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  1. looks like i may have jumped the gun, on uptime history sorta suggests this is a routine maintenance. mfw that feeling of wurm separation anxiety
  2. thanks i see that now, forgot to check that tab on client.
  3. is the login server down or is it just my routing that's gone poof. I can't log in.
  4. Welcome Back Budda! Congratz Ostentatio. A wonderful way to introduce the new map dumps. the flyover montage work is beautifully articulated. Always top tier work from Malena. Keenen, like a mighty draft horse, continues to haul a heavy work load.
  5. I don't want to assume gender and ask what the mrs. looks like or can she be pointed out for I have heard tell a few ex girlfriends, ex wives, ex mother-in-laws as well as current that may or may not closely resemble in appearance, that of the forest giant. (esp. in the morning with morning breath and morning hair.)
  6. Well on that matter, rattle your cabeza some. You'll recall by own admission, it was Fo for the win and life, Fo real, Fo Life, Fo evah!! seriously enjoyed your post. creatively humorous way to capture your first rift experience. Universally accurate too for wurmians first encounters. Keep up the great spirit!!! An emerging player to keep note of!!
  7. appreciate the great overture and effort at a solution. unfortunate already vandalized, precisely part of what necessitated this creation, people deliberately sniping and undermining the spirit of group effort from community towards individual goals if Players can't solve this , perhaps Devs will take note here and remedy the issue with a reasonable solution
  8. all i hear in my head is Dragon DRAGON Dragon, ooooo who loves dragon!!!
  9. I think I arrived too late to help, ignore post
  10. nice thing to come back to game to, ty Stanlee
  11. You show great character and a rarified trait of Honesty. Not only to be conscientious of another player's game experience, but then the courage to publicly post on the forums of it. That's a kind of person easy to like, commend, and encourage to stay-play-be part of the wurm community,. If you are able to contact this player, shoot me pm with contact info, I'd gladly log in and make them whole and then some. As for you and your integrity, shoot me a forums pm with your needs /wish list and I'll gladly log in and make for you very nice quality whether it armor, tools, weapons. A great way to send you into the lands with a good fighting chance and a proper leg up into your wurm story/experience/journey.
  12. @Ryaanna seeing that horse rearing up thumbnail pic, had me think of a pvp friend I know with a mechanical bull, Rhianna. You two should meet.
  13. So hard to keep talent like that! Congrats Demona, the gauntlet awaits. WoA on your wings, EXCELSUS!!!
  14. Impressive graphic, highly styled, still recovering from the fun neon blast of the last one. I like the variety/creativity. though miss many of these, I applaud you finding and public hosting them. fun is had. I hope i'll make this one, hadn't been in wurm for a few. what better way to hail the chaotic of 2020 closure and promise into the new year by hollering Dragon DRAGON Dragon!!