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  1. I will work on fulfilling all outstanding orders ASAP but due to some real life developments I am not going to be around as often. I would like to apologize to everyone that has been waiting on deliveries over the course of roughly the past week. I will try and reach out to everyone this weekend in my limited playtime and follow up to see if the orders have been fulfilled in my absence. I will update the post with some names of players that fulfill specific orders on this page so that you may PM them if you have any requests. Thank you to the people that have placed orders and I look forward to being able to satisfy orders in the future. ElFlamaBlanca
  2. Added jewelry smithing to our list of available services, plenty of high QL cotton in stock!
  3. Have purchased many custom casts, always fast and excellent service. Highly recommended!
  4. Sent PM to discuss arrangements. Coastal Delivery of all products is now available.
  5. Will mail the horseshoe when I get home from work in roughly 5 hours. Thanks for the purchase!
  6. Reached out via PM to discuss as delivery is not available at this time.
  7. Welcome to Plebville Marketplace! DELIVERY Delivery services are local delivery to northern Cadence or coastal delivery to all servers for 1s. On orders over 10s delivery is included in the cost. CoD through mailbox is also an option upon request. Blanca's Bulk Crops CROP ORDERS I am currently accepting any order except Reed / Rice / Wheat. I am currently at 80+ farming so any requested orders will likely be in that area of QL. PRICING WAITING LIST CURRENT AVAILABLE STOCK Custom Affinity Pizzas Tremors' Lumps n Stuff Carpentry Items Smithing Other Wares Rare Items and Specials Location: G-16 of Cadence, north of Sonata.
  8. An update to this, we have also setup an alliance of the local deeds in the lands of north central Cadence. If you have a deed in the local area and want a group of about 10-20(at the moment) active players to chat with and work together let me know. We are currently working on getting some canals setup and highway construction in the local area.
  9. Excellent service, highly recommended just bought 3 horses! Will return for sure!