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  1. 15 Silvery-doos Reverent-
  2. May your bridge grow ever longer. 12s rev
  3. Upon taking drowning damage, auto-walk should stop. Should be an easy job. This is the bane of unskilled multi-taskers.
  4. Yes to this idea, but have the function act as a sink. The circle can work with karma, but also fueled by mass goods. Make sure its balancedl. Assign a value to items and quantity of junk like woodscraps or hundreds of ore.
  5. It would be quite difficult for me to yield a double casted head. I must suggest botd from someone like volladol or vorlox.
  6. Not yet? I know I have supreme tin plate pants.
  7. Coffee horses and supreme armor of inferiour metal type.
  8. I will rectify this. 3s Rev
  9. Actually saved me coming back from work. 31S -Rev "Sniper protection: optional. When bidding gets fast paced and heated toward the end of the auction, sniper protection will extend the auction by a set time after the last bid. For example, if there are 2 minutes left in the auction, with a 1-hour sniper protection, and someone places a new high bid, the auction is extended by 1 hour. If another bid comes in after that, the auction is extended again by 1 hour from the time of the bid, and so on, until there are no more bids within an hour of the last one. The sniper protection time frame may be set to any number, though should be kept reasonable. "
  10. Sniper protect in play. 24S