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  1. Strongwall off deed - erupt option please

    First off its an 18 hour cool down for melt or freeze. Secondly, the perimeter is technically not your's so therefore your reinforced tiles in your perimeter should not be safe, just like someone else can make a highway in my perimeter without my consent and there is nothing I can do about it. The only tiles that should be safe are the ones on your deed and you should reinforce taking that into consideration. You should be allowed to melt/freeze, disintegrate, or reinforce tiles in anyone's perimeter which would be consistent with other perimeter rules currently in place.
  2. Compass-Friendly Sailing

    Was thinking more along the lines of making the compass part of the ship to get that functionality.
  3. Compass-Friendly Sailing

    How much do you sail? High Woa compasses would still be very useful when walking or riding a horse/cart/wagon so their value would not diminish.
  4. An end to Uniques please.

    -1, Selfish much? Uh oh, we have a bit of drama between people playing a video game, better find a way to code away the problem, how ridiculous can you be? The Devs sole focus right now should be new player acquisitions, not knee jerk reactions to trivial drama.
  5. Compass-Friendly Sailing

    +1, +2 if you add wind speed and direction to a ship's compass.
  6. New Server Hunting Only

    Don't forget skeletons and other undead.
  7. New Server Hunting Only

    So you are going to remove pvp from Epic?
  8. New Server Hunting Only

    -1, Terraforming sandbox needs less rules not more. Deeds are revenue so any server that restricts them is counter-productive. Also we shouldn't deprive people the opportunity to make hunting deeds or hunting cabins in Wurm. Figure out a way to increase mob counts in under populated areas of servers and make those areas known with a green light or something when the mob counts reaches a certain level. As said many times before, make new mobs that are harder than rift creatures but not as hard as the goblin leader. Solo-able but very, very challenging.
  9. Expanding End-Game

    Without the addition of new interesting mid level non-unique creatures (rift boss or slightly harder) the end game in Wurm Online is playing on a PvP server and trying your wits at outsmarting or out-surviving other legitimate players, gms, devs, and of course the 'win at all cost' players that will use any means available, legal or not.
  10. Erupt spell in Mag domain

    Having a dissenting opinion about a frivolous suggestion = thread hijacking now? O.o
  11. Erupt spell in Mag domain

    Its a game and there are ways to play it to accomplish your goals, why is that unfair? It takes 5 min to make an altar and you do not have to be premium or a priest to make it. I seriously don't understand why people in wurm choose to play the forums and beg to make things easier instead of just playing the game and overcome the obstacles as intented. With that being said if you need tiles erupted let me know, I can melt or freeze 3 times every 18 hours and make my own mag altar if needed.
  12. Priest overhaul testing

    AOE spells should have a chance to interrupt casters in the AOE of an enemy. Pillars, Tornadoes etc.
  13. Priest overhaul testing

    So theoretically the increased frequency of Rite casts will compensate for the nerf since we are lucky to get one ROS a year now, if we have any active players left.
  14. Priest overhaul testing

    Can we get a few translations into English please? 0.2% towards 100 of a certain characteristic. Is this the new math that they are forcing kids to learn? I have never heard "towards" used in a mathematical equation before. Please explain the math for base damage and bonus damage per power: Deals 10,000 base damage and 300 bonus damage per power. or Deals 30,000 base damage and 75 bonus damage per power.