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  1. My pleasure! I hope I an not setting myself to fail by trying to do that little extra from time to time.
  2. Of course, what is your in game name? UPDATE: based on my research I believe it is the same as your forum name. I have sent you the carving knife and you should have it by the time you log next.
  3. I do recognise that most probably want to keep their 80QL weapons at 80QL for bit longer than couple of uses so I ill do my best to do a few extra imps. Thank you for the positive feedback.
  4. Thank you. It was a pleasure doing business.
  5. Hello! My mission is to provide value of money, hassle free and on time weaponsmithing services. Goods & Services 80QL Iron Sickle / Carving Knife / Butcher Knife 1 Silver (In Stock) Weapons 1.5 Silver (Order Only) Imps 0.5 - 1.5 Silver Contact (In game) Pantha Thank You, Pantha
  6. I was really worried when the site went down. Also, I love you work and use the site all the time. Do you have an idea when you might release a new version with some of the ideas that have been suggested, in particular the ability to reload a saved recipe and be able to adjust it.
  7. Hello traveller, Magranon's Bay is located by a picturesque coast, our township is strategically situated, well protected and serves as a major hub to rest of the kingdom. We are a rapidly developing social community with a mix of new and experienced players. We are looking for new settlers who are keen to contribute to our thriving community by helping with planned projects, defending the The Kingdom and being nice folk in general. In return, you will be rewarded with access to numerous facilities and personal land within the deed to build. If you are interested come over for a chat. Pantha