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  1. Love in Wurm

    the social aspect of the game mechanics i agree could use a bit more. like reasons for inns to be relevant. i miss gift boxes, and yes a new range of emotes, and mechanics to couple, betroth maybe even npc offspring. I Like the OP's suggesting of building a dowery etc with skilsets it's an untouched area of wurm, the social mechanics other than what we do as players with voice comes typed chat. penalties for divorces too? i'm worried about arranged marriages , thought that could have unexpected hillarity.
  2. A serious post about mental illness

    That takes tremendous courage to post especially in this environment. I revere that level of character in a person, and you've gained a bit more respect from me for it. One shouldn't ever be ashamed of a mental illness as much as one wouldn't be for breaking a leg or having pancreatitis. Your struggles are not unique to those wrestling with mental illness often not understanding first why or even seeing there is a problem, to then making the quantum leap to treatment and the often hit more miss trial of diagnosing and medicating correctly to feel your authentic self again. I'm proud of you. This is something i have wondered about or thought to myself of you privately when dealing with you on and off staff but i must say also you always had the compassion and character to later come to me of your own free will to say sorry and in some way admit wrong. That's more than most do. There are many more people in this game suffering mental illness of a many variety and across varying spectrums of that. You will find understanding and acceptance and this will only serve to help you further and encourage you even more. My support is here for you. Truly courageous! Keep fighting the good fight, and reserve the angst to turn it on that. Thank you for giving of yourself here, as well as in work.
  3. [Close, sold] Auction: Strongcoffee, black

    40c, Coffee calls. ah lets hope my friend in wurm mrcoffee don't see this thread he'll really blow the numbers through the roof to 1g.
  4. [Close, sold] Auction: Strongcoffee, black

    20c, I can feel that surge of jolting power walking me up in the crisp morning air as i thunder along the path on this magnificent mount with it's nostrils flared and roasted warm air rich like espresso plume out into the new dawn.
  5. Valrei International. 077

    @ votip the articulation on that blueberry bush ...... destined to be on display in the Guggenheim and Tate Modern alike.
  6. PC Account

    I feel like some are bumping the price estimate higher because of name reputation of account vs the skill dump. Looking it over, I'd value it between 240-280 tops and i feel like i'm being generous there. It's mostly pvp oriented and moderate at that, mid level with little else and a smattering of tomes one being being valuable to pvp. could be a good account but would take much work/grinding vs out of the box ready. thoug it's good as entry level fook about to start in.
  7. WTS various potions/oils

    i'll take your leather working pots at 2s 69ql and above
  8. [HOLD] Silver Coin

    A right proper guy, someone not only i consider a friend but a pillar of trust and proven solid character over time. Thank you for easy purchase.
  9. Please close

    and the glittery confetti of coin has rained down upon me.
  10. Sold Please close

  11. Please close

    just noticed your post, sent you a pm to arrange time.
  12. In an animal pen i've dropped crop and chickens have layed eggs, creating item piles, and crop piles, and egg piles that when i try to interact with, get constant refresh. I've even used keybind "take" without success. No matter how many times i relog, or log on another toon, i cannot interact with these various piles.
  13. Please close

    on the next day prayed harder
  14. Priest network for teleporting services

    Priest Name: Rabidscab Main Contact: Bloodscythe Location: Thorne Cliff, C20 Times: Eastern Standard Mid morning to late evening and weekends Accomodations/Gimmicks: Concierge Desk can arrange use of lodging, horses, boat trips, great hunting , priest conversions, mailbox, food, travel tips. Note: NEXA Alliance
  15. +++++1 Unless they reduce the amt of sandstone resource veins created, which seem to outnumber other veins 2 to 1, I'd like to see other uses for sandstone as well. As others said, anything made of stone should also be able to be made in sandstone. I too would like to see pottery bricks fireplaces