to grab some more, did the exact same thing and it happen again.
  4. Ok twice already today. Got a crate rack in my store house with 30 crates full of dirt, 300 in each. For 2 times already I left the deed and one of the crates lost 90 of the 300 dirt. On the first time, it was a dirt delivery and I had to do it twice to complete it when I noticed 90 dirt were missing from one crate. Went back, grabbed another crate and open it to check the dirt it had. 300 Got to my destination 2 map tiles away and 90 dirt were missing from that same large crate that I double checked.
  5. Hello, ok this bug was never fixed. Instead of fixing it, the team sorted out a fix for what that bug caused. Instead of fixing the problem itself... But the bug is still there. Many times when we get on or off any veicle or animal, and that bug still persists, we reconnect, stop leading any animals we were leading, many times the image starts shaking and u just reconnect again... Any chances of fixing this bug itself instead of finding a fix for the problem that such bug caused?
  6. So once Zilbar went to my house and stole a bunch of stuff from my merchants. Like buying rare glimmer huge axes for 10c from my merchants and stuff. Fault was a bit mine since I forgot one of my doors unlocked to show the house to a friend just the night before. Still just cause u can, doesnt mean u should.. So anyways I added him and his alt Tera to my KOS list on my deed. This was like 6months ago or more. Yesterday I saw him posting in trades in my server (surely was looking for something to steal again) and I checked my KOS list to see if he was still there. Seems that when the highways were introduced, new perms were also introduced and KOS was auto disabled by the game.... So I checked my perms yesterday and enabled KOS again in my deed, KOS list was empty. I re added Zilbar and Teras name to the list and rechecked the deed reputations to see if their names would show now, wich they didnt! And I clicked on the perma button, reputation -100 Feb 5, 2018 12:35:59 AM Tuga adds Zilbar to the KOS warning list. Feb 5, 2018 12:35:06 AM Tuga adds Tera to the KOS warning list.
  7. These are worth more than 25s put a buyout for 40 if anyone else has one. Just to see if if Niki likes the type of posts shes leaving in auctions where she isnt even bidding.
  8. Edited
  9. Gratz on your banner To who should I cod it to pls?
  10. In my understanding, private bids or buy out bids should be accepted be4 the end of the auction... Not after it ends. If they were not accepted, then that means the current bid was the last accepted offer.
  11. U r correct xD Rectified the timer
  12. Got my reserve on the first bid, wasnt a Buyout. Auction is still going and the last bid was the first from Oblivion for 10s @Egard
  13. Ok, hes in a deed called "My Deed" in M/N 11 , In game map Right about there: