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  1. same as before, 1 best set for Mystrixx, accepting after work.
  2. QoL suggestion! give us cheat codes so we dont have to play the game without mindless grinding and exploring. Boat spawn i could somehow understand althought there is tents, but not the others. The game itself is meant to be an adventure that takes time and with a risk involved that you might not see your stuff anymore. Map sometimes would be nice where you can see yourself moving.. but then again it kills few other crucial parts of the game.
  3. Who needs friends or any in help in game, just stab them in the back even tho they helping you and grab the loot for few silvers ...........
  4. Things you need to make decent account FAST, there is few dozen variations how to grind properly, but i'm giving you simplest one... just buy high CoC tools 80-90 cast power and have item QL around 10-20ql to get proper skill ticks. Then, buy some sleeping powders if you want to get more boost and affinity foods to every skill you want to grind.... premium ofc, some working materials 50ql is enough but if you higher mats for same price... do it.. then grind every skill that you want to 50 skill, wont take long per skill. few days to a week.. depending what skill you grind.. if its weapon smithing.. well that will take even longer, but most skills are doable quite fast to 50 skill if you put your mind to it. Training fighting... well buy a weapon with very high life transfer, coc, nimbleness is enough, although if you want, you can add mind stealer to that as well... if you buy sword or similar, you can cut trees with it in order to get 20 skill. Shield training is fast first with some pigs(without weapon on hand), then move to horses etc, getting it to 70 is piece of cake, like every fighting skill pretty much. Rarity helps on weapons, not shields. Tools too but i wouldn't suggest that if you just start out. While you are doing everything i stated, remember to meditate! to lvl 20 meditation you can grind continuesly.. after that its 5 times a day every 30 mins and after that its once per 3 hours i think. Also have a even 1x1 house to have bed in it at least to get sleeping bonus while you are not playing. you can toggle that on and off with /fsleep command if you have that. oh and there is button also nowadays on the quick bar menu for that. Might take you awhile to get hang of it, but.. its worth it and you get to play with your own name. but, have a good one, either way you decide, to buy a ready account or grind it yourself... welcome to wurm,
  5. pretty much +1 to all... to add for that variety that i feel like game needs: Proper camping possibility. i would like to be able to create tiny paths.. more plants etc to plant on stone walls/house walls for example, seamless arched hedge "door". would be nice to create 1/3 of walls and fences for example to make cooler houses. or even round walls..round gardens, fences etc pavement that looks like stone wall or something to make the effect to have 90degrees angle where you have wall and it "supports" the land without having huge slope differences. more options overall to decorate the landscape.... docking system... or some "food box" for farm animals. Possibility to make cool and actually working barns.. wooden fences paintable in different patterns... i could go on.. but all of these pretty much has already been suggested before.
  6. Simple idea and would give better looking gardens.. or maybe adjust epic portal a bit.. so it would look better as a "door" between hedges
  7. QoL would be also fixing a bug that has been there for ages. HH occasionally disappearing inside a minewall when ran into a wall.. only a relog will fix it. +1 to your suggestions tho, seems reasonable
  8. Arched walls to match current tall hedges, with door (could be looking like iron tall fence gates) and without versions, ty. Could have the plantation going on the arch section so when its next to hedge wall, it would look seamless.
  9. Clearly you didnt even bother to read, as usual She explained that same exact issue in her post and said, it shouldn't be allowed to have no more than 3, even if you have 10x alliances, it would only be that 3 champs split between whole alliance.
  10. I have thought something similar as well for the game, i just didnt want to waste my time suggesting it. but.. +1, would be cool if we could get "interactive" map where it shows the areas you and your allies have conquered as well.
  11. Always so negative, cheer up mate. If this is the update that helps to keep even 1 player in the game and toying around with bunch of deers and paying premium, why not. This doesn't affect your gaming experience in PvP zone or even hurt the actual PvP updates to take in place, since its the art team who does this. So... +1 from me, doesn't affect my play style, so why not.
  12. another man's trash is another man's treasure... deed looting is fun.. means i dont have to waste my time doing the stuff i just salvaged from ruins.. if i make few coppers out of it.. who cares.. i am happy and i keep spending more money in the game. win-win, plus the fact that it would go waste and also clutter perfectly good spot for someone else. Althought i like the idea of the said person who stumbles upon the deed makes the disband notification.. but still... -1
  13. Wtb Torvalar

    Just pm the crap out of the guy, he will eventually (hopefully) look at his email and answer you
  14. Apocalypse Order Recruiting Freedomers! Apocalypse Order wants YOU! Not getting invited into the hunting group? Can’t get in with the big cheese on the server? Tired of highway drama? AO is a kingdom and alliance on the Chaos server, but don’t leave the thread yet! We are looking for freedom players that want a community to play with, an alliance to talk to and people to work together with. About AO wants to be your home away from home, and we will never chain you to Chaos, you are free to come and go as you like. We will provide you with a relaxing atmosphere and company while you enjoy the game. We do regular events that range from crafting, building towers and going out to PvP. Item Loss Worried about losing your fancy rare tools and drake? We don’t expect anyone to bring their freedom gear over to chaos, and our capital is well equipped to provide you with tools, plots to build houses on, and a stock of materials to use. Our discord server has a #request channel where you can post a request for anything you need from enchants to armor, and people will get to work on it, if you can’t find it in one of our warehouses already! Rules We don’t have a complex system of rules you need to obey, our code is simple: The kingdom helps you, and you help the kingdom. We may be Blacklighters, but stealing from your kingdom friends or murdering them is not allowed under any circumstances. Voice comms Staying away from kingdoms because you’re a bit shy and don’t want to talk on voice? We are understanding and will never demand that anyone uses their microphone, although we do want people to listen on voice during pvp if they choose to come. Most of our members are over 30 years old and we have a very relaxed atmosphere that has an emphasis on having fun above all else, we don’t expect much and mainly want everyone to enjoy their stay. Whether you need help with how to barbeque your steak for the family or want to grind some skills or bash some heads, AO is there to back you up! If this sounds interesting, please don’t delay, apply today!