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  1. Patch Notes 14/JUN/18

    A better fix would have been to revert the knee-jerk GM change that created this problem to begin with. Imagine if you could just dig them up there again, terraforming in a game based on terraforming, hmm what a novel idea. All because some players were too lazy to catapult a 1 by 1 building and chose to complain to a sympathetic GM.
  2. Not sure what to think as a customer.

    QFT A couple years ago there was a similar discussion about how poor the creativity is when it comes to anniversary gifts and obviously it fell on deaf ears. If the gifts were even somewhat interesting some of us would prem-up dozens of accounts to get them but alas another revenue opportunity squandered. Keep up the good work!
  3. Mad Suggestions

    This week's suggestions added.
  4. So your horse was in the tunnel with you and out of no where it popped to the surface? The lava tile was still lava in the tunnel too?
  5. If you enter a cave and immediately run your cart into either cave wall at the entrance you will force your horse to the surface. Slow down when you enter caves and when you don't see all of your horses on your vehicle back out and try to come in straighter. If it still happening you might be de-synced so you will want to dismount and type /stuck to re-center yourself and then try again. Practice makes perfect. There is no reason to change any other mechanics unless they want to fix the running into the entrance tile cave walls.
  6. Future of Wurm

    First thing Wurm needs is a proper business manager who has the ability to: Successfully manage an advertising budget & expand worldwide recognition, how many minecraft players that are becoming adults now would love to discover another game Notch worked on? I know when I mention Notch made the game I play to minecraft players they immediately want to know more. Enhance the player experience by making both new and existing players feel welcome and valued as opposed to treating them/us with this endless snark that we have been forced to endure since Rolf disappeared Realize that they are in the entertainment business and people are paying to have fun, make them happy - don't tell them to be happy Devise fun incentives for players to invite new players to the game and shine a positive light Maintain a high standard of professionalism, fairness, and consistency Give the game a positive direction and inspire creative thought and fun problem solving If Wurm had 10,000 players most of the MMO problems people complain about would diminish. Pvp servers would be thriving and kingdoms would once again be the proper size, not 5 buddies with 25 alts to game the system only to complain that its too hard to go against a proper kingdom of 100+. The economy would be booming with all strata of players buying, selling and trading as opposed to this tiny pond where everyone focuses on the best of the best endgame wares. We probably still have enough open land to accommodate 10,000 when you consider how large and empty Independence and Xanadu are, not to mention the smaller servers that usually have 10-30 players on at any given time. Rolf, if you are reading this, we have tried the nepotism and bury your head in the sand routine long enough, its time to find a professional to take Wurm to the next level. Just think of how much better your vacations will be if you have 4 times as many Wurmians.
  7. Wurm PvP - Why Players Don't PvP

    You left out the nepotism and conflicts of interest by allowing staff to pvp.
  8. Mad Suggestions

    New Suggestions added.
  9. Mad Suggestions

    This week's suggestions posted. As far as mentor villages go, the key word is Mentor. The mentors will be veteran players that can sort out the mess newbs create as they learn how to play. The whole point is to make the first few days a very interactive MMO experience so new players actually give the game a chance. The mentor's will be the human portal from the tutorial to the rest of the servers, even go so far as have their villages linked. No reason to overthink this and try to make it automated, that has already been proven to defeat the purpose.
  10. Terraforming Balance

    You still didn't answer the question, I think you are just making it up when you say rock must be harder to terraform.
  11. Terraforming Balance

    What are you basing this assumption off of? If it was true they would not have made surface mining easier while back. That would be a good point but they fell short when implementing this feature, you get 3 ash total per cleaning if a forge etc. is lit for 30 min or more. It would have been better if the ash accumulated every 30 mins while a forge etc is lit regardless of re-lights between cleanings.
  12. Mad Suggestions

    New suggestions added to OP.
  13. Mad Suggestions

    Why do you disagree with how they were done originally? When the cast was available and you had enough linked priests you casted, first come first serve. Just because one group of players found this inconvenient and wanted to plan out when the casts were done shouldn't mean the rest of the entire playerbase should have to wait up to 500+ days for a cast. They had the exact same opportunity to cast it. Don't forget Wurm is a 24/7 live virtual world with players in probably everytime zone, events are going to be inconvenient to you sometime.
  14. Mad Suggestions

    Reserved for future suggestions.
  15. Mad Suggestions

    Reserved for future suggestions.