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  1. Kicked for being Idle

    Just move around periodically, I ran into this same issue with sermon alts some time ago and its a pita. Especially when you have 10-15 going.
  2. Wurm Contrails?

    Its the rift light from inside a mine, the particle effects render but the red beam does not. Thou I do like Budda's explanation better.
  3. Desertion Map?

    That wouldn't be possible, as the current WO maps are WO only. The old Elevation map was released as it was no longer in use. As far as recreating it, you might be able to get the shape rightish but the topology recreation would be nigh impossible.
  4. [Bug] Bulk Sprout or Sprouts?
  5. Same as Thanks for the report. Added this post to the tracker.
  6. lol yea not really a bug, I added the description "Fertile" so people could distinguish the difference between non fertile without examining. Probably best to rename them to something else when you grab them in the meantime. But ill make a change so that the actual name contains Fertile and not the description.
  7. Patch Notes: 23/DEC/18

    Their behavior was unchanged, if they were required to be on the ground before, they are still required to be on the ground.
  8. [Fixed] ghost horses

    Added to the list, thanks.
  9. [NO BUG] Chicken coop bugs

    @Niki After multiple tests (20 or so) I was unable to get the chickens to unload after a restart. If it happens again put up another thread, as its possible I may have missed something.
  10. [NO BUG] Chicken coop bugs

    Ill do some more testing, and see what I come up with.
  11. [NO BUG] Chicken coop bugs

    Loaded chickens will leave the coop if either the Dinker or Feeder are empty when they decide to eat / drink. (Just tested this on my local WO server and they do not come unloaded from a restart if they have food / water.) Its not the intention of coops to be used as a method to breed chickens. You can still get fertile eggs from chickens that lay them in the wild thou. Chickens eat and drink every 4 hours at a rate of 1 food per chicken and 250 grams of water per chicken. Food / water lasting 2-3 days seems reasonable.
  12. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    Eggs from roaming chickens was unchanged, and will remain the same.
  13. Sold

    Goblin Leader blood 2s COD to Ausimus
  14. sold

    5s for the rare large maul, cod to Ausimus (will need to be a freedom alt that's not been to chaos).
  15. AusMods (Consolidated List) New WhiteListing Mod