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  1. What i see from the 3rd bridge picture shows a bridge thats inclined. the end points of bridge does not seem to have equal height, Isn't this contradicts the last weeks update? Whatever, It is great work indeed
  2. I just wanted to give my answer to the main question of thread. Its sad to see some people assume still non-exist games better than wurm. Some even copy-paste wurm features and call it new. My answer is; I want to be able to leave wurm peacefully sometimes but its too addictive, does not let me. I always miss game when I left. Thats what I wanted of wurm but never got, a relief, a release of my burden feeling. When I leave, it always haunts me, make me think about the good life i had in wurm.
  3. +1 Expanded alchemy have very nice potential. Potions that are made with dedicated work and used up in a single hearth beat. It would generated its own market with supply and demand.
  4. thanks for everything all mighty god of wurm, rolf
  5. Continued Downtime

    complaining doesnt solve anything. Trying to support this beautifull game is best course of action. Especially times like this.
  6. Wurm 1.0

    I see lots of nice stuff, temping to come back and try stuff
  7. ...you look at trees and try to equip a hatchet you don't have ...while you are having breakfast you do not eat olives and save them for a new compass ...you wonder if you can find utmost ql iron in the mountains below horizon.
  8. may be more than two horses can be hitched
  9. The game will be a huge embarrassing successor of elder scroll games if these leaks are correct http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=472749
  10. magic scrolls I know its much more work but can solve quite a lot of priest problems and forum fights. -Priest casting an attack spell on papyrus making it magic scroll of the casted spell (%30 more favor required to make scroll) -Anyone can use a magic scroll activating it and cast, use up his own favor (limited by 30 for nonpriests) by a fraction of original spell favor required(may be 1/3) -magic scrolls will have same cool-downs with original spells -any religion follower can use any magic scrolls -only attack spells can be used on papyrus -papyrus ql, channeling of priest that made scroll will have an effect on success chance and power of your magic scroll effect
  11. allow papyrus to hold spells and make magic scrolls, only usable for attack spells. creation change decrease with higher level spells. This will ease the huge need of priests on pvp. Right now its priests rule all.
  12. My wife is from the real antioch city. I wanted to wish you lots of fun and luck
  13. I love Zcul. Many times from now he will be know of the savior of wurm.
  14. Did i read correct or am i in different game forum? this is like a dream
  15. this is greatly usefull. I hope rolf help you get game time from server directly