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  1. Please no eggplants and dook in the trade chat. + 1 for village, alliance, and local.
  2. I just made a blight upon the earth packing a grid due to the "x" being off by a matter of 12 squares east. I had absolute granularity on my position thanks to two squares of exposed rock. Maybe if the "x" is inaccurate make it slovenly as if an inebriated person wrote it? Maybe make a mercy component? Search x# of times within n# radius and you get a "gut feeling" the treasure may be east.
  3. Treasure hunting is definitely imprecise. I have a strong suspicion the tower I am supposed to find "Tarkiss 906" on Melody has rotted away and no longer exists. If possible Devs, please confirm. I too have noticed there is a variance on both "X" placement and display of pavement on other maps. Rev-
  4. 6: 50s 8: 25s Reverent Also a sniper delay is needed or this post will become a super-mess in the last minute.
  5. 6 - 40 S 8 - 20 S 9 - 10 S The original post should be updated to reflect the latest bids :). Reverent-
  6. The problem with institutionalizing sales is you train your customers to expect/wait for sales. If they were going to buy the product anyway, effectively you damper revenue. Look what you've created.