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  1. Wasn't this raised for Release/Pristine opening as well? Were we able to move from Epic to the P/R cluster via portals before borders opened? I never set foot on Epic so i don't know if this was possible back then but it seems like similar scenario.
  2. +1 Can we also get solo multiplayer and auction house to increase human-human interaction, please?
  3. I have asked multiple times over the last 2 years in CA Help about this, was ignored, i have posted about this (in a reply) on forums, no reaction. I took it as a new feature. All alloys and moon metals worked like this for years. Now i learn, after asking about it, and getting no response either way and investing money in tools, that this is in fact a bug. I am glad that there won't be any more updates in WU.
  4. To be honest, i don't know if it is in fact a bug or not, i just like the way it works. I might be corrected by devs and we might learn that this is not the intended behavior. I hope it stays this way to be honest
  5. I thought this was by design? It was like that since the runes were introduced so i assumed it's a cool feature rather than bug.
  6. I would agree with that if the market would be able to guarantee future sales but how many people are going to risk plokning a 250x250 deed, not knowing if they can pay the upkeep for it next month using ingame income alone? People who were willing to pay with real money, made those deeds already. People who are making money solely in game, will hardly risk having a big deed for a month and then not be able to support it because their sales went down for one reason or another.
  7. With me being able to buy couple 100s of thousands of bricks using paypal made the bricks disappear from the system. Buying at least a gold coin each month for the upkeep alone, was re-using the same silver which was already bought by someone from the website and taking it out of the economy via deed upkeep. With me having to buy the money from the web shop, effectively creating them out of thin air, to buy the same bricks and not offloading it from existing money poll, because i'd have to buy the gold for upkeep as well, creates a massive inflation. This has happened to many other games, there is supply, there is demand AND there is abundance of currency. This makes the prices go up for everything, just because people who have the money, have no other way to buy stuff or offload it and it makes the new player have to fight the market prices inflated by money which will be pumped at a much higher rate than it was until now. With RMT allowed, the flow seemed pretty constant, people bought money, deeds were sucking it out at more or less even rate, a big reason for that was because a lot of the transactions didn't involve ingame money (e.g. bulk materials in large quantities). Now to buy the same materials, much more money has to be "spawned" in to the system. That money will be burning people's pockets, they will start offering higher prices for everything, because there is only so much they can buy from the trader with it. Offering higher prices makes the new player have to buy more money again to buy that thing so even more money is introduced in to the system. I have only ever sold one item in my 9 years of playing Wurm (a rare axe), i traded a lot of sleep powders for clay and that's about it. I have spent thousands on materials and deed upkeep, my main deed alone was about 90s a month so that alone was a nice sink to take the money out of the system. In the no RMT world i would have to buy 1g each month for the upkeep PLUS few gold for the materials. the deed upkeep money goes out of the system as it used to, nothing changes here. the remainder is spent on bricks/mortar/bulk materials in general. Seller now has a bunch of money they want to get rid of and this situation repeats every month. I'm unable to fund my deeds with in game activities because simply none of them are really sellable. I terraform and build stuff so i keep magically spawning more money in to this economy which will start getting out of control very soon.
  8. I don't think it will boil down to geolocation. Just sharing IP with other players who clearly are not the owner. Probably doesn't matter where in the world or what specific IP is the toon connecting from but if it shares the IP with multiple other players who are never the same (a.k.a. my other characters, those would always share the IP, no matter where it's pointing to. Yours would connect from a separate IP to mine, always. Unless playing from a college campus maybe?). so if my accounts connect from IP xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and yours are connecting from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxy but one of the characters connects from both, it's clearily shared. Rest of my toons won't connect from your IP unless i give you access to all of them just to populate your IP on all of them. Still, we can share the toon, 2 or 3 people can. Problems come when the character follows the sun and is a character who connects along with my toons, yours, Retro's and 7 other people's and they each have a bunch of toons connecting from the same IP at the time, except that one toon is connecting from their IP, mine, yours and so on. All that is already collected even by WU, probably to a bigger extent in WO, just a matter of automating the analysis/alerting.
  9. Hypothetical situation: Wipeout and his alts log on from IP A, B, C, D and 100 of other IPS. This is fine, dynamic IP. Locath and his alts log on from IP E, F, G, H and lots of others. Also dynamic IP, also fine. One of Wipeout's alts connects from the same IPs as Locath; they are sharing the toon as friends for deed maintenance/permission management/silly pranks on one another. This is also fine. The same alt starts connecting from Ireland, Canada, Mozambique, China, India and Brazil on a daily basis, while sharing IP with other players - This character will be investigated most likely.
  10. Good bye all, it was a great run. I have shrunk the deed to less than a quarter of it's size, just to cover some of the buildings. There are some rare coins, i used to decorate the highway with, off-deed now, enjoy them as a token of great memories. I will log on every once in a while to check up on things but that's about all (because merchants who i paid for and who are on my deed might just disappear with my junk) . The cooking website will stay up and i will work on improving it when i get a chance but the updates will be directed at WU server i'm playing on. All best wishes and have lots of fun, i have met some great friends in game who i have met in real life later and we bonded past the game world, Wurm is to be praised for that. Thank you all for the friendship and griefing alike, both were keeping the Wurm life equally interesting.
  11. I recently started playing on a popular WU server, the simplest QoL improvements are plenty and they don't seem very hard to implement. In this scenario, on each stage of heat drop i get a "forge is running low on fuel" message on the screen and the same, orange, in the event tab so it's well visible. Automation might not be a fitting theme in Wurm but if i'm standing in front of the forge, it's logical that i see that it's running low on fuel without sticking my head inside (examining it every so often).
  12. Fleeing creatures would have to include stamina drain and slowness. In Ultima Online it's one of the things that can be very annoying, majority of mobs will try to flee when their health goes down below certain point and while it adds some realism, it can get old very fast. Especially for non-casters. In Wurm, mobs never seem to run out of stamina but players do. We only get FS gains on mob's death, combat drains stamina as well. New players could have a hard time trying to kill anything because player runs out of stamina to chase the mob while mobs can run at their maximum speed seemingly forever. Add the fact that mobs ignore slopes and can flee up a mountain (even when trying to catch a wild horse, every single time!) and we have new players trying to catch that sheep who is running away up a 100 slope rock face. They get no FS gain unless they manage to deliver the killing blow and still have to heal their wounds after the unsuccessful hunt. Poultry would be the only viable option for new players to raise their FS high enough to single-hit-kill something bigger, like a sheep or a dog. I would like to see fleeing mobs in Wurm but only if they had similar limitations that players do and that probably means messing with code more than it's worth and introducing more "surprise features".
  13. ^ This, so much this.