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  1. doesn't have to be a priest, just meditation Path of Power level 7 I know Sklotopolis has this awesome thing but i don't know if it's a public mod or Sklo exclusive: It comes with 20 charges, can be recharged at any token (1s/1charge) It turns any vein in to rock so all that's left to do is to mine out the 50-ish rock shards.
  2. "I would totally pay about threefiddy for implementing tekken style combat. Take my money and get to work. Is it done yet? What am i paying you for? I demand daily updates. I will go to court if it's not done within next 20 minutes. Oh, you did it? This isn't exactly to my specifications, gimmi my monies back rightnow"... and so on...
  3. ^This Not to mention that most, if not all other MMOs out there won't even let you log in once you stop paying the sub. Oh, but before you can start paying the subscription, in most cases you first have to pay for the game itself which might or might not include some premium time for 2 weeks or a month in that price. Here we get the client for free, we get to play it for unlimited time for free, we can put that time to good use and earn to pay the subscription from within the game, without ever reaching for the wallet. If we stop paying in game we STILL can play the game for free and it's somehow deceiving to put the word "free" on the box?
  4. Frogs

    Yes, please. Inb4 someone says they're ranidaphobic, can we have the phobia mode turn frogs in to spiders? You know, just in case?
  5. You don't have to run your own server, there are many public servers as old ad WU itself. You CAN play the game for free. I have several allies who have never paid real money for their premium and are playing for a decade. You CAN pay for your premium with ingame silvers. This is the free model. You do NOT have to spend real money on subscription and many people are playing it that way. Think this way: If you can and want to pay using your credit card instead of earning it in game, it's an option added to the free model which, for you, is the core subscription payment method. Paying on the website is an optional, convenient method to achieve the same. At current price, WO is cheaper than pretty much any other MMO out there, with a hand full of exceptions amongst thousands of games available. The "free" part in product description is not deceiving, it is a fact, people are playing for free and are premium. This isn't rocket surgery.
  6. Xsyon was almost a carbon copy of Wurm, it has since evolved and the single developer is pushing out updates regularly but average concurrent player count according to SteamCharts is 4 (four). There is a standalone launcher, much like WO has so that doesn't show 100% of the players but it's not much better in reality. With all the good things i could say about it i'll go straight to the one concern: Skill decay. The developer said he will not remove it so you can't easily have all skills maxed, without tons of micromanagement of what skills you get gains in. The game itself is really good but for me and many people i spoke to in-game, the skill decay is the main deterrent. On the upside, the game is buy once - play forever. No subscription model anymore.
  7. Could this be because randomly gained affinities were only added 4 years ago? Before that we all had one, beginning affi and only way to get more was in PvP, by killing and getting it from another player.
  8. That would effectively mean a merge of 2 different code bases if i understand Keenan correctly.
  9. (unpopular opinion) The only fair way would be: Amount of SB received based on contribution. Characters who don't contribute still get boat speed, Genesis within Fo's domain and so on. This is the reward for being a non-contributing follower. Characters who actually contributed get the SB reward on top of that, depending on % added to charging the cast. total charge poll is 100%, highest contributor this round gets 5h, rest gets their respective % based on the % they contributed to charging the thing. It's not something that is being pumped out by a small group of people in few days. It's many people working for common benefit who then are being the bad guys because of reasons listed above. Anything else is a handfull of characters doing the hard work for everyone, including people from other servers who swap faith, sail to other servers only for that reason AND demand to be accommodated. *Hides in the cave and collapses the entrance behind him*
  10. I don't know if i'm reading this right. Please correct me: "i am of different faith every few weeks, i contribute zero to charging the Rite since i don't even bother getting to 10 faith. You, however, cannot swap faith to reap the same benefits, or you won't be able to cast the ritual. You Will however accommodate me because undisclosed number of people like me will be upset. All of YOU better do the work to charge all deity rituals and wait for it to be convenient for ME to cast it". Please say this isn't what the argument is about? Inb4 "but my alts helped charging it" - those alts will get the benefit of the rite cast.
  11. In the immortal words of Socrates, "..I drank what?" Instant potion of mildly upset stomach. In the immortal words:
  12. This usually happens if you have an instance of Wurm running already (Alt logged on or something). It holds a lock on some of the files. Close all clients and try again.
  13. It might help to highlight the suggestion part of the "everything sucks, y'all suck, your game sucks" post.
  14. I'm not sure how many problems would that cause but afaik, character names are left on the DB forever, including those that expired because they never paid premium. Relations exist between the character and items the character created, ownerships of all kind, logs and so on. Removing the primary key entry could cause a lot of mess, possibly items disappearing on people who bought them from the deleted character. GDPR doesn't cover in game characters, only data which can be used to identify a specific, real person, so requesting a data wipe to be compliant with GDPR can be done by replacing all of those identifiers with, deleted@deleted.com and so on, which will leave the rest of the DB in correct state. Character name is not bound by GDPR rules. One option would be to have the requested name changed to something else so that it becomes available again but that's just me guessing. I know that ranting and stomping feet doesn't get far.