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  1. We suggest a lot. But we don't get listened to. Big difference lad
  2. PvP needs some McLovin 😢
  3. We're restricted if someone decides to build on that border though, that's where I'm trying to get at
  4. Another classic case of WO devs not listening. 2nd issue that map that heavily screws HoTS over. You literally landlocked us from starter island.
  5. Yea, when can we expect a PMK map update? @Darklords
  6. I'm all for combining SFI and NFI PvPers together. I think keeping Freedom care bears separate would be best though. Definitely some characters would be stacked but numbers still overwhelm a stacked account, as we have seen before. Many ways of dealing with a stacked account. So honestly yea, the more PvPers the better (In my opinion)
  7. Although I'm glad to see PMK's being released, it's too late and too far gone. And now it comes with really stupid map restrictions?? PMKs should have been enabled from the start.