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  1. Not quite as much as they used to, E.g. stealing actual bulk items from bsb's leaving a gnome with a single bulk item in its pocket called "Rock Shards (700x)" weighing in at 14,000kg. Or stealing the condenser or boiler from stills.
  2. Inventory overridden by a yule reindeer?

    LOL, yea ill get around to updating that soonish, been neglecting updating my mods for quite some time.
  3. Inventory overridden by a yule reindeer?

    For some reason the Rule Deer has a template ID of 0, which obviously isn't correct (0 is the templateid of inventory). I would recommend checking any mods that create a custom item named "yule reindee´╗┐r", as its template id assignment is incorrect, or non existent, or the mod in general is not working properly.
  4. WU 1.9 Beta

    Throwing any server side errors?
  5. Set to lawn

    Tile types are not stored in the database, they are stored in the actual, the only way to revert the tile types to fall back to a backup of that file from before you did that, or paint the tiles back in by hand.
  6. The Crusaders Merchant

    Bump, buy our stuff.
  7. Kicked for being Idle

    Just move around periodically, I ran into this same issue with sermon alts some time ago and its a pita. Especially when you have 10-15 going.
  8. Wurm Contrails?

    Its the rift light from inside a mine, the particle effects render but the red beam does not. Thou I do like Budda's explanation better.
  9. Desertion Map?

    That wouldn't be possible, as the current WO maps are WO only. The old Elevation map was released as it was no longer in use. As far as recreating it, you might be able to get the shape rightish but the topology recreation would be nigh impossible.
  10. [Reverted] Bulk Sprout or Sprouts?
  11. Same as Thanks for the report. Added this post to the tracker.
  12. lol yea not really a bug, I added the description "Fertile" so people could distinguish the difference between non fertile without examining. Probably best to rename them to something else when you grab them in the meantime. But ill make a change so that the actual name contains Fertile and not the description.
  13. Patch Notes: 23/DEC/18

    Their behavior was unchanged, if they were required to be on the ground before, they are still required to be on the ground.
  14. [Fixed] ghost horses

    Added to the list, thanks.
  15. [NO BUG] Chicken coop bugs

    @Niki After multiple tests (20 or so) I was unable to get the chickens to unload after a restart. If it happens again put up another thread, as its possible I may have missed something.