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  1. Archaeological Deed Map

    If it helps, I don't mind handing over the code (VB and SQL) to someone who is willing to host it. I made this initially to mark epic structure locations for missions but once archaeology was introduced, I added the squares for marking the deeds. If someone can present their capability of maintaining and hosting this, I'd be more than happy to give them the code. This is used by a few allies, it's a little awkward because once the message "such and such deed used to be here" when investigating, we open the map dump in MS Paint and get the coordinates from there (1 pixel is 1 tile in game) and record those in the application, functionality is there. It also records and shows the deed founding date in real life (approximating to deed age/8) which is entered by the user as well, not mandatory. App then looks for the N/W and S/E corners for the selected deed and draws the rectangle for selected deed. Problem is that I don't do any validation on the entered text so spelling mistakes cause problems, just too lazy to do it properly and with the handful of people who are using it, it's no biggie to maintain it in DB. For Epic Structures it draws an arrow and focuses on it, I just add them manually to the DB based on ally finds. I'm not willing to host it because of GDPR. There are 2 options: Make it public and every troll can insert any garbage data they want or Make it account based and have to be able to produce the papers required in case of a GDPR audit. Epic structures (excuse the native language): Archaeology finds (small red rectangle, open on imgur to zoom https://i.imgur.com/hn5IgcP.png I will NOT host this because it is too much hassle with the current GDPR legislation. Only other option would be to record "public" data and have the thing full of troll entries.
  2. [Bug] Able to kill players on freedom

  3. [close] WTA 6000 Blue Grapes

    20s Withdrawn, didn't realise that my personal goals changed with last server restart.
  4. [close] WTA 6000 Blue Grapes

  5. [close] WTA 6000 Blue Grapes

  6. Trade Channel tweaks

    +1 for linking in game chat with discord, don't really care about colours but I guess it could be handy.
  7. Meal and Pizza generator

    @MrGARY: I swear I will try to find the time to redo the thing once I finish digging the tunnel I'm working on, I'm hoping to have it open for sailing in 2 weeks. Then I will add the ingredient exclusion by group and by specific ingredient.
  8. Meal and Pizza generator

    @Roccandil: I have very little time on my hands with the ingame project but once I add the things I have planned for the generator, I might add other dish types as well. I need to have the core functionality done first though.
  9. Meal and Pizza generator

    @MrGARY: Thank you for pointing it out, fixed now.
  10. Meal and Pizza generator

    Another quick update, enabled duplicate additional ingredients. This allows for pretty much any affinity with any number of ingredients. Remember that duplicate ingredients don't seem to add to the affinity timer so this might actually be a bad thing (bear meat + corn gives the same timer length as bear meat + 10 corn, or at least so it was at the beginning, I'm nowhere near the kitchen to check). Someone please test and let me know what I broke.
  11. Meal and Pizza generator

    Added a small change, users who have the website open will have to reload it. For pizzas you can now choose number of sausages to be used on top of set ingredients and additional ingredients. Those should give some insane affinity timers. @Pingpong requested that on someone's behalf and it was a simple enough change to implement in couple of minutes so it's there for your enjoyment (or to trigger maniacal attacks because they are a pain to make). Also increased maximum number of ingredients but with high numbers, until I do the front end to toggle duplicate ingredients, some combinations may be impossible to make with the current set. Just lower number of additional ingredients if you can't get a result (or increase number of sausages, works even better).
  12. Meal and Pizza generator

    @Anarres: Spot on, missing vegetable is the issue. While unlikely, it could happen as per the comment under the grids on the website: I wonder what kind of dish would it produce if you added the oil? :-)
  13. Black Legion Kingdom Pack

    Hello, as per the PM, please contact me in game on Kawopij or send me a PM to tell me the name of the toon which will make the delivery so I can give it permissions to drop/unload on deed. CoD something for the price first :-)
  14. Black Legion Kingdom Pack

  15. Black Legion Kingdom Pack