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  1. Whoever bought penor, send me a PM
  2. Getting tomes from uniques = chance Paying premium = payment to participate
  3. Bump 4 Jib
  4. Old school PVP: Email Rolf to get your champ life back New school PVP: Make forums posts and ###### up every public means of communication to get people banned
  5. Last I checked, dueling was illegal in real life. I will not be paying for premium until this feature, as well as asking for '1v1's are removed.
  6. Wasn't he part of Wurm University, aka the group of players seemingly always on the fringe of hackings and stealing? @Oreo
  7. Can we get clarification on this? Are you saying you can spam decorative items in longhouses to reduce the chance that walls even get hit???
  8. She said a deed overview would be nice Edit: she has early onset of dementia, so if you could take it slow that would be great
  9. I have a friend who wants you to do a wurm video
  10. After the champion deer at arachnadelphia was killed, they stopped spawning
  11. :^)
  12. Are you rocking scale or drake???