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  1. @Ohana: as I said, I know about that part. What has changed recently is that chopped ingredients out of FSB ruin the affinity timer. Until recently stored chopped ingredients worked fine. Something has changed.
  2. Reason for this is chopped veges and herbs from FSB as @Ohana said. I always chop when I do the cooking. Pepejot has them chopped in FSB. After chopping the ingredients without putting them in to FSB, straight into the pan, timers are back to normal. Issue seems to be with FSB, this didn't happen before. Fresh vs FSB stored might have been different, never used ingredients with "fresh" tag but chopped and stored in FSB used to work fine until recently.
  3. I cooked the following with 97.88 HFC : 1h47m affi from first bite, 40ql meal. Pepejot cooked the below: https://imgur.com/4Lm1Wjj 38 minutes affi at 99.39 HFC Timers are the same for both toons so if I eat his 95.57ql meal, it gives me only 38 minutes affinity so it's not the toon that's affected, it's the product itself. Essentially; when his toon cooks anything with higher skill and higher ingredients, it gives much lower affinity timer than my toon does with rubbish ingredients and lower HFC to anyone eating the meal. Bug acknowledgement please?
  4. @Corsan: I'm like yourself when it comes to PvP, I never went to PvP server and never will. But... it's my choice. That choice has it's consequences. I won't be able to complete 5 of my goals. It's as simple as that. When I started playing, I didn't know personal goals exist, found out about them years later. I could change my decision in order to complete the goals (perhaps except the demigod one) but I stand by my original choice. There is nothing more to it, either I go to PvP server and try to "win" the game or I don't. Nobody is stopping me from doing either and nobody is forcing me, it's my choice and my choice alone. It's the same for yourself. Pristine and Release are connected to the rest of the world now so that makes things easier. I could say that I don't play Wurm for PvP or PvE, I play it for the chat and that's all I ever do and it's unfair that I can't "win" the game by chatting to people (I know few people who stopped "playing" and only ever log on for the chat *points finger at Septymon*). I do agree that some of the goals which can't be completed because of bugs or technical reasons like Pristine and Release being their own cluster, should be fixed, no question about it but the reward for completing the goals is worth a lot because it's so hard to either roll an "easy" set of goals or complete the ones we were assigned. I have 11 toons in total, not one of them has only PvE goals, I'm not getting the reward because I CHOOSE not to, just like you do :-)
  5. Do they have a glow rune on them? It makes things stay hot once heated in oven or forge (kind of useful for pans, cauldrons and so on, those still have to be in oven or forge to heat things inside them but require no fuel)
  6. @PashkaThank you for reporting this. Fixed now.
  7. @Roccandil: unfortunately, no. There are already many combinations not possible without the nuts for long heavy meals and pizzas with the current set of ingredients. @Hannaliese: This might be a bugged toon after all. Your call if you should click the "fix affinities" and hope your beverage affinities are useful after that.
  8. Burn time depends on the quality and rarity of the oven/forge/kiln/smelter. Higher quality and rarity = longer burn time on the same fuel. Fuel quality doesn't matter and as people before me said, once maximum is reached, additional fuel just re-sets the timer, doesn't increase or stack it. Expand the spoiler for burning times in this link for full details:
  9. @Hannaliese: If you could prepare the following meal in plain oven as a test and check if it gives you ML? chopped Corn chopped Cucumber chopped Lettuce chopped Pea chopped Rosemary Ground Turmeric Hazelnuts minced Insect Walnut If it does then for skills which are generated incorrectly choose Alchemy in the skill from test meal dropdown (offset -20 from the real one which is pickaxe) and it should generate ML with required number of ingredients. I don't know why is this happening but here's a list of skills I couldn't produce correctly for bugged toons. Check any of those as well with minimal number of ingredients to see if your toon is bugged: Prayer, channeling, exorcizm, artifacts, foraging, botanizing, climbing, stone cutting, lock picking, stealing, traps, catapults, animal taming, animal husbandry, short bow, long bow, med. Bow, ship building, ballistae, trebuchets, turrets - all of those should give incorrect affinity so pick one for test. I would expect all of the affinities to be generated incorrectly for bugged toons but never tried to test it on a live example, as soon as the option to fix affinities was there, I used it (my toons were bugged as well). Before that we were using a simple spreadsheet and ready sets of ingredients which was a completely different method. If this is the case then fixing your character and messing up the beverage affinities which you have found would be the only option.
  10. That could explain the issue at least partially, this seems like an isolated incident for some reason. If your toon was bugged, none or very few recipes generated on the website would match the affinity requirement. Weird one and I can't reproduce that bug on my toons. Just as a matter of curiosity, do you happen to have affinity in ML which you didn't have before?
  11. @Hannaliese: This is odd. I have re-created this combination at http://wurmfood.com/ and got ML from Icbash's calculations as well so the ingredients are fine. Wurmfood is showing a match for Mind Logic. Your Currently at: "Mind Logic" Looking Good! Did you successfully generate the ML affinity meal before? Check if your "fix affinities" is ticked, maybe something rolled back with recent updates? Edit: One more thing, I have noticed in the past that on occasion the website doesn't parse new choice from the dropdowns to SQL, sort of sticks to one. Reloading the website fixes that. Please give that a try as well.
  12. While I can't participate (no facebook account or any interest in it), it seems like a good way to share and promote Wurm events. Normally people wouldn't be interested in mentioning a niche game on their FB pages but when there is a reward involved, this could work! +1
  13. This was my point exactly. People don't tend to read game rules so removing perim and replacing it with "don't do stupid things" would work only partially. Another rule would have to disallow fencing adjacent deeds in completely. While it can be done even in current system, perimeter decay is such nuisance that nobody bothers and if someone wants to open a passage, catapults allow that. If perimeter was removed, GM team would be running around the world analysing if someone is grieffing or did someone report them because they don't like them and the reason for connecting the deeds was genuine (KOS aside). I would love to connect my deeds as well, create one, massive town along with my neighbours but the perim allows for the highway to exist. If we could use that additional strip of 10 tiles, the highway probably wouldn't be there. This is another "pro" for perimeter, more people who don't want a highway through their deed can have one going around their deed, especially in dense population areas.
  14. Reason behind the perimeter is for a safe passage between deed which have you on KOS. There is a 10 tile safe zone where Templars don't chase you. While they are not exactly a threat for experienced players, I have 4 of them on one of my deeds. They slaughter unbranded hellhorses in seconds. Newbie/lowbie players wouldn't stand much chance either. Removing the perimeter will allow me or anyone else to lock any other deed using micro-deeds in order to make someone's life miserable. More rules and support calls to resolve grieffing issues like that. No, thanks. Removing premium would bring in a lot of problems on it's own, just to mention a few off the top of my head: Any public slaying would be swarmed with dozens of alts per real person (free blood/hide/scale/whathaveyou). Prices of unique mob drops would plummet. It would increase workload on the servers without bringing any benefit. "Everyone" would have a sermon group, one of the few things remaining that bring people to one place. PvP with hordes of alts would basically be "which kingdom has the strongest machines" and eventually that might become recruiting criteria. Your PC is too slow to handle 10 accounts at the same time? - Go elsewhere. Deed upkeep increase: Many people would reduce their deed size to keep upkeep at the same level. Many people, like me, would just quit, I'm already paying almost 1g in upkeep for one of my deeds and I have several of them. People would still be slaving making bulk bricks and mortar, to pay their upkeep instead of premium and the bricks would be higher quality perhaps since no premium required.
  15. @MrGARY: Top meal came out with a bit higher quality but timers are comparable from both (54m20s with nut, 57 with chopped pumpkin) so you are right, nuts only increase number of possible combinations, making it easier to generate the affinity.