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  1. so is oak but you see how they effed that up haha
  2. since currently the problem with the dye is that the wood items have a layer over them (wood type) that works same as dye and so when the dye layer gets thrown on top of that it you see the 2 colors blended together... simple fix: applying dye removes the wood-type layer and then only leaves the dye layer? removing the dye would just do the same thing in reverse, remove the dye layer and put the wood-type layer back on? this would solve 100% of the problems and would make dye more reliable for any wood-type as the color would always work the same way reguardless of wood-type so a 5/5/5 black dye on cedar cart would look exactly the same as any other cart with 5/5/5 dye
  3. im the same way but with oak... and naturally wurm broke oak...
  4. oak was supposed to be a very very light colored wood like willow, not a dark wood like cedar...? wtf happened
  5. i dont see a problem here... wurm is a game dedicated to rewarding the rich and screwing the poor... nobody wants to pvp because its all pay to win... not even slighly pay to win.... wurm is so far beyond pay to win its stupid... people can become instant pvp gods for 2500+ euros and never grind a single skill! just go to trades and buy a lambo pvp account.... the account selling is the underlying issue here... more affinitys and higher fs jacks up the price of an account considerably! many of the accounts i see in that list i have also seen in the past in the for sale section of the forums... there is no pride in wurm... you cant have pride in a toon you didnt grind lots of these people complaining about alt farming are 100% guilty of cheating and pvp'ing on toons they didnt grind... wurm is pay to win, sorry if that hurts your feels but even pve is broken due to the pay-to-winism that we call wurm
  6. +1 to deep penetrator!
  7. dont think woa / botd was shortening identify / investigate timers
  8. first \o/
  9. @Retrograde any news on animal cages?
  10. we already have a foxxx in wurm... just a sugary one +1 a small update to the animal roster would be great, its been the same ol for a very long time... while new colors are great and all, i'd like to see at least 1 new species to spice things up in the animal world
  11. great sell! fast and great price 10/10 will do it again if this deal still running
  12. same issue here... exception:
  13. having same exact issue, experimental is unchecked, stable client wont update, low mem client just gives me an error and wont even open the launcher... Exceptions:
  14. is this disabled on chaos?
  15. -1 the double bladed axe is badass looking... the real problem with axes is the Huge axe (2 handed version) is the ugly step-child of the axe family just like the small maul is the window-licking cousin of the mauls