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  1. Priest overhaul testing

    AOE spells should have a chance to interrupt casters in the AOE of an enemy. Pillars, Tornadoes etc.
  2. Priest overhaul testing

    So theoretically the increased frequency of Rite casts will compensate for the nerf since we are lucky to get one ROS a year now, if we have any active players left.
  3. Priest overhaul testing

    Can we get a few translations into English please? 0.2% towards 100 of a certain characteristic. Is this the new math that they are forcing kids to learn? I have never heard "towards" used in a mathematical equation before. Please explain the math for base damage and bonus damage per power: Deals 10,000 base damage and 300 bonus damage per power. or Deals 30,000 base damage and 75 bonus damage per power.
  4. Hunting Server

    -1 in present day Wurm because we already have 2 viable options, besides the fact that a Hunting Server implies less sandbox and more rules and restrictions. As of the 9/5/18, Xanadu has 11 Uniques, alive and kicking, according to Niarja. I am sure you will run into a few normal mobs on the way to locating the uniques and satisfy your hunting needs. Considering some of the places on Xanadu will require some creativity to reach, this could become a whole game within the game. If you really really need to hunt a certain type or number of mobs to quench your thirst for blood you can always make a WU server and hunt till your heart's content. +1 for adding new mob types to the game with difficulties ranging from rift creatures to lower end uniques like the goblin leader, almost solo-able mobs. Adding more advanced AI for these new mobs would be ideal.
  5. Creating an ongoing market in WURM

    What makes you think I don't do that already?
  6. Creating an ongoing market in WURM

    I seem to remember people happy with the fact they had access to deeds on Golden Valley when I first started playing. You wont be forcing anyone. If anything being a mentor to new players should be a very desired thing to do with perks and bonuses and an easy way to go back and forth from GV to Freedom at a moments notice. This is something you can do today, right this minute, to capture the new players that are logging in this holiday weekend. Make a portal from freedom to GV and allow players to make deeds, job done. You can tweak it anytime thereafter. Having uber future plans is great and all but letting 1000s of players slip through because designing poorly thought out pvp changes or a cooking update, for instance, is more fun than attracting and retaining new players but it clearly illustrates exactly what is causing the problems referred to in this thread.
  7. Creating an ongoing market in WURM

    I have made this suggestion before: have actual deeds on Golden Valley where new players can join to learn more from a mentor. Right now if you log into the game as a new player chances are you will not see any activity or anyone in local for that matter and if you do they are just as clueless as to what's going on. If there were actual villages in local of the tutorial there is a much higher chance they will see activity, hear stuff being done, ask questions, and engage. The tutorial in its current form is a disaster. It should be the highest priority of the development staff if they truly want the wurm to thrive. Do they want Wurm to grow is the question that needs to be answered, I have yet to see any indication that they do in the 5+ years I have been playing. The tutorial has actually gotten worse since I started. A billion pop-ups now and no interaction = delete this dumb game.
  8. Creating an ongoing market in WURM

    If you seriously want to improve the economy spend some time on the tutorial server and welcome those brave enough to try Wurm for the first time. It doesn't cost you a thing and the devs don't have to make anymore unnecessary changes to the game that will further alienate the dwindling playbase. Make an alt and be an ambassador to game.
  9. Mad Suggestions

  10. Mad Suggestions

  11. Patch Notes 26/JUL/18

    One change you omitted is you can no longer drive a cart or wagon near a fence, or driving from paved to sand or vice versa, or just changing slopes without it kicking you out of the vehicle.
  12. Patch Notes 26/JUL/18

    thanks for the clarifications.
  13. Patch Notes 26/JUL/18

    When trying to equip all armor pieces at once, as of yesterday, only some of the 9 pieces would equip and you will have to drag and drop a second time to get all of them on.
  14. Patch Notes 26/JUL/18

  15. Patch Notes 26/JUL/18

    Can you clarify some of the changes? Dragon sorcery drop chance - Is that for both dragons and hatchlings or just dragons? Oil of the Weaponsmith will now work for the Weaponsmithing skill instead of just the weaponsmithing sub-skills. - Will it still work for the sub-skills? HotA statues will now have various colors beyond red for alliances with more than 30 wins. - Will this be retroactive too on statues that were won fitting this criteria before this change? Daily faith reset is no longer offset by 5 minutes. - What is it offset by now or was the offset removed entirely? Do imbues work again? When equipping armor by highlighting all 9 pieces and dropping on body do all 9 pieces equip at once now too?