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  1. Strange I'm not getting this error when testing it, are you using the latest .properties? If not, make sure to, as there was some changes to it compared to the old one. If you are let me know what mods your running on your server.
  2. Start the server with pvp enabled, that should cover whats your wanting. As far as foot speed there is a skill for that, Body Strength controls how fast you run when encumbered.
  3. Update: Modify Gestation Time is now fixed. Added the ability to use with custom gods with an id >= 100 and <= 1024, this should cover just about as many gods as any sane person should ever have. This is set to true by default. Requires a server restart after ascension for spell to be visible.
  4. One of the main things as well is to join a group, going at it alone is near impossible, if not so. Any established group can help you with gear needed and most importantly advice regarding anything you may have forgot to list in your guide. The dynamics of pvp are large, takes years to grasp them all, it's like chess you can never master them all. All in all thou, good straight forward guide with some pretty good pointers.
  5. It takes some time for them to spawn if the correct season, especially with an 8k map (which Avalon is, iirc). Open the items database and search for hive will tell you how many there are.
  6. Read up a couple posts for the answer, I'm aware of the issue just haven't got around to fixing it yet. @LifesaverM posted the fix. I screwed up and forgot to init ModActions for the spell.
  7. personally I don't see the need, the server generates it.
  8. Auto-Alerts update: Added the ability to toggle send to twitter. Download the latest version replace the jar in your server mods directory and put transmitTwitter=false above "#Use?" in the if you wish to disable the spamming of messages to your servers twitter if you use one.
  9. Your still limited by the water table mine depth as well the external rock layer iirc the 255 is only the down limitation below water which i didn't change. Otherwise drop shafts would break the map.
  10. July 17 2017: Added Concrete, and Fence bars spells. Removed all treasure chests from the world and restarted there spawning there will be no more than 513 in the world at a time. July 26 2017: Restructured craftable HoTA statues, now requires a glowing hot lump of 6.4kg, on a large anvil, you can change the type by right clicking an un-planted one on the ground with a hammer. These are normal HoTA statues. They can be painted and lit. HoTA statues will not show in the crafting window. Old HoTA statues can no longer be crafted. Added new method to paint HoTA statues, right click them with a hammer. Reduced the cost of wild growth to 10 favor. Added new item Pocket Preacher 9000 its an alter that fits in your pocket that you can pray and sac from Removed limitation of Porta Preacher that required it to be on the ground to be used, it can now be used while in vehicle.
  11. When you cross over to another server your care-for does not follow so if you have a free slot available on the server you are crossing to, you would obviously be able to care for said creature. If you cross with a venerable creature do so with care as it will no longer be cared for when you arrive at your destination server.
  12. Would conform the the current care-for mechanic and most likely die.
  13. You are correct parents and caring for is only retained on the origin server. Traits will carry over thou. Cages will decay at a rate of an iron item for the most part. As of now ageing is suspended while in the cage, this may and most likely will change.
  14. Is a good place to get started.
  15. July 13 2017: Added ability to change Scale and Drake color using a Granite Wand uses RGB values. Key is in the question popup. Added Roundstone Brick spell. July 14, 2017: Leveling and mining floors/ceilings in mines is 100x faster. Increased max mine height in mines to 600.