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  1. For all those responsible for the building design work and deed design, you simple have verged on the line of transcending greatness. This really stretches the line of what is possible and you've articulated it very nicely. Inspiringly creative and daunting different expressions and ways to use some of the new features and materials in building. Years of pro terraforming on chaos have also reaped it's own rewards. Simply Kudos and good luck with the event. If fps allow may come to see in person what the pics have allowed. Thank you for sharing.
  2. +1 yus, this would be very cool and a fun side foray into traversing wurm. Your shine keeps just getting better, new profile pic perfecto. At this point they game should have a cart for you that has the sparkle dust coming off it like the yule reindeer...just seems like something you'd have as an orb or aura about you. could be used to blind mobs while being chased through the plinko trees. Keep on shining and spreading that glitter dust about.
  3. To Ayes: I was too tactfully subtle before in the hint of boomerangs and roughshod comments that i think it was lost. It is probably best to concede assumptions and presumptions and internal biases were made in your reaction to others comments on tree collision and acknowledge false suppositions then to entrench on something hard to defend at this point. Also, remember when changes are made some adapt slower than others and it brings about anxiety to some and strong that it's best not to ascribing merit or lack of to someone's reactions. Just in timing alone it's a bad idea let alone for other reasons. The beauty of this game is it can be played in as many different ways as there are players with no "right" way existing nor "wrong" way unless that play style violates game rules. Respecting those differences is part of the sandbox compromise. From time to time we all could do better making accommodation for our fellow wurmians. We are a purposeful and simultaneously reluctant family.
  4. character shows through time...and this person has shown to be very helpful going the distance to make others wurm experience better. They have good humor, play often, and overall good fellow...I'd give a double bump here for a try..most of us who have played a while oh our start, our joys and learning of wurm beginnings to a mayor /village that took us in when we started and shown us the ropes. I highly recommend going this route and encourage you to give this person pm and join up for a rewarding experience.
  5. and this my friends is why you traverse lightly and don't run roughshod on comments..a highly articulate ginsu knife with pile driver attachment kit is what you get back. Moreover shout out to aussies here, i've learned about boomerangs..they can be deadly. Not to mention home to ciggybuttbrain and friends with williebumbum. I suspect more than cotton , troll tooth n black mushroom healing cover gonna be needed after this
  6. I'd be remiss to not give mention here to the following as i try to be fair well rounded in perspective... sometime back..biggest complaints about game aside of pvp were bugs not addressed and communication of changes lacking in timing or at all. I've had my own concerns over time yet freely give acknowledgement of great effort as well. Dev Team has been daft punk technologic in slaying problems and offering new things for us to amuse with..can't say enough about about how well dev team smashing it here. In that same ferver and spirit I have to bring light to the improvement in communication..there has been a large change in that player base is now advised of changes to come to give us adequate time to adjust, debate, test server guinea pigging, rereview with willingness to change vs entrenchment. This has been an exponential improvement from the past where things were sprung..likely mostly due to after thought in business than lack of desire or intent to inform/share. This lastest update really showcases how the relationship of Game team to player is changing. I do love this game and it can be easy to digress in frustration but equally we must see how much the team is also committed back to us as well. realistic gravel paths and saddlebags.....the never ending appetite for trying to suck more marrow from the life of wurm
  7. The Ents rise players indeed will soon know the plinko game feeling of chestnut and walnut forests..esp when chased and pinned there as trolls make relish of you. This will present extra fun on pvp server as well. I hear the roar of the crowd of the world is flatter's when i say the will make more game more real..or dat immersion..yet..collision will return the game to a more authentic feel.
  8. To Retro: I noticed the torch lamp canister flame now fits with in the canister. some change ago caused it to go from inside canister to larger than. I was told it was client related and could not be changed until that time client was changed. That has in fact happened and tyvm! Now there was one other item that some past update from it's original..of uneven tile borders where paving allowed fro the natural/dynamic tile interaction where it looked like one tile fused into the other in natural uneven way..then when new paving came in..things like gravel now have a snap chalk like hard line that looks as if poured concrete footers were used to make perfectly straight lined..I was told that was possibly client based as there any chance of having that feature looked nice on farm land next to grass, and gravel paths looking like natural informal paths partly reclaimed by nature..would be a good segway into mulch paths of woodscrap that behaves same way. I hope i articulated this last part right..i struggled to say what i mean but in my head see it..scary place that one is.
  9. so close, for someone i consider to be among the more astute and on time in wit/humor. Cardinal Sin it is. It was more a triple entondre type statement. I could not elaborate with other aspects to costume pics and have them remain. could be something more innocent..Thornebirds and father bricassart..hardly
  10. oh bummer, lil far out i'll miss dang home too late from rl..that rl ..geet you evertime
  11. do we have a time frame as to when it starts or organized?
  12. It could be worse, you could be me. (reluctant cardinal is me)
  13. Sometimes the game actions and real person are not the same things though I do have a strong belief of en vino veritas..that how you play that game is a reflection of who you are as a person..role playing included. The intent and narrative of this experience you've had is fascinating to hear from your trajectory. It shows how dimensional and complex we are as people. I"m aware of many a shenanigan done by Rolandt, though I think the motivation is more out of competition and being a scrapper than deliberate malevolence. This same person can be ruthless in a scheme, charismatic to serve his interest, and is as such very good at recruiting and bringing along newer players to raise their boat as well as his. He's been someone always willing to fight and take a fully experience the game in manners he saw as opportunities. The person behind these actions is far more sensitive, sentimental, dreamer with pride. He has indeed been many things , I think alyeska articulated best the nuances and disparity that can exist in game and within person in RL and that is both interesting and somewhat scary cautionary too. I tend to see him as a better person than he has been in game, for i have a notion his person is about more out of game and the game is merely a sport to conquer even if not always by the most noble of ways. I'm unsure why this post or it's intent as it's from the oblique, yet beyond the person..the idea of us as people and player and who we "really" are is fun mental cud.
  14. This weekly looks accurate and ONLY because..pingpong is so much trouble that he has to traverse other servers to spread it about like overflow effluent..otherwise he'd fill more days or need two sundays before the new monday or such
  15. cranked up high allowed me not to fall asleep while farming k's of tiles and made mining with a string of alts fun for hrs