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  1. taming

    +1 and also fix champion unicorns taming
  2. Merchant Ships - (Wagoneers on water)

    +1 even if it was just inside the same server. question is, how to implement this to game... because wagooners use highways which requires catseyes. maybe buoys that is required to anchor with concrete barrels or something to make trade routes?
  3. WTS rare strange bone [SOLD]

  4. Valrei International. 068

    When player gods are linked to main gods..... that means in BL kingdom cannot be any WL priests and in WL kingdom cannot be any BL priests... which means instant depriesting if you are WL priest in BL kingdom. Do we get a fair warning of such update before it happens or how this should be handled, it give will few headaches to players when they log in to find out that they lost their champhood etc because of such update. ~concerned citizen
  5. Valrei International. 068

    fantastic news .... hopefully while being summoned, the dude wont forget to keep hands tightly on pockets so nothing falls out!
  6. It would be awesome to wear chaos pmk tabards on freedom, to show where you loyalty lies, but what comes to people that doesn't belong to any kingdoms... they shouldn't be able to wear pmk tabard nor craft obviously.
  7. WTS rare strange bone [SOLD]

  8. WTS rare strange bone [SOLD]

    Looking for 20s, but you can offer. sold for 18s
  9. Wurm is too expensive for devalued currencies!

    +1 to the original idea, but..... Drop the monthly fee or cut it down like 5€ per month, but I would say that wurm needs micro payments that ppl can buy for example, they could charge you for actual wooden barrel of certain paint not overlay crap and it would cost like 5€ to have top ql paint, 70ql like 3€ or something. Actual docks? 10-20€, Trader/Merchant Contracts.... you name it. Imagine player wanting all different top ql paints or just 3... it would be at least 15€ per player that times how many actual players? Nothing would stop players from selling those forward, but at least someone has to buy it from shop or no one will get it. (just an example how it could be) No monthly fee at all or lowered would lower greatly the fence of getting into the game.. PvE could get new toys with euros and PvP could get some, but NOT something that has actually benefit over other players so we wont get more p2w mentality.
  10. wts POTTERY any kind!

    how much would you ask for 540 pottery planters improved and made to 50QL?