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  1. Kyklops slaying

    Thank you for availing to us all, I will be there , thanks.
  2. Factional Fight Streams Tonight - Sept. 8, 2018

    Just want to say thank you for all that you have given to wurm along the way. I remember first hearing of you two when you had the deed autumn twighlight on deli..i think that was the name. Your legacy was already full in motion. Thanks for being you, and hope you keep at it for time to come and having fun with it. Wurm Harder.
  3. What do you look like

    that right there is wicked cool zeviking , alot of detail in the outift , fabric choices, adornments etd, even the shoes..well done muh friend. That looks fun. There was a wurm couple who used to play on chaos that did this too in Rl
  4. Restoring Tundra Project - Mt Tundra

    Maybe we'll finally get the great snowy mammoth as a new addition to game, fitting that it spawn on tundra. Just a thought.
  5. Restoring Tundra Project - Mt Tundra

    I commend the hard work done by Baloo, and crew to restore the tundra. This had been undertaken at great time expense in making transmutation liquids, deforestation, and terraforming to reclaim it from the ravages done. I lived on this server for a few years and good to see some of it's beauty returned in what is otherwise becoming an almost chaos style severe shaping of land difficult to travel along. It's inspiring to see good work done, similar to the reclamation of the Deliverance steppe. This is a statement about seeing community assets are of greater value to protect and share. In each case always a few saboteurs, yet overwhelming the community has come through for the good of a common cause they believe in.
  6. Legacy statues!

    +1 heck yah both of those are awesome, i'm down for that.
  7. Please Close

    and the bofa under the sofa
  8. What do you look like

    now i can put a face to the couple of corpses i found today on my journey that had your name on it..what a weird coincidence
  9. green dragon slaying

    look at his teeth, clearly the poor dragon's gingivitis is acting up, look at that tartar and plaque build up. maybe my spear can get in there and winkle out a few calcaneus deposits so he'll chill a bit.
  10. login problems

    A few days ago had same issue, as did others, it's popping up again where logging into the client is slow, then in the void where no water no textures, no movement, no ability to type. i'll also not forums seem to lag, I wonder if this is network provider issue for wurm again as was before. Halp, can't loggin again
  11. Please Close

    beep went the neep
  12. Game won't load up

    same, all i see is flat dirt floor under water line and sky, no terrain no move, no ability to respond in chat, have not health bar or buffs etc. something has gone boom and in constant refresh despite LO time logout etc
  13. WTS Rare large Cart

    Thank you, happy sailing! Delivering