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  1. + 1 BAJILLION! best suggestion wurm has ever seen short of slate forges...
  2. i lick windows can someone please move this to southern freedom market
  3. i want you to give me your skin...! and i will give you moolah? if you have one, and you'd rather have some coin pm me here or @Reaping ingame thanks a million, your friendly neighborhood me...
  4. is haloween event drops turned off since hotfix? i spent 2 hours hunting and found nothing...
  5. 11s if it has your creator tag on it zeth
  6. this is EXACTLY how the current fishing system works... and to make it even easier, you dont need a rod, you can use a fishing pole with a line / hook (no reel required)
  7. +1 but only if the suggestions moderator pushes the slate forges !!!!
  8. please dont bid, this toxic toon agreed to sell 2 swords to my friend for 17s and then cod'd for 17g, and she almost fell for it, luckily she didnt have 17g to recieve it, when she complained to the guy he siad he changed his mind and wanted to auction the swords
  9. except slate forges... where are the slate forges?
  10. needs to be throwable! just like wood spears need to be throwable
  11. i think Zealot kidnapped 17k of your cousins ... edit: not sure if i can even be mad at him for it... maybe its time your family tree had a trim...
  12. have tryed with both locked, and unlocked carts, it does it every time with and without manage perms it still changes owner no matter what we do it changes owner every time someone embarks commander tried with lots of diff carts / wagons and still does it every time
  13. on chaos same kingdom toons keep changing owner of carts / wagons every time they embark commander even tho that accont has manage permissions. to my understanding the owner is only supposed to change if a toon from a different kingdom embarks commander?