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  1. needs to be throwable! just like wood spears need to be throwable
  2. i think Zealot kidnapped 17k of your cousins ... edit: not sure if i can even be mad at him for it... maybe its time your family tree had a trim...
  3. have tryed with both locked, and unlocked carts, it does it every time with and without manage perms it still changes owner no matter what we do it changes owner every time someone embarks commander tried with lots of diff carts / wagons and still does it every time
  4. on chaos same kingdom toons keep changing owner of carts / wagons every time they embark commander even tho that accont has manage permissions. to my understanding the owner is only supposed to change if a toon from a different kingdom embarks commander?
  5. wouldnt it make even less lag if they pulled the plug on the map for GV and made it purely a login server w/o any map or deeds dragging that server down?
  6. could you post the examine results so we know if it still has alot of pieces... 2.3ql is brutally low and im hoping it still needs MANY pieces thanks, reaping
  7. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Potion_of_carpentry the contents quick link box at the top of the page is missing on this page... i tryed to fix it but due to excess window licking, i could not figure it out
  8. champion has size increased by 100% iirc which means its double the size of a normal
  9. its REALLY annoying when your trying to have multiple private conversations and when you click on one instead of activating it, it either moves it to a diff spot or drags it out into a GIANT friggin window of its own this happens to me at least 20-50 times PER HOUR... having the option to turn this off so that chat tabs are locked in place or maybe just hitch it to the lock window so they are locked when the window is locked (which only locks the size / location of the main window and you can still drag the tabs off and move them around) thanks again
  10. i think its been long enough now since dragons have been rideable... the large saddle has no use anymore except to annoy players who make them on accident thank you for your time
  11. did someone say slate forges? im still waiting for slate forges and statues and ovens
  12. bump for an epic chisel
  13. update?

    again today another update with no news of what it involved.... this is kinda getting old and reminds me of old days where we got updates regularly but no hint of what/why...