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  1. Please Close

    froggy went a courtin, he did go, to the coconut grove, to see the show , uh huh uh huh uh huh.
  2. Celebration Sermons (Currently Closed)

    I found the sermon group experience to be well organized, flexible within reason, very healthy gains making my short romp there pleasant and expedient. Drama free Thank you for the food too. Glad I was outta there a while ago, missing ensnarement of troll troubles.
  3. Please Close

    ..... on that tree there was a branch, A rare branch and a rattlin' branch, And the branch on the tree, And the tree in the hole, And the hole in the bog, And the bog down in the valley-o. Ho Ro the Tomes Yo
  4. Please Close

    One morning in a fit of pique , sing rickety tickety tin, one morning in a fit of pique she drowned her father in the creek, the water tasted bad for a week, they had to make due with gin, with gin, they had to make due with gin. Now..about those Tomes.
  5. Updates the current pvp community want

    @Development Team: Thank you for more than Listening, which is big on it's own. I appreciate the receptiveness and willingness to consider player input to the Dev. team. In other games, this is next to not ever a thing. Then again, there is little match in caliber, as a wurmian.
  6. So long, and thanks for all the fish

    Oh this gives me some chagrin and ennui. Your reasons are rational Ether, and the forums...are a constant source of cancer that can shred people. I have always found you pleasant and community minded and seeing you about often. Maybe just some time off will help refuel tank. I once did that without regret and her i be as committed to wurm and enjoying it as ever. Maybe you'll reconsider, maybe you'll feel different after some time away. Maybe not and you'll find some other amazing venues to use your time. Regardless of the choice, it's been nice to share space and may we bump into each other again. All the best to you! Namaste.
  7. Please Close

    the wurm crawl in, the wurms crawl out, the wurms play pinochle on your snout, they eat your ears they eat your toes, please o please someone give me these tomes!
  8. wtb leatherworking potions

    looking to buy leatherworking potions pm me with offers on forums on ingame bloodscythe or Rabidscab
  9. Please Close

    if you go down in the woods today, you better not go alone, it's lovely down in the woods today but safer to stay at home, for every bear that ever there was, will gather there for certain because ....that's where you find all those nice tomes, and yah cause today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic.
  10. Updates the current pvp community want

    I'm not 100% confident i'm complete on this yet i believe maybe 6-7years back or more the chaining tower system was in place on chaos and one kingdom effectively blocked another kingdom from moving and expanding off the initial deed near gold coast and could not expand or grow being surrounded with only ability to extend was to link by taking dominant kingdom link. This boxing in when one kingdom is overwhelmingly dominate caused a deadlock for the smaller kingdom. In this scenario, yes the dominant kingdom extended all the way across the map in a chain system to push the opposing kingdom to the far edge of the map. This struggle to then grow resulted in the ability to leap frog and drop a tower in a no influence area then make a deed that we have today.
  11. Updates the current pvp community want

    these seem like safest way without much reprecussion to hands on test vs theorize. I"m down for another round o challenge or hosted on epic
  12. Updates the current pvp community want

    +1, these suggested changes seek to equalize the playing field and mechanics a bit more away from snowballing to more a tug o war contested back n forth. Massive fan of the tower chaining, mount restrictions, hota battlecamp revampings. These area quintessential cornerstone changes needed to foster a more vibrant interaction and desire to engage. Think of these suggested changes as a forced rugby scrum vs standing on sidelines of 8grade dance thinking...she thicc but i too afraid to ask her to dance.
  13. Lunar Order Academy is recruiting!

    I have to give this another bump, not just cause Alkahdias is cool but i went by there again yesterday to enchant a box and looked about. massive area, very well done in progress phase. you really get sense of community and lots chipping in doing work..a must see visit and chance it for a stay..great vision, nice built form, really lifting up the work experience for many. Grattles.
  14. King Mclovin says Remove Hota from Chaos

    that reminds me of ESO pvp where you take the scroll and have to run it back to your own camp , it's illuminated all the way so others know here it is too exposing a location and thusly inviting a skirmish. does this mean the pillar can be intercepted and taken, would it need to be reconquered back at hota or there at the interception spot? does it fall to ground there or rubber band back? interesting things to ponder. I think we all want something more than we have regardless. right now hota so safe i could farm on it if was other than sand. also reminds me of old song lyric "been around the world and ay yah aye , I can't find my baby" thats me looking for enemy on hota
  15. King Mclovin says Remove Hota from Chaos

    ++1 This idea gives more if not all a fair chance at valrei loot grabs while also promoting the need to wander in vulnerable slower carts not mounted hellies and unicorns and the chance to very likely bump/collide into an enemy player for an unexpected/expected skirmish. Takes leadership to step away from what is a cash cow certainty for self to suggest an alternative measure that loses control of that for the betterment of the game, pvp, and others.