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  1. Yeah. The ability to attack your own mount seems illogical. You can always buy silver, spend it on a new horse and accessories, but you won't get that time spent breeding and grinding back nor the sentiment YOU bred that horse to be proud of and grinder the silvers to outfit him/her, and that's one of the biggest issues with me. The time and personal investments are insane if you don't spend cash. I get why you're upset and I would be too. Hope things work out for you! Good luck!
  2. +1 I was hoping to see a section for people to post their in game constructions whom may or may not have borrowed the power of the gods :S
  3. Plant the pole via your inventory on the tile you wish for one end of the bridge to be and travel to the other end and activate the dioptra. Rightclick on the Pole you planted to and click Plan Bridge. -- Hope this helps anyone else whom may be having trouble as I did. Good Luck!
  4. I like wurm online I just don't have the time anymore foe the mmo aspect. WU will allow me to play by myself (which, in my experience, is the norm even in WO) yet at a pace that suits me. For a 1 time purchase I'm sure I'll get my money's worth where unlike in Wurm Online I pay for a month and only have a chance to play a few days or so depending on RL. Def a purchase for me.
  5. Will WU require creating a new account, making one up similar to TEST, or will it just use our steam handles within a server?
  6. I love jumping in games and generally get frustrated in games that don't let you do so. However with wurm, especially with new players, I would see people attempting to trespass and get stuck. This happened a lot before when people would drop down into walled mines. I don't think most newbies would quit over an inability to jump so much as quit when they're forced to suicide after jumping a fence in which they can't jump back over. I do agree on the launcher issue. Wurm can be a HARD game to get running properly. Between the three different PCs I've played across each time it was rough to get going. This has driven off at least 3 diff people I've tried to bring to the game. As for the clicking thing I coils have sworn you could key bind a mouselook toggle. If I am mistaken wurm could really benefit from such a thing. It's a small team and small playerbase. Wurm won't appeal to everyone nor do I think it was meant to. Keep up the feedback though;the developers need a newcomers perspective on things.
  7. +1 for overall more character customization. Sheesh I can't believe the lengths some of you go and the BS you spin just to keep darker skin tones out of the game. How does it hurt you at all??
  8. I'm not reading anything in particular at the minute though I am in between Megatokyo Endgames short novels. You can bet I'll be reading again once the next book comes out! I used to read a LOT back in school. Series like The Wheel of Time, Sword of Truth, Merlin (the lost years), The Obsidian Trilogy, and plenty others. Sadly the only series that I finished was Obsidian as it was composed of 3 books. I got 5 or so books into each of the other series because that's usually how many we could convince our librarian to order, having only 2 ppl in the whole school that was likely to even pick them up lol.
  9. Sounds awesome. Ever moving forward from the 2D plane.
  10. I'd say give alchemy some love and allow it to be transmuted to some other more useful metal. Doesn't help the uselessness of the lead itself though :/ Most things it could be useful for would be outright toxic to wurmian health
  11. The only one I keep up with anymore is Megatokyo. I had read it in my early teen years and sort of fell out of it. A few years ago I got back into it and caught up and it has really picked up. It's not everyone's cup of tea as it mixes comedy romance and MMOs along with the occasional lazyday art. The thing I like most is how the story and MMO (fictional) go hand in hand to tell the story. Fred, the artist and writer, recently teamed up with Thomas Knapp to write short stories further explaining the MMO characters story. It's a bit too much to explain especially on my short break but I would recommend it. It starts out as a joke but popularity picked up and a story develops quickly.
  12. Looks like the old wolf model that crawled into a brown bear snuggie O.o
  13. Logged in and re subbed the other day after a lengthy hiatus full of inspiration and with the aim to start a new home. I was in the middle of xanadu northern sea and decided to turn back to a smaller, less leggy server in hopes of finding a good place to set up. The weather however had other plans. It demanded that I sail 8km/h the entire way. I was unfamiliar with weather on the various servers as I never did much interserver travel. Over the course of days the wind stayed at 'light breeze from northeast' or what ever regardless of the server I passed through. Finally I got fed up after reaching Independence (after a circle around deli). Don't get me wrong. I have always loved wurm for how open and expansive it is and sea travel in a gale is magnificent but 8km/h is on par with a rowboat x.x I'm just bummed out that with my limited time to play these days and for the money I dropped on preming up that I'm spending 100% of my time so far just traveling due to a low odds weather system and slow ships. +9001 Edit: and 8km/h is good compared to the 1 km and 2 km I've had in the past ^^;
  14. Someone refuses to pay you 1 gold coin for your 30 magic potatoes and claims they didn't mean to do you any harm by keeping the potatoes even after a written agreement to pay you 1 gold coin for your 30 magic potatoes? That is a scam as well as theft. Intentional, regardless of trying to feign ignorance as offender went in knowing full well the terms of the agreement.