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  1. I will send some over shortly. Thank you. UPDATE: All done and sent. Cheers.
  2. Cheers! Thank you for the opportunity to do work on your weapon. I hope to see you again in the future.
  3. Cheers. All done and sent. Thank you for your business once again.
  4. Thank you for order. The work is 2s due to high prices of steel. Please confirm if that is ok and I will proceed with the order.
  5. I highly recommend supporting Motec in his quest to obtain better tools. He is a top bloke who loves to help this community and is dedicated to his carpentry/FC. @MoTeC, you can scratch that Rare Carving knife off your list.
  6. Thank you for the order. All done and sent. Cheers.
  7. I will be on shortly and message you in private. Cheers.
  8. Sure thing. I will get this done in the next few hours. Thank you. UPDATE: Sent. Cheers.
  9. Thank you. It won't be too long. UPDATE: All done.
  10. Yes, it seems to be the case ever since combat patch. I will start on this shortly. Thank you. UPDATE: All done. Cheers
  11. Unfortunately I will not be available when the Red Dragon Hatchling is slain however I am creating this post in advance. I would like to buy all of your Red Dragon Hatchling Blood @ 2s each. Feel free to COD to Pantha without need to contact me. Thank you very much. For those of you wondering when the slaying is happening please see following thread:
  12. @BorstaskorThank you for sharing this unique. Is there a way I can pre order some of the blood. Sadly, this slaying is way too early for me. UPDATE: Created WTB Post for your blood.