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  1. [WTS] Lots of things and stuff :)

  2. [WTS] Lots of things and stuff :)

  3. [WTS] Lots of things and stuff :)

    Bump! Added sleep powder.
  4. [WTS] 4.5 gold

  5. [WTS] 4.5 gold

    Was out of town for a few days. Replied to all pms but as of now it is still available.
  6. [WTS] 4.5 gold

    Verified paypal. 1s/1e Minimum increments of 25s 66 silver remaining.
  7. In addition to this: Supreme Large Metal shield Rare horse gear set (Shoes + Saddle) Shoot me offers on anything you're interested in. SOLD: Supreme needle Fantastic Knapsack Supreme Knapsack 2x Seryll Pendulums Rare Sickle
  8. [WTS] Accounts

    Account 1 has been sold. Account 2 is still available!
  9. [WTS] Accounts

  10. [WTS] Accounts

    Account 1: Level 11 Path of Knowledge (25% increased skill gain + no skill loss) SOLD Account 2: Level 10 Path of Insanity (24% reduced damage) Mag Priest Currently accepting offers via PM. Will decide whether or not to auction based on interest.
  11. How many horses do you have remaining?
  12. Looking for Owner of Sickle of Awakening

    I'll show you a Sickle of Awakening!
  13. WTB Priest Account

    Looking for a priest with 80+ channeling and faith. Transfer is a bonus. Other skills are a bonus. Drop me a message with what you have. Thanks
  14. Rare compass to Bigbuoy please
  15. [WTB] 5000 mixed sprouts

    Looking to grind out a personal goal. Let me know via PM your best offer. I will purchase within a day or two once I get enough quotes. Thanks! -Bigbuoy