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  1. seems the aws outlook is GRIMM since we only had 20-25 people on cele and it was already capping... isnt the server supposed to allow 200+ at once?
  2. Please add Luxor @ 7871, 4059
  3. plenty of starter rooms available in our barracks, perfect for new players starting out just wanting to learn how to wurm (only animals are forced to live in pens and eat moldy leftovers) whether your looking for a temporary living situation while you explore and find your own piece of paradise or maybe just a place to plant your roots while you achieve that master title in your favorite trade, we are here to help.
  4. -1 our missions on cele are doing fine, almost always complete, i think its just indy people are lazy
  5. you can run multiple clients on wurm unlimited through steam as well, just requires a minor mod
  6. -1, just send a payprus its the same as an offline message
  7. yay cant wait for cele to go live on aws! maybe we can reopen jackal on aws and let it flood with people foraging for pelts again edit: just a way for us to test out aws on jackal
  8. you do count in sermons if you have 100 alignment, as long as you havnt done any actions that give alignment in the previous 30 minutes
  9. sure i have a 1x1 pen for you to live in, but you only get moldy meat to eat
  10. hearts can be burned while rift creatures are still alive... please fix asap
  11. i casted it on like 2 weapons thought it was a dmg enchant that stacked with Bloodthirst
  12. if only we could dye horses i'd buy it and dye it pink lmfao
  13. CLOSE

    Lot 3: 15s \o/