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  1. Mad Suggestions

  2. Mad Suggestions

  3. Patch Notes 26/JUL/18

    One change you omitted is you can no longer drive a cart or wagon near a fence, or driving from paved to sand or vice versa, or just changing slopes without it kicking you out of the vehicle.
  4. Patch Notes 26/JUL/18

    thanks for the clarifications.
  5. Patch Notes 26/JUL/18

    When trying to equip all armor pieces at once, as of yesterday, only some of the 9 pieces would equip and you will have to drag and drop a second time to get all of them on.
  6. Patch Notes 26/JUL/18

  7. Patch Notes 26/JUL/18

    Can you clarify some of the changes? Dragon sorcery drop chance - Is that for both dragons and hatchlings or just dragons? Oil of the Weaponsmith will now work for the Weaponsmithing skill instead of just the weaponsmithing sub-skills. - Will it still work for the sub-skills? HotA statues will now have various colors beyond red for alliances with more than 30 wins. - Will this be retroactive too on statues that were won fitting this criteria before this change? Daily faith reset is no longer offset by 5 minutes. - What is it offset by now or was the offset removed entirely? Do imbues work again? When equipping armor by highlighting all 9 pieces and dropping on body do all 9 pieces equip at once now too?
  8. Make sure not to drop anything in the water

    Will you still be able to reach stuff from your first floor to bsb racks hanging over the edge on the 2nd floor if you don't have a floor/opening directly above you? Currently I can reach all of that stuff and it is very handy.
  9. Mad Suggestions

    This week's suggestions have been added.
  10. Valrei International. 064

    Can you please be less vague? Are you specifically talking about some dragons and hatchlings dropping the same blood type at the moment and one of them changing to something else or will all of the bloods be jumbled around? As of today pre-patch: duplicates: Black Dragon and hatchling are armor smith Blue dragon and hatchling are fletching Red dragon and hatchling are weaponsmiting non-duplicates: Green Dragon is tailoring Green Hatchling is Acid White Dragon is blacksmithing White Hatchling is Frost Forest Giant is woodcutting Goblin Leader is mining Kyklops is leatherworking Troll King is stonecutting Obviously the ones that share a potion type will change and we don't really need to know which one of the two will change into what because you probably don't even know until the darts are thrown right before the patch but it would be nice to know if the other non duplicates will change also.
  11. Bugged mission on celebration

    Did you make every type of mine door, silver, gold, steel, wooden?
  12. Updates the current pvp community want

    Please refrain from accusing us of KvK discussion because our suggestions and method of presenting them do not fit your pre-conceived notions of how the game should be played and what we should or should not talk about. Our suggestions are equally as valid and should be part of the discussion. If the epic kiddos were so good at creating amazing competitive environments, wurm pvp servers would have more than 19 on Chaos and 18 spread across the 4 epic servers right now. The truth is their way of playing and their implemented suggestions have failed Wurm pvp, it is time to start listening to those you disagree with for a change.
  13. Updates the current pvp community want

    The reason we are posting is because we want to get back to pvp but not until our suggestions are addressed as well, see my earlier post. The changes to pvp since 2016 and other nefarious influences have only succeeded in dropping the pvp population by ~75%. If you want more players to pvp with you need to include us too.
  14. Updates the current pvp community want

    Yes, I always argued to keep SOTG the way it was and we teleported to fight incoming raid parties not to avoid fights, which is pvp. Yes, alts discovering places to put deeds also encouraged pvp because you had to deal with us in your backyard whether it was convenient or not. I am not dense at all, I just see the game very differently than insta-grat kids that only play wurm for a few minutes at a time because they miniscule attention spans. Your entirety of the playerbase is 12 people during peak time as opposed to the hundreds of players that were on Chaos when we were active there. Both karma teleport and twitter alarms promoted pvp, you knew people were at your deed so you could get there to fight them, the epitome of player vs player. It is OK, even though it is not the COD type of gameplay that you lot insist upon imposing on Wurm pvp, which has proven to be an abject failure using server numbers and subscriptions as a measuring stick. There were more active players when both JK and MR were on chaos. Your group, using any means necessary, drove away over 150 active accounts. I know you think you are god's gift to pvp and but outside of your sphere of fanboi-ism we can plainly see how you managed to decimate both the epic and chaos populations by not playing fairly to say the least. Wurm pvp would thrive again if your ilk would go back to playing call of duty. Yes, everyone from JK who was in local of that Checkers raid should have been banned as they were raiding a compromised deed that surely more than 2 people knew about. Of course the JK forums wont show any of this but a transcript of all of your various voice comms would paint a totally different picture if it existed. Teleporting and scouting were legal ways to play the game and we unabashedly played within that framework, overnight changes(one day you can defend your deeds and the next you can not) coupled with your propensity to lead a gang of cheaters gave us no choice but to pack it in. How many of you were punished for dropping into mines and stealing our boats? Boats returned to us by a GM with your names still on them. My point is still valid, all these ill advised rules changes since 2016 have only shown to diminish the pvp playerbase to record low numbers.