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  1. That was an enjoyable read. Keep up the good work. Are your writing skills by any chance for hire. I have a bunch of weapons that I'd like to auction in the near future and I am willing to pay someone to write a bit of lore about it as well as name the weapon.
  2. @Reverent Let's up the cast on this fine rare brush to 90+ woa/coc. Bill me but send it back to Grumpylith. I will be mailing you the item after I finish imping it.
  3. Great work! Thank you for this awesome accessway.
  4. That seems to be the case. This is not a good buying experience for me. I'm out. Cheers.
  5. That was fun, thank you all for coming.
  6. Thank you for that. I thought about connecting it to the highway. I just didn't get a chance to do it.
  7. I hope people are not having too much trouble finding the location. I did my best to sign it.
  8. Thank you for this much needed slaying.
  9. I have made you an offer but I am unsure whether you are accepting it or not.
  10. Very nice . I was wondering why you had Legendary Demise on it. It would be a pleasure to have you at the slaying. UPDATE: I fixed the location. It should be spot on now. Also, in game I made a short road leading from the highway as well as signed it so people can't miss it. Credits to Votherheim for the wonderful red dye.
  11. 3s each for red hatching blood and willing to take the lot. If you agree COD to Pantha.
  12. My pleasure. I never thought I'd ever find one but one thing was for sure, if I did I would do what's best for our wonderful small community.
  13. Let's Dance Please join us for another party. Everyone is Welcome! Where:,1139 Deed name: Reddragonparty (It is not on the highway) but not far from it. When: Credits: Special thanks to Aldurair, Syuffeael, Aleck, Votherheim, Rainbowtigress, Execution and Grumpylith for helping trap and set up the pen. Last but not least special thanks to Oriana for giving me a reason to get out of my workshop. Kind Regards, Master Weaponsmith Pantha
  14. All done and sent back. Thank you very much.