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  1. Deed planner export will not export anything outside of local of the token. We are aware of this.
  2. There were occasions where inappropriate things were announced, so therefor we disabled the tweeting functionality. The banter can still be seen fine on the current server. As Shydow stated, its intended.
  3. Issue confirmed, added to the list. Thanks for the report.
  4. You cannot transfer rarity to an indestructible item, which the Master Cape is. Nor can you color / use rune on one for this same reason.
  5. Thanks, will tweak it some more and make it happen closer to the server border.
  6. Flattening near roads requires 21 skill or greater.
  7. Another report :
  8. Reported here : Added your report to that list.
  9. I agree could do to have the image redone to make it a little more clear that's its not a ground floor being illustrated.
  10. Looking at that screenshot, its an upper floor not ground, and should be doable exactly as shown in the image.
  11. Donkey is in the list of male donkey names that can be be generated on birth.
  12. This would not be possible accurately. The most you would be able to do is create a somewhat shape accurate version like the fan made version of Chaos using the publicly available map dumps that are used for the community maps. You wont be able to accurately pull height data from these due to the way map dumps are created at an offset azimuth.
  13. Twigs and stones are mostly used on pvp servers to get somewhere in a hurry as the summon soul spell will not work on those servers, also the stone / twig being instant. The amulet was used a lot on chaos till a time that they were changed to not be able to be used with enemies in local. I rarely see the amulet ever used anymore minus a means to not take fall damage while the charge is in affect.