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  1. Perhaps theirs merit to take the secondary suggestion into account then and give the spell a calculation which is based off not only the repairing skill, but channeling as well?
  2. I have been thinking about suggesting this for a while, Fo's heals give healing skill because they supplement healing (I presume other gods do too though not sure) to me it seems as though it would be only consistent to similarly allow priests of Vynora to raise their repair skill through spells which do the same thing Eg, perform an action that a player could do without a spell. Similarly as a secondary suggestion I would love to see repair skill affect the durability loss of mend allowing the spell to be useful at all stages of the game because as of right now high repair skill will result in less durability loss than casting the spell itself. I think these changes would help Vynora become encouraged more at rifts and other difficult fights which require significant damage to weapons and armor as currently Vynora priests lack many of the powerful buffing or healing spells which every other god gets to use in combat and as a result are very much the stay at home priest which gets picked over any other priest for basically anything fighting related.
  3. Hey, I was wondering if you sell silver or gold horse shoes, or if you only sell iron Thanks.
  4. If you're still interested I am selling 12 for 2s each, F24 Cadence
  5. I have this problem too, soo annoying.
  6. I am looking for a 5 speed Ebony Black, I noticed you were currently out though.. Do you think you would have any estimation on how long until you might have one?
  7. I would be interested in a 80ql armor set. If you like I have a bunch of charcoal (350+ 21-35ql and growing daily) and 50 channeling as a Vynora priest if you would like to barter to reduce the price at all I would be happy to work something out.
  8. Sorry I didn't see the update, you can send it to Sweetserenade.
  9. Congratz!!! Only title I can think of is something like "The Right Hand"
  10. Selling 12 Sleep Powder for 2 silver each, PM SweetSerenade in game if you're interested... Will deliver.