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  1. AusMods (Consolidated List) New WhiteListing Mod

    Yea you can also do it while the server is online, as its not read all the time only when a player logs in.
  2. AusMods (Consolidated List) New WhiteListing Mod

    They will be kicked, after the gender selection, if its a multi kingdom server they will be kicked after the kingdom selection. Basically when they enter the world they will be kicked if not whitelisted.
  3. AusMods (Consolidated List) New WhiteListing Mod

    It does not matter if the player has ever connected, you can whitelist any name regardless. You can whitelist at anytime. If they connect and are not whitelisted it will show in the system tab, and in the GM tab (Will be saved there if needed for later).
  4. @Eject Could you please add this one to my list.
  5. AusMods (Consolidated List) New WhiteListing Mod

    New Mod: White Lists Restrict who can join your server with White Listing of players by name. To use: Install the mod like any other server mod. (Adding player) Activate a gm wand or ebony wand > right click the wand > click "Add Player to WhiteList". A question will popup asking you to input the players name. (Removing a player) Same as above just instead click "Remove Player from WhiteList". This question popup will also display the current whitelisted players. Players cannot connect to your server until they are whitelisted. If they are removed from the whitelist they will no longer be able to connect. If a player is removed from the whitelist while online they will be kicked from the server. Whitelisted names are stored in a plain text file within the jar directory by default.
  6. AusMods (Consolidated List) New WhiteListing Mod

    That shouldn't be an issue.
  7. Conquest server code dump

    if (msg.startsWith("/resethodor") && communicator.getPlayer().getPower() == 5) { Couldn't resist, Nice release.
  8. Old Elevation

    No, this was only done because this map is no longer officially used, and the files still existed for it. As a means to preserve I acquired the files and published them publicly.
  9. Patch Notes 26/JUL/18

    [15:05:42] Your title is now Whacker Packer.
  10. Moving token

    Ahh never knew, thou I haven't actually ever moved a token, always just done a disband and refounded.
  11. Moving token

    Nope. Just don't destroy it.
  12. [Fixed] Dead animals aren't cleared from other servers.

    Thanks for the report this will be resolved in the next server update. You can remove the care-for and brand in the manage menu.
  13. Having spell effect / rarity not follow is intended.
  14. Patch Notes 05/JUL/18

    Just a side-note with the new items that can have items placed on them. Items will retain there parents mechanics. Wood items placed on a forge may be burnt, and items on an alter may be sacrificed so use caution when placing items on them.
  15. [Fixed] Problem unloading animal cage

    This issue has been addressed, and should be fixed in the next server update.