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Found 8 results

  1. Want to sell 36 NFI silvers for SFI ones in a one to one trade. While coinage is preferred, I am willing to barter for items of value that are on either cluster.
  2. Hello potential new villager! I'm currently living on my deed on Melody with one other player (who does our horse breeding) but sadly we are on opposite timezones and I'd love to hang out with more people and have quite a bit of spare room. The deed has been around since the launch of Melody and has alot to offer including... * Space for your own house (but only after you've proven to have been active for at least a month first). For those without the skills I can even build something for you. Until then however we have a temporary bunk house with beds that are free to use. * Community crafting building next to the token with forges, oven, lots of bulk materials and everything you need for skilling your crafting. * Lots of farmland, we currently don't have a dedicated farmer so alot of the usual land I use for extra farm space is being used for tree farms currently. But we still have 1 good sized farm. * A mine! Infact we have a whole underground docks and boat tunnel. It doesn't matter if you are a new player or a veteren, however the requirements are that you use discord (don't have to use the voice comms if you don't want. You need to have a sense of humour (hard requirement since we live in Tegrity's local) and you must have premium! Why? Because it shows me you are somewhat commited to playing the game for more then a couple of days. While the deed is in an alright position right now I'm looking to drastically improve and expand it with many projects including finishing touches to the boat tunnel, building my own house, adding the deed to the highway network, building a proper inn/bunkhouse for guests and new villagers and lastly I want to build a market. If you would like to join please message me on the forums!
  3. Up for auction is the following wonderful Archaeology Find! (A hell of a lot better than rare sandstone shard...and 4 of its brethren) Supreme Iron File: 95 Ql with 102 WoA and 106CoC + Addy Rune of Fo. Creator tag "Reverent". [16:43:09] A adamantine rune of Fo has been attached, so it will increase the time an enchant holds its power on the item (5%) and increase the chance of successfully enchanting the item (5%) Starting Bid: 80 Silver Minimum Increment : 5 Silver Buyout: 2 Gold No PM bids / No private bids. 2 Hr Sniper Protection (Automatic for bids within 2 hrs of close)
  4. Auction for 2 charges 1 charge of white tome of magic: Summon your own fire or ice wall. Resistance to Bite 15% upon getting charge (ideal for pve). Weakness to pierce 10% Starting bid 8s Bid increment 1s 1 hour snipe protection Buyout 25s SOLD
  5. Alternative Timer: [23:33:45] Wind of Ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [102] [23:33:45] A bronze rune of Libila has been attached, so it will gather resources at a higher quality level (10%) [23:33:45] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [102] Starting bid: 30s Increment (min): 1s Buyout: 2.5g Private Bids: Not accepted Sniper Protection: 1 hour Good luck!
  6. Delivery to shore on ship available! Pickup at Melody T15 N/E. Contact [ /tell GamerrZero ] ingame for deals and questions or reply to this tread if im offline. Current stock: Mortar 14,84QL : 2k - price 4s/1k Stone Bricks 17,85QL : 2k - price 2s/1k Small Nails 27,47QL : 1k - price 3.3s/1k Small Crates : 85 - price 13c/each
  7. WTA Rare unfinished large cart. Its a Bird ... Its a Plane ... Its a Rare unfinished Large Cart. Delivery Available. Starting bid: 1 s. Increment (minimum): 1 s. Reserve: 1 s. Buyout: No. Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted