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  1. +1 to all of that, especially glass and craftable spyglasses. Siege machines would be amazing, and a combat improvement might get the game to go gold if its done right.
  2. -1 to flying. I like how fences block movement, otherwise they would be pointless. I want this game to be gritty and medieval, and I don't want to see people flying around like butterflies, even if its with a spell. I think it would be fine, however, if people could fall off of cliffs in order to get over a fence, but this should only be on PvP servers. Of course, once you fall into an enclosure you would have to bust your way out. As for jumping, I see no need for it. Being able to fly or jump over walls with a high skill requirement is one of the dumbest ideas I've ever heard for this game. Walls are the only things that prevent griefing, and its supposed to take a lot of time to bash them down. This time gives people time to respond to the griefers before they cause damage, and on deeds walls are meant to slow down raiders. Making flying have a skill requirement would to nothing to prevent griefing. If people wanted to grief, there are plenty of high leveled accounts they can buy for 200 euro or so, so its not like they have to work hard for it. However, flying mobs is something I'd like to see, but the archery system would need to be improved so it would be possible to shoot them down. Dragons flying out of pens would be great. Dragons flying and maybe a few bird mobs that can be shot out of the sky would be fine, but I don't want to see flying mounts. Flying mounts would change PvP in ways that I don't like, and it would make it too easy to break into enclosures to grief things. The same goes for airships, not mentioning the fact that the airship idea is a lot like the gun idea in my opinion: it is way too modern for Wurm, and it ruins the setting. The combat system in general needs some serious improvements, and I think that improving the combat system so that it is more engaging should be your priority, not giving people fairy wings to fly around and grief up enclosures.
  3. I actually like this idea. It would make an interesting game with no grind, because all the boring stuff could be done by NPCs. However, players who are used to the way Wurm is now would hate this change. Maybe some time in the future, there could be a separate cluster like this.
  4. You obviously didn't play a few years ago, when we all looked like pickle people. The devs are actually working a lot faster than they used to.
  5. Just like Minecraft! Nice going!
  6. Here are some ideas I have that incorporate "Truth" In the time before time, there was one spirit. He became lonely, and sought to bring others into existence to give him company. For his creation he wrote a book of laws that are all encompassing. Nothing can escape them, and spirits that gain an understanding of these rules gain great power within the walls or existence. And so, the laws are called The Truth, for they shall always be and will never not be. The code was written, and from the void came an explosion of all spirits and all matter, causing the stone of time to crumble into sand. From the womb of the one spirit shined the Blacklight and Whitelight, the necessary elements of free will. There are three aspects of The Truth: The Secrets of Life and Death; Growth and Decay; Love and Hate. The Secrets of Power and Strength; Fire and Stone; Justice and Tyranny. The Secrets of Wisdom and Insanity; Wind and Water; Civility and Anarchy; Truth and Lies. Each aspect has elements of the Blacklight and elements of the Whitelight. Upon gaining understanding of one or more aspects of the truth, a spirit must choose between the White and the Black, or choose to not use the knowledge at all. There is no Gray, or way of using both. Understanding of The Truth can be gained by constant meditation and thought by one on his or her own, but only to a certain extent, and only one path of understanding may be unlocked at a time. To gain a deeper connection to The Truth, one must find pure essence of reality and consume it. Essence of Truth is usually hard to find or heavily guarded. In the case of Wurm, it comes from the tree of truth on Valrie, a tree which grew from an acorn left over from the creation. The gods understand the following aspects: Both Fo and Libila know The Secrets of Life and Death. Fo choose the Whitelight; the side of love and growth, while Libila choose the Blacklight; the side of hate and decay. Magranon knows The Secrets of Power and Strength. He choose to fight for the Whitelight, or justice and freedom. Vynora knows The Secrets of Wisdom and Insanity. She choose the Whitelight, which in this case is civility and truth.
  7. +1 to flying mobs (/me imagines dragons flying around :0) I think being able to fly over fences by falling over them would be problematic for some deeds on pvp servers, but maybe this could be a good thing as well. If you fall in, you still have to break your way out. -1 to flying mounts, unless they are really hard to get. (Like riding dragons)
  8. I tried adding to it, but got distracted with other things. I'm not going to go back to it at the moment. If someone would like to continue what I was doing from where I left off, or start your own idea of the lore go ahead and do so.
  9. The sun rises as the dark days fade into distant memory. The battle hard fought and won, the victors rise to glory. I am happy, for the struggle of one is now the struggle of all. I will be back on that distant day, when the light shines shines where the sun rises. Walls of old, glory told, for an age and ever after.
  10. Dear Santa Rolf and Team, No prem so no gift for me hehe. But whatever you give out, make sure it isn't something people want in the game later as a craftable item (i.e. spyglasses). Basically, make it a useless thing that will gain value for simply becoming rare later on. Keep making this game more awesome. Also, make spyglases craftable. Arowhun
  11. So that's what that mystery material is for. I wont get anything hehe, but nice!