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  1. Quick Maths

    Like this? not sure which border of a slanted tile it measures but if you plant a range pole you have a "survey" option on the dioptra. Spyglass helps for long distances. I think that's in since bridges were introduced. <edit> I think range pole can be planted on the tile corner which would make counting the exact slope easier. not 100% sure about this one though. </edit>
  2. New Map Maker Needed

    This isn't triggered by someone fleecing your deed, is it? For those who don't know, someone has "recycled" one of Nes's deeds just after it fell, while it isn't breaking game rules, it does break the spirit. Nes did post in forums that he's back (5 or 6 days later) explaining the situation, his friend was holding the deed and he didn't know how much is left in the upkeep. If the person who got the stuff for "safe keeping" would raise their hand, maybe this could have been avoided. He did ask in Freedom chat as well, no response. I didn't get a chance to befriend you but I did use your map a lot and you were a good neighbour while I lived in N/E Exo, I don't want you to leave. Kind Regards. Locath/Kawopij
  3. Few changes ( important and not so )

    Amadee found the words to voice what I was trying to say for a long time. I'm one of the players, I don't sell anything. Since Exodus exists I have sold one pickaxe to an ally and traded my sleep powders, mostly for clay, also to an ally. Market is something that is an option. You can make all of those items but you choose to buy them, that's the best part of Wurm. I buy resources in hundreds of thousands but it's my choice and I like the fact that prices are going down. After all, if the same money can get me one more brick or one more garlic, I'm delighted. There is no need to punish people who pump real life money in to the circulation to satisfy those who want to make coin on moving it back and forth. Economy is fine. It's people who are trying to ride it that imagine the problem.
  4. Few changes ( important and not so )

    *checks* - is this for WU? *checks again* - is this a request for WU script? *baffled* That's a brilliant way to kill Wurm Online alright. Having thousands of walls makes stonecutting a full time job. Back to micro deeds, no money sink for CC. Paying 4s every 28 or 30 days to maintain Templars is not enough. why bother? Having a chance to lose(effectively) the items I paid 1g for each would be cool... NOT Zones limiting the things I might or might not care about - how cool is that? Vanity items - finally reached the serious part of the post. +1 for the vanity items so.
  5. Meal and Pizza generator

    @MrGARYI have put this on the back burner because of work, people keep throwing projects at me so fast that I don't know who to ignore first. Around new year I should be able to sit down and do some more work on this with the annual change freeze in the corpo so i'll get a chance to revisit the generator and maybe make it something more than just a proof of concept which it was intended to be.
  6. Archaeology Tokens

    3kg of glimmer per token? am I rich yet?
  7. A new use for rock shards

    While this was opposed may times, I will +1 the idea. Problem is that from one rock tile we get 50 shards, this is enough to raise a tile by 50 dirt (assuming 1/1 ratio). I would love to see this in game anyway, terraforming is one of my favourite things in Wurm and raising terrain is a pain even with levelling.
  8. Custom rare/supremes and bulk

    Hello, Done business with Oblivionn in game, can recommend. Supreme stone chisel with my signature and casts delivered within 3 days. On topic: Can I please order a supreme iron butchering knife 90ql with 95+ CoC+WoA. CoD to Kawopij.
  9. WTB 2500 litres of grape juice

    That was fast, got a seller in game, please close.
  10. As per the title, looking to buy 2500 litres of grape juice, delivered to shore (central Exo).
  11. Cndo's Investment Hole

    I used plus500 to trade commodities on a "training account", understood very little, lost the training money, never went back. It seems like an interesting concept but I don't know what are the "safe" ways to invest on short term investments. Currently trading ForEx on Revolut platform and that works very well for me Crypto currencies are predictable in a way, I have been mining since the beginning, then switched to trading because it's much easier and pretty much instant and I know what happens in the industry. Revolut also claims to have the best rates between banks so I tested that, bought dollars for x amount of Euro, bought Jen using those dollars and sold the Jen for Euro. made a nice chunk in under a minute because of reasons . I don't advocate using any of those platforms though, any and all can be "hacked"/compromised, risk is always there, values change, companies go under, things happen. Only invest money you can afford to lose.
  12. Creating portals as GM

    This sounds like Ultima Online linked gates, maybe even a full blown portal system like UO has. I would love to see that.
  13. Meal and Pizza generator

    @TeeeBOMBThank you for testing this and spending all this time on it. I have disabled lamb meat all together for now, please let me know if you run in to more trouble. Tagging @icbashso he can verify his generator as well.
  14. Meal and Pizza generator

    @Alectrys: Since I made no changes in code, it seems that another ingredient was changed (like peas before) or toons get "bugged" again. Can you try making a meal and see if that works for the toon which was getting ML instead of Fighting?
  15. Meal and Pizza generator

    @TeeeBOMB: This is your main toon you are creating those meals for? Not an alt, using Longsword as the test meal result? Try closing all the tabs except one, I only learned enough ASP to build this for public use so there is a chance that it's doing something weird in the background. Try generating a small meal and see if that works fine. Failing all that, we can do some more testing over the weekend.