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  1. WTB Priest Account

    Looking for a priest with 80+ channeling and faith. Transfer is a bonus. Other skills are a bonus. Drop me a message with what you have. Thanks
  2. Rare compass to Bigbuoy please
  3. [WTB] 5000 mixed sprouts

    Looking to grind out a personal goal. Let me know via PM your best offer. I will purchase within a day or two once I get enough quotes. Thanks! -Bigbuoy
  4. Mining Potions

  5. All Gone!

    CoD Rare saddle to "Bigbuoy"
  6. WTS 20s - 17e

    pm sent.
  7. Found. Please close :)

  8. Mining Potions

    Under 85ql - 2.5s 85+ql - 3.0s
  9. Found. Please close :)

  10. [WTB] Drake Hide Set

  11. [WTA] Rare steel plate set

    Auction has concluded. Will drop you a pm and get the set CoD'd to you. Thanks all!
  12. [WTA] Rare steel plate set

    Sniper protection activated. Auction will run until one full hour has passed from the current bid.
  13. WTS Blood

    2s each GL blood, all of them. CoD Bigbuoy if accepted.
  14. [WTA] Rare steel plate set

    Starting price: 10s Min inc: 50c Sniper Protection: 1hr Buyout: 25s