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Found 145 results

  1. PC/WTS Full white drake set + AosP, 82s (or 82e via PayPal)
  2. Good afternoon/evening! I am offering my red scale set for sale. Between 80-92ql and has the chest/legs rare, 90+ AoSP on all pieces. Currently dyed black. Can throw in a rare great helm to complete. Looking for 220 euros. Will not take silver as payment. Can send a picture with more details, will reply to PM's only. Allenkey SOLD
  3. Welcome to Ravenholm Market! You name the price! Offering BS imps up to 80QL and bulk crafting for lamps etc, PM Nether in-game! Enchanted Armours for sale: Plate armour 77ql plate gauntlet, steel 70aosp 75ql plate gauntlet, steel 67aosp 75ql plate sabaton, steel 68aosp 75ql plate sabaton, steel 65aosp 74ql basinet helm, steel 70aosp SOLD 76ql plate vambrace, steel 77aosp 72ql plate vambrace, steel 74aosp 72ql plate vambrace, steel 62aosp 68ql plate vambrace, steel 76aosp 69ql breast plate, steel 40aosp 68ql plate leggings, steel 43aosp Shields 73ql medium metal shield, iron 33coc 70ql large metal shield, iron 85coc Chain armour 40ql supreme chain coif, iron SOLD 70ql chain gauntlet, iron 84aosp 70ql chain gauntlet, iron 48aosp 70ql chain boots, iron 78aosp 70ql chain boots, iron 67aosp 70ql chain sleeve, iron 98aosp 70ql chain sleeve, iron 48aosp 71ql chain pants, iron 83aosp 70ql chain jacket, iron 75aosp 70ql chain coif, iron 75aosp Studded and Cloth armour 89ql studded gloves 73aosp SOLD 87ql studded gloves 68aosp SOLD 89ql studded boots 79aosp SOLD 87ql studded boots 83aosp SOLD 70ql studded sleeve 70aosp SOLD 70ql studded sleeve 66aosp SOLD 71ql studded jacket 78aosp SOLD 70ql studded pants 60aosp SOLD 70ql studded leather cap 80aosp SOLD 71ql leather adventurer hat 78aosp 71ql cloth hood, cotton 65aosp 70ql black cloth sleeve, cotton 85aosp 71ql black cloth sleeve, cotton 83aosp Enchanted Weapons for sale: 69ql small maul, iron 85nimb, 54LT, 91coc, 58MS and self healer's demise 68ql long bow, willow 40nimb, 53coc SOLD Enchanted Tools for sale: 73ql stone chisel, iron 80botd SOLD 71ql pickaxe, iron 85coc 79ql pickaxe, iron 67coc 71ql shovel, steel 78coc 76ql shovel, iron 69coc 74ql shovel, iron 64woa 72ql carving knife, iron 76coc 68ql carving knife, iron 53botd 71ql mallet, oakenwood 57botd 2ql meditation rug, cotton 84coc 48ql rare grindstone 94coc Decorations: Will be added soon!
  4. With my constant service expansions, it seems my old Dragon Beard Markets thread is getting to large to successfully update to a single post anymore as a result i am trying this new format out, basically breaking the thread into multiple posts. please update your bookmarks with the new URL below, and thank you all.
  5. Starting bid 35s Increments 1s No buyout No sniper No reserve ~~ Full rare ~~ High quality steel ~~ AOSP 90+ every piece ~~ Weight reduced to 18.45kg ~~ ~~~ GOOD LUCK EVERYONE ~~~~
  6. Starting bid 5s Increments 1s Buyout 9s No sniper No reserve ~~~ GOOD LUCK EVERYONE ~~~~
  7. Looking to buy a black dragon scale armour set. QL, enchants, rarity and runes optional. I am serious about buying. Verified PayPal. PM me in-game or on the forums. I'm giving up trying to find this...
  8. Set1 = 7s sold Set2 = 8s sold Set3 = 9s Set4 = 10s Set5 = 13s
  9. A single steel rune of Vynora has been attached to it, so it will reduce damage taken (10%) Starting bid: 20s/€ Increments: 5s/€ Reserve: 60s Buyout: 99s/€ Sniper: 30 min
  10. intersted in prices of these items nowdays can cod them to people if offers are reasonable.
  11. Hello Everyone, I would like to sell the plate set I've been using for a while now, it served me well As the title says the set is all QL 85+, though some items have damage on them. The damage is to little to mend/repair, in my opinion that would be a waste of quality. Plate gauntlet (1): QL 85.97 with 0.55 dmg and Aosp 89 Plate gauntlet (2): QL 85.86 with 0.36 dmg and Aosp 85 Breat plate: QL 85.44 with 7.68 dmg and Aosp 80 Plate sabaton (1): QL 85.24 with 0.29 dmg and Aosp 81 Plate sabaton (2): QL 85.54 with 0.10 dmg and Aosp 84 Great helm: QL 85.24 with 2.00 dmg and Aosp 86 Plate vambraces (1): QL 85.96 with 1.77 dmg and Aosp 85 Plate vambraces (2): QL 85.66 with 2.81 dmg and Aosp 81 Plate leggings: QL 85.93 with 5.95 dmg and Aosp 82 Set total Aosp: 753 (average of 83.67 an item) Starting Bid: 4s Increments: 50c Buyout: 9s Reserve: 6s Snipe-protection: 1 hour
  12. rare plate gauntlet, steel (a92) - 2s [16:38:21] A glove made from small metal plates. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. You need to temper the plate gauntlet by dipping it in water while it's hot. [16:38:21] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.as.irama'. [16:38:21] Aura of shared pain has been cast on it, so it may hurt creatures hitting the wearer. [92] rare plate gauntlet, steel (a92) - 2s [16:38:42] A glove made from small metal plates. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. [16:38:42] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.as.irama'. [16:38:42] Aura of shared pain has been cast on it, so it may hurt creatures hitting the wearer. [92] Yes, that's only 4s for this enchanted pair.
  13. SOLD Price on the set has been reduced to 6.5s firm. You can contact me in the future for imping services as I'm 86.64 platesmithing.
  14. As the title lists I am looking to sell the following Drake Set! Please PM or Post below! -= Looking for 95s obo =-
  15. ***** SOLD TO Mrjay ***** 82QL Steel Plate Armour Set #1 90+ AOSP All Pieces - 858 AOSP Total Price: 7 silver ***** SOLD TO Costume***** 82QL Steel Plate Armour Set #2 90+ AOSP All Pieces - 848 AOSP Total Price: 6.5 silver ***** SOLD TO Costume***** 82QL Steel Plate Armour Set #3 90+ AOSP All Pieces - 842 AOSP Total Price: 6.5 silver 82QL Steel Plate Armour Set #4 80+ AOSP All Pieces - 783 AOSP Total INCLUDES FREE 69QL Large Shield Price: 6 silver All plate armour sets will be mailed in a backpack from 100 cast mailbox. PM me on the forum if I'm not online.
  16. 80QL Supreme chain pants. 44Aosp. Starting bid 3s Increment 1s. Sniper Protection 1 hour.
  17. I have a 75ql chain set with aosp. Send offers on the chain. .
  18. Need protection that fights back? 81ql steel plate set with 772 total AOSP (8s) Also a few other items: 46ql tin lunchbox (50c) 73ql shovel, iron C72W53 (50c) 72ql hammer, iron C38W34 (40c)
  19. Hey guys, enchantments are in the name of each part! Starting: 50c Increment: 50c Ends in 24hours Mag = Mag protected AoSP = Shared pain VH = Vynora Hand Tyvm in advance
  20. SOLD, Can be closed. Green Drake set with rare boot and 653 total AoSP for sale. Drake armor pieces between 85ql - 90ql. Price: 89 silver Buyer responsible for COD costs. Thank you.
  21. Welcome to Skyfall Enchantments Market Every business starts slow, and so does this one. My goal is to provide you with the best enchanted items on the market, for the best price! Mailing is ALWAYS for free! !SILVERS FOR SALE! Limited time offer: *** 10c discount on all butchering knife n grooming brushes *** (The discount is not showed in the price) Example; item price = 79c Limited time offer price = 69c!! !Offer of the month! "Buy for more than 12.5s and get a free corbita" !Silver sale! No silvers for sale atm... !CHECK OUT ALL THE NEW ITEMS! Enchanted tools: Butchering Knifes, iron: Cotton, Exquisite meditation rug, cotton: File, iron: Grooming brush, oak: Hammer, iron: Hatchet, iron: Iron lumps: Key, copper: Kindlings, pinewood: Large anvil, iron: Mallet, oak: Needle, iron: Pelt: Pickaxe, iron Pickaxe, steel: Rake, iron: Rope tool, cedar: Rope tool, oak: Saw, iron Sickle, iron Small anvil, iron Shovel, iron: Shovel, steel: Spindle, cedar: Spindle, oak: Steel and flint: Stone Chisel: Water: Whetstone: Yo-yo, pine Shields, armour (also horse wearing) and weapons: Large Shield, iron: Saddle, leather: Rift loot / unique items: Bracelets: Shoulder pads: Blacksmithing imps: 90ql - 89c 80ql - 49c 70ql - 35c 60ql - 19c 50ql - 9c Please note, that if your item increases rarity, I'll add a extra charge. Costom vynora casts: I can do casts above 90+! For prices please PM. Mining service: Payment: I do accept paypal - 1s/1e! I'm always open for trades! **I'm looking for Referrals 5s/1 ** **I'm looking for Sleep powder 1s/1** - Items will be added daily! Best regards Giblet, Skyfall
  22. Hello! As in title. PM me by forum or ingame Drqsman! Price 6S !!!