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  1. I waited and prayed and prayed and waited for saddle bags so long and they are really here..i dare not stare the karma goddess in the face and ask for me..cept well spongle said it..and his his idea has merit.
  2. I like that you're suggesting a re-examination of the lesser used damage enchants. I'd like to see these often more ignored enchants be brought back into relevance with out going too far in to OP outcomes. Aside rotting touch when stacked in the same area can be quite powerful even against healers. i"m guessing you intend this consideration to pvp focused or is this across all manners of play?
  3. Just wow, Saddlebags, I've been praying too hard! |There is a Wurm God! Yes Virginia , there is a Santa Clause. Thanks cannot cover the sentiment yet it's all i'm left with.
  4. Gratz, looks like ad for American Eagle
  5. That would be intense and unsure if it'd be more fun fighting or watching
  6. that was probably one of the most fun rift sights if it's in the same area as before..right on the cliffside.
  7. I will be playing a little elderscrolls online in bits along with still in wurm. As the community outside pvp on eso seems vapidly in nowhere land suspense I'd like to perhaps start small alliance in eso of wurmian players that also play eso. It's more fun playing another cool game with a shared experience of a gaming phenom like unique it'd add and lend well to eso esp with being able to run dungeons and trials solely with Wurmians if desired. A Wurmopolis grouping. If you are interested, please send me wurm forum pm and we can begin to set up a ts or discord channel for it, and share our player id names to find each other in game and group up. I have characters in each play class and though most are champs quite a bit over, i have a few low level toons i can use to play along those if just starting so the disparity is not so great. I can equally tank, heal, ginsu choppomatic in dungeon roles to suit your needs and group needs. Hope to see a few of you around..I've bumped into a couple of wurmians that play so far. Love to hear from you. You can find me in Eso with universal account name @Tokugowanaka Ps pluse added bonus you get to find out what savory or.unsavory names i've come up with my characters this time. the best one is one I borrowed from a gutter tripe humor friend from wurm who is potentially more perverse off color than I and a troll mentor I've come to enjoy. I had to laugh and had flashbacks, as a legitimate staffer on ESO has an avatar name ............................, I shant risk posting here but just ask and i'll pm. He indeed transcended to greatness. I then realized there are quite a bit more who can be responsible and helpful yet retain a whicked sense of humor which buoyed me.
  8. Oooooooo shoooguh...shoookie shoookie you hit it with this..buh bamb i smell the hemp and patchouli, spilled beer on the floor gone stale, dronkness in spirit blissfully lulling about....bring out the humus and toasted pita, some hennessy or grand marnier and let me just drift off into the afterlife in good karma and love to all.
  9. stumbled upon an lovely smokey sultry intoxica of a sound of blues repleat with an ache for a Te-amo churchill cigar and some Glenlevit 21 neat 2 fngers , diaphanous curtains billowing in a tango along the wind currents through the balcony open doors looking out on the city lights while mesmerized by the hypnotic sounds....oh this is so nice...lose yourself in it some!
  10. I just can't help but think he may be better off with some brad hall nike specials...just sayin...he's even willing to throw a shoe horn in..handy for those tight spots chaos is known for.
  11. bump for a good guy! good luck with auction.
  12. +1 i saw polar bears for seasonal winter, and minotaurs and about lost it ther in glee..and the moose..just ofc yes. I have been secret wishing for a dolphin chariot as water transport...but sea horses could be fun...beyond the ones we have now. Above all..the Mammoth please. great for meats and furs, and new crafting skill in ivory ...and on pvp side great war mount double can ride hard to take down, and even bash door maybe...the possibilities...
  13. Yes, where i grew up, it was illegal to kill them. I'v always had a reverence for them..they are also amazing warriors in vegetable and flower gardens.
  14. These are my favorite helpful garden insect. I love them and yet fear them in their pose and manner of walking about they are haunting and tingly spooky some. I just have a huge golden one reside in my flower garden in rl. This winter i'll buy an ootheca/the egg case from which i'll spawn hundreds in the spring..looking forward to it. This could be fun addition yet if we are to add another creature i'd really vote for mammoth. many uses on pve and ivory crafting..and good for pvp for war beasts.
  15. well i'll be darned...see, this is what i mean by there have been lots of updated that i stumble into not seeing patch notes or they not listed..time to pull the scythe from the bank then..tyvm Picture incoming