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  1. WTS Rares and some other stuff

    Goblin Leader blood 2s COD to Ausimus
  2. wts misc items

    5s for the rare large maul, cod to Ausimus (will need to be a freedom alt that's not been to chaos).
  3. AusMods (Consolidated List) New WhiteListing Mod
  4. Accolade PVP [Old Ele] [Highly Modded] 100x100x

    It is still up.
  5. There is a setting somewhere to disable deeding cost (iirc its off be default).
  6. AusMods (Consolidated List) New WhiteListing Mod

    Yea shouldn't be too much of a hassle.
  7. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    Bye Tich. You added so much to the game that enhanced and improved the dynamics of game-play. You will be with us every time we login, and live forever in the blocks of code that make up the world of Wurm.
  8. AusMods (Consolidated List) New WhiteListing Mod

    More Craftables updated to latest version ( .
  9. Compass Mod

    Moved to Unlimited Modding. It's bdew's compass mod All of his client side mods are available here If there was a WU update, you will need to get the latest version of the client mod loader and re-run the patcher.
  10. New HD Textures [WIP]

    Modifying any part of Wurm Online is a quick and efficient way to get banned. Its not allowed, and do not attempt to do so. For more information on the subject see
  11. [Fixed] Turn creature cages

    Moved to server bugs as it was an oversight, should be fixed next server update.
  12. New HD Textures [WIP]

    This would be client side not server.
  13. Im beyound frustration help. Make sure you download the 64 bit offline installer.
  14. How does sorcery work?

    Moved to community assistance.
  15. AusMods (Consolidated List) New WhiteListing Mod

    Yea you can also do it while the server is online, as its not read all the time only when a player logs in.