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Found 27 results

  1. Hi there, I always wanted to have an offline clock showing the current ingame time, even when not playing. So, after some research and helpful dicussion I created WurmClock, a little desktop application for Windows, and I would like to share it with you. Meanwhile WurmClock has been around since April 2012 and I am happy that many users seem to like it. Versions 1 and 2 turned out to be rather popular among Wurm Online players, so I decided to give it a major overhaul: here is WurmClock V3. You can download it here: WurmClock V3 The app shows a small (300 x 300 pixels) image of an analog 24 hour clock which can be placed anywhere on your display by clicking and dragging it with the mouse. By default, the clock will be displayed on top of other program windows unless the user chooses to turn this option off. In addition to the clock itself WurmClock V3 has a new calendar dial, showing the Wurm year with its starfalls and seasons, and indicates the current time of year (starfall and week). Of course, the calendar display is optional (for those of you who prefer the smaller "clock-only" version), as is the additional info window shown below. The "Real Time Days" scale will make it easier to calculate the number of real days left until a certain Wurm date (for example the end of winter ). WurmClock can be used as an offline tool, i. e. when not playing Wurm Online, to keep an eye on the in-game time. It will show you at a glance if it is currently day or night before you log into the game. The clock is updated frequently (every few seconds) and will usually show the current in-game time with an accuracy of ± 2 Wurm minutes. However, each time the Wurm servers are shut down due to maintenance, Wurm time will stop and be frozen until the servers are running again. WurmClock will, however, try to re-synchronize with the in-game clock as soon as possible. WurmClock V3 displays the following information: Current in-game time Current in-game date Current in-game season Current harvesting seasons Current wind data Date & time for next sunrises and sunsets. To run WurmClock V3 you only need the executable file WurmClock3.exe, a recent Microsoft operating system (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10) and the current .NET framework (which usually is already part of your operating system). In addition to the executable file there will also be a collection of alternative skins. Unpack the archive (containing the executable, a subfolder called \Skin, and a PDF documentation) into any folder of your choice and run the program. ============================================================================================ NEW: WurmClock now also displays the current wind situation: ============================================================================================ To learn more about the features and possibilities, please read the manual (also contained in the archive file): Manual.pdf Credits I would like to thank - Hakim for creating the artwork and graphical representation of the clock, - Moogien, Explora and Jdbooker for valuable contributions during beta testing, - Substr for helping me with setting up the software metrics web server, - and, of course, Rolf Jansson and his team for giving us Wurm Online! Have fun Yaga ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please check my other tools: WurmDate , WurmStatus , WurmSkills , DPMapAssist ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- Updates:
  2. I would like to someday see an in-game window that has the current (Wurm) time and date. TIME: maybe just an icon showing the approximate time of day maybe a sundial that points to the hour DATE: a calendar showing the current day, month and season events that can be pinned to a day or span multiple days events could be private, deed, alliance or server based Time and date information is already freely available (in-game) in text form. I believe this would be a nice welcomed next step for wurm game time immersion.
  3. Greetings, I would like to know what the shortest time it has taken anyone to grind from 1-70. The reason I am wondering this is because I am planning on making a guide for hints and tips on making the grind to 70 for the purpose of assisting new players in wurm. And if there is no know shortest time, I would like to know the average time it would take someone to accomplish this.
  4. Time goes against you Look at any other popular games. Why are they popular? The most important thing is to meet the players What people primarily use when they see a game What we use most of this game What should be changed first The answer is: HUDS Us, all this is usually on the shoulder. But more and more players prefer simpler, more convenient options. There are too many minor HUDS in this game, in which it is very easy for a simple person to get confused Everything that is in the game does not have to be changed, but in my opinion, you need to have in stock convenient modern interfaces for all those who can not fully feel and understand this game
  5. Stonehaven Supplies I'm looking to try an experiment and as such I will offer goods for purchase and the payment will be USD via paypal. I believe the convenience it can offer may be worth it to some and/or could even give newbies a head-start. I have been in wurm for around 7 years and believe in honesty. If you buy from me, you will get your items, that's all there is to it. My paypal account is a verified business account, is in good standing, and is nearly 15 years old. There is no catch. I am taking a bit of a loss due to USD is worth less then euros and I take a .30 cent +2.9% loss per invoice. I'm doing this because I enjoy the business aspect of Wurm and it's a fun way to run a shop. It doesn't cost me much of anything but my time, which I'm already sinking into the game anyway. In the spirit of transparency, I stand to earn around 66 cents per USD you pay. I'm not out here to price gouge or win the game, just experimenting with something I can provide for mutual benefit. How does this work PM Nomadikhan ingame, forums, or reply to this topic with your order I send you an itemized invoice via paypal for your specific order You pay said invoice via paypal (which accepts all major cards, banks, debits) I create and improve your purchased items and mail them ingame free of charge. What I offer 75ql Full Chainmail set (9 pieces), Iron - $2.00 USD 75ql Full Studded Leather set (9 pieces) - $2.00 USD 75ql Shields, iron/oak, any type - $1.00 USD 75ql Weapon, iron/oak, any type - $2.00 USD 75ql Toolset, (i.e. Hammer, Whetstone, and Pelt) - $2.00 USD 75ql Bow, willow, any type - $1.50 USD 100x 50ql Arrows, maple, war/hunting - $2.00 USD Note These prices are not set in stone, this is an experiment to see how people view paying for goods with real money vs ingame currency and as such may need adjusting.
  6. A mod that allows the tracking of total time played for each player. Options to give a configurable amount of money every so often to players based on the time they play. So you get paid, to play Wurm. Items would also be desirable to give out at milestones for time played. Like, 1 month total you get money but also an item as a bonus.
  7. Time has stopped moving again on Xanadu. Oh no!!!! [00:38:26] It is 18:25:23 on day of the Wurm in week 2 of the starfall of Dancers in the year of 1054. [00:39:26] It is 18:25:23 on day of the Wurm in week 2 of the starfall of Dancers in the year of 1054. More details will be posted as they arise. Probably the same bug as last time?
  8. I see that olives are harvestable. My time in Wurm is [13:35:41] It is 18:16:04 on Luck day in week 1 of the Bear's starfall in the year of 1064. Unless I'm reading it wrong, according to the chart on Wurmpedia, olives aren't supposed to be harvestable in the first week of the Bear. Is that chart still accurate?
  9. It's not really important and it's like that since ages now so we got used to it but if the action queue size it's just a number why is not loaded immediately on startup like all skills do as an example. Sometimes may take longer but maybe it's because of lags i'm not sure. [06:27:30] Welcome back, Keyos! Xanadu - the great mystery. [06:30:32] You may now queue 5 actions.
  10. Was at my forge and instinctively looked up to see what time it was in-game. We have no clocks. So I hit ctrl+T and read the time in the event tab. No biggie, but I think having clocks would be more immersive and more fun. Searched, then specifically searched in this sub-forum, and did not see a previous thread about this, so here goes. Pocket Watch: Functions like a compass. Originally thought we might show compass makers some love with this, but it's a completely different mechanism... so, jewelry? Brass, silver, bronze, gold, etc. If you want to get fancy, have the watch face differ by metal used. Rarity does not make time move any faster, or slower. You can read the time regardless of how rare it is. Grandfather Clock: The clock part, and the pendulum(s) are made by a jeweler. Hands it off, sells it, whatever, to fine carpenter to build the casing for it. The clock part could eventually also be used in other kinds of clocks, or just different styles of grandfather clock. Quality of the clock enhances your pride in the item. Grandfather clocks can be painted and count as decorations on deed. Clock disappears upon disconnect to increase profit. Just kidding. You do not, ever, for any reason other than fun and immersion, have to use this. Update: An awesome, player developed, free, tool --> Yaga's Supercalifragilistic Clock of Wurm Goodness! Not a client addition, a stand alone program you can continue using even when your boss makes you log off Wurm. Fully vetted, tested, and used by tons of people (actual weight measurement may vary) Seasonal Calendar incorporated with harvest info. You'll love having it, or your money back.
  11. Tools like Wurm Assistant and wurmpedia are useful, hence my opinion versions of them should be integrated ingame. For example a craftable almanac or calendar for looking up what is harvestable on what seasons, the order of seasons, and how long in game time (and RL time) till said season.
  12. Hi, From the launcher: Time & Wind It is 07:11:54 on day of the Ant in week 4 of the Snake's starfall in the year of 1062. A gale is coming from the northwest. From within the game: [08:40:40] It is 00:24:16 on day of the Ant in week 4 of the Snake's starfall in the year of 1062. [08:40:37] A gale is coming from the northwest. My character is on Xanadu. I was looking for daylight so checked the time on the launcher. Not sure the discrepancy would actually affect anything, but figured I should mention having encountered that. Thanks for the great work! Cooking update etc. has been a lot of fun.
  13. With people playing from all around the world I find it quite irritating trying to figure out how many hours ago something occurred, or when someone else link's there time stamped logs. I would at least like the option to set my time stamp in my logs to the server time.
  14. Do people pay for long periods or just month by month?
  15. I think it would be a good idea to change how the K letter looks on the map, while the order of letters is correct, it looks like a lowercase H. I lost a good hour because I made that mistake and I heard I'm not the first one.
  16. This is the second part of a series of articles on the "physics and astronomy" of the universe of Wurm Online, trying to describe the structure, dynamics and "laws of nature" of our in-game world . Part 2 summarizes all we know about time in the Wurm universe: units of time measurement and the calendar. Part 1 is here: One of the first things we notice when observing the world of Wurm Online is the rapid succession of day and night: a full day-night cycle only lasts 3 hours of our real-world time. Thus, we conclude that the planet Wurm rotates rapidly around its axis: 8 times faster than our Earth. (At this point, I will not discuss the physical implications of this observation, nor will I speculate on the possible reasons for the rapid planetary rotation. This will probably be done in one of the following parts of this series.) (By “day” we mean one full planetary rotation, i.e. a complete “day-night cycle”.) Just like in our real world, the rotation of our planet determines how we measure time. In the Wurm universe, instead of saying that a full planetary rotation lasts 3 hours, it was agreed to split the day-night cycle into 24 time units, called “Wurm hours”. (Bear in mind that this is only an arbitrary convention – we could also have agreed on a Wurm rotation having 12 or 30 “Wurm hours”. By choosing the number 24 we just made it easier for us, because now there are as many “Wurm hours” in a “Wurm day” as there are real hours in an Earth day.) Once we made that definition, it is clear that: It must be noted that this definition has caused a common misunderstanding. On the forums (and even on Wurmpedia) you can sometimes read that “Wurm time passes 8 times faster than real time”. This is not true! Time in the Wurm universe is the same as time in our real world – we only use a unit of time measurement which is 8 times smaller than in real life! (It is the same effect as if you defined a new unit of length – say: “1 Wurm meter”, corresponding to 25 real centimeters - and you would say that a 1-meter ruler has a length of “4 Wurm meters”. This doesn’t make the ruler 4 times longer than it was before!) You can easily see that Wurm time passes at the same rate as real time by watching the speed indicator below the GUI status window: Let your character run a while and count the number of tiles you cross in a given length of time. Considering that 1 tile corresponds to 4 meters (see part 1 of this series) you will easily see that the speed indicated in the GUI uses “real time” instead of some kind of pseudo “accelerated time”. If we take a closer look at the 3 hours defining a full “Wurm day”, we find that Sol (the sun of our planet Wurm) rises at 04:30 (Wurm time) and sets at 19:30 (Wurm time) each day. That’s why the time between about 20:00 and 04:00 is dark (“night”), and the time between 04:00 and 20:00 is bright (“day”). Now that we have defined the “Wurm day” and the “Wurm hour”, we also observe that the visual appearance of Wurm’s nature changes as time passes. Just like in real life, we experience 4 different seasons, called “winter”, “spring”, “summer”, and “autumn”. These seasons reoccur regularly after 336 Wurm days. Thus we can define the “Wurm year”: This is a convenient number, because 336 = 7 x 4 x 12, allowing us to split a Wurm year into 12 months (called “starfalls”), each with 4 weeks of 7 days. The 7 days in a Wurm week are called: 1. day: Day of the Ant 2. day: Day of theLuck 3. day: Day of the Wurm 4. day: Day of the Wrath 5. day: Day of the Tears 6. day: Day of the Sleep 7. day: Day of the Awakening The 12 starfalls are called: 1. starfall: Diamond 2. starfall: Saw 3. starfall: Digging 4. starfall: Leaf 5. starfall: Bear 6. starfall: Snake 7. starfall: White shark 8. starfall: Fire 9. starfall: Raven 10. starfall: Dancer 11. starfall: Omen 12. starfall: Silence This is the Wurm calendar, showing days, weeks, starfalls, and the seasons: We plan to continue this series with the following chapters: "Part 3: The planet Wurm (Basic Physics)" "Part 4: Sky and Stars (Basic Astronomy)" "Part 5: Sol and the Moons (Celestial Mechanics of the Solar System)" .... etc...... The articles can also be found in Wurmpedia.
  17. So I am having a hard time finding were I can change the time and date settings on a private server? Is there a archgod command that lets you due that or is this a manual database modification? Secondly were would I change how fast time goes on a server. I don't know what the default is but I would like to say get a year to go by every month?
  18. The default server setting means that players on the server are not getting enough time to sleep and work the field - in my own experience I planted the seeds as one of the last things I did then logged in less than 12 hours later to fields of weeds from having missed the harvest time. Could someone please help by explaining the Field Growth setting? Ideally I'd like a field to last at least 24 hours so players have chance to do various things but I've no idea how to configure the setting to achieve this. Thanks in advance.
  19. Since events need to be marked in some meaningful way and in real life we have the Gregorian calendar with B.C and A.D Anno Domini should we have our own? Like B.U Before Unlimited and A.U? Few games have an extensive calendar and time system like Wurm and part of the charm at least for me is the lore behind events that are marked in the wiki and even the days that I entered the portal. What is everyones opinion on how or if time should be preserved?
  20. Hey everybody, Based on an issue I have encountered yesterday, I would like to give a quick guide on what to do if you encounter the rare case of your purchased premium character time not being added to your account. At first, that is obviously a shock because you bought premium time with money or silver, and are worried you might not get it. I can assure you, staying calm and not worrying is the best course of action because you will receive response and support with the matter almost instantly. The first thing is to ensure payment has actually been made. If you have paid with PayPal, just like I did, you should get a payment confirmation mail. Never delete those emails before receiving your purchased items! The next thing is, as difficult as it is, to wait. If three hours after the transaction you haven't received your premtime, you have waited long enough to take further action. If you feel uncomfortable at that point with taking action all by yourself, type /support and choose Payment Issues as category and a CM should respond with helpful advise soon. What you need to ensure is that, if you have multiple characters, you confirm that you haven't accidentally added the premtime to another one of your characters. Log into the store again, and check what it sais regarding how long you still have premtime. Compare it with the /playtime result in your game. If both is still the old premtime without the new one added, you haven't received it. Now, don't despair, you will get your purchased items soon enough . The next step is to send an email to including as many details as possible. Included should be which package you purchased, and which payment method you used, as well as your character name. If there are any other important details related to the issue, add that as well. The more relevant details you add, the better the responding people can support you. I have had this issue yesterday, as I said, and I have received amazingly quick help and had the issue solved within a couple of hours after sending the final email. So as worrisome as it is to not receive your goodies, you can rest assured that you will receive help.
  21. Post deleted. People did not want me to create a thread as a place for people to post ideas about medieval technologies that could be incorporated into the game. Therefore, no point in continuing this thread.
  22. Personally while the current timespan allows for a quick, bloody mashup, it doesnt really seem to allow for the building of fortifications where one would expect to see the new siege machinery play a major role. Sure theres plenty of pvp; however, its more in the way of groups colliding out in the "open". Granted its a holiday season. Not to mention players still figuring out wth the new siege machinery even does, let alone find any tweaks that may be required. Personally Im for 3 months. A nice prime number that seems long enough while not too long. On the otherhand the skillgain rate is pretty high. Theres already champs running around and dying. Artifacts in play. Also some 90 skillers running around. Ive honestly been surprised the uniques have lasted this long.
  23. Why doesn't Wurm have a lifetime membership deal? You all could get even more money that way. I know that several people haven't bought premium because they don't want to spend that much every month (this includes me of course) I would pay up to 100 dollars for a lifetime membership, but it would be bad buisness sense to make it cost that much since that's pretty high. You all could make quite a bit more money with it though, and more wurmians would be happier PLEASE MAKE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!
  24. I was thinking, my friends keep asking to get them some premium time, Wouldnt it be easier to be able to buy a "Token" that is bought from the shop and given to your ingame inventory or bank, and you can trade or sell it to someone who in turn gets premium time worth the token time the price should be the same as buying premium time, the token doesn't give sleep powder to the one who uses the token only to the account that bought it It will give another way to help friend get premium and give money to the Devs "safer" than buying a referal So what do you guys think? probably have it look like a small hourglass?
  25. Sermons

    Hey everyone, I would love to know who might be interested in being involved in regularly scheduled sermons. The questions I have for those that are interested are as follows. Place: Where would be easiest for everyone to get to? (I've been in a few in Mookton and feel it's rather central for everyone. But this could change.) Time / Day: I know a lot of us are all in different time zones, however, maybe all those interested might be able to come to some sort of compromise? Length: How long might those involved be able to stick around or even AFK their characters for others? (I have done this and would do so if needed again.) Alts: How many possible Priests or Alts do you have or could bring? (Alts not necessary, but as most priests know, the more the merrier for faith gains.) I would really like to get something set up with as many people we could so all priests who might be struggling with faith gains could get a boost. =) Thanks to those who give input and I look forward to getting something regular started.