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  1. Ahh... I love music of all kinds... what a fun thread. Here's one from the vaults.
  2. WurmTok

    I made a TikTok about Wurm. I’m @tapedeckvintage on there, but most of my videos are about antique brick collecting. (Oddly... it was the only niche yet to be filled by the time I arrived)
  3. Wurm Meme?

    I just stumbled across this picture on a tumblr page and thought it must be in reference to Wurm, unless there are some other games where villagers plot houses on peoples paths.
  4. Put me down for Blacksmithing and Weaponsmithing, all three days please. Thanks! See ya there!
  5. I agree that getting stuck inside a fence should be fixed, but honestly, i would rather re-log once in a blue moon to get out of a fence then to implement these game shattering features. I, myself, like to keep my deed open to the public, allowing unfettered access to all areas, but what about those who prefer seclusion? And what about new players? Their little farms will be laid to waste by vile troll like people. It is easy for polite society to say that no one could be so mean, but, terrible people do exist and they will pounce on this new found ability and use it as a tool to make other's lives miserable. -edit- And further, if this is some ploy to get people to deed up land, you will lose your players far before the thought even crosses their minds. People will buy a deed if they are interested in the game and can afford it. It is the natural progression.
  6. This seems like a pretty cool idea. I like it a lot. +1
  7. Hmm, I liked it at first, but then started thinking about selling stone bricks, and how anybody would be able to lift a crate with 100 stone bricks in it.
  8. I agree with those who are saying that it might be a good idea to add a craftable stone chest along side the new coffin models.
  9. I also agree with those who are saying that it might be a good idea to add a craftable stone chest along side the new coffin models. -Edit- Ooops, meant to post this in the discussion.
  10. Ahh, interesting. I see there are some people who have gotten a few, and others who have never gotten any. I have done a whole bunch of surface mining, (thousands and thousands of successful actions) and I've never seen one. On the other hand, I've almost filled an entire backpack with gems mined with regular mining over the last few years. No precious gems yet though. Thanks, I had just assumed that it was not possible because I figured I would have mined at least one by now from surface mining. Perhaps tweak it up a bit, or if not, maybe i'll get ten in a row one day.
  11. I was just thinking that surface mining might be just a tad bit more exciting if the miner had a chance (same as mining or lower) to find a gem on a successful action.
  12. I agree with Drayka. That was the idea that was beginning to form in my mind while reading through this posting. It might not happen immediately but I would imagine that future players of wurm might find an interest in collecting old texts and manuscripts, as long as there was some way to repair and improve them. (Or perhaps a book shelf to shield them from decay.) The only thing that I would add to this idea is that the book would get a marking, viewable on examination, of who the author was and the in-game date it was published.
  13. Tv Shows

    Oh, I forgot to mention the stuff thats on usually when I go to bed. I love the Nanny and Golden Girls. And of course there's Married With Children. I enjoy the antics of Karen on Will and Grace. Squidbillies, American Dad, and Family Guy. Oh, and of course my favorite of all time, the short running, Strangers with Candy. I always found that very funny, though I don't think it airs any more.
  14. Tv Shows

    I always liked Junkyard Wars / Scrapheap Challenge. Not sure if that show is still in production. Mythbusters. Of course, there was the first season of American Horror Story. The X-Files was a favorite of mine. I've been liking The Killing but I guess i'm gonna have to wait to watch the third season on Netflix because I've been missing the episodes when they air on TV. I also like alot of the programs that air on the History and Discovery channels.