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  1. If this person agrees to work with me from which he could get a gold coin depending how it goes, then yes, i might give finders fee to the person who arranges this. I know at least 4 panfillers, but all of them seems to be taking break for some odd reason
  2. make an offer, i would want at least 10k of both (hfc + baking)
  3. Would be nice to actually showcase different armors in the armor stands. Also to quickly see what armor is inside and not all look like the same. Either let us choose what armor it holds by some menu despite whats in there or what it actually holds. Thoughts?
  4. Defensive + normal fighting pizzas to Themystrix ty. Also 2x 20kg pizzas for food
  5. contacting the winner, can close ty
  6. can close, ty all for interest, if you have a rare steel tool/weapon in mind that you would like, feel free to pm me about it.
  7. Would be too simple so no, wurm is all about hardcore clicking and therefore simply cannot happen, it would kill the core feeling! +1 for obvious reasons.
  8. Shadow masks bought! Now sell me those pads!
  9. Sent, arrives in few seconds. Ty
  10. bump! get yourself a new shiny tool which gives you more yield faster!
  11. Starting bid: 40 s Increment (minimum) 1 s Buyout: pm offer Sniper Protection: 30 minutes This is said about rare version with quick forum search: Faster timer, more yield, can hop over 1 growing stage randomly. + metal + other rarity bonuses.