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  1. In case you haven't noticed, Wurm is kingdom vs kingdom on almost every issue because the powers that be refuse to give us a level playing field with clear and concise rules and penalties. There seems to be an ulterior motive in almost every decision from development to rules. In a competitive environment, when you are playing against staff in any capacity you will always wonder if they are using their position to change outcomes, consciously or not. That doubt alone ruins the experience and its shameful that after all this time they still appear to either be not cognizant of or don't care about about the implications and defend the idea because they are volunteers. Make a choice staff or player, not both. Instead they should be invisibly observing pvp behavior as a major part of their job, uninfluenced by "friends" in the arena.
  2. None of the staff should pvp, ever. Even CA's can see information that can potentially affect pvp outcomes.
  3. Wurm of Duty goes on sale July 11th, reserve your copy now! What a joke.
  4. We better take what we can get at this point, the devs that handled big overhauls no longer work for the company. That's a silly statement, why would someone be mad at getting more abilities for higher skill levels? The entire game is based on this premise. If they are getting mad now over an AH improvement maybe they need a checkup from the neck up. AH is no where near as complex as meditation, you are talking apples to oranges orangutans.
  5. Good idea, or even go so far as locking traits once you hit 90 AH, say 7 traits lockable and 2 random traits so you still get variations of traits and colors.
  6. To be fair, skeletons should replace black bears in as cave spawn.
  7. Dragon drama isnt new, people fight over scarce resources, its human nature. The failure here was the creation and fair enforcement of rules regarding the matter by the staff. It is very unfortunate they seem to enjoy these grey areas that allow hypocritical rulings as they make their decisions based on the participants.
  8. Everyone has the same opportunity to loot a deed as it disbands, so there is no point in removing the messages. If you choose not to do your homework then that's on you. The sooner the deed is looted the better, why delay because of laziness?
  9. They better learn how to swing a huge axe too. *Or any other weapon type they so desire to use to survive in wurm, jeeze
  10. I was just formulating that idea as well, the tomes will still go to the deed/corpse owners but they will have a choice to make, more tomes or more hide/scale. OP edited with this suggestion.
  11. I think the people who pen and plan the slaying deserve special loot, so I disagree with your suggestion.
  12. 1. Only those who damage a drake or dragon get hide or scale. 2. Chances for tome drop increases substantially with more premium accounts in local with maybe even 2 tomes dropping with especially large events. Single charge tomes randomly drop to people in local, like potions, at certain player count thresholds too. If you really want to get crazy, the more premium accts that attack the unique the chances also increase for more tomes but you will get less hide/scale per person. 3. Encourage penning and planned events, however, the Unique must be killed within 14 days of capture or it respawns elsewhere on the server.
  13. Again, deed it or lose it. Salvagers reduce the clutter and extra items on servers, like it or not they are contributing to the health of the game.
  14. How is it anyone else's fault if your deed disbands? Are you supposed to wait till everything of value decays before you salvage items from a deed disbanded? If you see something laying on the ground off deed do you just ignore it since you abhor deed looting scumbags? Its a pretty clear indication when a deed disbands that the people in the village aren't really playing the game at that deed location considering they get 30 days worth of village messages alerting them to put in upkeep. Deed it or Lose it!