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  1. +1, was too much fun to hear what i thought was whatthetruck in that skirmish clip of storm "i'm lost as ######" and ofc the illustrious Mcgriddle and Dave clearin house poor pinchaloaf didn't even have time to finish one off...oh the memories.
  2. Public White Dragon Hatchling

    yes anyone who hunts on a semi casual basis will say they more often find you vs you them. that sounds great look forward to your pm and yes i can provide a couple priests to summon people if we prepare saccables. be well and as always wurm harder and happy wurming
  3. Public White Dragon Hatchling

    congratz it's quite something to find one like that while gadding about. I can provide priests to summon people if that helps, and arrive early to chop.
  4. Why was PvP abandoned?

    why are we even working so hard as to pull teeth or feel in an argument..I want those problems of please help us play longer so we can give you our money..who says NO to that.
  5. Why was PvP abandoned?

    ^This, ffs HAAAAAAALP Retro that was the worst answer you could possible give, a no answer on cause we may hypothetically do something that we've not started yet that may require sumfin later. That's double speak politico eeeees RREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! If you've not started anything and have no plans for anything in the immediate future how bad can it be to pacify with a reload of existing old map ie old ele, it's not even's a file you have vs doing nothing on the speculation of change you've not even started yet...Help me Understand.
  6. Please Close

  7. Please Close

  8. WTS PVP Character

    no answer to my questions or pm about it if not posting here. Any tomes on epic? Karma levels for epic and freedom? How recent is this skill dump? priest transfer available?
  9. WTS Toon BS WS CS AH

    hey, he has had an existing rowboat just outside me deed for years. used to be old deed this toon was part of..may wanna come get it and package it with toon. c20 north xanadu
  10. WTS PVP Character

    maybe he hoping some sucker whale like me comes along .. aside does it have tomes on epic, and karma levels for epic and freedom please. Lastly how recent is this skill dump? any priest transfer available on it as well?
  11. WTS Hexd

    Though Gladdy don't always put it in the smoothest of ways, i'd agree with him here solidly. be lucky to get half that for the toon stripped, sell off the rest separately. It's just not there muh friend I can see you weren't asking for opinions but instead serious buyers. Not trying to rain on anything and just my noob thoughts but felt compelled to save you some heartache.
  12. Returning player - having bad time

    oof i don't know what happened there but looks painful.
  13. Why was PvP abandoned?

    He'll soon surprass Sme in huge club...maybe
  14. Why was PvP abandoned?

    @Quicktora that works. WTB jimbob plaidrant, obv got amazing skill in a two-hander and stamina through the roof, and won't quit which is better than some of us.
  15. Why was PvP abandoned?

    hey that is some of the finest blend of mughal velvet textiles from the 17-18 century...hopefully i can be like Aladdin rub my lamp head and take a magic carpet ride even if i never leave the house..wuts wrong which you. and to sweeten the pot, i'll have you know Ausimus = Ausome Isometric Map Utility Source Bet you didn't know that...did you! The more you wurm the more you lurn!
  16. Why was PvP abandoned?

    yah i've never seen you triggered, you're not on wurm unlimited because you played WO fora good while , but triggered to leave.
  17. Why was PvP abandoned?

    I'd hate to think after all the different things i've been in this game where I spent a vast chunk of my time on pve and talking about it's merits, my time dedicated to staff roles where i worked endlessly for all facets of the game vs some niche component, where i've hosted pve players to learn and love wurm to then go on to make deeds of their own, to my times on pvp servers both epic and freedom chaos in various kingdoms to know all facets of game mechanics to be informed about when speaking on behalf of these areas.....and that the hundred or more complainers coming before; half of which never pvp'd with....that I am marginalized down to just that...a toxic complainer. I can go over my history of posts on the forums to find the very opposite. As can be said for me the same can be said for the vast majority posting in this thread, we are expressing because we care, because we love the game, because we don't want to see it go the way it is apparent to go. Sorta like any minority group marginalized in RL they all seem not to matter and be nuisance until the very day you're one of them. It is easy cast aside when it's not your turn on the chopping buck yet you should care not only for the plight of those here but that historical pattern would suggest you could be next and we won't be around to be able to defend you.
  18. Random Enkounters (2019 Edition)

    ty that was fun, i had a very formidable opponent which elevated the experience!!
  19. Why was PvP abandoned?

    where then will i put my love, Firecat. I understand though.
  20. Forest giant slaying

    very nicely organized and availed to all, TY well done.
  21. Why was PvP abandoned?

    please come to my house and not only rip out my ethernet from all of it's housings out to the road feeder from house, and while here please sledge hammer my pc. I need saving from myself truly. I'm one of those dumb ones that keeps on staying, one of those craziers. Then again in RL I've long been the one to stay in a relationship long after it's over. I beg you to come help me help myself. Pm me i'll give address and phone number. Let's schedule this.
  22. Why was PvP abandoned?

    Gah when i think about when i started this game 7.5yrs ago bright eyes, excited there was fervor, a large active player-base, and a healthy fully engaged pvp base on both freedom and epic clusters. It was so robust my only regret was not finding this game sooner, albeit i only found it accidentally to start. What's not up for debate is the game and lore was clearly coded for pvp to reflect it's highest aspirations and spirit of game experience. What has happened despite that is the pve aspects of the game have become more popular in player base numbers. To that end I can see why, esp since Rolf who's own orientation was towards pvp stepped aside from daily management, the game has shifted it's focus towards pve features, eye candy type development with a zero sum gain nature that meant less of the pie towards pvp attention and care. What seems bewildering is the appearance of a floundering management that seems lost and one that makes many wild hard to explain directional changes or feature focuses when executed. Then there is the vast other amt of time comprising the largest part of the pie of talk promise of things to come or why not to come. Lots of excuses. What I see overall and especially in this thread are a player base that is deeply concerned and wanton for the game to thrive and remain to play. I see this same player base describe what it is that is not working for them. This is critical for it is the very reason they have departed or on the verge of departing. The player base drop in a substantial way cannot be denied or even talked around any longer. I can't begin to imagine the loss in revenue stream. This is a game to players but is still a business first. What i also see is almost an arrogant defense of decisions and adamant attitude from staff that we know best and are doing all the best and right things. Clearly wherever the truth lay, there is a great chasm between management assertion and player retention/subscription that don't add up. When and who will take this seriously, or are we all along for a fun house ride?
  23. Wurmaholics Anonymous

    The will was strong but the flesh is week, I lied to myself again thinking i'd skip a day and then maybe more. Here I sit, skipping sunday service, may or may not have had wurm enter my dreams, yet I was also a jockey at Pimlico for the second leg of the triple crown , in the starting gate, feet securely in muh irons, bridle forward up and ready before a grain truck roared and thundered past my house and the glint of sun poked through the blinds slats. Though i've not logged in, i've edged closer with loading up discord and peaked at the forums. I cannot resist hitting the play button soon where the client makes my computer stutter step. I'm sorry, it has only be 13hrs since my last wurm imbibe. To give encouragement to others, I once went a full 9 months clean of wurm. YOU CAN.
  24. Please Close

  25. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    Interesting missive...