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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there, I always wanted to have an offline clock showing the current ingame time, even when not playing. So, after some research and helpful dicussion I created WurmClock, a little desktop application for Windows, and I would like to share it with you. Meanwhile WurmClock has been around since April 2012 and I am happy that many users seem to like it. Versions 1 and 2 turned out to be rather popular among Wurm Online players, so I decided to give it a major overhaul: here is WurmClock V3. You can download it here: WurmClock V3 The app shows a small (300 x 300 pixels) image of an analog 24 hour clock which can be placed anywhere on your display by clicking and dragging it with the mouse. By default, the clock will be displayed on top of other program windows unless the user chooses to turn this option off. In addition to the clock itself WurmClock V3 has a new calendar dial, showing the Wurm year with its starfalls and seasons, and indicates the current time of year (starfall and week). Of course, the calendar display is optional (for those of you who prefer the smaller "clock-only" version), as is the additional info window shown below. The "Real Time Days" scale will make it easier to calculate the number of real days left until a certain Wurm date (for example the end of winter ). WurmClock can be used as an offline tool, i. e. when not playing Wurm Online, to keep an eye on the in-game time. It will show you at a glance if it is currently day or night before you log into the game. The clock is updated frequently (every few seconds) and will usually show the current in-game time with an accuracy of ± 2 Wurm minutes. However, each time the Wurm servers are shut down due to maintenance, Wurm time will stop and be frozen until the servers are running again. WurmClock will, however, try to re-synchronize with the in-game clock as soon as possible. WurmClock V3 displays the following information: Current in-game time Current in-game date Current in-game season Current harvesting seasons Current wind data Date & time for next sunrises and sunsets. To run WurmClock V3 you only need the executable file WurmClock3.exe, a recent Microsoft operating system (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10) and the current .NET framework (which usually is already part of your operating system). In addition to the executable file there will also be a collection of alternative skins. Unpack the archive (containing the executable, a subfolder called \Skin, and a PDF documentation) into any folder of your choice and run the program. ============================================================================================ NEW: WurmClock now also displays the current wind situation: ============================================================================================ To learn more about the features and possibilities, please read the manual (also contained in the archive file): Manual.pdf Credits I would like to thank - Hakim for creating the artwork and graphical representation of the clock, - Moogien, Explora and Jdbooker for valuable contributions during beta testing, - Substr for helping me with setting up the software metrics web server, - and, of course, Rolf Jansson and his team for giving us Wurm Online! Have fun Yaga ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please check my other tools: WurmDate , WurmStatus , WurmSkills , DPMapAssist ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- Updates:
  2. I would like to someday see an in-game window that has the current (Wurm) time and date. TIME: maybe just an icon showing the approximate time of day maybe a sundial that points to the hour DATE: a calendar showing the current day, month and season events that can be pinned to a day or span multiple days events could be private, deed, alliance or server based Time and date information is already freely available (in-game) in text form. I believe this would be a nice welcomed next step for wurm game time immersion.
  3. Hey everybody, I have been playing Wurm for about 10 years now, it is my favourite game. Here are some ideas for items that I would love to be able to craft: A large upstanding mirror, showing my character the way other players see me. I know there is the character window, but I also want to be able to look at myself riding interesting mounts and do other stuff like emotes or sit down. A small clock, to be carried in the inventory. It would tell the time without having to type the comand. It could open a small display, similar to the compas or underneath the speed bar. Maybe the bell tower could also have an option to automatically give a short ring twice a day, 1 wurm hour before sunrise and 1 wurm hour before sun down. This way it would give a warning, that it soon will be dark or light again. Oh, and these hitching posts, that are available in some mods, are so handy! Could they be in the main game as well? Anyway – developers, you are doing a really great job! I love the bell towers and the halter ropes and the larders and especially the lunch boxes. Thanks!
  4. Was at my forge and instinctively looked up to see what time it was in-game. We have no clocks. So I hit ctrl+T and read the time in the event tab. No biggie, but I think having clocks would be more immersive and more fun. Searched, then specifically searched in this sub-forum, and did not see a previous thread about this, so here goes. Pocket Watch: Functions like a compass. Originally thought we might show compass makers some love with this, but it's a completely different mechanism... so, jewelry? Brass, silver, bronze, gold, etc. If you want to get fancy, have the watch face differ by metal used. Rarity does not make time move any faster, or slower. You can read the time regardless of how rare it is. Grandfather Clock: The clock part, and the pendulum(s) are made by a jeweler. Hands it off, sells it, whatever, to fine carpenter to build the casing for it. The clock part could eventually also be used in other kinds of clocks, or just different styles of grandfather clock. Quality of the clock enhances your pride in the item. Grandfather clocks can be painted and count as decorations on deed. Clock disappears upon disconnect to increase profit. Just kidding. You do not, ever, for any reason other than fun and immersion, have to use this. Update: An awesome, player developed, free, tool --> Yaga's Supercalifragilistic Clock of Wurm Goodness! Not a client addition, a stand alone program you can continue using even when your boss makes you log off Wurm. Fully vetted, tested, and used by tons of people (actual weight measurement may vary) Seasonal Calendar incorporated with harvest info. You'll love having it, or your money back.
  5. I was playing in Wurm unlimited and noticed my system clock was 9pm instead of 7pm, so I changed system clock with Linux command "sudo hwclock --systohc" and then the game crashed and said that I have to send this to forums and describe what happened. So I did so. Also I have noticed that when I start client log it spams a lot of "Update server list".