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  1. Hell horses should be un-bardable.
  2. Perhaps (√skill ) • 5 so that 100 effective skill = 50 ql on creation and after that it scales down meanwhile keeping a decent creation quality. And then titles should matter for improving.
  3. Increase dodge rate while wearing leather, also weight from what you are wearing should play a more vital part.
  4. Smite

    surprised there has been no mount and blade challenges yet
  5. When did I say it is balanced? it isn't, and making everything positive will make it even more unbalanced, sure, give every item 99.9% buff and 0 debuff and everyone will be happy right? If valrei would be a steady system where missions actually mattered, the buff and debuff could be at the same level, but it is not. Keep posting your extremely biased toughts which someone with an ounce of intelligence can see through, obviously they will stay the same no matter what people say due to what you believe will personally benefit you.
  6. You mean doing missions for a bugged system which rewards people who do less missions and then gives the item to someone who had 2 scenario points? If buffs would be bigger than the debuffs, the little amount of pvp there is these days will be reduced dramaticly, especially since the valrei system is obviously not working and it is rewarding the wrong gods at most scenarios. And no, you won't "suck worse" than a new player, considering that you get quite powerful spells with those items.
  7. Honestly debuffs should be more major than the buffs, sooner or later someone will have most if not all items, and if the buffs are more powerful than the debuffs it will mean that the gap between new and old players widen even further. Perhaps put the buffs at 10% or so and the debuffs at 50%
  8. -1, removing debuffs Will make this a game of "who can get the most" and since you are jk which has the most used items due to all valrei bugs, it is obviously an extremely biased idea.
  9. That continuum spell seems to be overpowered, even if it is for a short time. 60% overall damage reduction.. Maybe 15% at most.
  10. There's a select few fo priests out there because most people are idiots. That doesn't make you any intelligent though.
  11. If he had every skill at 100 10/10 stats could be a possibility, however since libila was nerfed when nathan got stats that is higher than any god (what a shocker that this happened at the same time) he can't die, rolf seems to have intervened here for some reason. Why nerf libila in the first place when she had won so many scenarios and deserved those stats?
  12. That is already ingame meanwhile what you are suggesting is a suggestion, get it right. Why would someone want to make fo priests even more powerful? It is only the biased people who made this suggestion and their kingdom that supports this.
  13. I don't think champion system is a matter of concern especially when valrei is still unbalanced and broken.
  14. So from your ideas and responses nathan and every demigod that will sprout up should have a 100% chance to become god, because that is how it is now.