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  1. Was kind of hoping to get a big collection done at once. Not in small batches.
  2. Person preference, all of my outside sourced barrels look the same and all of my self-produced look different.
  3. Both. And if possible, can you deliver to Encore this weekend? I will buy then.
  4. Would you consider delivering for a charge?
  5. As title says - looking for as many barrels/amphoras as I can get my hands on. Must be sealed. 1s/barrel (birchwood barrels only please!). Location is Encore on Cadence. Thanks.
  6. As title says, looking for 200. 1c/ea, delivered to Encore, Cadence. Thanks. Edit: Price increased.
  7. +10,000 Superb, 110% recommend. Will definitely be doing business in the future!
  8. St. Lunacy Point - [2888, 3033] Largo Waterway - [3002,3048] Bridge/Canal [2985, 3045] to [2990, 3045] Bridge/Canal [3010, 3045] to [3015, 3045] Can currently take 5 dirt boats through; going to attempt 25s. Yes, I own both.