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  1. The server checks the tile the cage would land on for all planted items, as well as occupied cages, if that value is >= 4 it throws that message. Its a system that is in place to limit cage per tile count to no greater than 4.
  2. For a 4k map, that's fine. For a populated 8k map on the other hand you may run into issues due to your cpu (most hardware will), thou for just a personal server your specs will be fine for either.
  3. Yea they can be on each floor, will require some moving thou to get around the ladder as 2 cannot be on the same tile of the same floor.
  4. That is intended, the wording meant they cannot be built in a container, like a cart.
  5. Its a bug, and added to the list, thanks for the report.
  6. That's a bug, will be fixed on the next server restart. For now, yes secure them to get the movement options.
  7. That is intended / foreseen behavior and over time those will eventually cease to exist.
  8. They will still graze if they have no food in there trough. If there not hitched to a hitching post they act as normal.
  9. Between 1-2 hours from the initial onset of the rollback.
  10. Same as carts, cannot be targeted and killed.
  11. Make sure the account that is trying to do these actions has the permissions to do so on deed, (pickup planted iirc).
  12. I just tested this, and it seems to work fine, make sure the hitching post is not inside a wall, or there is not something blocking your access to it. Also make sure you are the owner of the hitching post. They have permissions.
  13. No, You can use a shovel or rake to convert the tile to dirt.
  14. Yes if there is no food in the trough.