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  1. Oars seem like a good This seems like a perfect solution on paper. In PvE, all paddling passengers add to speed. In PvP the same mechanic applies except when passengers paddle, they can be attacked but can't fight back until the paddling action finishes or is cancelled. Low quality boat can be faster by having more passengers who keep retriggering the "paddle" action so are at least semi-active. Passengers who are not paddling add to the weight of the boat and slow it down. In PvP it's a choice between "let's fight that other crew" or "stop fighting and let's all paddle to run away"
  2. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Meditating Specifically: On certain tiles, there can be a pop-up after finishing meditating that allows you to start a path. There are five paths that a player may follow. They are as follows: The Path of Knowledge The Path of Power The Path of Insanity The Path of Love The Path of Hate. and within each path article: Knowledge path tiles are usually found beside water and sand. Generally they are quite close to the shore, but some have also been found in deep waters. You should be able to create your own knowledge path tile by flattening a low 3x3 area close to open water and creating some sand tiles near by. Once planted, test each tile to see if it's "special" as the Knowledge Tile does not have to be in the center. If the area is disturbed , the special tile may vanish, and must be recreated, and may show up in a different spot than before. As with all paths, meditating on the tile gives the message "This is indeed a special place" after meditation is complete, and shows that you have found a special tile that belongs to a path. ----------------------------------------------------- Power path tiles are usually found on flat tiles at high elevations (i.e. on mountains(2000 above water table)). However, please note that a path of power tile can be on a non-flat tile as well. You should be able to create your own power path tile by flattening tiles when high above sea level, then testing them. As with all paths, meditating on the tile gives the message "This is indeed a special place" after meditation is complete, and shows that you have found a special tile that belongs to a path. and so on. Wurmpedia is so convoluted and based on so many hunches and guesses that i made my own notes from which i can copy-paste responses for people asking the most common questions and the total (for meditation) is 26 lines of text, answering everything they need to know and learn the pattern, to avoid information overload. Trying to answer a simple question like yours for a complex system can be really simplified. Only if they are still confused i refer them to *shudders* wurmpedia.
  3. Ultima Online: Renaissance Unique thing about it was housing in geographical locations (not instanced) but if someone had high enough hiding and stealth skills, they could wait at your door and sneak in with you and steal stuff. In hindsight, that might be the thing that made me paranoid about letting people in on deed permissions or have citizens at all in Wurm. That was changed few years later and houses are safe now but the trauma stayed with me.
  4. Proximity permissions/ownership. Until you move 4 tiles away or log off, others can't pick up your things. Iirc he same applies to mining without pick up permission, you can give someone permission to mine within your settlement and what they produce - they can pick up unless they move away 4 tiles.
  5. +1 but with a small change to the concept: Only the OP's characters and deeds get enabled for PvP. This way everyone is happy. OP has his purge, rest of the population has fun.
  6. And implementing that requires deleting servers? I'd go for Xanadu then, that uses more resources per capita than any of the other servers. Again, i don't do PvP and never will in Wurm but removing years of someone's work for no real reason, other than driving them away and introducing a replacement system instead of additional system and having them both work alongside each other, doesn't seem like a good stunt.
  7. Care to ask those affected? It doesn't bother me personally, since i don't play there but being a decent person isn't that out of line in my opinion. I can fly spaceships for free in other MMOs as well.
  8. You mean delete things people pumped 1000s of euros in to? As someone who has never set foot on a PvP server since Exodus was added and largely against PvP mixing with PvE because of all the drama which has affected me personally as well - NO. There is over a decade of people's work there. All the money spent on upkeep and items back in RMT days included. As much as i'm not a fan of PvP in Wurm, i wouldn't do that to anybody.
  9. Sklotopolis has both systems. For masochists, the new system which comes with WU and for the rest of us, version of fishing rods named "old" which use the old system so we can still enjoy it: The old system is modded in though so you won't get it with vanilla WU.
  10. As long as the server sends the data to the client, client side can do whatever you want with it. ESP is only one of public mods which can do all kinds of things with the data that server has to send for the game to be functional. There are many more and there are private mods which do much more. Only option to remove that advantage from one person is to allow it for all to use so everyone plays on equal footing.
  11. Bug Hotels are quite popular in Ireland, they might match the Wurm theme as a model:
  12. From technical point of view; Some sort of roof height detection would have to be implemented so that when the forge/oven is pushed a little under a slanted roof, it would have to adjust the sticky-outy bit of the chimney by a fraction of the slope. Slanted roofs can be multiple stories high and it would have to account for that plus stretch the texture, much like slanted floor tiles, which doesn't always look good. If the top part was to be of static height, it might be easier but still the forge would have to somehow know how high to replicate the chimney sections through the floors and then the roof. I'm not sure if such mechanic exists. Some buildings don't have roofs. Alternative suggestion: Roof tiles with chimney option (smoke particles which can be toggled as well, please) That way, from the hand full of possible roof objects (slanted, corner, inverted corner, pyramid-top), we could have an additional version when building them, which would have a chimney, aesthetically matching the roof style. Probably a limit of something like 2 chimneys per structure would have to be added if smoke particles were to be added in case someone decides to build large area structures covered with smoking chimneys to lag the neighbourhood to death. Either way, it does bug me for years that we have to live with smoke in our bedrooms because we have a kitchen/workshop below.
  13. It has been suggested before to allow strongwall to be casted on the tile the casting priest is standing on. Currently, if it's not the same tile, all normal checks apply to allow to collapse the tile (mobs, players, items on the tile) and if the checks are passed, we are allowed to collapse the cave tile. Additional check could be added to the existing functionality above and if that check returns that the tile being strongwalled is the same one the casting priest is standing on, ignore the rest and reinforce the floor instead of collapsing the tile. It might take less development to just add additional validation of the target tile than coding new spell perhaps?
  14. There are 2 camps, part of players don't want changes, part does want changes. Without analyzing the reasoning behind either of the sides and to stay on topic, few options come to mind. Announcing uniques spawning in chat/antisocial media/website/discord 1: do announce 2: don't announce Marking the location of the unique or its original spawn point with a beam: 1: do mark it 2: don't mark it Loot splitting: 1: split a set amount between number of slayers 2: split a set amount of loot between people in local 3: distribute the hide/scale by a set amount to everyone in local (for example everyone gets a set 0.05kg of material, regardless of number of people fighting the unique) 4: distribute the loot to everyone on server, like the ritual rewards do, allowing to claim it for 24h from slaying, similarly to global cast reward sleep bonus Unique rules: claiming ownership of the unique as is seems to be leading to bulk of the animosities. 1: Leave the rules as they are, admittedly, open to misinterpretation due to language barrier and such. 2: Remove the rules and replace them with systemic solution, much like was done with the highway system. Spawn frequency: 1: Reduce even further 2: leave as is 3: make them more common Most of the points above would affect a lot of aspects of the game (and already do) from friendships to economy to enjoyment of the product as whole. Without leaning towards either of the options, those are the areas which nearly warrant separate discussions. Announcing the uniques for example evens out the playing field for people who spend most of their play time on other projects but it hurts people who can and do spend a lot of time searching for them. It's a choice being made between punishing/rewarding one group of players for the benefit or at the cost of the other group. Person A: I spend all my time running around the world, looking for a dragon, i should be rewarded for that. Person B: I spend all my time building the highways so that you can run around the world and look for things, i should be rewarded for that. ...and so on I don't think there is a solution which would make everyone happy but there might be one which would make majority happy. The main issue here is that nobody really knows what majority of players would like to see in game. All we know is what few vocal and active on the forums people want (from both sides of the fence). If some of the options were given up for voting in the existing /poll system in game, staff would get a much better view of what players want, than from the forums which are used by a fraction of players affected by this and even less of them being active.
  15. chance to add

    Quality of the parts being attached matters as well. I can start a Knarr for example using 2 high quality keel sections but i won't be able to attach a 1ql peg if the skill is close enough to the bare minimum. That's where the chance being shown would be helpful, if it's 0% chance we still can attempt and waste the materials. Some will say "get your skill up, get better quality materials" and all that is valid IF i know my chance. It won't tell me if i still have 0% chance to attach 90ql boards to a knarr someone started for me and i have no way of knowing that my skill is way too low which would be anything other than guessing.