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  1. After watching two live streams of the Independence Anniversary trivia quest, I once again am affirmed in how much the intangible means to many. I heard many reminisce memories of people and places come and gone, and how much over the years is still preserved. Each lil bend in the road or ascent would have a story of who they met, what they bought, how they were attacked and died to mobs. I also heard where these in game events transcended the game marking people's personal lives and growth points along they way. How many games can you say do this? For as much as I hear I type too much, or what are you even talking about leaving me to wonder as well have i really gone off the reservation, I read this feed back and hear the nature of discussions on those live streams of what that server meant to people and the landmarks and the real life friendships they made not possible otherwise but for through wurm I am reminded I'm not so far off. Worry not what words you use or if they are good enough, for they are your journey and part of your story, share with confidence and the warm spirit by which many of these that captured you and shaped you, or how it made things possible to experience otherwise not. Worry not how you will write it, but take the time to add to this thread for not only will it enrich you, it will enrich others that may not have the courage or feel they have the words to describe, or chance being on full view of your emotions. When we witness the eloquence and shape of heart people have shown in this thread, we all win and we all advance, all boats rise. I believe steadfastly in the goodness of the game to give something more than digital pixels to players for x amt of hours. Like anything, you get what you put into it. If you attempt to not engage or know someone, it'll feel alone and devoid of good feeling, yet if you are like many that dare to reach out and talk to another, jump into voice chat for a first time if shy, you have watched your game and life experience unfold in a richer way changed unforeseen for the better. At first this was an open experiment of my own thoughts and feelings about the concept of a game, wurm, and the people behind the characters within. What has happened beyond an expectation, is the great gifts of thoughts and feelings people have shared with us thus far showing how much more than "just a game" wurm is to them and what gaming is capable of beyond the code formulas and into our own genetic codes. I invite more to share their wurm impact on others, how others impacted you, and what part the game plays as a role in this. Realize each time you dare to share, you very likely bring to life someone else's inner fire of thoughts as well, for we aren't so different yet will find more alike than thought at first glance.
  2. This does my soul good to hear. one never knows what impact if any they have on another yet hearing feedback like this is reassuring that these random acts of kindness are indeed good and lend to something meaningful even if not spoken. What I am amazed at is some of the wonderful sentiment shared in here in people's own style , words, and shapes of their heart. I wasn't sure where this post would go or if it'd just sink into an abyss of tl/dr. Where I at times feel out of sync for how i write or think, this lets me know i'm not fully off track. I'm really happy those armor sets went to good use and it may have impacted someone's choice to stay and play. I know for me it did. years back I was given an armor set, to which I still have. I'm quite sentimental that way and even keep the humorous threat items people send me in the mail as comic relief. These things mean far more to me than anything else in game.
  3. If not a graphics card update issue, its' very likely you're seeing the final stages of graphics card failure.
  4. some of us can't handle a mirror. I want to look bootifull too!!!!
  5. I must have been channeling you, for you wrote on the same theme as I with out each knowing it, see ie supra. You are one of the notables of the community, and though i've not always had the easiest time with OR in communication, he is a far better human than made out to be merely with flaws like the rest of us. Our community is small, but it is the "US" that makes the community great, lets not lose site of that along the way.
  6. I suspect this is more what cecci may have been thinking when saying is this even about scale or drake. She is a deep thinker from my observation and sometimes speaks philosophically. It is clear there is much more that people are bent on then just the loot, but drives deep into the core of who we are and how others make us feel about that. I have also found some of the strongest disagreements come from the very nature you are more alike than different and that is what is eating you the most, your own self type thing. I can think of some players in game I admire yet had such difficulty with them in some capacities and in truth it was more how alike we are than different, just stylistically different. I"m suprised most to see OR have so many words, he's got some explaining to do , loool he'll know what that means. I don't like to see people selling each other out for a few copper, has happened to many times and the friendships mean so much more than that. I say swallow some pride, and dismiss the differences and more focus on what you share among each other. There is alot of mutual healthy competative respect between each, and it's easy to make wrong assumptions when operating from a place other than centered in the moment where you are on time and in balance and at peace with things around you.
  7. and This ^ is What I mean when i've said sometimes the very worst thing is getting what you asked for, for sometimes people know not what they are really asking, haven't thought through all the angles and ramifications but instead have a visceral reaction to something they don't like and want it changed. Some of this comes from the nature of no attention span sound bite culture that can't be arsed with full words, a complete sentence tldr. US today used to be a frontier type newspaper first to give you news in the form of sound bites vs long novellas of the typical paper. This is just an extension of three words yah yah i know all on the matter now...
  8. I'll just take and order of the big cohuna. But you right, it had done a lot of destruction. As I post, i'm in game looking at a player name that was once very kind and friendly to me, and because I was once part of a group they despised, they don't speak to me regardless that nothing happened between us two. I can think of another situation where a long time friend in game defriended me for pointing out they weren't quite sincere about their motive to make money to a point it meant more than friendship. At root it really is less about the uniques themselves and more about player behavior of what they value. when you can turn game play into rl money, for some that overrides all and takes it from a game to something other. Yet this is really an entirely other subject so i'll stop here so as not to go too far off track. So as not to also seem a hypocrite, i had been part of a hunting group, and perhaps in the future will again chose to join one for i play the game as it is put before us until it changes otherwise and adapt. I don't feel too bad about it as for 4 years when i played the game I too was shut out by game mechanics allowing private true above ground pens to hold dragons and lay eggs repeat etc. mechanics changed, i got some chances at some fights to years later invited to join a group and then able to make a drake set and maybe a scale set in the future we'll see. We can keep changing the mechanics but we can't change human behavior , and that is at the root the issue.
  9. They always looked like some version of a foot stool in some bougie azz antique store for mindless people with too much money to buy in order to make interesting dinner conversation. I'm laughing at only if thy were that size again, imagine the wtf posts of being bumrushed out of no where and swirling around with avatar camera finding is attacking me and just running but right into it again n again. That'll teach yuh to love dragons, you want dragons there you go dragon dragon dragon.
  10. Agreed, i listened to the song before seeing your post. The sound is way more mature and developed. My mind did a wtf backtrack like wut this can't be. Yah if they are making this now, wonder what will be to come.
  11. @Elisha much of what you said i can see your point as valid and tend to agree. sometimes the problems are a bit more multilayered complex. I like your posts in general so no need to defend, you're often on a community we've played a while and have strong views about it and have always allowed for the differences and dissent while maintaining agreeable...most times..sometimes that fails miserably. It would be nice for new players to have some buffer time in some way without being influxed by vets and the superior goods on the market. Market is diluted for several reasons..rare spam never should have been a thing, there are not enough buyers for sellers, and too many top end toons due to being able to recycle them, ie buy and sell them, to which I myself am guilty.. i see it as a problem as much as i saw use of personal traders as a problem. lastly you are right in my field of work in urban planning we call it Nimby'ism, not in my back yard. All change is good til it affects you type thing, or the dad that says he's ok with minorities til his daughter brings such a person home saying they are engaged. many are fighting to have wurm continue and with that , i think best solutions will eventuate, or hope and want to believe in that. All aside I think i found someone that can and will type more than I. Ayes was a strong contender for some time, as was another whos name is escaping me during the marathon dispute of sotg a good 5 years back.
  12. I'd like mine to be made of sturdy thick worsted wool in a blackwatch tartan. If out of stock, I'd like a long diaphanous, trump like hair in wind, train scarf that really makes an entrance in battle. I've offered a few selections to accommodate differing personal sensibilities. for the aussie crowd, prescilla here in the outback aussie desert for the free spirited and the anime addict
  13. It is in fact the very same thing ,just stylistically nuanced approach. New toon new server= old toon reset, same outcomes will happen. The spirit at what you are getting at @Elisha, I can get behind that new server isolated can be exploited by old payer for profit not truly giving new player a clean fresh start and in that way P/R was a failure where people got stupid "rich" so to speak off off of it where prices were elevated over rest of freedom due to being isolated. What is it you are trying to achieve? You mention several things as valid problems that don't have the same solution.
  14. very nicely organized and attended, Blah was nice with summoning many and a surprise donation to event of some kingdom of Crow merch by Gofs was very generous and nice. Ty to oblivionnreaver and Blah for inviting me and making public , nice to see many friends about.
  15. @jaz i couldn't stop laughing. Daolin has emerged!.
  16. sounds like you may have captured Chlodovech! come to think of it i''ve not seen him in a while. Though you can't rule out those Dutch..they can be quite hard to wrangle and prone to aggression and hold dearly their independence, no pun intended.
  17. +1 be a deer about it and give us some color lovin
  18. If i could ammend that and maybe it was a given by you having stated: 1.only those that damage a drake or dragon get hide or scale for 2 i'd like to suggest the more premium players in local that are attacking, landing hits on dragon, not just bystanders, that tome drop increases.......and all the rest you said. I like this otherwise. as far as people being happy I just dont know about that as what people want, expect in material things and what people consider fair are all so varied much like politic views are where there can be many right points but conflict with one another. It's so tiring they are like that thing you hear of how the lottery has wrecked winners lives. I feel like we'd be a far better off community without the damn things till we can learn to better socialize about them.
  19. Wonderful account but i'm sad to see a friend for many year stepping back, but i know you are onward and upward to many good things, to that end i say Excelsius with ghusto!! I will miss you about though. Good luck with the sale, this had had an illustrious pvp history
  20. This here post alone deserves some spot of permanence in wurm for new, existing, and returning player alike. You are always known for your thoughtful missives yet this is one of your most eloquent!! You have articulated a shared sentiment far more delicate and beautiful than I could with great finesse in a masterfully choreographed dance of words. This was timely as I was feeling some heavy about the game interactions and elevated my spirit and affirmation along with hope that yes much more does happen inside this network of code, key strikes and mouse clicks. The same way I believe it to be more than "just a game", the notion of "en vino veritas" rings true. Translated in wine is truth is the supposition that what we reveal in a state of alter via wine is who we authentically are, that our true nature emerges. A phrase I like equally is, people are like Tea Bags in that only in hot water is their true essence revealed. Although we can altar how we project in a cyber environment as it does shield a good deal, how we choose to play the game over time also with certainty reveals our own character and make up as well. Thank you for taking the time to post such a meaningful and pensive response, the gift of that spreads far beyond me, and the post, but to all those that dare a glance at it and let the warm energy of it flow within them carrying forward that seed of thought and being. Namaste'
  21. well see i just learned something new as well, not until you mentioned it did i see the angle of a "global or plural You" that reads very differently. oh fek it's prolly time i sell off n quit now before it gets worse, can it? i mean loink is schooling me....the day when...mfw..halp. sniper rifle me now please. Nah you're a good egg there ole loinky-d-sploink
  22. A nice milestone forward. You're kingdom has remained on server earning a legitimate spot, your numbers are growing, so it's timely and awesome to see you recruiting! I'd like to add aside from the allure of playing for the black light, there is not compare it gets it's hooks in you, that I really celebrate what this group stands for and has tried to do on chaos. Rather than just grow numbers for the sake of it, and try to recruit the highest skilled players as the main objective, instead have chosen to go the route of character. That is what has the character of the person behind that avatar been like in game over time. Going this route is harder, leaner, more work, yet does eliminate a lot of unnecessary skulduggery. The payoff shows, you have been drama free as far as anyone can tell, you never shy from a fight, and engage in pvp activity even when vastly outnumbers or being the under powered side of the equation. That takes guts and muster, and..yes Character!!!. A great group, best of luck to all of you and future recruits too.!!!
  23. That is comical and fitting given the conversation of thought. My comment about wurm=life in swedish was only in jest of poetic humor. That is even more rich that beyond jest in real translation for you it's "craze" for wurm most certainly is that and drawz in all that very crowd. For who among us is not?
  24. In keeping with the notion of is it just a game in a larger question, as well as the use of that word to trivialize something real, I witnessed an interesting conversation earlier. What is fun to one may not be fun to another. Sometimes that source of fun, is at the and about the anguish of another. Now in pvp this would be a normal behavior as part of the sport and feeding frenzy of blood lust. A point was made that it's ok on pvp servers but not on pve. While in principle that sounds about right in intention. yet have we not seen countless times where the same behaviors of one server are carried over onto another. Have we seen group mentality of their version of fun that hurts another, and the awareness of that is part of the source of the first group's fun. Yet when tables are turned, that same group does not find the humor, why is that? Amnesia? or is it in the cyberwebs nothing matters...that is of course until it happens to you. It's an interesting scapegoat conveniently deployed only when suiting the version of outcome someone doing unto another wants minimized so they don't have to feel the burden of action or own it and possibly the consequences too. But yet somehow feel that same great injustice when done unto themselves and want accountability. I surmise it is here we get closer to the reason. We've shifted in culture perhaps, globally, to where we own less of our behavior, deflect more of it onto others, scapegoat the reasons, deny until you can deny no more, then lawyer up. Don't we see this has become the norm now where it's nobody's fault..cause you can't tag down who is willing to say yes, that happened because of me. It is here I think why people trivialize situations they can't or don't want to handle down into "It's Just a game" for we also see in this very "just a game", countless examples of where the human condition is alive and well in glorious ways well beyond the game mechanics. Given some of the places roamed, conversations had, and players I have shared time alongside has had me really reflect more on this recently because I am also hearing that statement more and more and trying to discern what does that mean?