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  1. you planning on selling these or what?
  2. Cod me blue tome for 30s, Themystrix
  3. Does this actually mean 30% chance on getting affinities? or 30% better chance than we have now? which is basically 0.00005% chance... 30% to that.... rip Should of read more carefully before coming back then.
  4. Right.... typically they were around 200-300 euros, now because rats are leaving the ship, they try to liquidate everything, even if it means selling it way below average market price. I have black scale set, but i wont go lower than 150e on it. You might get from someone to 100 euros, that's up to them tho
  5. If thats the case and we get to keep the 10% skill gain for everything except the few body stats then im all for it... If not and vynora gets skill gain only for ML and MS, then rip.. You guys fixing the sailing and stealing anytime soon? The new steering is crap.
  6. Then again, you choose that yourself. Im done ty, bye.
  7. 90% of it, is bs, you don't need 60fs to be able to kill troll or 70 weapon skill in order to kill a troll. Sure you will need 90fs and 90weapon skill etc if you try to kill the thing with 50ql newbie sword and crappy gear, but it all comes down to choices. You choose to need/want better skill rather than better gear. 70ql steel chain set + shield + 80ql weapon with good nimble and LT + monster demise will do the trick just fine even with lower skills and those doesn't cost that much nowadays to get, but does a newbie understand to get those? i highly doubt that. Easiest thing to get is a horse and that is most valuable asset you can get like kelody just said. but i'm open to more variations to bring life to the hunting part of the game, mini-games for example, but this isn't it.... recipes add nothing to the game.. you only need full house pizza and you are done, other recipes are waste of time and effort... the whole update was a joke.
  8. That's BS, i can kill a troll with just good rare LT weapon and decent gear with an alt, maybe 10-20 FS also same for the weapon skill. Sure higher stats and shinier armor helps, but isn't needed if you are fighting troll 1vs1 and know what you are doing. I on the other hand would love to see more of greenish trolls or nogump's roaming around the areas. or something new and strong that only hunts players with 80+ fighting skill? when its close by you get a warning. "You sense a evil presence" for when its 50 tiles? and 25 tiles "You have been spotted by Warmonger??? or whatever and the hunt is on" Sure goblin hut gang sounds nice for noobs that you could slay.. but .... a noob cant fight multiple enemies at the same time alone.... and why you want to destroy the hut? it spawns more goblins.. that means more fighting skill. Go out of your comfy carebear buble and ask for friendly neighbourhood slayers to help to cleanse that devils nest. Toss a coin while at it.... or just relocate to safer pastures or hug a guard tower like i did when i first started.
  9. Samool just posted somewhere that it will be after steam release, because they want to focus on current content. When its up and running smoothly, they focus on new round. *edit*
  10. Funny that we have to beg for information. Ps. Fix sailing. Ty.
  11. When you guys fix the sailing controls??
  12. Oh, something of the sort is suggested? didn't realize, i have tried to think of ways how to get more content, besides my original thought of this wasn't getting the PvP excitement that in chaos you get with massive land to hunt on, but merely a way for people to have an arena, where to fight in PvE... baby steps in other words, show those who are afraid of full loot PvP, what it can really be, in small scale without any risk and with instant PvP content instead of 4 hours riding around both sides trying to trap one another. plus it could be fun to have PvP skirmishes in impalong as well or other events, instead of 1v1 sparring where 2 people just stand in one place and let the RNG do its job. but, on deed or not, i think this could be potential game changer if we take the thinking further, having alliances clashing each other for example? With the resources devs have, i know that large scale change ain't gonna happen, but one can wish. but back to small scale stuff, arena would be a nice start.
  13. Hi, figured since we have duel rings on chaos/hota square at one point, why not let us have PvP arena on PvE? Since it would be in PvE, of course there wont be any looting happening and when you die/lose(like in sparring), you could spawn on the edge of the arena automatically with all your gear and skill, but disallowed to join in the ring for some cooldown or until whole team is dead. Arena would be accessible by multiple persons simultaneously after they have formed a team. So it would be like in Chaos actual PvP, but in carebear mode that we could have on impalongs for example or have tournaments etc. Arena sizes could be like 3x3, 5x5, 10x10 or 20x20 for example. Arena ring/token/area could be bought with marks/silvers and the size could be changed afterwards but has to be on deed. Placing the arena inside donut house should be allowed as well. If the arena mode is to the death, there is a lot of things to consider, affinity transfers disabled, no skill/gear loss, no skill gain yada yada... but i guess it would be easier to have it as arena "sparring" without the smoothing out skill differences. Of course all that is allowed on PvP, should be allowed on arena. Arena cant be inside mines. In short: an arena on PvE deed where people could spar/train/test group PvP before joining PvP server for example (if they want to join)... or just have it for events and alliance tournaments and whatever. If it should cost anything or not, or if it should have betting option, i don't say anything about that. or this could be made an server wide event where some 20x20 arena spawns with some worthwhile chest box which you have to lockpick or "loot" like battlecamps, but should spawn some valrei monsters on the area to guard the box or some mechanism that prevents abuse, but the area should be full loot area, if the area is contested, looting stops. People inside the area cant see local. or both Thoughts? I know its not fully thought out ideas with flaws im sure, but it could polished with good ideas
  14. Getting my last 3 tomes would be nice with a option like that, but it still, it needs to stay random, for various reasons. Besides if it were specific tome you get, the cost should be 3 times higher at least. Even the worst tomes were around 1-1,5 gold not long ago.. Smoke was 4,5g to 6g iirc. Althought times were different back then. Sidenote to devs: tomes should be removed from PvP side of things, tweak them to PvE.