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  1. dont think woa / botd was shortening identify / investigate timers
  2. first \o/
  3. @Retrograde any news on animal cages?
  4. we already have a foxxx in wurm... just a sugary one +1 a small update to the animal roster would be great, its been the same ol for a very long time... while new colors are great and all, i'd like to see at least 1 new species to spice things up in the animal world
  5. great sell! fast and great price 10/10 will do it again if this deal still running
  6. same issue here... exception:
  7. having same exact issue, experimental is unchecked, stable client wont update, low mem client just gives me an error and wont even open the launcher... Exceptions:
  8. is this disabled on chaos?
  9. -1 the double bladed axe is badass looking... the real problem with axes is the Huge axe (2 handed version) is the ugly step-child of the axe family just like the small maul is the window-licking cousin of the mauls
  10. maybe if the starting price was lower than the current market price it might help
  11. template MR?
  12. +1
  13. there is always extreme circumstances where people slip through the cracks or defy the normal... but at current its upside down... why are getting good people to stay the extreme circumstances and people playing their own toons defying the normal... this is why its killing wurm, this toxicity is a disease thats gradually getting worse... when i first started wurm was flourishing and the account sales almost never happened... and now its the exact opposite there is less people online in wurm than indy used to have online on the daily... every game has its toxic people that share or sell/buy accounts and slip thru the cracks but i would rather have 1% than 70% of this toxicity
  14. the problem is that its toxic... why would new players want to stay and skill up their toon when they realize that others are sharing and skilling up 2x faster?
  15. no.... its not hard to use your toolbelt and just hit the # 1-5 for the tool you want, they even made it easy you can save multiple toolbelt setups so you just preset all your various imping sets and when you switch from leather to smithing, just switch your toolbelt then you can do it all with hotkeys, this takes the thinking out of it and just lets you basically ignore your toon making it easyier to run 5 at a time... becuase you never have to worry about whether it was successful what tool is next or anything, you just keep your timer going and thats all that matters... -1 to anything that takes the human aspect out of wurm