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  1. Sorry guys. I am taking abit of a break from Wurm. I will see if I can get a friend of mine to reachout.
  2. Not a problem. All 5 books sent. Cheers. [17:54:59] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Harrycative in less than ten minutes.
  3. Sorry to hear about your father and thank you for sharing this information. That is understandable. Glad the books helped.
  4. I can send these to you soon but this is where I need to ask you something. In the past you have taken a friend of mines item and ghosted for months/weeks. What assurance do I have that this wont occur again?
  5. I dont need to get paid for everything. This is something I want to give back to the community. Once you have the paper I will send you the books. If you didnt know you also need a reed pen and about 5kg dye (any ql).
  6. Hello fellow Harmonians! I have been working on my journal entries and some can be a real pain, such as having to learn 250 & 500 cooking recipes. The best part of it is that once learnt, they can be shared. So, sharing is caring. Below 5 books contain 410 recipes which will get your Cookbook to contain over 500. This is enough for both journal entries (Going the Distance & Destination Unknown). In order to borrow the books you must agree to following fair use terms: Must have sufficient paper prior to borrowing (410+) Learn, rewrite all the recipes and return 5 books with 410 or more unique recipes within 3 days. If that suits you please reply in this thread with your request. Thank You, Pantha
  7. My pleasure friend. Thank you for the business. Sure thing. Please give me half a day or so. Cheers. UPDATE: All done and sent. Thank you.