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  1. Instanceable Unique Hunts

    Dragon drama isnt new, people fight over scarce resources, its human nature. The failure here was the creation and fair enforcement of rules regarding the matter by the staff. It is very unfortunate they seem to enjoy these grey areas that allow hypocritical rulings as they make their decisions based on the participants.
  2. Everyone has the same opportunity to loot a deed as it disbands, so there is no point in removing the messages. If you choose not to do your homework then that's on you. The sooner the deed is looted the better, why delay because of laziness?
  3. Simple Fix for Uniques

    They better learn how to swing a huge axe too. *Or any other weapon type they so desire to use to survive in wurm, jeeze
  4. Simple Fix for Uniques

    I was just formulating that idea as well, the tomes will still go to the deed/corpse owners but they will have a choice to make, more tomes or more hide/scale. OP edited with this suggestion.
  5. Simple Fix for Uniques

    I think the people who pen and plan the slaying deserve special loot, so I disagree with your suggestion.
  6. Simple Fix for Uniques

    1. Only those who damage a drake or dragon get hide or scale. 2. Chances for tome drop increases substantially with more premium accounts in local with maybe even 2 tomes dropping with especially large events. Single charge tomes randomly drop to people in local, like potions, at certain player count thresholds too. If you really want to get crazy, the more premium accts that attack the unique the chances also increase for more tomes but you will get less hide/scale per person. 3. Encourage penning and planned events, however, the Unique must be killed within 14 days of capture or it respawns elsewhere on the server.
  7. Again, deed it or lose it. Salvagers reduce the clutter and extra items on servers, like it or not they are contributing to the health of the game.
  8. How is it anyone else's fault if your deed disbands? Are you supposed to wait till everything of value decays before you salvage items from a deed disbanded? If you see something laying on the ground off deed do you just ignore it since you abhor deed looting scumbags? Its a pretty clear indication when a deed disbands that the people in the village aren't really playing the game at that deed location considering they get 30 days worth of village messages alerting them to put in upkeep. Deed it or Lose it!
  9. -1. If you want to discover abandoned deeds at your own pace and maybe a few uniques you can always roam around Xanadu. On smaller servers someone may be waiting to expand their deed with the new land that becomes available and not want to wait for a no-build zone to disappear. Any suggestion of a no-build zone in a sandbox game, especially wurm, is asinine and lazy.
  10. Valrei International. 086

    It will be a huge mistake if impossible to locate Uniques are still designed to destroy structures and fences on deed. What happens when a player with prized animals like champ dogs or champ deer is away from their deed and a unique happens to spawn closeby that procedes to rampage their deed and as a result sets all their animals free? It has happened before.
  11. Wsa silver sales and safety

    Don't get it twisted, the reason the playerbase is shrinking has absolutely nothing to do with RMT.
  12. Wsa silver sales and safety

    The last time this happened was over 4 years ago, please stop panicking. No one is forced to used real money to buy from players so nothing needs to be changed. Buy at your own risk is a sound policy.
  13. Wsa silver sales and safety

    To add to the PSA: The rash of offers today was suspect and here are the ones I found odd. If you are legit just pm me and I'll edit you out of my post. [2019-06-20] [14:36:52] <Khalil> (Xan) WTS 200 silver coins Paypal VERIFIED. 1:1 USD ratio. [2019-06-20] [14:38:33] <Khalil> (Xan) wts 2 gold coins paypal verified 1:1 ratio USD [2019-06-20] [14:51:52] <Khalil> (Xan) wts 2 gold coins paypal verified 1:1 ratio USD [2019-06-20] [14:53:26] <Khalil> (Xan) wts 2 gold coins (200s) paypal verified 1:1 ratio USD [2019-06-20] [14:53:10] <Sohmet> (Exo) WTS Silver coins 1s = 1e [2019-06-20] [16:11:02] <Sohmet> (Exo) WTS Silver coins 1s = 1e [2019-06-20] [17:12:46] <Sohmet> (Exo) WTS Silver coins 1s = 1e [2019-06-20] [15:11:38] <Dracora> (Xan) WTS silver coins PST [2019-06-20] [15:25:21] <Dracora> (Xan) WTS Silver Coins [2019-06-20] [15:35:31] <Kreloz> (Ind) WTS silver coins [2019-06-20] [15:38:15] <Kreloz> (Xan) WTS silver coins [2019-06-20] [16:54:40] <Grandwizard> (Xan) WTS silver coins PST [2019-06-20] [17:24:23] <Livelle> (Xan) wts silver 1:1 paypal USD [2019-06-20] [17:35:05] <Odynn> (Del) WTS suspicious silvers - don't PM me... or maybe do!
  14. Wsa silver sales and safety

    The way to fix the economy is and always has been acquisition and retention of new players. If Wurm had a bare minimum of 10,000 active players, all of this ignorant economy dribble (and pvp whining) would disappear because the economy and the community would be stable and growing. So if you are really interested in improving the economy, help find ways to attract more people to the game.
  15. Wsa silver sales and safety