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  1. At least confirmed with normal horses more then once already. They are crossing closed mine doors wandering off from closed mines... Both mines had rock doors btw.
  2. Oh ups xD Move to W.O. Section pls
  3. Ok so u target a mob, u kill it and then just move one or 2 times in the same area waiting for it to attack u again where the corpse is, the mob is still there. U keep fighting it as kind of a ghost, still gaining weapon skills and fighting skills(normal, aggressive, but not the actual fighting skill when it dies over and over again. Edit: Seems that it only happens with wolfs and lava spiders so far...
  4. Seems so :S
  5. Hey yall, the Goblin Leader is ready to slay and your all invited to come and land a hit, maybe get the Fearless title if u dont got it yet and get some bloods for mining potions Loot is private. Were gonna do this sunday afternoon in Pristine J 14, in game map. Deed is called Sneaky Goblino straight South on the highway, from the shore deed Clay Harbour. We should be doing this Sunday afternoon for me
  6. Thanks to both any ways. Changing it to true on the gamesettings file worked Think that option is missing in the new client tho...
  7. Thanks A friend suggested the same last night, but he tough I had to write it in the game console. I still cant seem to find that option on the client settings... Will do that.
  8. Exactly in what tab pls? Cause I really cant find it there :s Game? Graphics? Advanced graphics?
  9. Cant seem to be able to find the option to display my body in my inventory any where on the new client? :s I had a crash one of this days where it said gratz, u found a bug! (gratz?, what did I won? :p). So I relogged the client right away and noticed my settings had been reset, not really sure why. Now I cant find that same option any where...
  10. Hello, can u pls change the boat tunnel name in J19 Xanadu (currently named Ankh Tunnel in the map) to T&T Tunnel? Ankh used to be a village next to it, but they never helped building it
  11. Broken again...
  12. Hello, so not long ago the number of banners u can plant in the same tile was increased to 4 ... https://www.wurmonline.com/2017/02/24/5718/ Yet the game doesnt allow us to plant more then one in each tile... Fix pls. [17:09:16] You cannot plant that item here, since there is not enough space in front of you. [17:10:25] You cannot drop that item here, since there is not enough space in front of you.