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  1. Aren't guard tower designs different between kingdoms and not by deities? I thought it doesn't matter which god you follow? https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/File:GuardTowers.jpg
  2. Correct, colloquially people call the same thig a settlement, deed, village, town and so on but "settlement token and the deed token are the same thing" is a false statement. If you hover your mouse or examine either, they are not the same thing. Similarly, people in many games call a build a DPS build while most if not all builds are DPS (Damage Per Second) which means very little since a healer can deal some damage per second as well, better description is DD (Damage Dealer). It's about calling things what they are called in game, by game mechanics, rather than confusing people as evidenced by the example above. This extends to Wurmpedia because who cares about correct terminology or confused new players, right? Thanks for coming to my TED talk
  3. I think you are still confused. Settlement is the village/town/what have you Deed is the paper you have in your inventory. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deed
  4. Another thing to consider, pay the mayor back the upkeep they invested so if and when they return, they aren't a stranger on a deed they paid for. Multiple ways to approach this but this is an important part of the suggestion to think about. If my deed is 100s per month in upkeep and i can't play, tough. If my deed costs 100s per month and i have put in next 30 years worth of upkeep but after a period of inactivity someone else can disband it and cash out... not quite as fun.
  5. Not a bad idea at all. We had a similar situation in EQ2 with my wife. I was a guild master of a guild of over 360 characters but we stopped playing. Guild members had no way to contact us outside of the game so they made a petition to SoE who in turn sent me an e-mail to say that if i don't log on within next 2 weeks, the GM position will go up for voting amongst guild members. I have replied that i can't play the game for "reasons" so just go ahead and run the vote poll now which they did and everyone was happy. If i didn't reply, 2 weeks later it would happen anyway. Guild progress and guild house which everyone worked for wasn't lost. This is a good thing to do because people could lose a lot of time and effort simply because a deed mayor/guild master loses interest in game or got hit by a small boy on a big bike or they lost internet access and so on. I approve this suggestion.
  6. I'm not saying the suggestion is ever going to be implemented but on its premise, it's not a bad one at all.
  7. Not questioning that but there are some small studios who make console games and ports. I don't believe time will be invested in to such thing here but it would open a new, uncharted customer territory with pretty much zero competition i think.
  8. So was Minecraft. I think the idea is to redevelop the engine? Not something that i see happening but on the other hand, a lot of new players could be reached this way. PS natively supports keyboards and mice too so controls aren't an issue.
  9. You know this is about Epic, right? You know (?) Epic portals exist? You know you can pop in, make thousands of X item and sell them there and then and then *poof* back to your deed on Freedom with the monies?
  10. So... credit card? If and when Epic has any population to talk about and there is more than 1 player per kingdom online at a time, such system would make me visit PvP for the first time just to craft and sell said items and go back home with the money.
  11. None of which can't be sorted with a credit card, right?
  12. What game is this? It sounds really bad. Richest kingdom can declare a war on everyone else and they default to bankruptcy after a while. We had similar scenarios like in the terrible game you are talking about, where one kingdom was so much more powerful than the others that they drove everyone else off the PvP server and then complained that there is no PvP happening. That ridiculous game you described is a gateway to exactly this but easier.
  13. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/article/ball-lightning
  14. New World

    Played the closed and open betas and i like it but it remains to be seen if it will be something to stick to for longer. Skill level progress was so much faster than what i'm used to that it seemed like playing in creative mode (perhaps it was boosted for betas only?) Harvesting is cool, different types of resources are gathered in different ways so trees can be cut down but minerals are mined from nodes, food is gathered from farms, fishing can be done in any place but there are richer spots so different styles of gathering depending on what you do. I like that. One thing that stands out for me is "oh, i think i can jump on top of that ledge to get to that other one and i might be able to get to the top of that mountain, i bet devs didn't expect players to get there, lets see what happens..." and i get to the top of the mountain and there is a mineral node or two up there so clearly it was meant to be accessible albeit not very easily. Nice surprise. If they manage to get rid of the exploits from closed beta where people cheesed fortunes in money and so on, it might be quite entertaining to play around with. Consensual PvP is another nice thing. I don't PvP so i simply don't flag my self for PvP and i'm safe. Someone who likes PvP can do the opposite and take part in open world PvP and in those big battles which i was just a spectator in. PvP flag can be toggled in safe zones so we can mix the play styles as we wish. Housing lacks a bit but i'm sure more decorations will be added but it resembles EQ2 housing except the highest "voted" house in the instance is shown in the world which is a nice touch.
  15. I get what Wipeout is saying and going by some of the logic people are trying to apply, me playing WO over RDP from work means that i'm not at my PC so i'm breaking the rules? I am looking at the Wurm session, i am chatting to my allies, i might preform some actions, depending quiet work is but i am NOT sitting in front of my PC.