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Found 22 results

  1. Been here before, but lets look at another application of "The Yellow Potion". How about an alchemy feature that it adds some bonus to other potions such as bloods, oils, and even enchant or enhance it with slow decay/ longevity/ no decay(a value the yellow potion can impart. So, how about the addition of a "Longevity Alchemy" in which the yellow concoction added to another mentioned item adds/gives its longevity or no decay value to the item it is used on or in. With the addition of the Alchemy feature of potions and oils it would be nice to put them up with no decay to worry about...and drive the value of the dreaded yellow potion up. Could be added to materials as well using the function of the new slower decay runes too or a third "add" window option to the creation/crafting window. Re-purpose them to good use or at least increase the desire to want and trade them.
  2. PC Alchemist/Fo Priest

    Could I get a price check on this character please? Faith 97.925820 Natural Substances 79.959620 Farming 79.483340 Rake 69.946075 Prayer 67.113075 Shortsword 63.076344 Religion 58.210155 Digging 52.678830 Channeling 51.029156 Nature 50.499530 Meditating is 30, on the Path of Love, can enchant grass. Body Control is 21, Mind Logic is 29.92 and Fighting is 38.6. Naked, no premium time.
  3. Alchemy like cooking

    First of all, hi. I recently acquired this toon and acc from a close friend and I got to know a few cool updates Wurm has gotten over the months/years. I can't help but notice how complex and awesome the cooking update was and what it brought. It literally made the players semi-responsible for what is being created and it made them use their raw creativity to come up with new recipes for their cookbooks. I've been thinking - alchemy is not a big thing here but what if it was? Imagine: - wound healing potions (simply healthpacks) - running speed potions (simply sprint boost) - karma potions (maybe?) - timed affinity potions (maybe?) - cr increase potions (maybe?) - repair potions (instead of using different resources use the potion to fix a wall e.g.) - etc. etc. All this could be pretty interesting as long as it works like the cooking system. Let's bring some arcana back to Wurm shall we?
  4. Hello all, I was looking at the empty windows of my new house and thought, 'all the tools for glassmaking, profession wise, are in the game already...' So, what do we think? New glassmaking skill that allows you to make simple panes for your homes, grid or diamond pattern muntins. It would even be feasible with the dyes and jewelry making bits to do stained glass windows, t'would look great in a cathedral window. Recipes for bottles and beakers could be a part of this if it was to be expanded towards alchemy; but one thing at a time, I'd just love to see windows for our homes/castles. The difficult part, I assume, would be coding them to sit nicely in the various wall/window types. As far as the art goes, its such a fun idea, I'm sure some community artists would help. Thanks, Emesh
  5. In WO patch notes: It was stated that: "Skillgain for anything that produces liquid has been scaled by the amount of liquid created." Does this apply to the latest patch of WU as well? My limited testing concluded as followed (creating lye): 45kg : Natural substances increased by 0.0065 to 20.5503 5kg : Natural substances increased by 0.0065 to 20.5568 Which doesn't seem as if this change was applied to WU. Can anyone clarify if this is a possible result of mods that the server I'm playing on has, or if the change didn't make it to WU? Thanks in advance, Iolo
  6. Revisiting Alchemy

    I've been thinking about other spells or enchants I'd like to see in Wurm - but that'd also call for new Gods under the Deity system - and rather than introduce a whole NEW sorcery system - why not look to Alchemy? Revisiting the Alchemy system to enchant items - i.e. affinities when worn, or effects like 'glow' to provide luminance at night when an alchemical potion is applied to the item. Potions that can imbue items or players with travel/teleportation - i.e. use a potion give a pair of shoes or ring the ability to recall a player back to their deed or a designated location up to 3x (or if the potion is of high enough QL make it a permanent enchantment to the item) or a potion to teleport a specific item or object (i.e. 'Send this item/object to my deed token.) Offensive potions to 'throw' at targets Slow decay on items - or even speed it up on others. Just an idea. I'm curious to know what other think or suggestions they have.
  7. As the title says, I need a batch of transmutation liquid to turn a sand tile into clay. Enough for a single tile. Pm me your price.
  8. I used a small amount of active moss to tundra transmutation liquid on a moss tile. Message: Looks like that tile needs more of that liquid to change it. Examine tile message : You see a part of the lands of Wurm. I expected to see the usual examine messages for the partially transformed tile, but there was none. Adding more liquid to tile successfully transformed it. when the new tundra tile is examined there is only : You see a part of the lands of Wurm. When examining old transformed peat tile the message is : The tile has been transformed before. Expected same from examine of the new tundra tile. Repeated again with same results.
  9. I would like to make a suggestion to introduce into Wurm Online a new item, an alternative to the Genesis spells of Priests for the treatment/removing of Bad Traits, Illness, and Disease from Animals: "Genesis" Potion, purchased from a ingame Trader, works similar to Tuning Forks and other such items with a number of preset uses, and allows any Player Character (does not require Priesthood) to use them on Livestock to remove bad traits, illness, and diease from an animal and generates income for CodeClub and Wurm such as Preming up a character as a Priest does for CodeClub. This end goal of this suggestion is not an attempt to deprive CodeClub of income, nor is it an attempt to deprive Players of income they would receive from selling genesis services, nor deprive Players of interaction with other Players. There are valid reasons why a Player might not wish to play a priest character or utilize the services of a priest character in Wurm, or even purchase an animal that genesis was cast on, and I will not discuss my own particular reasons for why I am making this suggestion, other than to say I have desired an alternative for years and I felt it was time to make the suggestion. I support CodeClub's need to charge for services, and I see my suggestion as a service, such as finding out information about a vein or fast travel across a server and I expect and also suggest the cost of this new suggested item be set as to disturb the current "genesis service priest service" as little as possible.... to keep it simple I don't expect these AH Potions to be cheap. I am willing to pay CC well for this new item from a Trader because dealing will the raising of animals in Wurm without utilizing genesis is difficult. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make suggestions. (For those who suggest I go to Wurm Unlimited and seek a Mod there... I never will as WU is offerred now through STEAM. I do not agree with Valve/STEAM and it's ability to lock out the use of products a player has paid for, products created by another company, and I will not agree to Valve/STEAM's Terms of Service as a result. If WU was available on GOG or another service that guaranteed access to the products the player paid for no matter what then I would most definitely go to WU.... sadly that is not an option so I stay in WO and make my suggestion here.)
  10. Mineral Acid

    I have watched people launch tools out of catapults and other silly things, just to do damage and wear down the quality. How about a more controlled and less wogically silly method of damaging and reducing QL (via repair) Mineral Acid (liquid). Activate mineral acid then use mineral acid on an item. Consumes an amount of mineral acid equal to the weight of the item it is used on. Does damage equal to the QL of the mineral acid. Making Mineral Acid Use grindstone on slate shard (20kg) to make coarse black rock powder (1kg). Milling Skill. Use grindstone on rock shard (20kg) to make coarse grey rock powder (1kg). Milling Skill. Use grindstone on marble shard (20kg) to make coarse white rock powder (1kg). Milling Skill. Use mortar and pestle on coarse black rock powder (1kg) to make fine black rock powder (1kg). Milling Skill. Use mortar and pestle on coarse grey rock powder (1kg) to make fine grey rock powder (1kg). Milling Skill. Use mortar and pestle on coarse white rock powder (1kg) to make fine white rock powder (1kg). Milling Skill. Combine equal amounts of fine black, grey and white rock powder with water (100% of solids) and place in a still. Makes an equal weight of mineral acid. Alchemy skill. Real historical mineral acid required a variety of materials, but they don't exist in Wurm so this requires no new mineral veins. So cut down on artwork the rock powders can simply be black, grey and white spice dishes, like this one.
  11. I would like to suggest the ability to grow mushrooms in mines. A lot of large mines have open unused space, why not set up mushroom farms. This would allow players to grow there own mushrooms for healing covers, instead of having to forage for them randomly. You could crush the mushroom like Wemp and just spread it on the rock tile for planting. You could use the farm action to remove bugs and worms instead of weeds, or add some type of fertilizer.
  12. Alchemy Chest

    I really like the idea for the larder we have not got it yet in wurm unlimited but I saw a post for a secretary to organize all the writing equipment and it looks wonderful, especially since it is just organizational and would not require items to actually rest upon it, same with the Larder it is it brings me to the point of Alchemy Chest...I have healing cover material stashed in several storage bin, bulk storage bin and chest...(My OCD is killing me)....Would like a wonderous cabinet to hold all the treasures for alchemy (source salt/ blood/ bones...) Fine carpentry is a must.....Love all the exciting new features....thanks for listening
  13. Alchemy Question

    Just wondering if using the alchemy introduced earlier this year will work on tiles deep underwater, or do they have to be on dry land for it to work? Figured I'd ask the community before I make future plans to fix my local lake.... anyone?
  14. As stated wtb char with high alchemy and high leatherwork. If possible both over 90 skill. Enchant of grass would be awesome too. Pm if you have such a char you may want to sell. Ta.
  15. Transmutation liquid

    Transmutation fluid is a Christmas Gift from 2009, this fluid can transform one material into other materials. Most commonly used for turning Peat into Charcoal for high quality steel as the QL of Peat dug will be the resulting QL of Charcoal. Iron to CopperCopper to ZincZinc to SilverSilver to TinTin to GoldGold to LeadLead, Steel and Charcoal to DirtDirt to SandMoss to PeatClay to Rock shardsBronze to BrassBrass to Zinc10kg Peat to 0.5kg Charcoal Starting bid: 3s Min, Increase: 50c Buyout: none Private bids: no Currently located on Chaos, my alt does quite a few deliveries world wide so I will deliver to near by coastal areas of the winner. Will accept euros also at 1s:1e ratio.
  16. Hanging around Celebration i notcied that fruit trees are mostly usless or purely decorative use. Only one that have real use is grape. So forth idea is as follows Lemonade - fruit juice + water (yes yes water). Wine - grape juice + maple syrup ---> Strenght bonus Cider - apple juice + maple syrup ---> Speed Bonus Cherry (Burbon) - cherry juice + maple syrup (cherry juce + wine) ---> Healing bonus ?? (until first healing tick) As im making mead, (but wine has the same process and most ingredients) on my own and studing recipies it is said if u cant find wine yates fertiliser You can use lemon juice instead. So when it comes to alcohol formula could be as follows Juice + syrup = alc(wine Cider, cherry) adding lemon juice should increase initial ql of new beverage or as in RL speed up "fermentation process" [faster ql gains] This would make all fruit trees usefull in terms of gameplay, as for now we can live without them. Wasted Potential IMHO.
  17. Alchemy & Such

    With so many herbs and animal byproducts in the game I am rather surprised by the lack of "alchemy" in wurm. This has been brought up in the past but I would like to start anew with combined suggestions from myself and other players on how to bring a feature like alchemy to wurm. Here are a few of my thoughts: Firstly, creating glass (vials, bottles, alembics, and severely off-topic: window panes). Another often suggested feature.Potions could vary from curing player diseases (which could afford to be much more in-depth and dangerous), dousing healing covers/bandages to increase potency, enhanced vision in the dark, and other types of medicines (Or perhaps poisons!) *-*-* This is obviously a very sensitive subject as many potions could affect PvP so please discuss with civility.I am a little hesitant on poisons because I'm not really into the PvP scene but if ~I~ had a say in it, Poisons would act more like a long-term (supposing one survived the fight) debuff in which stats/stam were affected and, depending on the QL/skill of the alchemist that made it, would have to have an antidote prepared by a similarly skilled alchemist; Or deal with it until it dissipates (duration would also depend on skill/QL). Of course if it's long term that means poisons would be pretty useless in PvE. -- My reasoning for the long term is that if poisons were instant/short term damaging then it would become cookie-cutter and that's just bleh. -- Poisons as well as Potions both would have some affect on PvP but it is worth discussing.The ability to turn a single 1kg or less lump into another type of common metal (no glimmer/adama) and keeping it's current quality with either a high failure rate, some sort of cooldown, or tools taking increased damage than usual. Failure to transmute could lower lump QL or lose some of it's weight. While gold holds much less value in wurm than in, say, real life I'm a little lost on how to advance the transmuting in terms of skill. I find it silly to instantly start off transmuting tin to gold, or the classic lead to gold as an upstart alchemist but I also would like for it to be useful from time to time. Also a possibility on Transmuting into alloys BUT this is also a little iffy because of the work that otherwise goes into making alloys from scratch.Tools & Methods would include your typical Pestle & Mortar to make powders and pastes (as Klaa suggested) alembics, retorts, beakers and vials. A simple way (to start with) would be to mix ground herbs/etc with water or boiling water; the result would be either an unknown potion (identified by drinking/eatinf or skill via lore) or a refined ingredient used in a later or final stage of creation. Quality of created items could reflect material and/or tool QL or mixed with skill. Quality would affect power and/or duration. Powder OR paste activated - water rightclicked -> alchemy -> mix. Final outcome dependant on specific herb or animal part mixed. EDIT: Went a bit more in depth as I'm no longer typing from a phone. I'll be back with more, thanks! What are your opinions on alchemy in Wurm? Alchemy doesn't have to be all potions and poisons. We have a world of lesser used materials at our disposal, let's put em to use.
  18. New Alchemy

    Disclaimer: This does not require an change to the rate or type of disease in Wurm. Mix lemon + syrup to make human tonic. Human tonic has chance to cure/reduce timer of diseased player based on quality and first-aid skill. New tonics to discover for every animal type that can be diseased in Wurm ! Ingredients not limited to current alchemically potent items. Create everthing from tonics for your pets and livestock, to a brew to cure a diseased Dragon ! Just don't expect a dragon to like taking it's medicine - worse than cats ! (Dragons CAN be diseased can't they ?)
  19. Sleep Powder, Barley

    I have run several searches on this forum, but if I missed a similar suggestion elsewhere, please link. Player-made sleep powder; Alchemy skill New item: Mortar and pestle, marble - can have other materials if desired (stone or clay) but marble would give best chance to create. Pound mushrooms into mushroom powder, *colour* - dev's discression as to whether this, or any other stage, is FSB/BSB-able. Mix together alchemy mushroom powders of each colour (not red) to create base, mushroom. e.g Mix 'mushroom powder, black' and 'mushroom powder, brown' to make unfinished base, mushroom - this item requires 1 mushroom powder yellow, 1 mushroom powder, green, and 1 mushroom powder, blue to be finished. Mix base, mushroom and barley to create powder, barley. As a follower/priest of 20 faith or more, activate powder, barley, right-click on altar, Imbue. Action drains favor and minimum 1hr of sleep-bonus on success. Creates sleep powder, barley. Quality capped by Alchemy skill. 1 minute of sleep-bonus per QL. For more than 60 skill in alchemy, you must have 'Minutes of sleep-bonus = Alchemy skill' available to Imbue. Eat like normal sleep powder to gain sleep-bonus. Notes: I'd like this to be a Follower craft, not just for Priests. If the process is deemed to need more complexity, other items, e.g. unicorn horn or olive oil, could be mixed into the base before adding barley. Standard rules of quality=chance to create/finished quality, to be applied at each stage. Quality of 'powder, barley' should only affect 'chance to imbue', not finished quality. Mortar and pestle available, to create other powders for future alchemy uses. Could require barley to be in the form of flour before mixing.
  20. Id really like to see more added to Alchemy options added. Things that could be added are 1. Healing potions that heal a small amount of damage 2. Maybe buffs that give you short time bonus to fighting skills or any skills depending on what was used to make the potion or drink. 3. Poisons that could be used to coat weapons and last for one or 2 hits on a creatures. 4. Maybe speed potions they allow you to buff your own speed or your horses speed for a short time maybe per 20 tiles of movement or something just far enough for a pack of creatures to loose agro. 5. Flight a short flying Potion make it more like jump even or slow fall so if you run out of stamina climbing a massive hill you could then drink the potion and not take damage on the way down. Anything added to this skill would be amazing, at this stage just HC's is not enough... It would make for more interesting magical classes too maybe limit it to priests only. I would love to see something like this added cause right now it's lacking big time. P.s Leave your thoughts on good potions and poisons that "could" be added. How would they work? what benefits would they give? what damage would they do? lets get the ball rolling and try get some great additions to the Alchemy skill.
  21. Alchemy Cure For Disease!

    As my title states I wouldn't mind getting a cure for disease! It could be an alchemy made item like making healing covers but instead it cures an animal of disease. with the recent changes with animals and the fact that disease will happen more often now, i think this would be great. especially for those living off deed. fight for a cure! o/