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  1. all i hear in my head is Dragon DRAGON Dragon, ooooo who loves dragon!!!
  2. I think I arrived too late to help, ignore post
  3. nice thing to come back to game to, ty Stanlee
  4. woot glad i found this, i'll set sail soon
  5. You show great character and a rarified trait of Honesty. Not only to be conscientious of another player's game experience, but then the courage to publicly post on the forums of it. That's a kind of person easy to like, commend, and encourage to stay-play-be part of the wurm community,. If you are able to contact this player, shoot me pm with contact info, I'd gladly log in and make them whole and then some. As for you and your integrity, shoot me a forums pm with your needs /wish list and I'll gladly log in and make for you very nice quality whether it armor, tools, weapons. A great way to send you into the lands with a good fighting chance and a proper leg up into your wurm story/experience/journey.
  6. @Ryaanna seeing that horse rearing up thumbnail pic, had me think of a pvp friend I know with a mechanical bull, Rhianna. You two should meet.
  7. So hard to keep talent like that! Congrats Demona, the gauntlet awaits. WoA on your wings, EXCELSUS!!!
  8. Impressive graphic, highly styled, still recovering from the fun neon blast of the last one. I like the variety/creativity. though miss many of these, I applaud you finding and public hosting them. fun is had. I hope i'll make this one, hadn't been in wurm for a few. what better way to hail the chaotic of 2020 closure and promise into the new year by hollering Dragon DRAGON Dragon!!
  9. I'm having some fun dabbling in two. 1. Gloria Victis with improved combat that is directional and more fluid that adds meaning to the combat experience 2. Medieval Dynasty, a legacy type settlement building, crafting genre set in medieval times with beautiful countryside nature biom to make up for static dialogue with NPC's for questing. The hunting is rewarding when you spear a buck and butcher it. has seasons that confer meaning dictationg crop rotation choices, and sensitivities to climate. both worth a try yet could also use more finish work.
  10. One can't ignore the surreal challenge and turmoil 2020 has been to each other, family, friends, and humanity across the globe. That said, it is upon us to celebrate the magic and joy of the holiday with even more fervor and intent. Focusing on the beautiful within us to elevate the human experience. May the holidays bring you endless laughter, joy and celebration with those you care about, robust health, and the strength to overcome and live purposefully your best self. May this extend far into the year to follow. With warmth, Bloodscythe
  11. Nice i'll try to be there, careful about all the color blocking font, i know mine was edited cause someone "couldn't read it"
  12. thanks for inviting all. I won't be able to make it , may all have fun with their pokey sticks and bashy batons with fervor and laughter. Keep the great spirit of what you're building here alive! oh and happy birthday to the dragon, give it lots of love taps to show how much you care. When you hear it roar, it's signaling how happy it is and appreciative. give it lots of prezzies.
  13. I hear you. The act does far more collateral damage than the worth. It's not a discussion about the rules but more about with a game half out the door and the other leg broken is this what we want to be, it'll surely hasten the time we fold so much that you won't even have someone to sell it to. Be like epic hota's..hey mate i found 3 you want one, no too much trouble to haul home..yah same nvm, and just leave them there. this is where we are heading. This weight's heavy for two reasons , mostly cause it's you it happened to. Someone i've found to be a very upstanding dude over the years helping in short notice etc. Secondly reminds me of a time of some odd 8day lapse or whatever on my own deed down the coast from you. It was some years back that cost me 2+gold in loot raided where somethings so sentimental, could not replace by buying another look alike. best left at that. I have a hota I can give you similar to the one i believe you had there. I'd also welcome you to stay at any of my deeds for i trust you that much. It can't fix in any way this situation, but it's my feeble attempt to cling to some pillars of wurm that are very worth keeping about. Send me pm if any of what i can offer is something for you to consider. I'm' otherwise very sorry and will miss you about. Till whatever, may the trails have offered exillerating smells and finds as you passed by perhaps in some deep thoughts or epiphany, and may vistas have arrested you in soulful replenish. I'm envisioning the craggy granite outcrops and fissures with lichen wedged in, low dense scrub berry bushes, the perfume of the natures floor of leaves layered and suddenly feel a renew in life and humankind all the while typing this note. Fond memories. Hope to hear from you.
  14. TY Sweetsusie, yes we've had good chats about things that happen in wurm, toxic players, and how to find your own path of happiness in wurm and how someone' else's misery is not your own nor do you own it. Yes this post was from some time ago yet has a timeless aspect that speaks to an issue not something specific to me, for many before and after will go through similar. Some players who are unpleasant are knowingly doing it in a loss of self control and some willful shadenfreude. Others simply lack the capacity to see things from another's pov or empathize either due to maturity or something more serious in the disorder category. Either way for the most part i've moved on and made changes that reduce the issue to where it belongs. In each instance of feeling bewildered or thought to quit, I've sought sound advice elsewhere to ensure what i see going on is so and my own perspective is in check. I'm assured not only yes but that i've wasted time blaming myself or thinking there was something I could do to fix it in others wasting efforts there as well for those types won't change or can't change. Oddly these very people that may knowingly or unknowingly cause disruption or unpleasantness for another dismiss your emotional reaction and value of, are the very same that over react and in almost a hyper state when anything is directed at them in some manner. This really highlights that it's more about emotional immaturity and underdevelopment and not being able to handle such things in a balanced manner than anything you've actually said or done. perhaps this is why some are so dismissive of another's discussion of how a player can make them feel, not being able to deal with that within. In short, I found it easier to distance myself from negative or boisterous people for they cause some vexation to my spirit. The absence of it gives me harmony and happiness and allows me to appreciate the longstanding friends I've had in game where not once ever has an issue come up or a hiccup if so, was discussed and resolved quickly. This owes much to respect for the other and some emotional/social maturity. So I choose where I dwell and find like minded people congregate. Misery likes it's own company and makes it's own groupies, and so does happiness. It is an interactive game of many types of people from many places with many things going on so it's no wonder it doesn't always work but when it goes beyond that, there's something more going on and it's best to just say clear of it where possible. Really this post is less about me and more about universal laws of truth in human behavior and just as posted , an open note to all wurmians to be conscious and cognizant of their own behavior and actions and the impact on others and to build a better Wurm community for it.