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  1. So we get 10 hours of SB tomorrow?
  2. Vyn is getting spell that allows you to throw smelly fish at your enemy. Or maybe a bit cinnamon powder? It must be good tho. Cant wait to see what dev team has brainstormed this time for pvp *edit* or maybe a fish cannon that you can deploy? uhh, that stench. It would give some meaning to fishing at least.
  3. What happens in chaos when demigods are removed for those who are BL priests/champions in WL kingdom?? We go to libila and get kicked out of kingdom? Or turn to kingdoms template gods? Do we have to get out of chaos before the removal?
  4. and what next? gunpowder and rifles? sorry but no, not in this game.
  5. Back to ninja updates like in past. One step forward, 3 backwards. Why i am not surprised?
  6. and since we are going to steam with only 1 account possible, this could be a good addition to help priests. +1
  7. Erupting a tile changes the rock tile to lava, and the rock/ore wall directly underneath into a lava wall. Freezing the above-ground lava tile will also freeze the lava wall beneath, changing it to rock, even if it was previously an ore tile. First make it lava with the power and then use the freeze power after 18 hours that has passed, it should do the trick. If thats exactly how you have been doing it, then i have no clue.. i guess its a new bug.
  8. When i said that radical changes are needed for the game, this wasn't what i thought of lol, i am fine with one account my self only, but there is those who wants to have several toons in order to keep themselfs busy. Me for example, i listen to music or play something else as well when i play wurm, usually a game doesn't require other games to keep one motivated. Goodluck on the path that you have chosen, its a huge risk.
  9. Sure you can have more than one steam client, but logging out and logging in constantly isnt QoL. Also if the steam version costs something, you have to pay that for every client + prem and everything else. Besides, when a new player finds out that you need 2 accounts in order to play efficiantly and in order to do that, you need 2 steam clients? Seriously in 2020? They are gonna quit on that instance. Virtual desktops or new computer might do the trick here, but who bothers with that? If dev team gets it to work as it is now, then sorry for the fuss, but i doubt it. Prolly not affecting me that much, but i bet this hasnt even been considered yet.
  10. By the way, have anyone actually considered what will happen when we go to steam? you can only have 1 client running per steam client... means that there will be no alts running around, also meaning that there will be no priests, unless someone will main a priest.
  11. Mewt

    Hi there, Doctors.... i strongly advise getting 2 or 3 opinions before believing anything, that's my experience. Anyhow, pretty much all relevant has been said already about the game, starting the game is difficult and it takes a lot of time if you don't have a good group of people helping you on the way, so i suggest joining a village/alliance to give you guidance on the game mechanics. Steam version is on the way and things are quite stall at the moment because of it, but i suggest at least trying this version before steam, as people have said, you can skill up to 20 level on each skill and if you want to progress further you need premium. All the best to you and hopefully you decide to explore the lands!
  12. When i started, there was some charm to volunteer staff members etc all that, now it begins to irritate. They are doing a lot of hours for the game for free and i appreciate that, but how about when hired? Maybe because i have spend close to 7 years on the game already, my life has changed a lot by that time, i could spend some time telling my reasoning/values behind all nowadays, but who cares, but yes... there is no other game like wurm currently, waiting for alternative... There is quite bit stuff that irritates me in the game, as the decade old bugs that are still there that have been reported but ignored... one of the things that got me playing this game are my brothers and those two stubborn goats are the reason i am staying (for now), as we use this game to keep in touch with each other as we all live in different cities. Maybe the server is the issue here atm or maybe its timezone thing.. but the game feels empty, cant even compare to what it was like in 2013-14, nowadays market is dead, PvP is dead, freedom is dead... there is literally to motivator to actually go outside, rifts are boring as hell, but we have to do that tedious events if we ever want the journal done, only 83 left and on retarded hours... and how about when other people have finished their rifts for journal? do we get enough players for rifts? its pretty low amount already.....haven't tried jackal, but imagine its same crap with a different label. I wont be investing anymore money into the game, except my prem time for 1 character, maybe for 2 if needed, i am thinking of getting my self a deed again, but not sure if its worth my effort and money. Here i am still, hoping to get more content. Im going to test out steam version, lets see how that goes...
  13. oh god no to all of them.... 9. Remove shatter; it is a mechanic with no purpose other than to randomly punish players. Replace it with severe item QL loss (based on roll fail amount). purpose to punish players?? for the benefit for whole community, the game is overflowing with items already, it needs more item sinks, not less.
  14. Nice hours, cant attend to any of them... maybe at year 2030 i get this 100 rifts completed.
  15. You make valid points IMO, i like every suggestion you made, game needs new sand to play with. Things could be better for simple locksmith for example, there is no need for locksmith on PvE atm, 1QL lock is enough to protect your goods. Or maybe having a spirit templar on deed disallows any lockpicking actions, extra money sink. Hopefully would have some PvP events as well where you can start draining the token and it spawns spirit templars to protect it and you can drain 10% of current coffers but 1s in total, same thing if you attack any buildings, templars are summoned. Could have a rule on the event that griefing isn't allowed, only the needed tiles are allowed to destroy in order to get in the token. The mayor could be defending as well. If the defender can manage to keep the players from draining he could get some reward for deed upkeep for example. If the attacker succeeds on draining the token, he could get the amount of coppers or max 1s + one random item, maybe a sleep powder who am i kidding, this is exploitable and takes ages to implement, forget it. We could have some sort of item that boosts your overall fighting abilities lets say 30-60 mins for example, after that you have lets say 30% of chance of breaking on each piece (armors, weapon and shield). a bit of risk on a possible reward. ps. #freeBLfromWLbullys