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  1. Hide Yo Gems! Guess Who's Back!

    Well, after a myriad of real life events and a couple sporadic attempts at returning in the interim, guess who has had the Wurm claws dug back into them! I can gleefully say that I have time for Wurm again. All of you that remember me, hello and I've missed you all! And to all of you that I've never met, may we meet in the future and have fun together.
  2. Long Awaited Return!

    Thank you for the warm welcome back everyone. Yep. Not sure I would expect anything less though!
  3. Long Awaited Return!

    Just posting this to let everyone know that I have returned! Hope everyone has been good in my absence. I have many stories to tell, if you want to hear them let me know! If not, well. I hope you have gems to sell! Hope to see you all ingame.
  4. Hey I, know I, hope she don't crash.

    I've been experiencing the kicks in the morning times as well. Michigan, USA
  5. Allow Altar Push/Pull On Drop Tile

    This needs a bump, my church looks ugly because of random location of creation.
  6. Rare Frying Pan [ENDED]

  7. The effects of Acquisitiveness

    Is having over 260k tql of gems covered under the term: Because I honestly don't see this as a problem. I buy gems, and there are numerous ways of getting gems. I have learned, things in Wurm are only worth what someone will pay for them.
  8. Unfortunately, Cliff Side will be postponing the casting of: Rite of Spring, Holy Crop, and Ritual of the Sun this weekend. We all apologize for the inconvenience. We are striving for casting in two or three weeks. This is to allow everyone a 10 day notice. [19:15:52] Vynora cannot grant that power right now.
  9. Rare Horse Gear Set - 90QL!

    Go ahead.
  10. Rare Horse Gear Set - 90QL!

    I'll throw 28s at the set.
  11. Update: Currently RoS is non castable. I will give the final call of whether we will attempt to proceed or not 16 hours before the proposed cast time. Please hold off on traveling until I make the announcement.
  12. Summer Hat Model

    Yeah, I don't mind them too much. But it'd be sweet if it looked more like a three musketeers hat.
  13. Allow Altar Push/Pull On Drop Tile

    This needs to be done. BUMP!
  14. Smelting Furnace

    Some good suggestions. I like the idea of turning 1 ore into 2 lumps, but I think it should only have a chance to. Like it scales from 1ql-100ql, ql/2 is the % chance for a second lump? It should be at least 2x2, and require the use of concrete and bricks. Maybe: 50 concrete, 50 bricks / minimum 60 masonry to start? Capacity: 300 ore (like a large crate) Fuel burn rate: 4 forge : 1 smelting oven
  15. Concrete change: QL determines slopes?

    I still want Man Made Mountains. New style of unraided village. If someone wants to make 100k concrete, let that person make a mountain.