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  1. with all these talks of raising caps for f2p seems utterly pointless and brutal way to go about making the game more playable as a new player... why not lower the req for a few things ie: drive a cart req 19.5ML (what you already start with) and ride a horse 20.0 BC so you can do it in under an hour... edit: make loading items req 20 body str?
  2. 6s CoD Reaping if i win \o/
  3. bump for fresh meat! join us, dine with us, die with us? sure why not
  4. i personally greatly enjoy the combat system in wurm, its is interactive if you dont use auto-fight: targeting various sections of an enemy and changing when they change where they are defending, balancing special moves with current stamina and focus level, aiming for the arms to lower their parry rate
  5. i still feel that new servers is short-term gain but huge long term loss... there is very little benefit for new players to start on their own dedicated server... steam or otherwise the pelt situation would be no different on a new server than jackal... existing players will flock there on release day and new steam players would trickle in later, 90% of the population will just be existing players and we already have a jackal server that is already under-utilized. pelts are a recurring problem no matter the server, and perhaps adding a 10ql pelt to trader for a few copper coins would be more beneficial long-term rather than just spawning hundreds of mobs or even making pelts easier to obtain, which could and probably would have negative endgame effects... making wurm easier is never the answer, its a survival game for a reason...
  6. creating a new set of servers for steam release will not change how new players feel about the game itself but will seem like more of a quarantine to keep them away from our main community... we already have jackal server a resetting fresh start server which it seems has been forgotten, our current servers are nearly empty and adding more to freedom is utterly pointless (even if they are separate at the start) wurm needs more follow-through and permanent fixes... we have too many servers and as much as people hate to admit it they are all 90% empty throwing out more servers is not a long term gain, rather its quite the opposite. Whenever the new servers are absorbed into our current ones, they will quickly fade and the extra revenue they generated will be abandoned and it will just be another expensive mistake we cannot get rid of easily. updating and improving the UI and polishing the game is exactly what has needed for a long time, these are the features that will keep the new players from leaving as soon as they log in, but we also need to improve the rest of the experience. putting them on their own steam server at the start will not be any different than having them join the existing servers. current players will flock there for awhile and flood the market for coin just the same as if they were on the main servers. the new players will be out-skilled in a matter of days there will be quality goods for sale far beyond their own capabilities just the same as our current servers they will be back to making bricks and mortar. having established neighbors isnt something that drives players away, its the fact that for them to get a foothold in the economy their only option is monotonous bulk materials like bricks, mortar or something similar. to enter as a tradesman can take months of work and perilous grinding. (yes i am aware the banning of RMT is the only way to cure this cancer, but its a very long road to recovery because of the mindset that using these pay-to-win ghost-in-a-shell accounts is socially acceptable)
  7. seems the aws outlook is GRIMM since we only had 20-25 people on cele and it was already capping... isnt the server supposed to allow 200+ at once?
  8. Please add Luxor @ 7871, 4059
  9. plenty of starter rooms available in our barracks, perfect for new players starting out just wanting to learn how to wurm (only animals are forced to live in pens and eat moldy leftovers) whether your looking for a temporary living situation while you explore and find your own piece of paradise or maybe just a place to plant your roots while you achieve that master title in your favorite trade, we are here to help.
  10. -1 our missions on cele are doing fine, almost always complete, i think its just indy people are lazy
  11. you can run multiple clients on wurm unlimited through steam as well, just requires a minor mod
  12. -1, just send a payprus its the same as an offline message
  13. yay cant wait for cele to go live on aws! maybe we can reopen jackal on aws and let it flood with people foraging for pelts again edit: just a way for us to test out aws on jackal