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  1. I'm GMT +2, but, how about we work something out tomorrow morning.. for me i mean, for you it would be 3-4 pm? or sunday i have all day.
  2. i can sell you my sailing boat... nothing fancy but will get you around, i live in E25 xanadu on the island if you can get there even close. or maybe we can do even summon soul to get you there, so its instant.
  3. As a deed owner you should be allowed at least in your perimeter to rotate and push everyones ships however you like. After all, its 'your' lands.. Kinda. But, none of this should be allowed if its not in perimeter or deed. Call GM to help you out.
  4. there is only 1 tabard in-game and that is for every tabard out there, you have to be in the said kingdom to have the tabard and it only works in chaos. once you come to freedom servers, you are instantly part of freedom kingdom and you will show its colours.
  5. 1x JK wagon and hatchet sold via paypal thanks!
  6. pirate sails as well...... SHIP SKINS!!!! man, that would be epic .... figure heads for caravel etc, cannons???? i would love to shoot my own house from a distance, but i guess thats a bit too much asked.... lets stay on ship skins
  7. Fair enough, could you put the proper details on the original post now? So its all in same place and after this is flooded with questions etc, its easier to find answers and you dont have to answer the same question few dozen times. thank you!
  8. Would it hurt to give this information in the original post? Also would be nice to know if it works exactly the same as if it were actual farm spot, so you can tend it as well to give more yield. Or is this against some policies that you guys love just to keep players begging for information? I dont understand why you guys want to keep everything as a secret because its gonna be asked pretty much instantly or reported as a bug. Give the proper details when you introduce stuff... We can say its a new QoL thing. Thanks!
  9. Does that farm box thingy work exactly like if you were farming outside the normal way? Yields are same etc? Hopefully we can somehow manage/adjust the sails and not only "on and off". Edit, i mean like normal, half sails and no sails modes at least.
  10. Is that graph from different IP addresses or just premium characters? i mean that graph is easily divided at least by 2 for actual player count since most if not all players has 2 characters and then there is people like you with 30 premium alts and more normal is 3 characters per player. So actual player count would be drastically lower. If its from IP addresses then i guess people just like to be hermits.
  11. Havent been on jackal even once and not going to bother, waste of time vs actual gains. Besides i was happy to play rifts couple of times.. Too bad it became constant event that ruined the special feeling of it. Jackal is just same crap with a little make-up.
  12. Never understood the need of so many servers my self, i guess that's easiest thing to come up with. "people getting bored to the game.... heyyy lets launch another server!" but, this suggestion of yours will never happen tho, too much time required to start a new so it will be exhausting and cause too many players to quit if forced to move.
  13. If i can make caves look like that as well... would be great to make labyrinths! that cave looks epic. hopefully nights are as creepy sometimes. someone deed a whole mountain and make a labyrinth!!!