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  1. got what i was looking for, please close
  2. Bought Tome of Incineration, fast response, great seller! would recommend and will probably buy again 10/10!
  3. the major factor that has steadily doomed wurm's new player population: account trading.... the ultimate form of pay to win... top tier players never quit, this has been proven time and time again... and because of this account trading its effect is pushing the key factors of the game downward: A) economy: higher tier crafters will always continue to create / sell large quantities of their crafts and when said player gets bored of farming wurm for 30E per week they sell the account for what they paid for it and move on B ) PVP, nothing is more discouraging to a new player than realizing that it will take ages for them to be useful in pvp because top pvp accounts are continually sold / traded and the only thing worse than dying on pvp server and losing all your stuff, is dying to an account that you just saw was sold recently... if they had used their own toon you might have had a chance C) one of the biggest draws of a slow-paced game like wurm is having something to show for all the hard work and time you have put into the game, but in the end, its just a game, not an investment or a source of income, and people who treat it as such are killing it for a lot of players who just enjoy it as a game. there are many arguments that you cant pvp unless you have been grinding for years, but this would not be the case if the high end accounts that have been sold over and over because the original homie is long gone from wurm would be gone so the average skills would be considerably lower allowing much newer accounts to be more competitive and until this account trading has stopped the game will continue to push people away and just promote pay to win new players buying top end accounts and farming them continuing to destroy the in-game economy and pvp communities and discourage newcomers who see it all over the forums and trade chat
  4. Looking for a place to rest your head and wash the blood off your armor? Looking for a temporary residence while you learn the way of the Wurm? Looking for a dedicated (and probably insane) group to call your friends? Do you just want to learn the way of the samurai? Maybe you just want to hug trees and plant flowers? If you answered yes to any of the above then Fortress of Death is the village for you! *Disclaimer: if you answered yes to the last one we will laugh at you for several days What do we have? that answer is easy... 200+ 1x1 cells with bsbs full of rockshards so you can make bricks! or maybe not... you'll never know until you get here!! Kidding aside, there is no requirements to join us or stay with us We do have a barracks for 'Fresh Meat' (newest members) and plots for permanent villagers to build on! fully stocked warehouse will lots of... junk that you can make various doohickeys and thing-a-ma-jigs with! a dock with lots of.... seals (and maybe a boat or twenty) the usual bs: archery targets and horses and cart parking lots and some fields to grow useless garbage in the important stuff: Our village is located on O18 Celebration (the island that's almost... kinda connected to the mainland) If your still interested in joining us then send me a message ingame: Reaping or on discord: Evilreaper#2308 thanks for visiting our village recruitment board Reaping
  5. +1 great seller, fast and reliable have bought many meals in past as well as some other services.
  6. i've always wanted a flat roof option! i strongly dislike rain in my houses but i really dislike having the tall roof over my castle
  7. i really dont think it would be very difficult to add an "add ceiling" option to completed floors / roof tiles and use the same gfx and materials as the floors just facing down on the bottom of the completed floor
  8. i also have black tome, but i completed this journal entry no problem by standing with diseased animals for about 30 minutes
  9. Bought a wagon! TY! and very fast delivery!
  10. +1 awsome idea and we can welcome new players