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  1. Patch Notes 24/JAN/19

    Thanks for the clear as ever patch notes! I seriously don't understand why accurate and informative patch notes are so difficult to do.
  2. Trader Item Suggestions

    Although you can dig and terraform in other's perimeters, below ground should have the same rules. If you want to protect something 100% you need to deed it.
  3. Trader Item Suggestions

    Your perimeter is the only place you truly need it, otherwise you can solve the problem in other ways.
  4. Trader Item Suggestions

    Simple solution to #4, you can use it on your deed with remove reinforcement perms, in your perimeter, and off deed. You can not use it in someone else's perimeter.
  5. Trader Item Suggestions

    Only reinforcements within someone else's perimeter are safe from people throwing money at them. Otherwise you can just drop a small deed temporarily and remove the reinforcements in your way. This is way cheaper than buying the proposed item in most cases because you can remove as many as you want on your new deed. As far as disintegrate casting goes, its a very small chance for success and can take several 100k favor if the RNG gods prefer it that way. No way is it a reliable way to terraform on freedom.
  6. I did not travel. I have put a support ticket in.
  7. Hotfix 28/JAN/19

    not fixed, still missing the recipe
  8. Patch Notes 24/JAN/19

    Speaking of which, why are existing HOTA statues all different colors now?
  9. Patch Notes 24/JAN/19

    Is it possible to toggle on and off the active keybinding? If you are using a push to talk key and hover over an action too long, like when you are talking, you will re-bind the key to your push to talk key which is going to be annoying after a while.
  10. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    Who do you report Enki to that will take your claim seriously? Why shouldn't we be updated as to the result of our complaint against staff, it shouldn't be a strictly internal matter, it should be very public so the community has faith in your actions. What about when you report staff for hacking your forums and it wasn't taken seriously? How much longer should we fall for the "trust us and everything will be ok?" Especially when we know its not true.
  11. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    I would argue its not fair to everyone involved to put people in that position to have to make that decision. Your kingdom is going to question your leadership once it becomes known that you knew about the trap, the enemy is going to mention that gm so and so was just here and let you die. It's not fair to the enemy kingdom to have to wonder if you purposefully avoided the trap and they may even call off the trap now that they know you know. Nothing good can come from this. Every GM can see every ticket, so all it takes is one or two bad apples and the faith in the system erodes further. Hiding GMs identities is not the answer either. We should know who were are potentially pvping against and make educated decisions to participate in pvp.
  12. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    They don't have to participate in PvP to govern PvP if there were clear rules and features that both players and staff were aware of. Here is a hypotheical: You are a gm and you get a ticket from an enemy kingdom about someone being stuck in a mine entrance. When you answer the ticket you can't help but notice most of that kingdom are stealthed in that mine. Just so happens you were supposed to lead your kingdom as part of a planned raid in that direction when you get back on your player account, directly into that trap. Your raid party is greatly outnumbered by the enemy kingdom and you know it. They have more than 4 times the amount of players and they are in better gear. What would you do to be completely unbiased and impartial? Would you lead your raid to certain death and risk losing their gear and their faith in you? Would you cancel the raid?
  13. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    Until you completely remove staff from playing on PvP servers the bias or perceived bias will remain.