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  1. I'm really wondering where did i mention PvE or that any of my deeds has anything at all to do with resources... Please post a quote.
  2. The only opposing argument you have shown (other than made up inequality, disadvantage or dishonestly arguments) is that you -want to see them-. Lets analyse this: If someone doesn't want you to know their skills because they are dishonest, you don't tell them yours. If you are paying real money; so do most of them. Analysis complete. The suggestion was made. Comments were provided. People (users/customers/players, whatever you want to call them) agree that this is not something desired by the community.
  3. Also, in order to balance my Ankh-Morpork (one of my 6 deeds) upkeep i would have to pay a premium of over €100 every month AND grind skills to keep any deeds i own, even though i use wurm as a chat engine?
  4. So every person who lives off-deed (and every other player) has to pay more because you have a deed in your way? Wait 'till you hear about the possibility to move and expand as much as you want!
  5. So lets recap, just in case i got the idea wrong; You propose that the company that makes Wurm to remove the ability for me to pay €1000 every month for the deed upkeep which goes directly to them, paid for years upfront. In return i get to have to be chained to the game and gain skills while having most of them at 100. The benefit being that you get to get rid of one deed that stops you from expanding from 1s/month upkeep to 1.1s/month upkeep. Is this correct? smallprint: some numbers might be exaggerated
  6. <sarcasm> Now now. This person pays with real money so they are ENTITLED to see your skills but you paying for your deed with real money doesn't entitle you to keep it. It's logical. Right? RIGHT? </sacrasm>
  7. Because they don't want you to! Nobody else pays money for playing btw.
  8. <sarcasm> Yes, i lie to them about my skills constantly and it's none of anyone's business. Not a day goes by when i tell all my neighbours that i reached at 100WS again. Not a day goes by when they reply with "i don't care" </sarcasm> Why do you insist on this being a good idea if you know full well this would be an optional thing, just like with the death tab in PvE and you would have to run around for weeks to find a single person with it enabled? Might as well look it up on niarja.
  9. Yes and it's not creepy at all to have this one bloke chasing you all over the place to look up your skills...
  10. Because i don't want you to know my skills. Or anyone else for that matter. That's why i never uploaded them to Niarja. Feel free to compete with other players who want to compete and/or show off their skills. Niarja exists for that reason. In-game solution would need an opt-in toggle.
  11. While at it, remove all locks from all containers. Deed/structure permissions will stop people from taking the items but i want to see what they have. Surely the have nothing to hide. Remember to disable locking the doors and fence gates.
  12. is that a problem let alone something that happens a lot? This is based on a sample size of one. Most good crafters take pride in being recognized.
  13. Off-deed crops are public. There is no way to tell if the crops belong to an existing player or someone who just disbanded and quit Wurm and the nearby deed was plonked 2 hours ago. Rules are very clear about this. One scenario that could be a reason for a /support call is the owner of the crops actively asking the person harvesting those crops to stop but even then - it's public land, you can chop down a tree in a forest, you can kill a horse, you can harvest a crop.
  14. In case this helps with the investigation: It has worked for us on Harmony but some more details which might help: Altar quality:32 Altar wasn't built there. It was built on the shore and then pushed across the deed to the pen (i remember a bug where if a fountain didn't fill up on a water tile, we had to push it once for it to "register" its position) roughly 30 animals in the pen, sheep/horses/calfs, all got the genesis as expected. There is an adjacent Vynora's domain, Fo and Vyn's domains meet about 20 tiles away from the pen Deed name in case GM/Dev wants to have a look at the setup: Gallifrey - Altar is located in the pen in N/E corner of the deed, up on a mountain slope.
  15. Worked for us on Harmony. From Freedom chat, nothing is different between the setups, we must be missing something.
  16. How is this different from farming/harvesting a tree someone planted off-deed? There are multiple systems to stop people from doing this. In this particular scenario none were used and the post is asking for the animals to be returned. 15 tiles per animal is astronomical? You did the math, if someone kept a horse without access to a water through and a lot of food in area that size, in most countries the horse would be taken away and the owner would face jail time or massive fines. Hitching post is equipped with those - wasn't used. Deed prevents that - wasn't used Branding largely prevents that - wasn't used. How do i know if a horse i found in the wild comes from a demolished off-deed pen or an upkeep-disbanded deed or someone simply releasing it when they moved to another server or from a maliciously bashed pen? How do we know if whoever bashed the fence (if it was bashed, since it only takes a few days for low quality fence to decay in perimeter) took the animals? What if the fence was actually bashed but no animals were taken by the person. If i find one of them on top of the mountain, do i have to get banned because i took it? What if someone did bash the fence and took the horses, does the whole GM team have to drop everything now and investigate the whole incident? We have the tools to prevent this from happening. They weren't used and OP admitted it. I sincerely hope they find their way back to WhiteBunBun but please stop trying to change the game rules to fit your personal idea of how the game should work, while we have multiple systems for this exact scenario in place already.
  17. I'm not sure why this topic got this badly derailed but i'll chip in. It is an immoral thing to bash off deed fences to take someone's horses and i hope the lost ones are found or returned. The "griefing or not" by bashing fences where the system allows it, has been considered griefing in the past and there was a rule around that up until 2014 at which point it was finally removed: https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Historical:Enclosure What this caused was people claiming massive areas and making them not passable (because of the fences). This was leading to having to run around "pens" or "enclosures" couple hundred tiles long. Second downside of that rule was that deeding was overriding the enclosure rule so if someone had one without a building every 10 tiles, people could deed over it and cause even more drama and acid and work for GM team. Current ruleset doesn't consider fences outside of deed a safe thing. Current system also doesn't consider my villager bashing everything on deed to the ground because i gave that villager permission thus i agreed for him to bash anything. In the past, on one of my deeds, everyone had "drop" permissions because hey, if someone drops something on my deed and moves more than 4 tiles away, they can't pick it back up and i get a free thingie. Right? Almost. Only thing that i know was dropped on deed was a bunch of 1ql lumps in to my (back then) HQL iron BSB so from 60ql it made 42ql lumps. Was that griefing? No, i gave everyone the permission to do this exact thing. I didn't complain, i didn't rage, i took the permission off and learned my lesson (not saying that WhiteBunBun is raging, just giving an example). There is a whole activity called "recycling", very popular and fun. Sailing/riding around the map, looking for disbanded deeds and recycling anything that's left. There is no way of telling if the place is freshly built off-deed and someone lives there or is it a decaying deed and another looter came around before and dropped a few logs and wood scraps to confuse people. Even with high archaeology skill, if the report shows that the deed fell 2 weeks ago, it doesn't mean that someone else isn't living there already, off-deed. There will always be players who do those things and hoping for them to change or stop playing is not something i would count on. Be safe, check your permissions, leave nothing off-deed. Fingers crossed you get your horses back.
  18. Does this mean that deeds with a lot of animals (docile or aggressive) will be effectively stopping mobs from spawning in the vicinity?
  19. You just made this up on the spot, didn't you? Even a GM can't tunnel out if there is dirt on surface of that tile.
  20. For the food which gave shorter timers, did you store the chopped ingredients in Food Storage Bin? If you take an ingredient from FSB, chop it and use in food, everything is fine. If you chop the ingredients, put it in FSB and later take it out already chopped, timers don't add the chopping action complexity.
  21. If seryll rings give no advantage it won't make any difference to anyone if Devs swap the material to Adamant for example on all items on the DB, right? what's the problem then? I think we all agree that Seryll does or doesn't give and unfair advantage and people who claim it does, would be happy with such solution and people who claim it doesn't, wouldn't mind, right? Am i reading this correctly?
  22. On the same note: Logging started 2020-08-10 [23:02:38] <Valdrid> (Har) PC Seryll Ring This is the same scenario we had with fountain pans. Those gave a small group of people a big advantage. You know the seryll rings are extremely useful and deny that. You are not a new player who might say "what are 20 of those going to change in the grand scheme of things?". You are well aware how over the top they are if left in hands of a small group. I don't know you but i know you are not a new player who doesn't know how bad it can get. To me as a bystander ,this looks like you have a personal interest in Seryll not getting removed/replaced with another moonmetal. Please note; i don't have or plan to have a priest on the new cluster but i do realise how big advantage those items give to a handfull of people.
  23. Wasn't this raised for Release/Pristine opening as well? Were we able to move from Epic to the P/R cluster via portals before borders opened? I never set foot on Epic so i don't know if this was possible back then but it seems like similar scenario.
  24. +1 Can we also get solo multiplayer and auction house to increase human-human interaction, please?