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  1. I don't sleep often. But when I do, I prefer dos bonus'.
  2. This makes as much sense as digging them up. I'd make it the same probability, so its a nice one off bonus on occasion.
  3. All Good. I didn't see it here. 3s for wemp
  4. I always send out the highest cast in its class on hand when ordering a 40, 50, or 60 without upcharge. EX order a 40 , get a 47. The more you know!
  5. Normal for me. Radeon 570X
  6. Revamped price structure to reflect capitalism ho-. 40 CoC+ Items for only 20 copper each. Cheapest my cheap eyes see.
  7. 1.2k wemp

    2.5 Silver Reverent-
  8. Please CoD to Reverent. Thank you
  9. Yes! Or, you know, fix the alignment system?
  10. I'm confused! Why is everyone ragging on this update? This is about as good as we were ever going to get it. 1: Effectively they gave us 15 second sacrifice actions. 2: Some overage is now recouped instead of wasted. **Storing in the pool is basically not useful due to losses, but so what. This is still an improvement. A nice step forward.