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  1. WTB 2500 litres of grape juice

    That was fast, got a seller in game, please close.
  2. As per the title, looking to buy 2500 litres of grape juice, delivered to shore (central Exo).
  3. Cndo's Investment Hole

    I used plus500 to trade commodities on a "training account", understood very little, lost the training money, never went back. It seems like an interesting concept but I don't know what are the "safe" ways to invest on short term investments. Currently trading ForEx on Revolut platform and that works very well for me Crypto currencies are predictable in a way, I have been mining since the beginning, then switched to trading because it's much easier and pretty much instant and I know what happens in the industry. Revolut also claims to have the best rates between banks so I tested that, bought dollars for x amount of Euro, bought Jen using those dollars and sold the Jen for Euro. made a nice chunk in under a minute because of reasons . I don't advocate using any of those platforms though, any and all can be "hacked"/compromised, risk is always there, values change, companies go under, things happen. Only invest money you can afford to lose.
  4. Creating portals as GM

    This sounds like Ultima Online linked gates, maybe even a full blown portal system like UO has. I would love to see that.
  5. Meal and Pizza generator

    @TeeeBOMBThank you for testing this and spending all this time on it. I have disabled lamb meat all together for now, please let me know if you run in to more trouble. Tagging @icbashso he can verify his generator as well.
  6. Meal and Pizza generator

    @Alectrys: Since I made no changes in code, it seems that another ingredient was changed (like peas before) or toons get "bugged" again. Can you try making a meal and see if that works for the toon which was getting ML instead of Fighting?
  7. Meal and Pizza generator

    @TeeeBOMB: This is your main toon you are creating those meals for? Not an alt, using Longsword as the test meal result? Try closing all the tabs except one, I only learned enough ASP to build this for public use so there is a chance that it's doing something weird in the background. Try generating a small meal and see if that works fine. Failing all that, we can do some more testing over the weekend.
  8. close

    Please deliver to Kawopij (M12/M13 shore on Exodus). I'm in game now.
  9. close

    Price for the wagon with delivery to Exodus?
  10. Catch a 175kg fish personal goal

    @Wargasm: it wasn't that bad in my case and I don't envy you if you had to fish that many before you got yours. 240k+ marlin fillets (effectively allowing 24 other people to complete the "bin 10k items" diamond goal in one day) but since there is very little information on what affects the chance, let's assume that everything does. In my case it tool a legendary carpenter to imp my rod (that's one skill required at high level) Another person to make some 98ql+ fine fishing lines (that's 2 skills and this one is Miscellaneous so not an easy one to grind) which in turn are capped by the quality of the String of Cloth so Cloth Tailoring (3 high-end skills) On top of that my own 96 fishing so 4 skills. Again, we don't know which of those (if any), or if the rarity of the rod affect the chance, until someone explains how this works, the golden goal either requires 4 skills at 90+ (closer to 99) or is purely random. I'm not asking for the requirements to be lowered or excessive changes to be made to the fishing code. Instead consider making it a diamond achievement because it really feels punishing to have to sit in a boat for 2 solid months, up to 17h/day to get an equivalent of "Plant 500 flowers".
  11. Catch a 175kg fish personal goal

    @Tilda: if this spring you found a Marlin spot, in summer it will be a different fish but next spring it will be Marlin again. I eventually marked them with rafts, hoping people won't just come by and pick them up so it was easier to find them next year.
  12. This is for other people's sanity, not for my own benefit as I have eventually caught that bastard. After 2 solid months out on the sea, on 3 minute timer actions (averages out at let's call it 1 minute before pulling out the fish), 10 times got the achievement "The Path of Vynora" so over 10k fish caught. Using a rare fine fishing rod with (most recently) 98ql string and 96+ fishing skill I finally got it done. On top of that, special spots migrate every season so I had to sail around to find a new one every so often. The suggestion here is to change that from gold to diamond achievement for others sanity. If we compare that to "bin 10k items" diamond achievement, which can be done in one day using 10 bins at pretty much zero cost (using wood scraps) or even easier using vegetables/meat which weighs 0.3kg per piece, it doesn't seem right. I don't really care if this change happens or not as I have my 176kg Marlin today but it doesn't seem right and I feel sorry for others with this goal.
  13. Hello, Please CoD the below to Kawopij. Ebonaura Kingdom Banner Dreadnought Dynasty Kingdom Banner Dreadnought Dynasty Kingdom Flag
  14. Not sure if I follow but the idea is to increase the quality or affinity timer or anything at all other than meal weight because of weight? So if I combine 1kg of the cheapest ingredient with another 1kg of the same ingredient I get better or the same result than 1kg of foraged + 1kg multipart? -11