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Found 3 results

  1. Welcome to Plebville Marketplace! DELIVERY Delivery services are local delivery to northern Cadence or coastal delivery to all servers for 1s. On orders over 10s delivery is included in the cost. CoD through mailbox is also an option upon request. Blanca's Bulk Crops CROP ORDERS I am currently accepting any order except Reed / Rice / Wheat. I am currently at 80+ farming so any requested orders will likely be in that area of QL. PRICING WAITING LIST CURRENT AVAILABLE STOCK Custom Affinity Pizzas Tremors' Lumps n Stuff Carpentry Items Smithing Other Wares Rare Items and Specials Location: G-16 of Cadence, north of Sonata.
  2. New blackmith/jewelrysmith and livestock breeder in southwestern Release, now open. Please PM here for orders. To be clear, I am the only person in this operation, if you're not contacting Neenee, it's not me. Pickup preferred at our southwest Release location. Delivery is available to coastal areas with 1s purchase. Cart/wagon delivery available, depending on the location, so please ask! We gladly take payment in coin and sleeping powder (1s) as well as trade. I am always looking for grass enchantment, ore (copper, zinc, tin), charcoal, large crates, rope and cloth items. Please see our current inventory sheet for livestock, sprouts and jewelrysmithing items. Blacksmithing tools (except large anvil) - 50ql/10c each (Weaponsmithing tools not available at this time) Large anvil 50ql- 20c Iron lamps/torch lamps- 30ql -8c/each 40ql - 12c each Lanterns- 40ql -10c 50ql- 15c Jewelrysmith items (bowls, pendulums, statuettes) made to order. Nails (large/small) 100/20c Support beams 10/75c Bricks 500/1s Mortar 500/1.5s Stone slabs 100/1s Rivets, ribbons, frying pans, & other metal bulk, not stocked but available quickly! Livestock I breed cows, pigs and chickens, which will be available from time to time. Roosters and Hens-15c Cows and Bulls - 20c Pigs - 5c Eggs - 1c Sprouts (discounts for large amounts and pickup) Common Sprouts 1c each New Sprouts 2c each Willow- 15c Oak 20 c
  3. Now operating out of Riften and Golden Bay! Blacksmithing [Renowned Blacksmith] -Any Iron tools ex. anvils: 70ql = 40c -Lamps: 50ql = 20c Jewelrysmithing [Midas Touch] -Iron ex. Candelabra: 70ql = 50c -Iron Candelabra: 50ql = 25c -Gold ex. Candelabra: 70ql = 1s -Gold Candelabra: Unavailable ALTARS: By Negotiation, up to 80ql available Chain Armour Smithing [Renowned Chainsmith] -Chain Suit: 70ql = 2.5s Shield Smithing [shieldsmith] -Any iron shield: 60ql = 30c http://forum.wurmonl...nchanted-tools/ Spells to order! Vynora Enchants [Channeler] -Any tool CoC/WoA: 1c per power up to 70 -Aura of Shared Pain: 0.5c per power up to 70 N.B. Not able to guarantee power of casts, priest has been known to do up to 82 power before Magranon Spells -Mole Senses: 70c per cast + Travel costs -Strongwall: 1s first cast, 70c all subsequent casts + Travel costs N.B. Supplying gems and/or sacrifices sufficient for favour will decrease cast costs by 20c -Aura of Shared Pain: 0.5c per power up to 70 N.B. Not able to guarantee power of casts, priest has been known to do up to 87 power before Masonry work also available by negotiation [High Mason] Disclaimer: All prices are negotiable and payable in trade, all orders subject to availability and rejection at any time before payment is accepted for any reason.]