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  1. Ordered a butchering knife, sickle, and long sword imp, service was higher than expected and was much faster than I could have ever expected a person to be, can't expect anybody to provide a better or faster service.
  2. It gives more resources It seems prize winning Both are seen at 36 and could not be seen at 35.
  3. Hey Arno! Could I order one of your 80ql exquisite rugs please COD to sweetserenade Thanks.
  4. I have had the same bug and was unable to remove it too until a restart, still needs to be fixed. If it helps I got the bug while changing keybinds while fighting a champion troll
  5. If alts weren't so rampart this would be amazing, would love to go find that 1/50 player Fo priest to cast that legendary spell known as genesis, instead everybody just has their own priest and the exploration is gone.
  6. Why can't we find a way to rework genesis, I would love to have a horse with many different negative talents so the horse felt more like a secondary character that bites me, breaks leash etc once in a while, it provides amusing stories and the world to feel much more realistic. In exchange for the realism I am rewarded with the ability to have a few more traits so my best friend can be with me throughout even more, if not all of my Wurm life and adventures as he is able to perform every role... Negative traits literally turn an expendable horse into a best friend and I absolutely love the idea of that change.
  7. Tomes wanted Green Tome Slime of Uttacha Scroll of Binding Green Cherry Blood of the Angels PM Sweetserenade ingame or post here.
  8. Could I buy a 1ql 90+ CoC kitchen knife from you please?
  9. Congrats on winning Kyrah, I will contact you in game about the sale.
  10. Right now the titles listed for large metal shield and medium metal shield are both listed as though they are the same titles as light metal shield, the correct titles should be Medium Metal Shield Level 50: Sturdy Defender Level 70: Sturdy Bastion Level 90: Sturdy Bulwark Large Metal Shield Level 50: Sturdy Heavy Defender Level 70: Sturdy Heavy Bastion Level 90: Sturdy Heavy Bulwark
  11. Starting bid: 2s Increment (minimum): 50c Buyout: 10s Sniper Protection: 60 Minutes