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Found 29 results

  1. Greetings traveler and good day. We here at Vinland are pleased to present our shop, "Vinland's Own". Your source for affordable tools and casts. Our sweaty men and women are giving it their all, resulting in the following efforts: Orders can be mailed COD via an instant mailbox or picked up on site. Skillgain CoC Tools on low quality Vinland supplied items. By yours truly, viking Reverent. Lots of 70-90's stock on hand so feel free to ask. Precast Skillers: Custom Casting on your item CoC / WoA Cast : - Benediction 99+ Channeling AoSP Cast upon your armor set: (Single piece follow coc pricing above) Highest QL Farmed Goods: By our steady farmhand and master of Transport Snaglejr: WOA Horseshoe Sets - Precast and creation QL High Quality Lye - Sold in small barrels Transmutation Liquids for Tile Conversion High QL Metal and Steel Fine Compasses More to come: Find us at Vinland. Located at the corner of p/o 15/16 near the canal on Melody. A short hop from Overture. Contact Reverent or post here for orders. Thank you and may safe winds guide you home.
  2. Transmutation liquid Prices per tile for transmutation on your own deed (tiles not on your deed require ~50% more of liquid): Prices: To buy from stock To order from your solids Clay tile creation 4s 2,5s Clay tile removal 4s 2,5s Peat tile creation 5s 2,5s Peat tile removal 4s 2,5s Tar tile creation 4s 2,5s Tar tile removal 4s 2,5s Tundra tile creation - 2,5s Usually people order creation from their own solids, just keep in mind it could take 100-300 solids per tile. If i do not get required amount/quality of transmutation liquid - i will continue with my own solids/juices at no additional cost. So you are kinda protected from wasting thousands of solids for single tile. If i do make enough liquid from single try (100 solids) - i will return leftovers of your solids or can take it as part of payment. Discounts for amount ordered are available, and could be up to 20% for 4 tiles. Trading for some materials is available too. /tell Coppachoppa ingame to talk about availability/discounts/other terms. Materials used to make transmutation liquid: Liquid type Solids used Juice used Used on Clay tile creation Tin lumps Apple Sand tile Clay tile removal Zinc lumps Lemon Peat tile creation Charcoal Lemon Grass tile Peat tile removal Moss Cherry Tar tile creation Iron lumps Cheery Steppe tile Tar tile removal Lead lumps Apple Tundra tile creation Copper lumps Orange Moss tile Fruits/Nuts /tell Coppachoppa ingame to talk about availability/price. Quality groups: q70+ q80+ q90+ q100 Price per 100: 0.9s 1.2s 1.5s 1.8s Oranges q72 q83 - q100 Green apples q76 q86 - q100 Lemons q73 q85 - q100 Red cherries q79 q81 - q100 Chestnuts q74 q84 - q100 Walnuts - q86 - q100 Pinenuts q78 q80 q96 q100 raspberries q75 q86 - q100 Price per 100: 2s 2.3s 2.6s 3s Blue grapes q71 q83 - q100 Hazelnuts - q87 - q100 Different price: Sap q79 is 1s per small barrel, or 70c if you provide your own small barrel. Beverage service I also offer Juices/Oils creation (except olive oil). Q80 Olive oil is 2s per 1kg (enough for 5 compasses).
  3. After transmuting a submerged shore clay tile ~3/4 of the way to complete, I dropped dirt in the area to raise the tile above sea level while waiting to acquire additional active transmutation fluid. It appears that changing the slope of a partially transmuted tile reverts it to an entirely untransmuted tile. Not sure if this is working as intended or merely undiscovered prior to now.
  4. I plan to create a small area of tundra, but recently was reminded how crappy my Beverages skill is . (That's what you get from not being a fan of skill grinding...) So, I would like to find out what the market price for either: Orange Juice (ql > 70) or: ready-mixed transmutation fluid (ql > 70), copper&orange juice would be. PM, please.
  5. Hello, I have some transmutation liquid for sale. Made a large batch and I'm willing to sell it for 2.5s 1.5s per tile. And don't be afraid of mailing fees - it's on me! Currently in stock: 0/20. 65kg (two barrels) of this liquid is enough to turn sand tile to clay. If you have any discounts with Sarmatians (for example for being on Losik friends list) - please let me know before ordering, cause I will use different account for sending. It's still 10% off for loyal customers! Quick Instructions: Double click liquid inside of the first barrel (45kg or 20kg - doesn't matter). Right click on sand tile. Choose Alchemy -> Transmutate. Repeat with second barrel. Tile is now transmutated and you can dig clay from NW corner. Do not transmutate tiles next to fences / trees / houses or anything else that would stop you from digging there. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. I used a small amount of active moss to tundra transmutation liquid on a moss tile. Message: Looks like that tile needs more of that liquid to change it. Examine tile message : You see a part of the lands of Wurm. I expected to see the usual examine messages for the partially transformed tile, but there was none. Adding more liquid to tile successfully transformed it. when the new tundra tile is examined there is only : You see a part of the lands of Wurm. When examining old transformed peat tile the message is : The tile has been transformed before. Expected same from examine of the new tundra tile. Repeated again with same results.
  7. Looking to buy the transmutation liquid to change a moss tile to tundra. It's made from copper and orange juice. I'll pay 3s - half up front and half when the tile successfully converts. The price is negotiable depending on availability. Pm me or send a message to Yekrut in game. Thanks.
  8. Starting bids: 1,2&3: 1s each 4, 5, 6&7: 3s each 8, 9, 10, 11, 12&13: 6s each Min increment: 50c Reserve: None Snipe Protection: 2 hour Buyout: None Private bids: No Winner pays CoD Starting bid: 5s each Min increment: 50c Reserve: None Snipe Protection: 2 hour Buyout: None Private bids: No Winner pays CoD Starting bid: 4s each Min increment: 50c Reserve: None Snipe Protection: 2 hour Buyout: None Private bids: No Winner pays CoD If you want anything desperately, PM me an offer I cannot refuse.
  9. closed

    Like the title says i have a transmutation rod i do not need and am willing to sell it for 30s. I can meet you at Freedom Market with it or even your own village if you invite my alt to suicide in with it. (Independance) If you don't know what this is it creates a tile of your choice of ore with 10k actions of 99ql ore. Price: 30s closed put in another post..
  10. Item is located at J11, Xanadu This item is Original full size, and QL, with no damage. Transmutation liquid was given out by Santa to all premium players who visited him during the week of Christmas 2009. 0.14kg of it comes in a 60QL glass flask, which can hold .25kg of liquid total. The 99QL liquid loses weight per use, however it may not be apparent it has lost weight because it appears to lose amounts less than 0.01kg or a random chance to lose between 0.01kg and 0.02kg.More Info if you view the Wiki Link above! Starting bid: 2s Min. Increments: 50c Sniper Protection: 2hrs Reserve: 2silver, Buyout: 10s I will COD items, or pickup from J11 Xan. Happy Bidding! AUCTION CLOSED
  11. Rod of Transmutation - Asking 30s thanks.
  12. Transmutation fluid is a Christmas Gift from 2009, this fluid can transform one material into other materials. Most commonly used for turning Peat into Charcoal for high quality steel as the QL of Peat dug will be the resulting QL of Charcoal. Iron to CopperCopper to ZincZinc to SilverSilver to TinTin to GoldGold to LeadLead, Steel and Charcoal to DirtDirt to SandMoss to PeatClay to Rock shardsBronze to BrassBrass to Zinc10kg Peat to 0.5kg Charcoal Starting bid: 3s Min, Increase: 50c Buyout: none Private bids: no Currently located on Chaos, my alt does quite a few deliveries world wide so I will deliver to near by coastal areas of the winner. Will accept euros also at 1s:1e ratio.
  13. I have three transmutation rods for sale i will sell them all for 1g or 35s each so if you want the bundle deal you need to act fast or miss out on the package deal. (i will post when and if the package deal is no longer available) Transmutation Rods - 1g for all three or 35s each... Note: They can not be mailed so pick up is at T11 Xanadu or R25 Deliverance on request. I can also meet you at any starting deed on Xanadu or even your own deed with a /vinvite to an alt of mine so i can /suicide in. If you don't know what a transmutation rod is have a look at the wiki link below..
  14. My alt on Deliverance had one i had forgot about so i have one more Transmutation Rod up for sale for 35s. This one is on Deliverance at R25 but it can be brought over to Xanadu and i can meet you at any starting town with it. Sold in a pm can be closed
  15. SOLD OUT I have up to 6 Transmutation Rods for sale 35s each and i can deliver them to any starting deed on Xanadu or SE Deliverance on request. (I can also bring them directly to your deed on Xanadu with a /vinvite but will need to wait there for 24 hours to move my bank) If you don't know what a Transmutation Rod is have a look at the wiki link below. Edit: 5 sold 3 more to go.
  16. Selling this fine rod of transmutation for 30s, available to be picked up at Glasshollow Market at an hours notice or so.
  17. Looking for some rods, paying 35s and I pick up (can't mail, no drop). Please PM here in forums or contact in-game, I only check forums every couple days.
  18. I still have a few Transmutation Rods left for sale asking 35s each for them. I can deliver to any starting town on Xanadu or even your deed if you don't mind my alt waiting at your token for 24 hours. Also can be picked up at T11 area at Stone Ridge Harbor or SE Deliverance on request. Transmutation Rod: 35s each (pm or post here if you would like one) Note: Also accepting euro from verified PayPal accounts at a 1-1 ratio. (you pay any fees) If you are not sure what they do have a look at the wiki post on them.. Edit: All sold thanks everyone.
  19. Picture: Selling 1 Rod of Transmutation. Price 35s. Prefer payment via paypal in Euro, USD or DKK. 1s = 1,0 Euro. I am also flexible to partial payment in silver and partial via Paypal. No delivery, pickup only, I am located at C23 - The Rose Gardens, Xanadu.
  20. I have plenty of these to sell and i am asking 35s each pm me if you need one. (can be picked up T10 Xanadu or 46x 39y Deliverance) If you are unsure of what they do they create a 10k vein of any kind of ore you want with max ql on a rock tile. Edit: I was asked and i will accept euros for payment but for the trouble i am asking 40e each on them through PayPal. ​Edit: I have a few left but i am closing this down if you find yourself needing one send me a pm...thanks
  21. Price Check and possible sale on a untouched glass flask of transmutation liquid (to include the flask itself). Flask has ten points of damage on it, and contains .14 KG's of liquid. Full wiki info is here: Item was given out in 2009, it is not craftable and to my knowledge not much of this stuff still exists. It is somewhat limited in viable use, but makes a great collector's item. I am curious as to its worth, and if anyone is specifically interested in purchasing it as it is simply sitting in my vault taking damage.
  22. Starting bid: 25s Minimum Increase: 1s No buyout, no reserve Sniper protection: 1 hour Delivery: Meet me somewhere around Nation of Grizzlam on Independence (12X, 32Y) or west coast nearby.
  23. I have 6 transmutation rods i am looking to sell i am asking 35s each or 30s each if you buy more than one. Can be picked up at Stillwater 49y 20x Deliverance as they can not be mailed (i might deliver pm me and we will talk about it) #1 - Sold #2 - Sold #3 - Sold #4 - Sold #5 - Sold #6 - Sold
  24. Like the tittle says i have a transmutation rod i want to sell for 30s i am on the Celebration server Brookhaven 45x 41y. [19:14:17] A two foot long granite rod that turns a normal cave tile into the ore of your choice. The tile will have max ql limit of 99 and 10 000 mining operations. The rod is destroyed in the process.