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  1. Please note the following folks: 1: CoC+ WoA requests are essentially a precast + custom cast price. In most cases, its cheaper to get BotD from a Lib priest. While I have fulfilled some orders, please make sure you are making cost-appropriate decisions. 2: I main a priest and have a priest alt. Therefore I can't imp and have to farm out all higher than creation ql requests or bum from village mates. Kind Regards, Rev-
  2. I go to sleep thinking I'm good. But wait! A thief! (just kidding)
  3. Unbreakable. -just don't expose to water.
  4. 1: more content. 2: more logical grinding if not perhaps faster skillgain. 3: more gated content to take advantage of higher skill.
  5. A surge of alts will skew the picture. The red and White dragon slayings on NFI were widely attended by numerous alts. Some players ran a dozen.