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  1. Poofing meat!

    Hello, so I got I fe champ mobs on deed that r my pets. I always feed them so they dont starve and die, by dropping meat where they stand. One thing I noticed since about 2 or 3 weeks ago is that the meat was disappearing very fast. So I noticed that if I drop the meat on the ground, after 2 or 3 days it just evaporates... Its not taking decay damage, it doesnt get to rotten or moldy or what ever, it just vanishes be4 taking any decay tick. Way to reproduce: drop meat on the ground on deed, check it daily and about 2 to 3 days later its gone. No decay on it on those 2 or 3 days. Fix please, got champs bashing hungry cause now i need to feed em every 2 to 3 days... Btw Im using 46.2ql horse meat...
  2. Increase libila passives

    Also Libila being mainly a pvp priest, why is she the only God of all 10 in Wurm not having the Disintegrate spell?
  3. Close

    I also share the opinion of others here, I think Ele should, but not the home servers. So I think the poll should be more complete with more voting options.
  4. OK, while I was afk inside a building, a stupid hellie slayed me by the wall!!! WTH! How long till this is fixed???? I just lost a ressurection stone in this, is the Wurm team paying it back??? [00:14:56] The marble barred wall blocks your attempt. [00:18:54] The marble barred wall blocks your attempt. About 5m of this crap with a hell horse slaying me till finally [00:18:55] You are dead. [00:18:55] Ethereal strands of web attach to your items and keep them safe, close to your spirit! [00:18:55] You are halted on the way to the netherworld by a dark spirit, demanding knowledge. [00:18:55] The spirit touches you and you feel drained. [00:18:55] The ancient symbol of the stone preserves your sanity and knowledge in the nether world. [00:18:55] Fighting decreased by 0,2500 to 99,4527 Thats only about 2 or 3 months killing creatures DAILY to get that skill back. Wurm at its best, BUGS reported with weeks passing by and no changes are made. This is a bug, will the wurm team compensate me by giving me back the skills I lost and giving me back another Res stone???? This bug was already reported more then 10 days ago, in the mean while new updates were made, why is this still a bug? I would really apreciate compensation for my losses, not like this game got a pause button and u can go afk whit out having to log off. Lost 5s in this stupid death caused by a bug not counting all my skills losses. HELP!!!! PS: Can provide any other logs to the team, like: [00:14:56] Venerable hell horse moves in to attack you. [00:15:22] You raise your shield and parry against venerable hell horse's kick. [00:18:55] Venerable hell horse kicks you hard in the right thigh and hurts it. [00:18:55] You are dead. Could had killed it with my bare hands if only I could hit it back like he was hitting me!
  5. The Screenshots Thread

    The top one is a dragon, the other 2 are dragon hatchlings that are now smaller like baby dragons
  6. [Fixed] Goals Completed

    Thanks @Budda :DDD
  7. [Fixed] Goals Completed

    Have u tryed a wall made of stone instead of slate?
  8. [Fixed] Goals Completed

    Same as me Jaz, only 8%. My achivments show well over 24k creatures slayed tough, just added them all. So now I got to slay more 18k? lol
  9. [Fixed] Goals Completed

    I also got 102 epic finalizer achivments.... Also slay 10 legendary creatures, shows 50% completed. From niarja: (Tuga has landed a hit in 258 Unique battle(s).) Ofc I also got them in my achivments.
  10. [Fixed] Goals Completed

    I got 779 achivments in Epic helper, so I took part in 779 missions right? My goal help with 50 missions shows 30% completed. So dont think its like that Oblivion...
  11. [Fixed] Goals Completed

    So how does the game only saves a few goals and not all? Example: Complete a colossus. ( my last one out of 3 was completed about a month back....) Shows as not finished. Example: Dye 100 things ( just dyed about 70 lamps on the last 3 days prior to this update) Shows 0% And many others. When a new goal appears, some stuff is done and completed already, while other stuff isnt recorded and shows as not completed. Is this a bug? Or how does it work?
  12. [Fixed] Movement while meditating

    Ok also noticed another one, many times when I move my vision clicking on the mouse to look around, it gimmes that same error of moving just by clicking on the mouse to move the toons eye sight...
  13. [Fixed] Movement while meditating

    Can confirm the same, usually when I switch clients in ALT+TAB. Soon as the new client appears, I get that message and I stop meditating whit out moving...
  14. [Fixed] Bugged Hellies

    It is, tyvm
  15. [Fixed] Bugged Hellies

    SO today after the restart, this is how my hell horses look: Tryed ro restart and still the same, got a friend in alliance complaining about the same...