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  1. update?

    again today another update with no news of what it involved.... this is kinda getting old and reminds me of old days where we got updates regularly but no hint of what/why...
  2. can you fix Espazio, you've placed it on the wrong side of Fortress of Death lol
  3. if you could include a pic of the deed settings page that includes the size of deed and how much is in coffers and how long that will last as upkeep, that would also help greatly
  4. i believe this could be considered griefing, the horses were cared for and on a deeds perimeter in a fence... its worth logging a support ticket at least
  5. +1 good sermon group friendly and chatty when not afk smooth setup and enjoyable experience hope to see you joining us soon sincerely, your friendly neighborhood reaper
  6. 50s PM Grimreaperxx if i win! Thanks
  7. 11s CoD Evilreaping if i win thanks
  8. -1 your taking the realism away from it and turning it into a fast track for people to snipe the global cast away from groups who are pushing hard to get it