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  1. Good deal! Thanks for imping my leather knickers to keep my goods safe during maneuvering.
  2. 65 S - Reverent. We are trending towards price of the base mats.
  3. I don't mind the competitive aspect that leads to a select group being able to find and hunt most of the dragons. I do mind the mechanics that allow said groups to contain and restrict these uniques for an extended period of time, depriving the populace of opportunity. Unique spawns should occur more frequently and randomly. "Penned" dragons should not be so complacent.
  4. 22 Silver. Sorry for edging you out Jaelus \\ Reverent
  5. Thanks for the business everyone. I have now instated package deals and will be adding a large "Skill tools" package soon.
  6. I agree a hybridized subscription model probably makes sense at this point. Look to Albion online as an effective implementation. Ultimately I think the diminutive player count reflects a lack of ongoing content, being a direct result of the content being (comparatively) hard to implement. That is a structural issue.
  7. All sent. Soon to hit benediction, so prices may drop and custom casting tiers may expand ^_^~
  8. That's a fine boy. 35 Silver
  9. Saddle not sold unless Enniskillen is willing to match auction price of 65 Silver.