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  1. Could I buy a 1ql 90+ CoC kitchen knife from you please?
  2. Congrats on winning Kyrah, I will contact you in game about the sale.
  3. Right now the titles listed for large metal shield and medium metal shield are both listed as though they are the same titles as light metal shield, the correct titles should be Medium Metal Shield Level 50: Sturdy Defender Level 70: Sturdy Bastion Level 90: Sturdy Bulwark Large Metal Shield Level 50: Sturdy Heavy Defender Level 70: Sturdy Heavy Bastion Level 90: Sturdy Heavy Bulwark
  4. Starting bid: 2s Increment (minimum): 50c Buyout: 10s Sniper Protection: 60 Minutes
  5. Each Wisdom of Vynora cast on myself provides significantly less sleep bonus than has been expected in the past, usually I could expect from 3-10 minutes of extra sleep but the last number of casts have gained a maximum of 2 minutes. This problem only seems to occur when casting on myself as other people receive the old amount. The least amount of fatigue I have had during any cast has been 4 hours, so I have had plenty of time to convert. The last (recorded) casts (please note the problem has remained unrecorded for a few days). 2:03 1:28 2:13 1:01 1:25
  6. Fast response, great attitude and instant delivery, high recommended.
  7. I am carefully optimistic, but I don't see how competitions can be added to Wurm in a balanced and fair way.
  8. Hey Oops so sorry, An iron maul would be fantastic and don't worry about duration I have no need for it within like the next week.