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Found 9 results

  1. One stop shopping! We are located at Cadence O17, on the highway system! Delivery can also be arranged! **Contact Chaosmeow in game** Pizzas - Affinity and Filler Carpentry Fine Carpentry Blacksmithing Masonry Priest Services Leatherworking Cloth Tailoring Pottery Ropemaking Archaeology Sprouts We can get most sprouts that are requested. Sprouts are 1c each, except oak and willow which are 3c each. Animals For Sale If you need a product or service that isn't on this list, please contact me in game (Chaosmeow), or post here.
  2. Hi, looking for information about brewing and beverage making for affinities. I know there’s a lot accounting for meals but would love to get my hands on info on making affinity booze and teas. Let me start off with the things I know: Aging Wine and Alcohol: Oak barrels give a small boost to aging distilled alcohol and wine. Being on deed, underground inside a building gives a major boost to aging distilled alcohol and wine. Changes to end Affinity: Rare stills add +1 to the affinity of alcohol made inside them. Green grape juice adds +13 to a recipe for affinites. Salty Water adds +16 where as water adds +6 for affinities Pre-fermentation Alcohol affinities follow normal cooking rules for affinities When adding ingredients the amount of water doesn't change the affinity but each other ingredient extra does. When filling a container with several different batches of gin, It always takes the affinity of whatever was inside the container first. I assume it works this way for all drinks but have not tested beyond alcohol. Rare barrels do not affect fermentation end affinity. Beers, ales and the like have a set affinity each one gives.
  3. Due to some changes in my availability I am temporarily stopping all orders. Hopefully I can reopen around the end of the month or next month. At which time the menu/pricing will also be changing. Pylean Pizza & Trade Emporium Located on Independence, Kinoss Bay (p11 ingame, 14x48y community map) This thread is currently under construction, please keep checking back for updates and new offers! To get in touch please contact me through forum PM, or in-game on Tek Please read and be aware of the following: *Please be sure before ordering at your character has the "fixed cooking affinity" checked ON in your characters profile. To check this open your character screen, right click the body at the bottom left, manage, profile. It should be checked as ON, with no OFF option showing any longer. *Mistakes can happen, should a pizza turn out incorrectly please let me know and I will send a replacement. If due to my mistake no extra charges will be made and you get to keep the incorrect pizza. If the mistake is due to an unfixed character a replacement can be made but an extra cost will be applied. This will all be discussed if the situation does arise. *While I try to get to all orders quickly, I do have less time currently then usual. The best way to order is through forum PM. If you are in a rush you can try an ingame PM and see if I am online but the best way will be a forum PM and I will get to it as soon as I can. Usually thats within a few hours, but sometimes can be up to a day or two depending on life and my current order list. *Best storage for pizzas would be a large magical chest. *Just do ONE bite (Have your cancel/escape ready, eat, and immediately cancel the action) this will give the most affinity timer using just 0.03kg. Bites past the first give less timer per bite so best method is just do a single bite per pizza, and then wait until the timer is fully finished before doing a bite of the same again. How to order: Verify that your character is fixed affinities Contact Tek ingame or through forum PM, a tester will be mailed to you. Right click it and "taste" then copy the message it gives to me. This is for first time orders only, I save all of the information for future ordering. Specify your order and it will be mailed to you once ready Menu: (*99ql is the usual ql they come out at, however as the rolls for ql upon cooking can sometimes roll low ql may vary, it will never be below 90ql) Custom Affinity Pizza: I pride myself on aiming to make the best available pizzas. Each pizza is around 99 quality, at least 20kg in weight, and to give at least a 35 hour affinity timer and full CCFP from a single 0.03kg bite. That's over 20,000 hours per pizza! Targeted to the affinity of your choice. Always wrapped prior to mailing. Custom Pizzas are currently 50c each Random Affinity / CCFP Pizzas: These pizzas are not custom and will give a random affinity. 99ql and single bite full CCFP. Available in a few options: 2KG Slices for 4c/each or 20kg full pizza for 35c/each. Sometimes these are carried in stock, and sometimes made to order. Additional Services and Trades coming soon! [Below Temporary Upcoming Pricing Menu - Not yet in Use but should go live by end of July] Menu Custom Affinity Pizza Around 99ql, all pizzas will give a minimum of 35 hours of affinity timer per bite. Using your taster profile this can be targeted to the affinity of your choice. These pizzas also provide one bite full CCFP. 20kg+ Full Pizza - That is at least 665 bites per pizza, meaning at least 24,000 hours of affinity timer per pizza! - Price = under reflection based on going rates for overall hours of timer. 2kg Slice - One single slice can provide 66 bites, meaning at least 2,300 hours of affinity timer per slice! - Price = 10c each CCFP Pizza Around 99ql, all pizzas will give one bite full CCFP. These pizzas will be random affinity of random timer. The purpose of these pizzas is purely to fill the CCFP with one bite. 20kg+ Full Pizza - That is at least 665 bites per pizza - Price = 35c 2kg Slice - One single slice can provide 66 bites! - Price = 4c each Filler Pizza Around 99ql, these pizzas are designed to fill the hunger bar. CCFP may vary though should fill easily. Random affinity and timer. 20kg+ Full Pizza - That is at least 665 bites per pizza, meaning at least 24,000 hours of affinity timer per pizza! - Price = under reflection based on going rates for overall hours of timer. 2kg Slice - One single slice can provide 66 bites, meaning at least 2,300 hours of affinity timer per slice! - Price = 10c each *Best use method is to use custom affinity timer pizza just for the 1 bite timers, then 1 bite CCFP pizzas as needed. Then use fillers just as main food bar filler as needed.
  4. I have thought about it for a while and think it's time to pass my code for cooking 100% guaranteed affinity meals onto someone else. It's not going to be cheap, but I will supply all my easy to use HTML/JavaScript files, my quirky advertising files, list of hundreds of already tested players and support for you setting up. Will also send any requests for food to you. I will promise to only use it for myself and friends and not ever share or sell it again(asking me to delete my local version will bump the price up).
  5. We sell Full house pizza with lightning fast delivery time and great customer service assuring 100% satisfaction! 🍕Full CCFP pizza 🎲Random affinity, 21+ hours of affinity timer, 90+ nutrition value 20 copper / 2kg portion 15 copper / 2kg portion for orders of 4+ 2kg portions Unlimited quantities Just ingame message /tell Bhorissviahnn or /tell Dhoulmagus to order anytime you are hungry! 🎯Custom affinity pizza, 21+ hours of affinity timer, 90+ nutrition value 75 copper / 2kg pizza 1.25 silver / 4kg pizza 1.75 silver / 6kg pizza 2.25 silver / 8kg pizza 2.75 silver / 10kg pizza 3 silver / 12kg pizza ❗Only 30 custom pizzas per week can be cooked, so availability is limited. As you may have noticed, a lot of people offering custom affinity pizza have stopped offering them because it's a LOT of work. Our way to continue offering pizzas is by making sure we limit ourselves to a sane amount of demand. Thank you for your understanding. 🗓️Week periods 2021-01-30 to 2021-02-05: 24 custom pizzas available --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you ordered with us before, you only need to send ingame message /tell Bhorissviahnn or /tell Dhoulmagus with the skill affinity you want and portion size. If you are a new customer, ingame message /tell Bhorissviahnn or /tell Dhoulmagus to receive a test meal in less than 6 minutes. This will allow us to discover your secret ID and then custom cook a delicious pizza for your desired affinity skill!
  6. Welcome to Plebville Marketplace! DELIVERY Delivery services are local delivery to northern Cadence or coastal delivery to all servers for 1s. On orders over 10s delivery is included in the cost. CoD through mailbox is also an option upon request. Blanca's Bulk Crops CROP ORDERS I am currently accepting any order except Reed / Rice / Wheat. I am currently at 80+ farming so any requested orders will likely be in that area of QL. PRICING WAITING LIST CURRENT AVAILABLE STOCK Custom Affinity Pizzas Tremors' Lumps n Stuff Carpentry Items Smithing Other Wares Rare Items and Specials Location: G-16 of Cadence, north of Sonata.
  7. This has been identified (thanks for the help from others) as a problem with transferring chopped things between FSBs. If you always keep your chopped things in the same FSB and always have, it's not an issue. However, after a few rounds of experimentation (I won't bore you with the details) I found a fix if you've broken your chopped ingredients. Pull everything chopped out of your FSB, into your inventory or other non-bulk container. Freshly chop a non-chopped item of each, and put it into the FSB that has been emptied of chopped things. Now drop your chopped things back in on top. Timers should be back to normal. I have checked this three times and it seems to work. [Putting new chopped things on top of a "broken" stack does not work, FSB has to be empty of "chopped" things and receive a freshly chopped thing to reset it - no, I don't understand this but I'm sure somehow it makes sense in the code] Original post: So, I've been making affinity foods on Harmony for a couple weeks now (having done it for years in WU). My recent recipe combination generally gives between 4-6 hours of affinity time on a 0.03kg bite. As well as testing them myself, I have several clients who have confirmed this in the thread here: This morning I cooked two meals that were fine (4+ hour timers), and then at some point, around 10am BST I think, something changed. Two more meals I cooked, using the same general recipe (differing by herbs), came out with ~1.5 hours instead. I thought it might have been using fried meat from a SMC. Tested with one using fresh minced/fried meat and one using fried meat from SMC, exactly the same recipe (all components identical), both came out ~1.5 hours. Then I thought, I wonder if it's a few particular recipe combos that were off. So I found a previous recipe that definitely gave 4h+, cooked it fresh, and it's also giving ~1.5 hours. I expect some variance in timers (i.e. if it was 3.5 hours instead of 4, it would be the herb changes, no big deal) but this range of recipes have been coming out at between 4 and 6 hours. To drop down to 1.5, it feels like something is wrong. Unfortunately I don't have a large enough amount of ingredients to be able to test much more extensively. I hope someone can look into this. Thank you ❤️
  8. Oakheart Pizzeria is proud to be offering you a chance to increase your skill gains with bespoke on demand pizza. - 14.5kg, 1 bite full ccfp and 8hrs+ affinity timer 25c per pizza. - Random pizza slice at 2kg is 5c Each pizza/slice will come wrapped for extended storage Quick guide for new customers: 1. Make sure you are on fixed affinities by: - Going to the character window - Right click the body icon in bottom left corner - Go into manage profile - Check the option for cooking affinities near the bottom 2. Pm Millzy in game, on here, comment below or Discord Jay#3603 and I'll send you a test meal (this will be basic bear and corn meal) let me know what the affinity from tasting the tester meal is, "[17:50:30] You think the bear meal might give you more of an insight about chain armour smithing!" for example. 3. Let me know the desired AFFINITY you want 4. I will let you know how long before your hot freshly wrapped pizza will take to be ready (estimated, usual log in time is 2000 UK) Want somewhere to call home? Look no further than below!
  9. Taking orders on affinity and random pizzas. Nutrition is around 98%, full ccfp, 99ql, 10kg. 30c for specific - above 8h timer on first bite 20c for random Quick guide for new customers: 1. Make sure you are on fixed affinities: - go to the character window by double clicking the health bar - right click the body icon in bottom left corner - go into manage profile - check the option for cooking affinities near the bottom (note: this will change your current meal tastes) 2. Pm me (forum or ingame Kurson) to send u a test meal OR taste a chopped vegetable, herb. (let me know what it was and what the taste was - if the knife used to chop is rare or higher let me know, because apparently that changes the outcome) 3. In the pm place your order - which skills and if u want it wrapped or not. Closing shop until further notice