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  1. Its me again.. i guess i should get discounts soon first aid + healing pizzas for Themystrix dunno if you have Neowyn on the list but if you do, send him the same, healing + first aid, he can pay himself . ty
  2. You still doing? Could use Archery, Long Bow, Medium Bow and Short Bow affinity pizzas for Themystrix. asap, ty.
  3. is this gonna be fixed anytime soon or even noticed? ps. goat helm doesnt clip anymore at least on my main char, but still having issues with the basinet helm skin
  4. Best game that has come out in awhile! Have some wurm feeling to it, its awesome, so far 14 hours behind me. Soon upgrading to bronze stuff.
  5. Hi, couple more pizzas for Mystrixx: religion, soul depth, soul strength, mind logic sent to Themystrix, ty
  6. archery getting any love with this update or is this just for melee action?
  7. Would be improvement to your current efforts. Please consider. Hopefully Demona aint as restricted to give details about updates.
  8. All this crying and bickering, how adorable. I am not saying system is perfect, but so far the people who doesnt do anything to try to find uniques are crying here. Until we get good solution, i am saying -1 to all balancing acts due to history how all has went. Im sure devs are considering removing uniques all together and if they do, whos fault is that? The one who finds the unique should have every right to do the unique what he pleases, BUT if a public slaying was made, maybe increase the drop rate of tomes for X amount when there is 50+ players in local for example. -increase drop rate of tomes/ better bones - unique slayings deed holder should get money back for the deeding costs, limit to something - increase amount of hide/scale and make uniques less common. - deed members should get fixed amount of goods Idk, just my coffee break thoughts. Now keep bickering, im sure it helps.
  9. Never gonna happen, its math and it works like being told before, it was only 70 hours and now so much faster! Ps. Having it slightly faster is awesome, but explaning what was meant with the 70 hours would be cool, otherwise it can understood straight up lying to ppl which isnt really healthy.
  10. Really compliments the chin. Goat helm is clipping from same area, but not even nearly as much.
  11. Alright. not what i expected to happen, but ty xD
  12. +1, maybe better management to deeds as well while at it.
  13. ty. Mystrixx [05:50:51] You think the fried meat might give you more of an insight about large maul! Dimmi [05:52:56] You think the fried meat might give you more of an insight about pickaxe! Mystrixx could use ropemaking, channeling and prayer for starters Dimmi could use animal taming, small maul, large metal shield, defensive cod all to Themystrix ty.