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  1. Concrete should easy to make large quantities of, regardless of skills needed to make it, because its essential for terraforming. Having to spend countless hours to make enough ash to make 100k concrete is kinda silly. Either increase the yield from lye by 100X or change the recipe to clay and rock shards or both.
  2. Everything should be sell-able, the economy needs it. Account bound is for World of Warcraft and its a terrible idea. As far as deeds, how about just a few starter deeds where you can rent a 8x8 plot on a weekly basis? You can stay as long as you want but it will be a bit more expensive than a normal deed.
  3. The beauty of this suggestion is that the art team doesn't have to do a thing, just use the model/color for the old silver mine door, job done!
  4. The account trade allows for accounts to have real value and gives people without as much play time an opportunity to play competitively by playing on an account that could otherwise be abandoned. You are buying people's time spent working, just like in real life. There is no negative unless you want to count all the moaning from the likes of some in this thread. Stop the moaning and mind your business and voila the account trade is perfect!
  5. -1, no one is forcing you to buy or sell an account. You can mind your own business. This is a toxic suggestion.
  6. Might make them a little less monotonous.
  7. snip
  8. Majority of my horses on Celebration are in walls or fences. Can you adjust the code to make them gravitate to the center of tiles when they are done moving instead of the tile borders and corners? Can you tell which horse is in which pen?
  9. Could you possibly create code that makes the horses tend to gravitate to the center of tiles when they stop moving instead of tile borders & corners? It doesnt matter how large or small the enclosure is, they stop on the tile borders or corners. This change has made horse management on my deeds very un-fun. A hell horse in a large pen, he was put in the center of the area not 5 minutes before I took this pic My Breeding pens, very difficult to see who is in which pen or how many are in a have to try to lead each one to make sure they are where you think they are.
  10. because RNG
  11. Instead of throwing around random experiences and guessing at who has what where, let's do real math and document what really happens over the next 3 months. Enough with the knee-jerk changes to the game because someone feels its not hard enough for them.
  12. You might want to double check your math because I get about 20 packed tiles a month across my deeds and they all seem to come at once. So I will wake up to 3 packed tiles on one deed for example. All of my ratios are correct and I have no more than 2 animals per tile. I'll start keeping track of when and how many from now on since it's such a rare event supposedly. If only I could get fantastic items when the devs are wrong about something, instead I just get more packed tiles, typical.
  13. A while ago my account was deleted while crossing into Xanadu. It was quite concerning to get the message saying I needed to create an account when I tried to re-log. I was extremely relieved when Keenan worked his magic and brought me back to life. Out of the blue tonight Retrograde pm'd me to drop off some pretty cool compensation as a way of apologizing for my account disappearing back then. Just want to publicly thank the team for going above and beyond expectations by improving customer service to this level, well done!
  14. Paving my docks and I am getting gravel instead of wooden planks when I use 49.05ql floor boards, birchwood. They came out of a bsb and were created 2 days ago for a mission, so 1 large nail and 5 planks per. Confirmed: You get a different option if the dirt is not packed, Lay Boards, as opposed to pave on packed dirt. When you lay boards it does turn into wooden planks as intended.
  15. I am merely asking for a clarification in order to illuminate the slippery slope you will create with such arbitrary rulings. Changing the area to a GM zone is not an ideal resolution either because where does that end, will you solve every argument with making the area out of bounds? That is impractical, easily abused, and not sustainable long term. There are always going to be land disputes, its human nature. You have a solution that you created when you changed the rules on off-deed enclosures, deed it or lose it, it's much simpler and leaves little room for interpretation.