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  1. Yep, my deed is located on the water! Message me ingame @ Kaufecake, thanks!
  2. Goodbye

    I look back to all of my previous interactions with you and can say with confidence - you were one of the nicest folks! But don't worry, as much as you try - Wurm will drag you back in. Crazy to think how long we've been playing this crazy game - isn't it? It's never goodbye, it's until next time! - Felt
  3. Deliver to Q21 Cake Dream Headquarters on Cadence? If so, I'll buy it.
  4. Bump. Looking for a rare iron file blade as well.
  5. Still got the executioner skin? - Kaufecake
  6. +1 Add dredging capability to the barge though, since this flat bottom boat could be useful when clearing channels (same as irl).
  7. Add this to dredging as well (boat cargo, not ground in that case). And allow us to dredge tile borders.
  8. Bump, still looking for a Rare Leather Knife Blade (iron).
  9. Sign me up for PAS imping - Kaufecake.
  10. This sounds great! Hopefully leveling tile borders with dredges is on the QoL list - since I didn't get a chance to submit it during the extremely short window the suggestion site was open for.
  11. Bump, bounty has been raised on the Rare Leather Knife Blade (iron). If it is a rare arch multi-rune one, I'll pay extra premium!