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  1. Kingdom titles bug

    was asked to post here behalf of the king... So the problem at the moment is that at least our kingdom (have no idea about others) that we cannot give any titles to players not even the pointless ones, 2 GM's have checked the issue and asked us to post here on forums. /invitations is done properly and cant blame that, it doesn't give any notifications when doing appoint and players receives nothing.
  2. Shield Training - Current Status

    trolls--->greenish trolls---> champ trolls----> champ crocos.... best for skill gain but yeah.. kill everything
  3. I can hook you up on Exodus, come to C17 Palanthas (tiny hill on the map) At the moment i have few extra pens available for use if needed as well.
  4. First wagon sold for bricks! Pm me here on in-game for us to do business
  5. There SHOULD be an achievement for this!

    Isnt "The Lucky One" obtained when you get fatal damage so you would die and you lifesteal or heal otherwise quickly enough before game to realize you died. The why you are still alive is, my only assumption is that, you didnt actually die, but it left you with so mimimal health it shows 0%.
  6. Items: Large mirror, small clock

    cool ideas +1, what i would like is a bell tower that can be adjusted to certain needs, like if i want church bell that rings everytime is sermons or praying times etc i could just modify the time.
  7. Celebration Sermons (Currently Closed)

    no foreigners from other lands are welcome! jk ps. i am illegally trespassing the lands of celebration atm because of this group, blame them.
  8. All this trouble and problem solved with changing per 0.01 increase to "always" i was gaining faith as i were supposed to get
  9. WTS random items/tools

    10c Scissors with C77, 10c Leather Knife with C73, i will pick them up later cod to Themystrix
  10. bump for paying with bulk bricks/mortar or even with sacrificing materials for priests!
  11. Updates the current pvp community want

    Maybe linked somehow to champhood? Sacrifice a certain type of high end weapon or piece of armor to your god for a chance to become Champion. Dump idea, but only one i got at the moment. Or maybe, since there are 3 champions on each kingdom, make it possible for 1 champion to become slightly better (like increased movement speed since u feel lighter? drops weight by 20 or something cooler) when sacrificing high end stuff to god. *edit* or maybe few extended lifes for that 1 champion who has sacrificed, so it is actually usefull
  12. Updates the current pvp community want

    Really good suggestions and i can give +1 to those. PvP in plate armor ain't really worth the effort vs drake or scale and as smaller kingdom there ain't even point to invest that kind of money to drake or scale since constantly outnumbered, unless you have strong pvp group who can win against numbers.
  13. Celebration Sermons (Currently Closed)

    I might bring my priest there too with 2 sermon alts later today, so we could get even better ticks!
  14. Trader is setup on island E25 Xanadu.