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  1. Good afternoon, As a priest only, there may be a delay for ql requests. What item are you looking for? Understood. A compass request One has been sent. Thank you!
  2. Not a problem. Some of these are perishable and not on hand. I will get them made up, cast, and out to you after work. Rev-
  3. Will get these last three sorted when back from work. I generally just like the posts as they get completed. Thanks all, Rev-
  4. 12s reverent
  5. That's a good name. 21 S - Reverent
  6. Thank you. This has been sent as 16 combined master ropes 3.12s each including the COD. (49.92 to your door). [17:03:00] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to reach Bauk in less than ten minutes.
  7. Auction ended: Buyout Up for Auction: 1000 pcs x 99.77 Quality Cordage ropes. 25,800 total favor when sacrificed, regardless of religion. Includes mailed cost. Starting bid: 25 Silver Minimum increment: 1 Silver Reserve: No Duration: Days Sniper :10 Minutes Buyout: 50 Silver.
  8. Recent Removals

    Who will watch the watchmen? I understand GM's cannot have an air of impropriety. That being said, the crowd is never patient.
  9. It should be anonymized by default and opt in to public disclosure. They already have dump capability so it shouldn't be awful to script.