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  1. None of those worked, but I did find a fix (sort of). I uninstalled both WURM and Java and installed an earlier version of Java. It updated itself and then I reinstalled wurm and it worked, so I am not sure exactly what the fix would have been other then installing an older java and letting it update to update 17.
  2. Hello, Trying to get WURM working on my laptop. Every time I hit the play button I get this window: http://imgur.com/0VNjrsL I dont know where to find a crash log for Java. I have windows 8. Here is my dxdiag. http://pastebin.com/reNdkh9q Here is the console log (i think) http://pastebin.com/Ujvs5Lu8
  3. Just curious if people still bought corps/bread/meats?
  4. Anyone hear any news about this lately? Last I heard it was the top focus. Is it still the top focus or has it been pushed to a back burner again? Edit: Glaring spelling error.
  5. So with all the unicorns and horses out there, why isn't there a fertilizer in game for crops? Surely they must poop, yes? Why can't we go around collecting it and using it on crops as fertilizer, lessening the time it takes to grow a crop on whatever tile the fertilizer was used on? I'm sure all the horse farmers out there would love this.
  6. That thing can carry like 12 people and has some room for cargo such as some weapons, bandages, etc. Nothing big though like logs
  7. Here is the log. I have seen a mod say to close all clients but there was no other clients open while trying to DL the pack updates. It does this every time. It seems to get to 100% and then fails. Contents of temporary launch log: Time is Wed May 09 13:27:37 EDT 2012 Running client version 3.1.67 === System information === Executing from C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\ Operating system: Windows 7 (arch: x86, version: 6.1) Java version: 1.6.0_29 (Sun Microsystems Inc.) <http://java.sun.com/> Jvm version: 20.4-b02 (Sun Microsystems Inc.) [Java HotSpot Client VM] Available CPUs: 2 >>> Main thread exiting. Loading character Hellaciouss Loading config default Loading props file C:\Users\USERNAME\Wurm\configs\default\gamesettings.txt Loading props file C:\Users\USERNAME\Wurm\players\Hellaciouss\password.txt >>> LoginFrame queue entry exiting. class.jF: Could not copy graphics.jar to graphics.jar.bak
  8. You must be mistaking an instant gratification game like WoW with a sandbox MMO like WURM. I for one wouldn't go around stating something like that, it makes you look like you're championing for the sandbox to becomes easier and have been for awhile (as well as the others). And it's not every tile. Its more like every 5 tiles you need to throw up a support. Stop over exaggerating. It's silly and childish.
  9. I could of sworn this was the WURM forum, not the WOW forum, yet so many are all wanting things to be as easy as possible. Guess I am going to have to start double checking the url. Supports were put in the game for a reason, they should need to be used.
  10. You can't see around walls if there was no swivel in the camera. Also, it's easy to make cameras close to first person if you get too close to a solid object....console and computer games have been doing it for many, many years now. Seriously, what's wrong with 3rd person? It doesn't break PvP as much as people think. Want to know what breaks PvP way more then 3rd person? Sound that you can hear anywhere in local, sometimes even farther, no matter what the sound is. People saying no 3rd person are really silly, and seem to desperately be trying to hold the game back from getting more people with such a simple addition that really doesn't "break" anything.
  11. Unfortunately you're wrong. They can give third person view without camera swivel. I think most people would be happy with even 1 meter worth of third person view. Also, with sound giving exact locations, 3rd person swivel shouldn't even be a problem anyway.
  12. 400 hull planks 100 deck boards
  13. Well I hope it can get fixed again. I have a lot of rares sitting around I can't use