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  1. Off deed pregnant creatures have a pretty good chance of miscarriage. As well as a 25% chance iirc to die from said miscarriage in any case.
  2. Fixed, I will look at adding in the pet mod.
  3. It was an oversight Sme, there will be a replacement.
  4. Allowing the player to untick faithful is an intended feature, and will yield a faith loss at the beginning of the unfaithful action. Take care to not accidentally activate unfaithful.
  5. Could you look through your logs please and post the time you crossed from freedom > epic?
  6. "bind key gmtool" (without quotes) in console, then use the key to open the gmtool on item, tile, creature, building and so on. Note this is only a tool for mainly seeing info, if you want to interact with something in a gm way (creating items and such) you will need to use a wand which you should spawn with on your next login, if not type #give 176 in chat.
  7. im having trouble getting the email to do second part of registering ill have to go for tonight who do i need to tell to get it sent so i can play tomorrow

  8. Moved to Server Bugs. Added to the list, thanks for the report.
  9. Does the lead keybind still work? Edit : The keybind still works, so you can use that for now, thanks for the report Oblivionnreaver added to the list.
  10. The server checks the tile the cage would land on for all planted items, as well as occupied cages, if that value is >= 4 it throws that message. Its a system that is in place to limit cage per tile count to no greater than 4.
  11. For a 4k map, that's fine. For a populated 8k map on the other hand you may run into issues due to your cpu (most hardware will), thou for just a personal server your specs will be fine for either.
  12. Yea they can be on each floor, will require some moving thou to get around the ladder as 2 cannot be on the same tile of the same floor.
  13. That is intended, the wording meant they cannot be built in a container, like a cart.