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  1. anyone with small bits of drake hide in any color with little use for, make some coin and sell. looking for any amts, none too small. working towards enough to be able to make a full set. pm with offer, look forward to hearing from you.
  2. Looking to buy a rare saddle to replace one I had crafted that had had been taken from deed among other things in a lemony snickets series of unfortunate events enchanted would be nice as well yet not necessary. ql is unimportant Tally ho and they catch me ridden dirty til then.
  3. I know off subject of the OP, yet parlaying off klaa's thoughts, an early dream of mine in wurm was to have a Chinese Junk that i could , in a nomadic manner, travel and port server to server , sleeping in a tent, unloading my forge, crates and other necessities to crate portable work space , riding cart and beasts of burden along with trusty milking cow and roam the free lands making friends along the way staying days or weeks in areas etc.
  4. Bump, part with that hide peeeeees.
  5. This reminded me of a few times where players were imprisoned inside strongwalled caves and sold for ransom. ingenious, devious, quite hillarious..then there were those in such traps sold off with the mere speculation of getting out someday..esp when permadeath was around. fun meanderings to ponder
  6. well there are a few great big steps here that sound awesome and deserve praise. Dev's hard at work again truly being barn burners of late. crating of animals super cool and desired by many...almost as exciting as the ability to plot course server hop. Secondly nice to see a first go at trying to tackle valrei game board, all the deities, and making more reasonable/fair the award system when doing was utterly random and bizarre at times before with people getting award doing very little in the mission or being in diff kingdom etc. Kudos for beginning to tackle that and iron it out some more.
  7. I'd like to buy as many kg's of drake hide as possible in order to make a full drake set. will be the first to have my own signature on. any color is acceptable. TY in advance.
  8. Great event of good humored people and complete with pit roasts and baked goods. For the nature lovers out there, feel not any pains for the forest giant was taken down so quickly he never knew what hit him nor happened, he merely had been in the dark, upon cave opening he saw a bright light, went to it..and that's all she wrote. Alyeska gave us a special demonstration with a polar plunge and resurfaced with a fist full of bridle of yoink's loved one who tried to flee the relationship. There was even a small regatta rounding out the finish of events to the border and proof the world is flat for they all fell off and disappeared never to bee seen again on indy
  9. The last one was so much fun i'll come back for this the hard part of finding a horse...
  10. You'd have made it if you hitched a ride with me when i offered a month ago, you said I was over reacting as usual. Guess who will make it on time.
  11. thanks for the heads up , i'll dip my reed pen in octopus ink and jot that down on some papyrus
  12. 13 on affliction you say, that tells me how long ago you logged in there. You must have been on the back tail of the statistical curve after affliction remake and the wave of tourist left.
  13. I was thinking of the OP after reading a bit, It must kill you some LorenaMontana for I know how much you love wurm, and protector of epic and BL. I've talked to you several times and I know you want it to thrive and be healthy and that is your end goal with the post. To that end sorry for my posts as they have more of a doom analysis yet i can only comment as i see it and hear others. One drink up to you on the bar as the ardent defender and guardian..maybe sole guardian. Just don't fall off the stool this time and break your arm... cause that never happened to you before.
  14. knowing you, I can with confidence guess what you'd call it and yes you'd get banned. Too much exposure in the Favela led to an interesting inventory of item names.
  15. Moreover when elevation map was revamped because the hota area was borked, there was internal and external debate about if this will work and save epic. The consensus I read and held as same belief is that it would do nothing, only temporarily infuse the server in that those that were staying to playing prior to map reset will be the only ones left play after a few months of a reset. Those that weren't playing will come to look at the new cookie jar, take a bite then leave. which is exactly what happened.