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  1. The responses perfectly paint what online is today. It's almost passe' to even take offense, this is just who we've become, numbed by internet. It's good to see people laugh and take humor where should be taken. The one funny thing about it though is it's funny always when it's someone else. The same taking laugh, do not when upon them. This I've seen over n over and gives a good chuckle too. It's all akin to standing inside one of those felt belted car wash machines with it on, and not in your car. After a while you just feel nothing.
  2. More often, rude players freely announce themselves. A pre alert is always helpful, as there are some we all could have avoided, yet found out the hard way.
  3. +1 this would be a very nice option. Often there are players facing a hardship but enjoy the game and others enjoy having them around. Other times, players stand out as amazing individuals and this would be a nice way to spontaneously say thank you in a way that can say more than words in conviction..for those times when you care to send the very best..send a free month or two subscription.
  4. wut are the chances in game and rl, you muh friend need to be buying lotto tickets!
  5. This gave me something to think about in that the mechanics of the rite were developed long in advance of a new player motivation to take upon it en masse vs a person here or there in happenstance. Where the mechanics were fine prior for there was little pressure and openly optional to do, with the new journal goals it pushes people into a system that wouldn't be used this intensely and not made for that where there end up being losers on the short end of the stick simply because the mechanic was designed ahead of the journal feature and not planned and fitted for it. As to how we can level it out more so that players receive in proportion to their efforts, i'm ill equipped with solution , yet see something in that direction is needed.
  6. Hey there can you pm me a price for rare lrg maul LT, rare maul LT, rare steel staff Lt
  7. The manner in which you framed this, sure I get that and agree. Those are all pragmatic realities. Only thing I got lost on is the non sequitur last 2 sentences. where did pvp come into this? my post was as an existing wurm player. it's odd to make an argument /position for something not brought up but in general i'd agree with that too. I can very much see, since you brought up pvp, how it could be fun for players with experience to then play against steam noobs, the laughs alone would be worth. Yet if pvp can't work here and now, how will it magically work there. And if the solution if found to have it work there, why would not not be implemented here. I see alot of myopic thinking I'm not looking at this issue though as to how it servers just me personally. I'll be fine no matter what direction this goes, but playing fast n loose without hard empirical data makes it look like a chance bet and hope...not something i'd want to do with any company. For all the armchair experts of " it's clear to me the problem"..why is it no one has solved the hemorrhage or understands the player base need/desire well enough to stabilize it let alone increase it. One can run from debt by just opening new credit cards playing the moving shell game, same as opening new does not solve the problem but intensifies it once inertia catches up. Either way I want what is best for wurm and hope that is what it gets. I try to post thoughts beyond what self serves as that ever is a solution for one. I also like to stick to the issues vs who posts, it keeps it less bias or reactionary to something outside the topic framework. As it is now, we have WO with declining membership, WU on steam with saturation point flat sales, and somehow adding WO in the same grocery store with flat sales WU it's gonna succeed, and won't hurt existing WO current platform standalone. Ponder that, for it's some funny math i don't understand. The hard part is finding solutions, if that is what is happening. If so I applaud that effort. Go get'm Rolf and Samool, take steam by storm and may the game get the success it deserves for it truly is a one of a kind jewel.
  8. I've not been on forums in a bit, missed this update. It was my view even though being asked in window dressing of our thoughts , steam was going ahead anyways. Congrats @Samool, truly highly competent, well earned well deserved. You are a great fit and wise choice for your new role. I wish i had the same confidence in the choice of wurm online going to steam. For the life of me in terms of long term success and without shafting existing WO players, i can't see the rational. As I love wurm and in life the pragmatic optimist, i'll have to rest in the belief this could be a good thing, yet wurm has a poor track record in this area. I feel like i'm watching a family member or friend unravel in some dysfunction in front of me and the only thing one can do is just let them hit bottom.
  9. Durring assisting finding and getting seraphrattle home from what appeard an incorrect server crossing port I'll add the following: server crossing using plot course n. xana c24, to pristine ended up approx b24 but NORTH pristine not south. sailing north off pristine border b24 plot course release ended up U11. Correct in ending on south side but was ported diagonal to east side of map vs staying on west side. all other crossings reacted correctly.
  10. Please add me for JS, PAS (mobius) as well as vyn (silky) and tosiek (mondain) casts. As far as time zones I can adapt to any yet have been play alot in wurm's historical down times of 4pm-6am Est range
  11. I like that you still have passion to see the game through Rolf!! That gives me a lift. I love this game should no further change happen but appreciate the ever expanding and improving of game features. some things to think about: If there was no WU on steam this plan would seem less risky speculative. With WU already there and reaching saturation point of interest in new purchased, coupled with the modern gamer wanting instant gratification ie faster skill gain, and achievments...why would someone chose WO over WU when WO has a slower skill gain and restrictions and less game feature mods than WU In Sharing the sentiment that Smejack posted on, it looks like the same impact/effect would take place where if going the steam route Steam WO would be the new fun spot, to the expense of WO as we know it now. They aren't mutually exclusive in the manner it is suggested they are. The outcome i fear would be a speculative population and sustainability of Steam WO, and WO as it exists traditionally would atrophy not only faster , but also to it's demise regardless of your mointoring to decide when and if mergers are appropriate. I think we learned a good deal from that kind of experiment when making P/R seperate then merging.
  12. One good thing out of this is that Jpeg is in no jeopardy of being dethroned and will continue to hold his position as Wurm's #1 menace, and Spongle still remains wurm's #2 menace. Tamat and Zethreal are making great strides in the dark realm creeping up these charts. Onward and upward with the great work. Honorable mentions to Grifo, Wucian, Darwin, Madnath.
  13. I uncharacteristically had to read that a few times to get it. Quite a crafty dalliance amid the frawns and fauna did the dragonfly flit. U.B.U was found carved into the sturdy oak who sways to no wind, and has had flowing water reroute around it. yet all still know of it's presence. careful of the rivers of consciousness as they contain giardia and other sending one on a different stream of thought and other. As to my post, the cloth barding on horses always had me think of jousting. It has long been a great source of entertainment 'cept for the curmudgeon
  14. perhaps others can devise the next ruse and thereby avoid a pitfall we almost tarzan vined over til the donkey kong barrel bashed us into the mario mushrooms. I'm quite sure there is a healthy mouse hole out there with a few devilish rabble rousing roosters of ruckus. Let's see what machiavellian trope is offered up as well as who may be the unlucky participants
  15. As I meander along picking sprouts hearing the creaking of the trees as they sway, I also ponder as well. Of those thoughts, came "Player Impact on another Player" and "Open Note to Wurmians" To round out the Trilogy I had recently been ruminating about chat. I suspect more are in their own bubble now inside alliance chats or discord chats or simply not chatty but silently read along. This could be the reason so few actually participate in server chat or the Global (GL) chat. As the participation dropped, PingPong and I, had begun to fictionally manufacture scenarios and motives and plots done by one to the other as a way to create more activity and fun to read and hopefully others join in on. Effort was also made to pull others in to elevate inclusion and being part of something bigger than self. We'd have a blast in seeing what each would come up with as the next feigned drama accusation or scheme of havoc on the other. All the while doing this in GL chat, we'd be laughing in pm's if we got a good burn in on the other. I'd threaten him with transcendentalism and other lexicon finds. He'd invariably close with a calvin and hobbs wisdom, where he could always on quick recall find one to fit the situation. Like any good thing, there is a closing time. We may have exhausted the scheme/schtick/banter for a few times i'd get a side pm from someone thinking this was a real ongoing fight or sometimes in chat we'd be told to take our fight to pms, misreading and missing the skit of humor set in a sarcastic ever rolling dual. Though unknown, even likely things made their way to mods mistakenly on complaint, thinking we needed intervention. The ridiculous bombastic claims and scenarios of ours were hopefully obvious as fake/fiction. A performed joke fails or is less funny if it has to be explained. As ping is far more beloved and me not so much, the wonder twin power activate will turn him into a skunksnake and me a twinkietoaster as a possible next act. In a time where it is ever riskier to accidentally say the wrong thing that may get misunderstood. more joking and laughter is needed to cut some of the doom tension about. With some regret the poke-a-thon, where ping constantly tried to take a larger share of the "dial-in-phone-a-thon donations" and sell me counterfeit tickets, will come to a close. Despite the Horror near the concession stand, we are thankful the #IAmSilverwolfe march was a huge success and liberated many. We can only wonder what ever happened to Wilca when she was conned into selling me pings first in flight travel package. The prevailing rumor still is strong that she has turned into a Sithe Lord on wild so be careful if your travels bring you that way.
  16. The Fun House will be open after hours as a special one time marquis, this should be interesting. I'll have an elephant ear. I share your thoughts @FranktheTank Maybe Rolf will now have time to do what he really wanted, be a rocker in a band. puff and hit the hippie hammock and reclaim your age of Aquarius and xanadu!!!!! I mentally tip one for you as I draw back on the ez chair and fall in line.
  17. Before I moved from Xanadu, I was part of an amazing alliance that was/is very active and amazingly funny, querky, drama free, and often working on projects with it's bulk of players around Summerholdt and spread across the north coast of Xandu, hence the alliance name of NEXA. olufhairbreaks, aniceset, jackjones i believe are still the contacts , you can't go wrong with this group, it is a rich fun active great experience with resource network
  18. Oh man i'm wicked happy for you Martynas, a big congratz in order!! I can remember when you took upon your cloth tailoring on Deliverance at a deed along the highway lined with oaks past the turn off to puzzle plaza market. You've Done IT!! Look forward to the title you may chose, gonna needle you with fun missives...Arachna-Spindler, string cheese, Glorious Gusseter, silk spinner, Couturier, Mantua-maker....the Dreamweaving is all yours to spin. Have fun, i've been able to witness several marks of your success over time in game and out. Feels extra special.
  19. This is an aweful way to resolve what simply could be resolved and one in a more courteous manner. Given that there is a mine on deed for players and three other public mines off deed, as well as the player creating a relocated mine to replace the one he wanted closed next to him , it then seems the only problem is someone created something and angry that their work is personally altered. The player next to the mine and the other settling there are ok with this. I did this without charge and gave freely of my time and only because this new player seemed eager in wurm, loved the game, i saw them industriously working about quietly as i was helping another try to learn the game of wurm at haven's landing. @Ayes Not that it matters in material to the issue but how would i know to contact you as you suggest i could have? Am I to know the signature of zen is a character of yours? It was actually asked around about to try to find who zen was just as side note. No one in ca help, no one in the area could tell the local players for they didn't know. Lets not lose sight of the forest for the trees here. Intent is to help a new player in hopes they feel encouraged and stay and play. What is not good is to have forum rant postings over things that can be resolved, done so amicably as we are friends yes ayes?, instead of having a public complaint without first trying to discuss via pm, instead making wurm look like an uninviting place. no one was hurt in this process or inconvenienced to my knowing other than the person who made the mine that is not living there. I understand and can empathize with your feelings. I took all reasonable precautions and more so in due diligence. There is no net loss of public mines nor is this an official public mine but is replaced non the less merely having it's entrance moved some 15 or so tiles i believe is what the player is doing. Wurm has long had a great community, lets keep it that way and continue to be constructively supportive of one another.. Part of a sandbox game is that many play in it with their own dreams and goals. Despite advising otherwise, the player had other ideas and has a right to those. This is not our best work by far. certainly not mine yet to receive what amounts to a shame post about a good deed attempt is quite something to think about going forward. I'm sure the area community of players there will use the land as they see fit and adjust and work out problems in their own way, i entrust that to them. This does curtail enthusiasm to offer help again, for even due diligence could not appease one. Truly be well all, though imperfect I try to leave wurm each day a better place than I arrived. People have been good to me I'd like to continue paying it forward. I won't comment any further on this, for me i have nothing more i can offer or add.
  20. I'm not sure if you are addressing that to me ayes or the new player. If to me i'd preferred a pm and i could explain what unfolded for me. It was described as a mine near their place abandoned they wanted to move and could i help. Upon arrival I saw sign said public mine , nice mine door, forges, reinforced walls. Told player this doesn't look right and i'd advise not closing it. I don't want to point a finger at the new player for being new don't always understand all the ramifications of things or what significance something may have. As such i inquired more, player got no answer in ca help, I then asked a cm, the cm could not answer the question and advised i put in a support ticket. The support ticket wasn't answered at first but rerouted to ca help where no answer given so i asked that they first examine the situation before responding to a ticket not inquired about in more detail for there were nuances and details of that mine I had concern about. I had a thought perhaps this was a public resource and perhaps made by someone stewarding haven's landing and thus left alone. I was chastised and moderately berrated for putting in a ticket to ask for clarification. The GM was rather curt to a point of rudeness and made clear this is in public domain it's not under any protection. I was trying to avoid the very thing you are upset about ayes. This is where somehow helping someone goes wrong and makes me not want to or question why do I. I suggested to the player they not and explained why, of things you mentioned. as it is next to their plot i guess they are free to do as the please and i did add just cause you can't dont mean you should. I also know they mean the best and didnt' want to annoy anyone yet they seem steadfast to move it and are creating another entrance nearby not right next to their plot. This turned out to be a crappy situation and somehow after gm ticket you come next day has me wonder as well about something. At any rate you have a right to be upset, i'm sorry your disappointed in my judgment but perhaps you could have talked to me first before judging for yourself my actions. This was not My decision, yet one i followed through on agreeing to help with. Judge that i guess. I pm to discuss it could have been more courteous and you'd have known more than you knew before making that casting opinion. It can also be dug down easily enough and reopened and thus corrected. Happy wurming all, I got sound advice all the way around from bad advice on submitting a ticket to get thrashed by a gm for doing so to no suggestion to do otherwise, to fullfilling players wish. I'm just bad and ty for pointing that out. I certainly won't be returning to assist further and this may very well reshape offering help in the future Either way i'm sorry for i've obviously either done wrong should have known better , in the moment i took all measures i could and thought to do. Sorry to all affected by this. On the good side it can easily be fixed as well. Namaste.
  21. As i'm stopping by to visit you anyway as we discussed i'll bring a nahjo priest to collapse and fix your mine as well. I have some welcome to wurm prezzies as well. Plus your spear to accompany your archer druid warrior wood elf self.
  22. I'm unsure if to post here is for your team only or how it's all gonna come together. If this is not the place to post scream obscenities at me and tell me to leave. Or just do that anyway. At any rate, I'd be interested in joining a team that has a dedicated discord and all are willing to use it and will turbo nerd to some degree but otherwise treat it very fun(non serious) and make for nice team work and support.
  23. Ah this was such great read, I read it twice. Like cornbread sopped into some left gravy on a plate I had to savor again and catch each bit. You truly captured the essence of a wurm i know, started with, remember through out. Much the same as you noted the climate of late being many have concurred that it must be so. One pm I received intimated it may just be cyclical and they've seen it do such before and passes to resume this quirky great place we love. Likely some purging or flushing happens. There are many ways to play and great people out there and things afoot to do, i'm quite happy to hear you are doing just that in a jovial way. It shows also in your chat and each time i've pm'd you about some archeo item you have up for sale. I can tell you are having a good time and that overflows onto others...ty for the time and thoughts here, for it made my day. Logging into wurm I received some challenging news so the ebb n flow , trials and triumphs continue. May your exploring keep you uncovering a bounty or richness in many dimensions!!
  24. At first I wondered if wise to make a post of this kind yet the responses received both here and in pms has assured me I wasn't off course. Some comments I expected, yet I didn't expect many to take time to put down thoughts or the heartfelt pms. That takes more effort, time , and courage, as well as care. I thank you for that. It also affirmed what I suspected to be in that others not only had similiar observations but were in some ways having experiences of this nature as well. This not only gives me the notion that it was a timely post, yet also gives me hope some may change as a result, and or others will be buoyed in knowing they are not alone. Of the good suggestions, I wanted to highlight the general essence of them in that, to take things with a grain of salt, take breaks from time to time from game, and another useful was to turn off GL chat from time to time and only use local, alliance, village tabs to screen out constant complainers or doom deliverers. Their remains good in the community that still holds the helpful, resourceful, cut above the rest players we've come to know of wurm over the years. As the game evolves it's good to know some things remain and unlost. Once again to all that took the time to read, let alone comment , I Thank you.
  25. you devil dog in ur zoom zoom boat i want that hahaha you had arrived and left by the time i got there yet i found one of those black horses with white manes along the way