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  1. @Platynaholy ######, do you have to mention this in every post? I'm autistic as well, it's nobody's business. I deal with it, i don't expect everyone around me to change their behavior to match mine or my expectations. I don't get offended on behalf of others. I try to read what the OP tries to convey instead of analyzing their motives and their childhood, on this post and any post that i read and i don't put a stamp on the OP because i "diagnosed" them with this or that. As someone with similar disability, this is the first time i ever mentioned this. I work on it, i DON'T expect people around me to have a guilt trip because i was diagnosed and they are now meant to treat me differently. @Bloodreina The reason why NF (and SF) servers Freedom chad is quiet is: people talk a lot in alliance chat. Join an alliance and you will have trouble keeping up with the chat. This happened on all servers. Freedom chat is mostly dead because people tend to only read the ally chat (as do i). Keep your deed, join an alliance, chat away, get an odd job from allies on occasion. You have won the game.
  2. If i remember correctly, you need to finalize the building plan (same way you did on the original structure) and then you can "remove plan here"
  3. Ok, i might have misunderstood that smelting update few years ago but from Wurmpedia: A small amount of metal from the original item is typically lost to the smelting process. Items that cannot be improved and are not capped by the 20% of total skill when created will now receive a quality penalty when smelted, at the following rates: -7.5% to -2.5% for common metals, -12.5% to -7.5% for moon metals and alloys. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Smelting_pot Could this be the reason? Just throwing guesses.
  4. This was done few years ago iirc to stop people from mass producing HQL steel by improving steel mine doors at a cost of few lumps and then smelting them to get 50kg of HQL steel.
  5. @Jaz This shouldn't happen again (FML).
  6. ^ did you miss this part perhaps? OP is fine and has the horses. It's the new player who might not be vocal about it, might not be comfortable to speak english, might have many reasons to try to do it on their own. They find themself in a situation where they simply can't get a horse because there are barely any in the wild. Now, go tell every introverted newbie who would love to play the game but gave up after having to drag their cart for miles, died multiple times because of that as well, that they should move to SFI. It's a quest i award you, report with the results next week. This isn't about you or me or OP, we all have all the horses we need and more. It's about the new player who can't find a wild horse to save his life. This is an issue which needs addressing, not necessarily by limiting the number of animals we can have but something to look in to.
  7. I don't speak Java to dissect the code my self but i did ask the question and different people answer differently. Can we get a confirmation if animals on deed or branded or cared for or any combination of any variables take them out of the total mob count on the server? If they remain in the total count forever then i see it should/could be addressed (even by increasing the max numbers per server). If they don't, this might be a non-issue because then branded or bred in captivity have nothing to do with number of mobs available in the wild and the issue is elsewhere? Anyone with more knowledge care to weigh in?
  8. Make them PvE only, as they always should have been.
  9. I don't think this is as black&white. People couldn't answer me when i asked if i can open a mine entrance which will come out deeper than the max surface mining depth for example (most were saying that it can't be done but there were also people saying "yes"). I launched WU, tested it there and it worked. Did the surface mining and tried in WO and it worked as well, despite multiple people saying it won't work. I agree that fact of something working in some way in WU doesn't mean that it works the same way in WO but it doesn't rule it out. In fact, in most cases the game behaves in the same way, regardless if the info is provided from reading the code or from testing something by playing WU.
  10. I think Christopher means that there is no slider to move the village plan view along the W/E axis (horizontal slider missing): Edit: in the new GUI
  11. I actually have all day to read it. I, for one, like to read wholesome stories.
  12. I like this. I can feel your excitement, excellent writing. We need more posts like this. We need more situations like this.
  13. This seems to have been fixed (spawn, not sure about migration North). Thank you very much on behalf of Harmony players! People are excited again!
  14. All of those are great but if i understand how it works is when we right-click on an animal, with correct tool activated, a query is sent to the server to check what can we do to it with this specific tool and a set of RMB options is returned based on the state of the animal. This is why we get the "refreshing" when we are lagging. Server is not returning a simple single query within reasonable time. If this was to work the way we want it to, each of the animals within visible range (hundreds per character sometimes) would have to poll all those details at least once every couple of seconds. Multiply that by number of players seeing or potentially seeing each animal. I hope i'm wrong and this can be done but without causing every member of a village to lag to death because there are few hundred animals in local. +number from me if this can be dome without causing lag.
  15. The tile per aggressive creature ratio of this server is 3809.52. This is a good figure. Harmony in a few days: