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  1. All sent. Soon to hit benediction, so prices may drop and custom casting tiers may expand ^_^~
  2. Saddle not sold unless Enniskillen is willing to match auction price of 65 Silver.
  3. 65 S. Its basically if enniskillen plans to sell its the number
  4. 60 silver. While a reserve price holds a place in market psychology, it's use on a forum with limited eyes is a bit muted. Honestly It makes me not want to engage, knowing it should basically be a 1G bid, or not at all.
  5. Sorry Vol - 65 Silver. - Reverent
  6. Not so Mobile Scaffolding? 4 Shafts 2 Planks 1Rope. Disassembles with a single click? OSHA intensifies.
  7. 40182 instances of "You start to Pray" in my logs. That's about 280 Hours of prayer. Thats to hit ~56 prayer. Tell me again how you came to your estimate? 8117 Times just in December I have real world data that suggests you numbers are off by an exponential amount. I can also bring up my old Freedom priest, who after also expending hundreds of hours trying to do it the right way, I cheesed it on epic to finish it off.
  8. I can bring up my logs, but I am certain I had hundreds of hours praying and ended up around 56 prayer before the original changes. Without epic, or praying as a layman, prayer used to be a tall task for an actual priest. (Even at the water, even with food, even with SB)
  9. The Hours count sounds wrong. Before the major update it was something disgusting, in the hundreds of hours. After the update I'd estimate it to be at 40-50 with food, SB. After this latest update... not sure.
  10. [21:00:07] As the Rite of Spring is completed, followers of Vynora may now receive a blessing! For Vynora Followers / Priests, you have 24 hours from 9:00PM EST to pray on Melody and receive up to 5 hours of Sleep Bonus. Congratulations to the Six priests who got journal credit for participating.