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  1. This sounds super cool, would totally support an update like this
  2. I can help out with imping armour sets 99.5 Shield Smithing 93 Chain armour smithing 91 Plate Armour Smithing
  3. Hey Bor! Would love to buy the Feed-my-deed package, thanks! Hope you're having a nice day
  4. WurmNode

    How about a fourth solution, STP with a modifier based on Strength/second in the charts, to show weapons such as huge axes or staves are faster to level than weapons such as shortswords and small mauls.
  5. Congrats on the win, who can I send it to?
  6. Hey! Would love an Awl, leather Knife and Needle at 90ql Can COD to Sweetserenade.
  7. Bump again, adding free chain and plate imping services up to 65ql.
  8. This is great to hear, good job to all the dev team for finding the issue and tracking it down! As a side note that may be at least a little relevant I have noticed Cadence tends to have the most people and especially new players seem to gravitate to it because it has specified if it is the "newest server", I was wondering if that message could be removed now as to help spread newer players around the other servers a bit and probably even help new player retention as I have seen many newer players mentioning the difficulty of finding a nice spot to settle there.
  9. WurmNode

    Oh okay that makes sense, thank you for explaining it a little more.