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  1. All of those are great but if i understand how it works is when we right-click on an animal, with correct tool activated, a query is sent to the server to check what can we do to it with this specific tool and a set of RMB options is returned based on the state of the animal. This is why we get the "refreshing" when we are lagging. Server is not returning a simple single query within reasonable time. If this was to work the way we want it to, each of the animals within visible range (hundreds per character sometimes) would have to poll all those details at least once every couple of seconds. Multiply that by number of players seeing or potentially seeing each animal. I hope i'm wrong and this can be done but without causing every member of a village to lag to death because there are few hundred animals in local. +number from me if this can be dome without causing lag.
  2. The tile per aggressive creature ratio of this server is 3809.52. This is a good figure. Harmony in a few days:
  3. Do you honestly think Devs would risk a copyright lawsuit for this? Not that I'm not a fan of HL but this seems like a risk not worth taking, against a large franchise. On a side note, we were told many times that suggestions are not democratic and all the +1s or hearts weigh exactly zero. The hearts apply to your personal profile only and don't cause any more exposure of the topic in question.
  4. As per title. Just another Mark sink. Gives zero advantage to anyone. Saves having to travel to the nearest trader to get one.
  5. When you hit rock-bottom, STOP DIGGING!
  6. Is there any chance that it's not the perimeter but players who cause the drama? Is this perhaps one, specific player again?
  7. e-mail history (character creation confirmation e-mails), Wurm folder e.g. C:\wurm\players
  8. What? Can you elaborate on how you quoting real life and "this is not real life" in next post make sence? Same as above, you claim something from real life (the claim being false too) and are presented with a response and this is what you reply with? Or is the winner the one who owns the most tiles in Wurm, based on the real-life (made-up) rules?
  9. FFS, make up your mind, will ya? No, you don't. Yes, yes you can. This is exactly how it works. In real life and in Wurm. Win what exactly? The tiles of grass?
  10. It does if you buy the land. Have you seen real world? There is land which belongs to the county which i can buy and make that exact decision! Just like you buy the land from the King in Wurm. If you don't want me to build somewhere, you buy that land and that stops me from doing it. It's not a complicated concept.
  11. Not to prove who is right, me killing you doesn't make me right in saying that the earth is flat. Notice how we moved away from those because we realized this proves nothing. We also had slavery, no voting rights for women, religious inquisitions and so on. We moved away from those too, for a good reason. The were based on illogical premises and shouldn't have happened to begin with. Just like in I would like to keep my freedom of placing a deed where ever i please without you trying to interfere with public land and challenging my decision because it's none of your business. You don't want me to deed somewhere, you pay for those tiles and there is no problem to begin with, no problem to be fixed, everyone is happy.
  12. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Settlement#Perimeter The first 5 tiles around a settlement deed are free perimeter. You can extend beyond the free perimeter, but this will come at a cost.
  13. I meant them reacting to people in perim (on PvE). Trigger them the same way Templars do.
  14. So is it a problem or not? Remove KoS and a lot of deeds will get fenced in removing a lot of shortcuts from everyone instead of the selected few, just to stop the selected few from entering the deed. Highway in perim scenario: If i don't like Mr X i put Mr X in KoS and they know they shouldn't enter my deed. If i can't put Mr X on KoS, i'm fencing the entire place in and no one can pass through it to take a shortcut. Innocents suffer. What needs fixing is the tower guards not following the same rules as templars (if this is the case, i never had a complaint and my deeds have covered highways in perimeter and had KoS enabled). Now, back to the original point. It would be nice to have the ability to even completely remove perimeter to make adjacent deeds but because of the human nature, it had to be implemented that if your deed is 4x longer than it is wide, cost per tile raises dramatically. Again, to stop people from locking others in using "strip settlements". 11x100 to annoy someone will cost you a lot more than 25x44 (same number of tiles). Players will always have their feuds over a tree cut down in the wrong place or market competition or something someone's aunt said at a thanksgiving dinner 25 years ago. What you are proposing is opening a way to grief using the "but i'm allowed to, i paid for those tiles" without proposing any solutions to the problems presented. I'm a natural born realist and i know it would be abused. on a 2 tile gap between my deeds, coincidentally blocking someone i don't like, it just happens that i have walls all around (as many people do) and the 2 tiles between those deeds were the perfect place to open a 2 tile wide mine entrance. Stop things like the above from happening by something other than "it's in the rules, you can't block..." so that GMs don't have to chase people who might never log back in or fix those issues by hand themselves and you have my support.