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  1. Since we benefit from a 512 slots Teamspeak server and barely use it, I offer people to get a free channel. Just come on ts3.agqc.ca and ask raphvw. (I might be afk, but if you leave me a message and stay online I will set it up for you.)
  2. 5 PMK is not enough! as Phantom Empire grows, we will need more enemies
  3. Forsaken added to cluster, free deeding, PvE island. Join us!
  4. Updated links, sorry we have a new website!
  5. Join the Phantom Empire PMK !!!!
  6. I deleted the skills table and remade it... By chance the server is not old.. All my backups were corrupted apparently! Thanks
  7. Found something in the logs: [09:06:18 AM] WARNING com.wurmonline.server.creatures.Creature: Failed to load and create skills for creature with name Mortario:[SQLITE_CORRUPT] The database disk image is malformed (database disk image is malformed) java.sql.SQLException: [SQLITE_CORRUPT] The database disk image is malformed (database disk image is malformed) at org.sqlite.core.DB.newSQLException(DB.java:890) at org.sqlite.core.DB.newSQLException(DB.java:901) at org.sqlite.core.DB.throwex(DB.java:868) at org.sqlite.jdbc3.JDBC3ResultSet.next(JDBC3ResultSet.java:83) at com.wurmonline.server.skills.DbSkills.load(DbSkills.java:119) at com.wurmonline.server.creatures.Creature.loadSkills(Creature.java:11842) at com.wurmonline.server.LoginHandler.handleLogin(LoginHandler.java:1671) at com.wurmonline.server.LoginHandler.login(LoginHandler.java:430) at com.wurmonline.server.LoginHandler.reallyHandle(LoginHandler.java:297) at com.wurmonline.communication.SocketConnection.tick(SocketConnection.java:615) at com.wurmonline.communication.SocketServer.tick(SocketServer.java:172) at com.wurmonline.server.Server.run(Server.java:2411) at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Unknown Source) at java.util.TimerThread.run(Unknown Source) Anybody can help on that?
  8. Thats on a flat paved area
  9. look like everybody has their body strength set at a lower value but still showing the previous value in the skill tab? But even if I change it with a GM it change nothing...
  10. nothing at all, all players have the same issue... I tried to restart the server again with no luck
  11. don't worry I did. I even tried a new player and instead of going at the full 17 as normal hes going at 15 with 0 weight