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  1. "Our players and customers asked for more transparency and information. We listened and started providing them with all sorts of news and updates about the whole of our product. They should be happy, right?" Think again! Why does every single post from staff have to be derailed to this? Why is is ALWAYS caused by people playing on PvP servers? Not all of them but it's never us, "freedumbers", causing what's evidenced above. Derailing every single post in the same way, creating (3 today so far that i counted) new forum accounts because of reasons, just to post this rubbish which has nothing to do with the subject matter. This is very professional. The staff roster is and always was publicly available on the forums and many of us consider staff members our friends. We play with them, we know them, we care about them. This way of delivering the news is way more professional than "holly goat! Did you hear the rumor??? XYZ is no longer a member of the staff!, check the staff roster on the forums, i think there was a mistake" https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/4976-wurm-online-staff/ With the recent updates and letting us in a bit closer to the information about the plans, i'm very optimistic about the future of Wurm. Thank you for sharing the much needed information, Rolf.
  2. WO Steam Discussion

    Not to sound like a smartarse but yes, suggestions forum section and WU modding section.
  3. WO Steam Discussion

    I'm running 3 WU clients at the same time without much trouble, there are plenty of guides available and it's not only Wurm Unlimited specific issue. It's a simple workaround which is being used by millions for many of the games, WU being probably the smallest one.
  4. WO Steam Discussion

    I'm just guessing here but Rolf saying: In my head this means another cluster and just a new client which connects to it by default but if the backend is the same (compatible?), more islands can be added at will, in this case; existing WO servers. I don't know if there are any technical show-stoppers to do this but it seems reasonable that WO, as it stands, could be released on Steam without much change to the code so i'm hoping that SteamWO servers will be available for both, Steam and WO clients (because why not? many games have that option) and effectively run on the same backend. Only thing that would require coding, is a hard split between what can be accessed from the Steam client but why limit Steam customers to play only on the new cluster? Might be reasonable to give them an option to join the established clusters, including Epic, right off the bat. If someone is inclined to compete with others on Epic, why not let them? Just a dropdown list with options "Original" and "Steam Release - NEW" could suffice. This is all assuming that there will be no difference in versions of the server code or the difference will be accounted for in the client. This would give the Steam customers an option to play on a current premium ruleset or whatever the Steam payment system will be with very little difference in how everything works. It will allow to account for the many player types we have here: PvP - could have PvP servers on the new cluster as well but users could chose to join established kingdoms on the existing Epic or Chaos if they want to, without the need to re-download the client outside of Steam (Steam Loyalists) I want to try to be on top of rankings - players who want to start with new server and who switch to each new iteration, even at the cost of abandoning their existing toons. I want to build and have a fat wallet but don't want to make all the materials - well, there's an option to connect to Freedom using the Steam client (premium payment via Steam in some shape or at token). Go for it and buy your mats from established players who keep undercutting each-other's prices. I want to join a village - again, for a while, existing servers will be a better option because of high level players who host those villages and who will provide you with horses, tools, knowledge and so on (i'm looking at you, Brocules). I want to play solo - both options work for that i guess. With the SteamWO servers maturing, both clusters will become equally good choice and this is the point where opening the borders can happen. This is when new servers can be added with closed borders as well for the next generation of players to have their chance at becoming the strongest/smartest/most often dying (I'm looking at you, Archaed) or whatever people like about games. @Others This is just a plan or a dream at this stage according to Rolf but there is some negativity about it right away. If you don't like it, don't buy it? For us, nothing changes and can only increase the population. There is only one possible scenario where it could turn out bad for Wurm. Many Steam people don't care about those games, some make money off of "hacks" for them. They care very little if they get banned. They will release paid hacks/bots and never log back in anyway. This happens to games with dedicated, massive, security teams, it will eventually happen here, even more so when people smell the real money value of pretty much anything in game.
  5. WO Steam Discussion

    I'd imagine it will be the simplest option, this was onde before with Pristine+Release and Xanadu. Basically separate cluster but when it's time, open the borders and let us mingle?
  6. WO Steam Discussion

    Great news. Fingers crossed it will work out. Few points to consider though: 1. influx of new players who are not necessarily mature will pose moderation issues, chat mods on standby 24/7? 2. Griefing will become a thing again, just like with the Reddit invasion years ago. This can't be avoided and can be handled just like it is handled currently but genuine issue support tickets will be waiting in queues behind stupid griefing cases (hopefully not but something to be prepared for). 3. As proven on Jackal, experienced players who decide to play on the new cluster will still have the upper hand and huge advantage over new players. It's not the veteran accounts or items/skills/enchants that really matter, it's the knowledge of the system and how to play it. Granted, this knowledge is publicly available but it's a lot to take in and learn for someone who is just starting. New cluster will be a cow to milk by people who know how to play already and know where the money is or how to train their skills effectively. This could be avoided if Wurmpedia was updated with data which is scattered all over the place, from forum posts, to spreadsheets, to people's handwritten notes, to articles on other medias with data mining findings from WU. The 3rd point would be the biggest concern in my opinion because if 10-20 "veteran" players decide to move over or play in parallel on the new cluster, with the knowledge they already have and which is not easily accessible in one place, pretty quickly history will repeat itself and there will be a handful of powerful players and "the rest" who might get discouraged by their slow progress (compared to others). This is being mentioned a lot in other posts as the main deterrent for new players (along with outdated UI). There is nothing anyone can do about the knowledge people already have, can't take it away. Building a comprehensive knowledge base on Wurmpedia with data from the devs on how things work so that it can be easily accessed without having to ask (in english, which could be a barrier for some as well) in CA-Help might be a way to level the playing field for the new players and most browsers can translate it to their language on a press of a button. I understand that all this data is available for public and there are all sorts of skill gain calculators and all but the chore of digging through posts on the forums alone could be avoided. Plus, what's on Wurmpedia is mostly guesses and results of testing (or not) by players so the information can be false, which doesn't help at all.
  7. Thank you very much for the details and the fix @Keenan ! Awesome job, no lag since! Not to derail the topic but Non-Citizens can dig clay in Ankh-Morpork. Please bring your own dirt to raise the clay tiles, if i keep falling in to a hole, it will be annoying and the permission will be revoked. We have spare clay so people who ask for it, get it. It's the same scenario that happens on Exodus. I blocked off a piece of my own land to stop a handful (5 or 6) people annoying me on purpose and basically griefing. BOTH of players who have asked to be able to pass the gates were added to the permissions. It's not that hard to speak to someone. In the last 2 years, only 2 people actually asked if i can open the gate for them and they have permanent access. It's not rocket surgery, people, just ask. As Vomusu said, people who asked for clay, got it. Now everyone can dig it, as long as it doesn't become a chore to fix the tiles. We will make them flat sooner rather than later but for now, some digging skill is required to dig them due to the slope. We will put up signs ( @Pingpong) to make sure people know where it is and they will be open to public as long as we don't start falling in to trenches because of people who care less than others.
  8. making all the planks and attaching them to an FSB+BSB took me to 2.7 carpentry. Gains on failed actions included. If i remember correctly, making the planks and attaching them on Freedom would grant about 4 carpentry in the end. Making the 80 planks required to make a 1x1 shack was usually enough to get you to the 5 carpentry required to build it. On Jackal it's nowhere near.
  9. The important questions are: 1. Will we see Jackal circling the sky while standing on Jackal? Or will we see the Wurm continents in the sky instead? 2. Can the Jackal graphic be updated to reflect what we find there? If it's meant to be habitable, spots of green and blue to mimic flora and water would add to the immersion. Obviously, not exact map of it but something to make the moon look less like a moon and more like the place where we'll end up after teleporting there. Unless it's 100% rock surface of course, then current graphic of the moon is perfect. Complaints: I'll think of something, give me a chance. I doubt it will thin out the population by a whole lot. Same thing was meant to happen with he new Evlevation map which so many people were fighting for and yes, for the first 3-5 days it was in excess of 100 players online on Epic but few weeks down the road Epic is the lowest populated server a lot of the time again. This includes Chaos and Exodus. Granted, depends on the time of day but for a large part of it, i see more players on Chaos than between the 4 Epic servers. Relax and keep on Wurming.
  10. only noticed the posts now, it seems back to normal. I like how someone tried to refresh the website over 60k times yesterday. Someone's really hungry.
  11. Are you trying to get an affinity which you never made before with +20 ingredients? Chances are that there is no possible combination with the current set of enabled ingredients (pumpkins, cabbages, dragon meat might solve it but those are either hard to get or overfill the pan).
  12. @TildaWorks fine here. Please try with less ingredients and let me know if it works then.
  13. Going by what happens in WU when you change dirt to rock on a thick layer of dirt, this causes a lot of weird behaviour but if it added say 40 slope to adjacent tiles until it reaches the original rock layer then it might work. I'm not sure if that could allow for un-penetrable deeds on PvP though, not sure if transmutation liquids even work there so this might not be an issue. "unreasonable" or "absurd" cost is not a solution, we all know people who did something nobody else would consider because of the cost or risk. Some mechanic in place to stop people from making a 40 slope mound and then surface-mining it to 300 slope would be needed, maybe a maximum height the liquid can be used at? So that it's only used for the proposed purpose, e.g. making a mine on an island which otherwise has no rock layer above water level? Basically can make rock layer if there isn't one at 50 dirt above water level but if there is one return a message "just keep diggin' you lazy ass" or something?