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  1. I appreciate that my reputation proceeds me. However, what I was trying to express is that I would buy gold and trinkets from other places, often at ~85% of the price of the store. Effectively allowing me to purchase an additional ~17s for the same amount of real life money. This may seem inconsequential when you talk about 1g or even 5g, at one point I had 280+ ktql* in gems and valued them at 2c/ql (quick math works out to be 56+ gold) that 15% decrease would have meant significant amounts of silver not being in circulation. It also allowed multiple people to be able to buy premium from the store (before you could do silver to prem time - I'm old school remember), the ability to buy premium time with silver is still one of the best things out there. * Important note - some gems were bought at auction and were paid for below the standard price I paid and a few were gifted to me. FWIW - I really wish I could have access to the PayPal logs from '08-'12, at one point I had 12 accounts premium and was buying gems (among other trinkets) at an alarming rate. It would certainly dwarf my previous post's spending numbers by a substantial amount. Lastly, please note, I am neither for/nor against this change, merely just expressing facts to consider for both sides.
  2. Well... Some of you know my name quite well, some of you don't. My claim to fame is my infamous gem stash, back when I was on Indy. Overall, this is going to change the way I play the game. I am impartial on the account trading front, I would never do it, but I don't think other people should be limited. The silver for cash though, is a negative for me. Since 2014 (PayPal won't go further back than that in statements), I have spent a total of $6,724.50 on digital entertainment/video games, with $2,280.78 of that being straight from Code Club AB. The remaining $4,443.72 was split between multiple different avenues, but I reckon a good portion (~50%) was for silver or items in Wurm (based on names of who I bought from). For someone who took about a 3+ year hiatus in that period, that is still a lot of money. And FWIW, my biggest spending in Wurm was between '08 and '12, where I accumulated 280+ ktql of gems (at which I paid 2c/ql), of which almost all of that silver was purchased from 3rd parties or was direct gems = cash. ALSO, when you pull your paypal statement, for that long of a period time, don't be drinking anything; I almost shot water out of my nose when I added up the total... In conclusion, "There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are the friendships, may they always be!" Overall, I don't make the rules, but I will abide by them; I just feel that the captain of this ship took a wrong turn with this, in favor of short term fairer weather. Sincerely, Felthanne
  3. In 2014, I did this: Offe September 6-7th 2014 38.36-70.54 fs in 10 hours 32 minutes. (32.09 total, 3.0465 fs/hr) Felthanne September 13-14th 2014 24.47-70.12 in 10 hours 21 minutes. (45.65 total, 4.411 fs/hr) Full scale, enchanted weps, a ton of cotton, and an insane hunting drive. Oh, and my gear was all ASOP too. YMMV Edit: Should also be noted that Offe had smauls and Felt had a 2h sword. And I killed everything from horse back. Smauls have FA, WoA, CoC on them. 2h has nimble, fb, CoC, and MS.
  4. Looking for someone to imp a supreme rake to 90ql and casts over 90 power. Let me know your price.
  5. And the 30 minutes is up btw.
  6. 30 min timer extension...
  7. closed

    I already claimed that. ?