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  1. 1s:1e paypal verified.
  2. Was out of town for a few days. Replied to all pms but as of now it is still available.
  3. Verified paypal. 1s/1e Minimum increments of 25s 66 silver remaining.
  4. In addition to this: Supreme Large Metal shield Rare horse gear set (Shoes + Saddle) Shoot me offers on anything you're interested in. SOLD: Supreme needle Fantastic Knapsack Supreme Knapsack 2x Seryll Pendulums Rare Sickle
  5. Account 1 has been sold. Account 2 is still available!
  6. Account 1: Level 11 Path of Knowledge (25% increased skill gain + no skill loss) SOLD Account 2: Level 10 Path of Insanity (24% reduced damage) Mag Priest Currently accepting offers via PM. Will decide whether or not to auction based on interest.
  7. I'll show you a Sickle of Awakening!