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  1. [No Bug] Become Diseased not counting

    i also have black tome, but i completed this journal entry no problem by standing with diseased animals for about 30 minutes
  2. Bought a wagon! TY! and very fast delivery!
  3. Birth Notices

    +1 awsome idea and we can welcome new players
  4. Valrei International. 073

  5. Fix "Demi" gods being stronger than real gods?

    +1 if only removed from freedom cluster
  6. all this priest overhaul bs is ruining the priest system as a whole.... demi gods should be demi (weaker) than their sponsor... i purpose that we make all the player gods mirror w/e god they are based off of meaning: 1)if nathan is a demigod of libila he will have ALL libilas passives, and saccing items, and restrictions exactly as libila has them 2) he is a demi god so to ensure he is weaker than libila the spell list should be exactly same spells as libila except 2 random ones removed to make him lesser then apply this to all "demi" gods just like PMK's are based off tempate kingdoms the demigods should be simply based off their Template god except weaker of course i think this would greatly simplify priesting, and remove the OPness of some gods while rendering others utterly useless just in the way that ancient greek demi-gods inherited some powers from their parent god EDIT: Cool epic perk ideas for being a player god: 1) when a player becomes a god give them perma priest status w/o the priest restrictions like a champion but not related to champ system (basically a priest without priest restrictions restrictions) 2) Start them with 100 faith in themself lol. 3)let them choose which template god they want to follow! or just make their template god w/e god they currently follow (if following a player god, that player gods template god) 4) a cool ass title of course 5) (for both clusters maybe?) oh and HAIL LIBILA BRING HER TO FREEDOM! that is all, goodnight
  7. WTB Blessed Gold Altars

    i can do nathan and maybe smeagle for you pm Reaping ingame (im on at multiple random times throughout the day / night so it shouldnt be hard to get me )
  8. Ride bisons

    enough said....
  9. WTB Kingdom Banners, Flags, Tall Banners, Wagons

    disbanded kingdoms stuff typically sell for: flags/banners 3-5s, tall banners 7-10s, and wagons typically 20-30s each
  10. Rift for 21 April

    i hate how wurm keeps re-using the same rift locations lol i think i shall join you this rift-round
  11. Combination Titles

    Major -1 for global listings or anything related to special rewards on that level until account selling is ended. +1 to giving titles for achievements like pull a cart 50k tiles givea master hauler title and the like +1 to OP, cool idea
  12. New metal type properties reference list

    does the general dmg reduction work for shields too?
  13. Patch Notes 15/MAR/18

    i dont think you should be able to remove horse gear while riding... its kinda a silly idea that people would consider that a bug even.. you have to be disembarked to do it